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  1. True, but I need the Emissary portion and can’t find it. Plus, the new Brutal Fate Box is actually cheaper than the old emissary box by itself.
  2. What about the models like Brutal Fate that have yet to hit the distributors?
  3. So if Wyrd is shipping all these faction books, why do none of the distributors or local game stores have them yet? According to my local game store, his distributor website says September release for the books (got a few days left to make that). Also, he has been waiting on the Brutal Fate Box which has been on order since like July with no product in sight.
  4. Well, anyway, if this is truly the case and you must choose, then there should be an errata for the card or at least a clarification from Wyrd. I’m not the only one who has been debating this.
  5. “May” meaning you can choose whether to use your focused + X for that duel or save it for later.
  6. True, and then by the rulebook, when you lower the focus by 1, you get the plus flips. The Sniper ability adds the 10” kicker to the focus condition. According to the rulebook, anytime you lower focus by 1, you get +flips. When the Sniper says lower the focus by 1, then that kicks in the rulebook +flips, then, by the sniper ability, you get the additional 10” range. No where on the card does it say that the 10” range negates what you get from the rulebook says you get by lowering focus by 1. Based on knowledge of other abilities in the game, if they did not want you to get both, then it should read something like this: Sniper: When this model takes a (projectile) Action, it may lower the value of its Focused Condition by 1 to treat the Action as having +10" range instead of receiving a + to the duel. Or: Sniper: When this model takes a (projectile) Action, it may lower the value of its Focused Condition by 1 to treat the Action as having +10" range. This duel does not receive a +. Consistent with other abilities in the game with different models, if they didn’t want you to benefit from both, there would be a rule in the book or notation on the ability forbidding it.
  7. From the Rifleman card: Sniper: When this model takes a (projectile) Action, it may lower the value of its Focused Condition by 1 to treat the Action as having +10" range. From the rulebook: Focused +X: Before performing an opposed duel, this model may lower the value of this Condition by one to receive a + to the duel (and any resulting damage flip this model makes). Without it explicitly saying that you don’t get both benefits, I can see how it can be debated both ways. In my opinion, since it does not discern that you must choose, I would argue that that when he lowers to get the 10”, he also gets the +.
  8. So you are saying you don’t get the benefit of focus when getting the 10” range? Any reference in the rules for that?
  9. So I just played my first Dashel crew for 3e. Got a question: The rifleman can use focus to increase their shooting range by 10”. My opponent seemed to think that when I do that I would lose my +flips when I use the focus. No where on the card does it say that you lose the effects of focus when you do that. All it says is lower the condition by 1. Per the rules, every time you lower focus by 1, you get the benefits of +flips for that duel. Any insights on this, and where this might be referenced if true?
  10. So I played my first game with my new Victoria’s crew tonight. It was lots of fun and learned a lot, including one thing I did majorly wrong! (I didn’t realize at the time that an attack generated by a trigger couldn’t generate triggers. I was bouncing back and forth between the Vic’s with “That one counts as mine” over and over. It did seem pretty over the top. Now I know why! Apologies to my opponent.) I found my above error from the rules, but I did have a couple other I couldn’t find. Hope fully some of you could answer this for me. 1. Do both Vic’s count as one model for the purposes of strategies and schemes (I.e. Assasinate, deliver a message)? Or is one Vic designated a leader, and the other just an extra Master? 2. The Ronin’s On the Move ability states: “At the start of this model’s activation, it may move up to 3”, ignoring other models.” We had a question over whether this ability would trigger a disengage strike when it was engaged and left melee. My best guess is that it doesn’t, because you are not performing a walk action (which isn’t allowed), nor are you doing the disengage action. Plus, the ability says you may move 3”, not do your Mv. Last, the ability also says ignore enemy models, so that would pretty much negate the model engaging you anyway. Based on all those reasons, I would assume I would be able to move 3” away out of melee like a push, but without the straight line restriction since it says “move” and not “push”, plus not generate a disengage strike. Does any one have any insight on this?
  11. That’s one of the stores I was referring to. Not to change topic, but on a side note: T-mod- You are in UK? I know quite a few folks on here are. I might be traveling to London on business in the future. I think the company puts us in a hotel near South Kensington. Are there any places there I could meet up and maybe play a game with you fine lads when the time comes?
  12. That’s really strange, because the two largest online USA Malifaux retailers got zero, and none of the local stores got any either. There has also been no copies available on eBay, and I check every day. So one random local game store getting one is strange. You would think that the top retailers would get product before low volume sellers.
  13. It has never seen stock in USA.
  14. Not all July releases reached the retailers. The Brutal Fate kit, which was a July release, still has not made it to 2 of the biggest online Malifaux retailers. They have yet to receive any at all.
  15. Any word on why some of the July and August model releases have not reached retailers? Some models have seen stock, others have yet to and are way overdue.
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