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  1. I need teaching in Titania related things, your first strike strat sounds very solid, for a "slow" (not exactly fast) crew. But I wraped my head around your statement, that a Rougarou could push Titania 16", how does he do it? The push is only 6". Is it 2 times plus obey? If that works it would be amazing, no one expects alpha strikes against Titania the moving tar pit crew
  2. Thank you, I'll try that, I could use a sarge model as proxie for queeg
  3. Ok I just propose another matchup, first I present what I have for the guild: Dashel, all guard keyword models exept for the Warden and Taggard Queeg. I have 2 Lawyers. Nellie, all available journalist models (Core Box+Allison) but I never played journalists. No versatile models, I plan on buying the steward and the pale rider, but at the moment they are hard to get. Match against Pandora I like to play with a list composed primarily of guard models. The question is how to win against Pandora with Dashel. Corner Deployment Plant explosives Schemes: Breakthrough, Harness the leyline, dig their graves, claim jump, deliver message
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