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  1. Corwin

    Lucius unintended buff

    I was playing my courtroom list so I had lawyers giving + to the beast so I didn't have to cheat once for it.
  2. Corwin

    Lucius unintended buff

    I was playing a game the other day where I was playing Lucius vs Kirai. When she summoned a hanged Lu was able to command the beast within 3 times because of the hanged's aura. Made me with I had a thrall that game.
  3. Corwin

    Should I buy new stuff or will I never use it?

    That would be sweet, I still need to get me those guys.
  4. Corwin

    Should I buy new stuff or will I never use it?

    I tried this vs Collodi, but his personal puppet is not a DF trigger so even with 13 of crows all I managed to do was kill two marionettes. I should have charged the hooded rider instead and wreaked his day.
  5. Could you also have depression and use a tome for even more burning?
  6. Corwin

    Playing against a returning player

    Declared Faction: Guild Crew Name: 50ss Leader: Lucius - Cache:(4) Surprisingly Loyal 1ss Condescending 1ss Master Queeg 7ss Watch My Back 2ss Lead Lined Coat 1ss Candy 9ss Lead Lined Coat 1ss Guard Sergeant 6ss Guild Lawyer 5ss Guild Lawyer 5ss Guild Guard 3ss Guild Guard 3ss Guild Hound 3ss Guild Hound 3ss A Perdita crew should have fun shooting this list.
  7. Corwin

    Countering summoning engine crews

    Lazarus can't be hired my Lucius because he is part Guild
  8. Corwin

    Lady J grow league

    I really had a blast playing her. She is good at making something dead if she can get to it. I see alot of potential for her using more choices them the 75ss i had in my pool. I want to try her with Frank and the effigy see what her staying power turns into. Defense 5 is so easy to push an ad attack through. I like saving her till the end when their hand is down so I can see padding her activation count with gg.
  9. Corwin

    Lady J grow league

    Had my final league game. Standard deployment, the strategy was Ours. The schemes were Dig their graves,Hold up their forces, Set up, Take one for the team, and the suited Guarded treasure. I took DTG and HUTF My list was Leader: Lady Justice - Cache:(4) Swordfighter 1ss Badge of Office 2ss Scales of Justice 3ss Ryle 10ss The Judge 8ss Unrelenting Leader 2ss A Debt To The Guild 1ss The Jury 8ss Guild Austringer 6ss Miss Terious 6ss His list was Leader: Asami Tanaka - Cache:(3) Borrowed Time 1ss Nefarious Pact 2ss Amanjaku 3ss Ohaguro Bettari 8ss Yasunori 13ss Obsidian Oni 6ss Obsidian Oni 6ss Akaname 4ss Tengu 4ss I had one of those games that everything flipped in my favor. I set up first on ether side of the the middle line he split his crew into two, with half in each quarter. We took turns moving models up. He moved up one quarter of the board at a time. He finished the first one with Yas looking threatening infrount of an Obsidian Oni and a Tengu. I triple walked Lady J within 2" of Yas and hoped I got initiative. The Austringer delivered orders to the Judge who placed a marker within 4" of the Tengu. Turn 2 I get initiative and draw 3 severe and the RJ. Start with Lady J who discards the two junk cards and gets the + vs Yes. Hits for the first swing for 7. At this point I realize she is standing within 6" of the center so I use acrobatic assault killing Yas and getting counterstance. The Tengu bites Lady J dealing 1 after prevention. Fails with the second suffering 4 with riposte. The Judge finishes of the Tengu securing one for DTG. The Obsidian oni walks up to Lady J and takes a swing missing and I flip two severe leaving it at 1 wound. The other half of the table Miss Terious places a Marker within 4 of that sides Obsidian Oni. Ohaguro cursed Ryle and scraches Miss Terious. The Obsidian oni charges Ryle missed one and I got his trigger the 2nd time. Asami pulls Miss Terious in beats up on her and pushes away. Ryle pushes away and shoots the Obsidian. The Austringer gives orders to Miss Terious pushing her back into engagement with Asami to get me one for HUTF. Turn 3 Ohaguro kills Miss Terious. The Judge kills his side's Oni for DTG. My last activation I triple walk Lady J between Ohaguro and Asami to get one for HUTF. At this point he called it.
  10. Alot of NB masters like minions and they are tough minions. I have play them with Pandora sometimes. They give a decent attack vs def and with the amount of wp debuffs a Pandora crew can have there terrifying might do something. That being said they are in that 7 ss slot that has alot of good choices
  11. Corwin

    Pandora Tactica

    As long as the other model has an engagement range you are engaged with that model.
  12. Corwin

    Lady J grow league

    Boy it' a good thing I didn' notice till late in the game because I read it wrong anyway, that makes me reconsider how good that up grade is for its cost. The terrifying was not bad though.
  13. Corwin

    Lady J grow league

    I had my first 50ss game with her Sunday. It was vs Molly. It was blind deployment with a strategy that your scored 1 vp at the end of the turn if none of your models died that turn. The schemes were Vendetta, power ritual, distract, take prisoner, and murder protege. I took murder protege and vendetta with Ryle vs the Rouge Nerco. My list was Leader: Lady Justice - Cache:(4) Swordfighter 1ss Justice Unleashed 1ss Badge of Office 2ss Ryle 10ss A Debt To The Guild 1ss The Judge 8ss Flames of the Pit 2ss The Jury 8ss Lead Lined Coat 1ss Exorcist 7ss Death Marshal Recruiter 7ss He took Leader: Molly Squidpiddge - Cache:(3) Forgotten Life 1ss Take Back The Night 1ss Necrotic Machine 2ss Philip and the Nanny 8ss My Little Helper 1ss Madame Sybelle 8ss My Little Helper 1ss Rogue Necromancy 10ss Rotten Belle 5ss Rotten Belle 5ss Crooligan 4ss With the deployment I ended up with Lady J in the center and the rest of her crew in the far right quarter (from my perspective), with the nercotic machine in the center of my crew. Turn one he used both MLHs. My exorcist killed the nercotic machine. Molly beat up on the DMR as Lady J triple walked to get Phillip ready to charge next turn. The Judge shoots at the Crooligan who had dropped a Marker and went defensive. Everone else repositioned. Turn two: A belle lures the DMR into snack range of the Rogue Nerco. The DMR pulls towards a belle and double walks behind the Jury. In response to his snack running away the Rogue Nerco eats the Jury. Ryle shambles around the building trying to get a shot on the Rouge Nerco. Molly summons a punk Zombie between Ryle and the DMR. She trys whisper something to the Judge but cheating the RJ saved him from negatives on everything. The Judge shoots the Crooligan killing it. Lady J charges and uses her other AP finishing off Phillip. Turn 3: Molly gets the ball rolling by summoning two more Punk Zombies between Ryle and the DMR. She trys to whisper to Ryle who again with a cheated RJ dose not hear her. Then chains into the non slowed Punk Zombie who flurries on Ryle who between flipping tomes and having low ones in my hand only scratches him. The DMR pulls himself at a belle charges her and finishes her off. The Rogue Nerco charges the DMR and finishes him off. The Judge shoots at the Rouge Nerco gets his trigger for another shot leaving him with 3 wounds. Here I thought about giving up the 3 points for Vendetta by killing it but decided to hurt Madame Sybelle instead. Lady J triple walks to get back to the fight conveniently ending up in a spot Ryle can push off of. Ryle uses DttG pushes out of engagement from the punk zombies walks and shoots killing the Rogue Nerco getting me 6 vp. Turn 4 i kill a Sybelle and 2 Punk Zombies and he kills Ryle. Turn 5 No one is killed. I won 8-4. My deck was on fire that game. I drew 4+ severe cards most turns, I flippd 3 moderate and 1 severe on 4 diffrent double negative flips. I read alot of people not liking the Judge but I have had great luck with him. It was half way through the game when I realized his upgrade gave relentless to all Death Marshall in play not just him. This game was alot of fun.
  14. Corwin

    Lady J grow league

    I think it was a guardian as a base model Edit because I can' spell
  15. Corwin

    Lady J grow league

    Game 4 was vs Hoffman Standard deployment Strategy: Ply for information Schemes: surround them, set up, hold up their forces, take prisoner, recover evidence I took Set up and recover evidence I had Declared Faction: Guild Crew Name: lady 40 40ss Leader: Lady Justice - Cache:(4) Justice Unleashed 1ss Swordfighter 1ss Implacable 1ss The Judge 8ss Lead Lined Coat 1ss Unrelenting Leader 2ss Ryle 10ss A Debt To The Guild 1ss Pieces of Myself 1ss Guild Pathfinder 6ss Guild Austringer 6ss He had Declared Faction: Guild Crew Name: Josh Hof 40ss Leader: C. Hoffman - Cache:(3) Arcanist Assets 1ss Field Mechanic 2ss Improved Harness 1ss Dr. Alexei Sokolov 10ss Miss Step 12ss Watcher 4ss Metal Gamin 4ss Riotbreaker 6ss He deployed first I deployed defensively behind a house with my Pathfinder 5 or so inches outside my deployment zone. Turn one Hoffman handed out upgrades to Miss Step +1 armor, and the interact one to the watcher. He then pushed Miss Step up the board. The Judge and Ryle walk forward and drop scheme markers. My Pathfinder set a Trap (biggest mistake of the Game) between him and Miss Step. That was not enough and Miss Step charged and killed my Pathfinder. Watcher walks around the table droppng markers around the table edge. Turn 2 Ryle walks and pushes to engage Hoffman and the Riotbreaker. Dr. Alex charges Ryle and takes 6 wounds off him. The Judge has Ryle take 4 swings on Dr. Alex Bringing him down to hard to kill. Miss Step plied the trap took his nimble walk towards Ryle and kills him. Lady J jumped over stabbed the riot breaker and couldnt quite reach Dr. Alex so stabbed Hoffman instead. The Metal Gamin plied Lady J. The Austringer had Lady J Ply Hoffman. Watcher walks more. Turn 3 i start with the Austringer having Lady J Ply. Miss Step Charged the Judge hurting him but not killing him. The Judge took a lot of attacks hitting all the right trigges leaving Miss Step with one wound. Hoffman pushes and Heals Dr. Alex. The watcher is going around dropping markers for surround them. Turn 4 I remember to reveal recover evidence. Austringer has Lady J ply. Miss Step kills the Judge and the Austringer. Lady J kills the riot breaker and grabs an evidence marker. Turn 5 only thing left on my side is grabing an evidence marker then is killed. Game ends 6-4 for Hoffman. If I didn't set a trap the 3 he got for ply might not have been such a sure thing.