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  1. Ya after posting I figured I should explain so I edited the post.
  2. Lucius is my main master. I play him guild and neverborn and find I prefer him in neverborn. Edit: to expand on to why. I keep mostly in keyword except I bring in damage dealers. For guild I like Expert Marksman on the big guy himself, and will bring an Executioner and/or Rifleman/pathfinder. Neverborn I like taking double Ancient Pact on changelings and Inhuman Reflexes usually on a mature Nephilim.
  3. The one thing I see as an advantage for a 0" engagement is there is very little movement you opponent can do with out using disengage. I realize that this a small thing but it's a thing.
  4. Keywords have a bunch of interactions with different abilities. Pandora has Disparire's Influnce, Dreamers Prorected or Zoraidad's Eyes in the night for example.
  5. Because Mad Dog and Levi have to remain in base to base contact? You are making a lot a assumptions here. The lawyer has a RJ, 13, 13, 3, 3, and 1 in his hand and standing in concealment if we want to throw assumption around. Enough to put Levi on a neg. So you spend your whole master action to kill a 6ss lawyer?
  6. So you are saying player skill is involved not that the list is impossible for Lucius to beat then?
  7. Let's have a game of it then. I'll get the SS pick the board and use Lucius as my leader and you play that list. I will gladly admit I'm wrong when you beat me turn two.
  8. What are the SS and what does the board look like. Blanket statement like that are fairly pointless.
  9. That has not been my experience with this crew but I haven't faced many outcasts this edition so good to know about.
  10. I love hidden sniper, give it +1 stat and a built in ram would make it incredible. I use it more in guild with Expert Marksman but I've used it in NB when the opportunity provides. Hitting a big beater top of two with two high rams you carried over dealing 8+ damage and giving it injured 2+ make it pretty easy to mop up after that.
  11. Lucius Scheme (Neverborn) Size: 50 - Pool: 2 Leader: Lucius Mattheson Totem(s): The Scribe Hires: Doppleganger Mature Nephilim Inhuman Reflexes Changeling Ancient Pact Changeling 2 Ancient Pact Guild Lawyer Agent 46 This or a variety of something like this is a fairly standard list I run with him. This is definitely not the list I would try for a no kill win. Lucius goes around with a changeling 5 inches ahead and to either side of him. Pump up the Mature, the Doppelganger, and Agent 46 so they can do the heavy lifting.
  12. I personally love Lucius and will take him into any game. To the point where I have to talk myself into playing a different master for a game. I have won several games with killing 0 or one model so killing doesn't have to be the only way to play. He excels at extra movement and out of activation actions.
  13. The turns after the mature is in combat I have had Lucius make it attack twice and then charge after it killed the first target. First Lucius issues comand to the mature then issues to a changeling who in turn issues the mature. 3 ap the issue to the other changeling to make the mature charge. The first Lucius Ap could be used to Focus the mature as well.
  14. So as expected the game went 7-0. I didn't really know what to bring vs Camdus so I brought my standard Lucius crew. My plan going in was to lure the Emissary away from the bubble and kill things with my mature nephilim. He placed models in a way so that plan would have worked. He black jokered putting up the Emissary's aura and Meredith out of his take the hit range as well. Lucius' was able to shoot her twice missing the third. Here I messed up and didn't charge her with my Mature, who had two focus, forgetting he could charge when engaged. That was my last hope of the game. I forgot about
  15. I thought it was great! I nice synopsis told at a good pace.
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