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  1. I like giving the mature 4-6 extra AP to buff him up, get him where he needs to be or having him get more charges or attacks.
  2. I love taking a Mature Nephilim with Lucius
  3. I have used them a couple of times and thought they were decent but I have trouble fitting them into a list. I'll definitely try them again to see if I can make them shine.
  4. You can only target friendly models with the action, if the friendly model has the witch hunter keyword enemies within 2 of the target get burning 1. If the friendly has the cadmus keyword enemies take a duel or get a parasite token. The target and enemies within 2" all suffer 1 damage. If you are playing them with Nexus it gets a bit more complicated as enemies with a parasite token can be counted as friendly so can be targeted by this.
  5. I had my first game using Marcus as leader the other day, it went very well for me. I was playing vs arc Hoffman for their first not playing him guild. My crew: Marcus Thursday (Neverborn) Size: 50 - Pool: 9 Leader: Marcus Totem(s): Jackalope Hires: Bandersnatch Rougarou The Beast Within Angel Eyes Hinamatsu They had: New Charles Hoffman Crew (Arcanists) Size: 50 - Pool: 6 Leader: Charles Hoffman Totem(s): Mechanical Attendant Hires: Joss Howard Langston Soulstone Cache Guardian Magical Training
  6. My first game in 3e was Pandora vs Nekima so take anything said with a grain of salt. Nekima moved up turn one to destroy things turn two and Pandora dropped her to 1 wound with self loathing. The biggest problem with bringing anything big and beaty vs Pandora is having them kill themself with Dora and Candy.
  7. I play Lucius most of my games, most of my lists start with 2 changelings with AP, a lawyer. If there is anything kill related in the SS I'll bring a mature Nephilim with IR. I usually take Agent 46 and/or the doppelganger depending on what is needed. Turn one usually is buffing and moving my big guys, like the mature, 46, or dopple. I love to charge with the mature last activation of turn one and kill something or at least get engaged. With all of the card draw in the crew I often have 2+ severes in my hand by the end of the turn so you can get Obey off if you need to. I am a big fan of hidde
  8. All of the Drop it triggers on guild are on projectile attacks except the mounted guard. With the pursue ability it would make since to do it to a model who has already activated. Regardless it kind of works like slow where they can use an AP to get rid of it or risk having an executioner pop up next to them.
  9. I've wanted to run Sonnia leading Lady J and Perdita
  10. Lucius Scheme (Neverborn) Size: 50 - Pool: 2 Leader: Lucius Mattheson Totem(s): The Scribe Hires: Doppleganger Mature Nephilim Inhuman Reflexes Changeling Ancient Pact Changeling 2 Ancient Pact Guild Lawyer Agent 46 Was my top list in the app. My activation for turn one is usualy based on what I draw with the end goal to have the mature up field with focus for the last activation. I do a lot of chain actions to help with card draw. If I start with a crap hand but at least one 7 I'll comand the scribe from a changeling getting
  11. If the game goes good the Mature is the last activation on turn one having walked up the board once or twice with focus and usualy 3 or 4 high cards. He charges into the best thing he can reach. With 2 Ancient Pacts your chance to win initiative is high letting usualy a lawyer start pulling him back in or into a different target. I take IR for blade rush and mobile warrior and he will charge a bunch of times with all the different models to obey or comand him. Blade rush is helpful to get around various tech not being an attack. I find once I get him in with Regen 2, grim feast, combat reflexe
  12. I hire a Mature Nephilim with IR in most of my Lucius crews. Getting 6+ AP a turn out of one of them can put our a ton of damage. I use them like a yo yo when things go to plan.
  13. Ya my salt doesn't get that high, but I knew I lost at that point.
  14. Black jokering to unburry my Mature in two consecutive turns vs you is probably my most salty producing moment so far.
  15. The good thing with Lucius obeying guard minions he can take the slow off the new executioner or get it to move an extra 2" up field. I liked Dashel as a second master to Lucius as a primary but that got expensive hiring the dispatcher as well.
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