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  1. Yeah, that sounds good, but need a cheaper model with Marshall keyword or Versatile, or 6ss or less since I’d have to add the 1ss tax. I’m surprised that the Lone Marshall doesn’t have ride with me. Need a way to get Lady Justice across the board turn 1 to do some punishment.
  2. I’ll be moving to Colorado in a few months, near Colorado Springs. Are there any Malifaux players in the area? I’d like to get in on the community there if so. Thanks!
  3. Back to the topic of getting places fast: ive been rumbling through my faction cards. I need a model that will provide a decent push or move to another model in my Marshall crew. The pale rider has the Ride with Me action, which is great, but he is too expensive. Is there a 7ss or less model that will give me a decent push, move, place, etc?
  4. Just got my faction packs. Finally! Just a heads up to those of you that have ordered the factions packs: The cards are huge! They are not standard size, so normal sleeves will not fit. Darn, and I already spent an hour de-sleeving my 2e cards for nothing, can’t reuse them on these. One last thing: There’s an upgrade card in the deck that says that after Turn 3 you can replace your Effigy with an Emissary. Did I read that right? If so that’s pretty gnarly. It also says that the new model heals 2. So I assume that means that if your effigy had suffered wounds, those wounds carry over to the emissary that replaces it, then heal up to 2 of those carried over wounds?
  5. So, been reading the new 3e cards. I’m glad they have tried to simplify the game, but at the same time, it seems the best abilities of my models have been deleted! Francisco no longer has “El Mayor”! Papa Loco does not have “Hold this!” The Pale Rider no longer gets a ram every turn, he gets a ram token that has to be spent, so you don’t get the benefit every turn. Also, Perdita is squishy now, down to Df 6 from 7. And last, my favorite, the Enslaved Nephilim no longer has “Shackled”! The family crew was pretty middle of the pack before, now they stink!
  6. Thanks for all the info folks. Just got confirmation that my faction packs have shipped. That cures that issue.
  7. I downloaded the card file to my iPad. It was a ZIP file. The iPad copied it to “Files” then directed me to open it with “Pages”. (I normally download pdf to iBooks, but it would not allow it). When I opened it in pages, it was there, but every time I tried to swipe between cards, it would lock up, presumably due to the size of the file. If the cards were able to be downloaded individually, rather than as a zip, it would probably work. I looked at the Dropbox app, but it requires a google account, which I don’t have. I’ll just wait for my faction pack to arrive, assuming it does, because the retailer told me that he didn’t receive all the product do to the distribution issues.
  8. Thanks for your insight, but I have never been to Gencon, nor do I subscribe to social media. This forum is as close to social media that I get. So if a google search won’t pull it up, most likely I won’t see it. You may be right about the iPad thing, but that still doesn’t explain why Wyrd won’t update their website and make these things more easily available to all. I’d even pay for a download if they offered it easily. To those above, thanks for the info on the core boxes.
  9. Who is Kyle and do you have a link for the twitter page you are referring?
  10. I understand, it would at least be nice to know what comes in the box. For example, I already have Lucius, but I will need a few other Elite keyword models. Knowing what will be in the core box will help me know whether to wait for the core box or try and find some existing stock to make my crew. This whole release has just been frustrating. I pre-ordered the faction packs from a retailer that I’ve ordered from many times in the past, but am still waiting for them to ship. Evidently it is caught up in the distribution debacle, and no estimate for when I’ll get it. Plus, no updates on Wyrd website for rules, cards, anything. It is still the link to the RPG site for 2nd Edition. I did find the files for the cards and rules on some link on this forum for something called Dropbox, but the card files are so huge and in zip form, my iPad won’t handle it. It locks it up. I was able to get the rules downloaded at least. Im not going to rant and rave and bash Wyrd and continue to carry on like some folks in another thread, but if Wyrd is reading this, I implore you to reach out to your customers and try hard to fix these issues. I know some is a distribution issue, but the impression made upon customers reflects upon Wyrd. This, along with not updating your website, etc, is not going to make customers happy. My local game store has stopped carrying Malifaux even before the new release date because, according to the owner, “Lack of communication and support from Wyrd”. Please address these issues. OK, that’s all I have to say about that. So back to the original topic, does anyone know what the Lucius and Dashel core boxes will contain?
  11. So I have porused the release schedule from Wyrd’s letter to retailers, plus have done several Google searches, and cannot find when the Lucius and Dashel core boxes will be available, nor any of the new models I am looking for such as Agent 46, etc. On top of that, there is no info on what models will be included in any of the core boxes. Does anyone here have any idea on when to expect these and other products to come our way and more info on what they contain? I’m not sure what the heck is going on, 3e is released and Wyrd can’t even update their own website.
  12. Does anyone know if any of the new models released in a future Core box will be avaialable separately? (i.e. Agent 46, Alan Reid, etc.) It would be a shame to have to buy a core box of 6 models for only one model that I require.
  13. I just read through the 3e rulebook. Do summoned models no longer gain slow and come in with half health? If not, summon looks pretty powerful. From what I read it looks like the only restriction is they can’t interact on that turn.
  14. I’ve yet to play a 3e game, still waiting on my faction packs, but I so far like the hiring rules. I like how they limit your hiring to a keyword unless you pay a soul stone penalty. This will help prevent these cheesy tournament crews that many were using. This will pretty much limit crews to their theme. I think it will be good for the game. I also like the limit on models. No more spam is awesome. Now if only GW would follow this model!
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