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Kastore tips and tricks


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I'm interested to see what people have to say since I expect to be playing against him. I'll say this; I faced off against him with Lady J 2 and he did not have a good time. This was before Madness was released along with the rest of him unreleased keyword. But her ability to shut off healing really damaged his whole shtick. Perdita's silver bullet trigger also helped fight his healing too. 

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Hey guys,

I've played quite a few games with Kastore now and found it really good in the right spots.

I think Kastore1&2 are really good in Guard the Stash and Covert Operation and in Cursed Objects I see Kastore 2 shining.

Unfortunately I don't see him at all or very little in Carve a Path.

In GtS and CovO the additional pushes out off activation are very helpful to move his models.

In CurO it works very well to push Kastore far ahead before his activation, Activate him Chage on an opponent, if possible blast several opponents and then do 2x "Visceral Rampage" and flee with the opponent. All Crew give Cursed Token to it and start turn 2 it dies.

In Carve a Path you have some supporters that can interact but it is not brilliant. Kastore 1 has the possibility to push markers at the end of turn through "Final Preparations" but the opponent only falls for it once.

The Urnbearer I find very very good and the angel point of the first two turns. Then this can like to do other things or protect.

Athorak I find very good especially by his shielded ability and the Wardstones, in Nekima as well.

Barbaros (wellcome back) is also very good, especially because he can push all the others and with "Bring it" Kastore likes to invite to lunch.

Blood Vessel is a good schemes runner and can protect someone through even with "On Guard", but even then is often just dead after his first feat.

White Eye usually does a good job with Terrorize ind GtS and CovO and can easily tank a few rounds.

Cavern Nephilim are very mobile on the field and should stay away from 2" Melee beaters but shine on the flanks.

Gwyll ... Gwyll ... Gwyll... I see it more on a flank, but all in all it makes too less, unless you really expect a lot of healing, which you can slow down with "Infested with Leeches".

Unseelie Engine unfortunately I have for this also not yet found a spot in which it does not block me simply $$ in the crew.




1st activation Blood Vessel takes one damage from Faith in the Flesh (FitF) and over healed Barbaros (shielded for him and Urnbearer).

Barbaros pushes himself 2" and ends 2" at the Urnbearer, over healed Barbaros (shielded for Him and Urnbearer), Barbaros pushed Kastore 2"

     1.AP "Sacred Duty" on Barbaros with if possible "On Guard" trigger.

     2.Ap "Ceremonial Weaponry" on Barbaos and over healed Barbaros (shielded for him and Urnbearer), Barbaros pushed Kastore 2"


2nd activation The Urnbearer FitF in Shielded and Heal on Barbaros, over healed (shielded for him and Urnbearer), Barbaros pushed Kastore

     1.AP Move far forward

     0.Ap "Empty the Urn" on Barbaros, over healed (shielded for Him and Urnbearer),

Barbaros Push himself 2" and end 2" at the Urnbearer, over healed Barbaros (shielded for Him and Urnbearer), Barbaros pushed Kastore 2".

     2.AP Lure on Cavern which comes forward with him

These are my first two activations with all of which I brought forward a lot without activating them.

Barbaros 2"+2"=4"

Castore 2"+2"+2"=8"

Cavern 6"

This can be taken even further to the extreme with an engine that Chraged the sword and healed itself 2x and passed that on to Barbaros, etc.


You can make a lot ove 1st turn pressure on your enemy(friend).









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I don't know if the interaction with barbaros works that way, since his broodfighter ability is kinda weirdly worded. My take is that he only gets to move a friendly if he overheals from brood fighter which only occurs at the start of his activation. It's kinda odd and it would be more synergistic if it would proc any time he overheals... 

He gives a lot of movement turn 1 nonetheless. Since shove aside is built in and works on friendlies he can activate, push one model 2", swing at Marathine for 4" push on Mara and himself then swing again or on Kastore2 for another 4" and overheal for another 2" on Kastore. 

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