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  1. Yesterday my local Henchmen had his last M2e tournament that he is going to hold. I had many different ideas of how I wanted to play but decided to solo Pandora using each of her limited upgrades. Round one was Close deployment Public Execution Eliminate the leadership, show of force, search the ruins, vendetta, and undercover Entourage. I took vendetta (Kade vs Shastar guard) and Undercover with Pandora. He took eliminate the leadership and Vendetta ( Fitzsimons vs Mature Nephilim) My crew was Pandora (Aether Connection, On Wings of Darkness, The Box Opens) Primordial Magic, Candy (A Thousand Faces), Mature Nephilim , Lilitu, Doppleganger, Baby Kade, (Depression) He had Ironsides, Fitzsimmons, Oxfordian Mage, Oxfordian Mage, Oxfordian Mage, Shastar Vidiya Guard, Saboteur, Saboteur I don't remember his upgrades. Turn one he kills my Nephilim with Fitzsimmons getting full points for Vendetta. He activated his guard last so I didn't get lure of at him with Kade. Turn two I got a lure and a stab off on the guard getting 1 for vendetta getting him down to one wound. Then the guard hit severe on a negative one shotting Kade. I kill the guard with Lilitu getting me a second point. I Sent Candy into the middle of all his guys trading in for FGF. Ironside moves in getting Candy down to three wounds. Start of three I win initiative going with Pandora and getting Mood Swing on Ironside. I have him start with Ironsides (which he was going to do anyway forgetting about Candy's aura) paralyzing her. The rest of 3 and 4 we beat each other down leaving me with only Pandora in his deployment out of LoS to all his crew except Ironside who triple walked to stand next to her with 11 adrenaline getting ready for turn 5 beatdown. Turn 5 he goes first starting with Ironside who flips the BJ vs Pandy's terrifying winning me the game 6-5 Game 2 was vs a guy who his first ever game was round 1. He was playing the Perdita box with two orderlies. I played woe is me Pandora with much the same list except changing the Mature Nephilim and Primordial Magic for Mysterious Emissary and Mr. Tannen. I new enough about his crew I was able to help him play so he still had fun. I won 9-0 Game 3 corner deployment Ours with Punish the weak, Dig their graves, hold up their forces, take one for the team, and public demonstrations. We both took PtW and TOftT. I had Pandora ( Voices, Depression, On Wings of Darkness), Primordial Magic, Nekima (A Thousand Faces), Candy (A Thousand Faces), Mature Nephilim (Retribution's eye) Doppleganger He had Mei Feng Kang, Sparks, Rail Golem, Gunsmith, Mechanized Porkchop, Fire Gamin Turn 1 we both move forward he ended with Mei rail walking with the Golem letting it charge my Nephilim bringing it down to 4 wounds. Turn 2 I completely forgot I had mood swings on 2 things so he started with the golem finishing off my Neph. I end up killing his 3 minions guaranteeing 3 for PtW and getting him 2 for TOftT on the fire Gamin Nekima killing it. Mei moves in and trys to kill the acativated Dopple leaving her with 3 wounds. We both get a point for Ours. Turn 3 Pandy paralyzes Kang, Sparks, and the Golem. Candy and the Dopple using Nekima's sword kill Mei. I get one for Ours. Turn 4 with a barrowed sword the Dopple charges the Golem putting a dent in it. In response the Golem smashed the Dopple getting me 3 for TOftT. Pandy kills Sparks and Paralyzes Kang. We call it there giving me a 10-3 win. This is the first time I placed in a tournament and I brought home the gold. Good way to send off M2E and Pandora who looks like she will be losing alot of these tricks.
  2. Corwin

    First game

    I had my first game today. Lost pretty bad as I expected. So many things you can't grasp until you see it on the table. I used everything from the KS commander pledge except the infiltrators. Made alot of mistakes, but saw a few things work out great. I over extended Belle, did not use Charles's piercing until the last turn. I forgot once the field Intel corps could place objectives after they glory. On the positive side medic is great. I also did good with "keep calm carry on". Thrace was a tank who wouldn't get hurt. I misunderstood how " Behind Enemy Lines" worked but see how that might work well with my new South Wales Borderers. All and all I have high hopes for this game.
  3. Played my first game with Sonnia today. My opponent was playing Raspy. Standard deployment Strategy Ours Schemes covert breakthrough, recover evidence, show of force, Vendetta, in the paired guarded treasure. We both took covert and Vendetta My crew Declared Faction: Guild Crew Name: Sonnia theme 50ss Leader: Sonnia - Cache:(3) Counterspell Aura 1ss Cherufe's Imprint 1ss Cherufes Parting Gift 1ss Dr. Grimwell 9ss Research Grant 1ss Lead Lined Coat 1ss Samael Hopkins 8ss Lead Lined Coat 1ss Disrupt Magic 2ss Witchling Thrall 9ss Witchling Thrall 9ss Brutal Effigy 4ss His crew Declared Faction: Arcanists Crew Name: Raspy 50ss Leader: Rasputina - Cache:(3) Shattered Heart 3ss Enveloped In Ice 2ss Decembers Pawn 2ss Wendigo 3ss Snow Storm 11ss Warding Runes 1ss Blessed of December 9ss Imbued Energies 1ss December Acolyte 7ss Silent One 6ss Ice Gamin 4ss Turn one I started by double walking one of my thrall to engage his December's acolyte to prevent him from having ice mirror range on most of my crew. He stabbed my throw in response and pushed away with the trigger leaving my thrall slow I triple walked Grimwell to engage the ice December's actually again he leaped with his Blessing of December charging Greenwell and declaring Vendetta but with his armor and a stone only got I wound. Sonia double walked input some flame walls in front of The Silent One blocking an alleyway snowstorm had to spend its whole activation walking around the flame walls to give rasputina range on Sonia and Effigy standing next to her. Not know that Sonnia would be easier to hit than the effigy he put his first attack into the effigy after he failed his first attack I saw her aura and told him about it. He decided to attack a thrall instead Turn 2 he wins refliping for a 13. Starts with raspy but with good luck and impossible to wound my thrall withstood the attack. I next went with Sonia finding out that snow storm had the same counterspell aura I decided to blast the Wendigo next to it to get the blast to give him burning. Last two shots when into snow storm leaving her with 3 wounds. I chain activate into Sam who rapid fires hitting all three times killing her in scoring me three points for Vendetta. If I realized snow storm had bulletproof 3 I would have picked a different Target even though it worked out well. The blessed of December attacks Grimwell bringing him to Five Wounds. Grimwell gives the December acolyte a lobotomy half killing it. The Silent One ice mirrors through the ice Gamin dropping a ice pillar in front of my thrall. My other thrall spends it's slow ap walking away from the center to count for Ours and get to attack next turn. The acolyte attacks the thrall giving him slow again. My Brutal effigy get into position and companions to the thrall to charge The Silent One only half killing it because of it defensive trigger. Turn 3 I kill something almost every activation first my thrall takes out the silent one and drops a scheme marker. The blessed of December can't kill Grimwell who kills it in return. The other thrall kills the acolyte. At that point a Ice gamin and raspy are all he has left, where I haven't lost anything and summoned a totem. He calls it there. I very happy with how this crew performed. I really love the parting gift upgrade. I've only played him a few times but sam always works well for me. A pair of thralls seems to make it into most of my guild games now and I never regret it.
  4. I tend to start with a full 50ss games. I'll play the dreamer because I suck with him. Fill it with nightmares. I have not intruded anyone since the new upgrades have come out. I'll let them look at my masters (all NB most of guild) and make them a list for who the pick, including any models that they like the look of. My list would look something like the following. Declared Faction: Neverborn Crew Name: 50ss Leader: The Dreamer - Cache:(3) Tantrum 2ss Restless Dreams 1ss Otherworldly 2ss Daydream 2ss Daydream 2ss Widow Weaver 8ss A Thousand Faces 1ss Teddy 11ss A Thousand Faces 1ss Coppelius 8ss On Dreaming Wings 2ss Lelu 6ss Satisfying Punishment 0ss
  5. I like using Teddy for intro games. He looks cool, hits hard so becomes scary, but also goes down easy making them happy they killed the big scary thing.
  6. The last time I played Pandora against Yaz I was playing box Pandora and brought Kade and Barbaros, that's the only time I have had good luck vs hun with her.
  7. I was playing my courtroom list so I had lawyers giving + to the beast so I didn't have to cheat once for it.
  8. I was playing a game the other day where I was playing Lucius vs Kirai. When she summoned a hanged Lu was able to command the beast within 3 times because of the hanged's aura. Made me with I had a thrall that game.
  9. That would be sweet, I still need to get me those guys.
  10. I tried this vs Collodi, but his personal puppet is not a DF trigger so even with 13 of crows all I managed to do was kill two marionettes. I should have charged the hooded rider instead and wreaked his day.
  11. Could you also have depression and use a tome for even more burning?
  12. Declared Faction: Guild Crew Name: 50ss Leader: Lucius - Cache:(4) Surprisingly Loyal 1ss Condescending 1ss Master Queeg 7ss Watch My Back 2ss Lead Lined Coat 1ss Candy 9ss Lead Lined Coat 1ss Guard Sergeant 6ss Guild Lawyer 5ss Guild Lawyer 5ss Guild Guard 3ss Guild Guard 3ss Guild Hound 3ss Guild Hound 3ss A Perdita crew should have fun shooting this list.
  13. Lazarus can't be hired my Lucius because he is part Guild
  14. I really had a blast playing her. She is good at making something dead if she can get to it. I see alot of potential for her using more choices them the 75ss i had in my pool. I want to try her with Frank and the effigy see what her staying power turns into. Defense 5 is so easy to push an ad attack through. I like saving her till the end when their hand is down so I can see padding her activation count with gg.
  15. Had my final league game. Standard deployment, the strategy was Ours. The schemes were Dig their graves,Hold up their forces, Set up, Take one for the team, and the suited Guarded treasure. I took DTG and HUTF My list was Leader: Lady Justice - Cache:(4) Swordfighter 1ss Badge of Office 2ss Scales of Justice 3ss Ryle 10ss The Judge 8ss Unrelenting Leader 2ss A Debt To The Guild 1ss The Jury 8ss Guild Austringer 6ss Miss Terious 6ss His list was Leader: Asami Tanaka - Cache:(3) Borrowed Time 1ss Nefarious Pact 2ss Amanjaku 3ss Ohaguro Bettari 8ss Yasunori 13ss Obsidian Oni 6ss Obsidian Oni 6ss Akaname 4ss Tengu 4ss I had one of those games that everything flipped in my favor. I set up first on ether side of the the middle line he split his crew into two, with half in each quarter. We took turns moving models up. He moved up one quarter of the board at a time. He finished the first one with Yas looking threatening infrount of an Obsidian Oni and a Tengu. I triple walked Lady J within 2" of Yas and hoped I got initiative. The Austringer delivered orders to the Judge who placed a marker within 4" of the Tengu. Turn 2 I get initiative and draw 3 severe and the RJ. Start with Lady J who discards the two junk cards and gets the + vs Yes. Hits for the first swing for 7. At this point I realize she is standing within 6" of the center so I use acrobatic assault killing Yas and getting counterstance. The Tengu bites Lady J dealing 1 after prevention. Fails with the second suffering 4 with riposte. The Judge finishes of the Tengu securing one for DTG. The Obsidian oni walks up to Lady J and takes a swing missing and I flip two severe leaving it at 1 wound. The other half of the table Miss Terious places a Marker within 4 of that sides Obsidian Oni. Ohaguro cursed Ryle and scraches Miss Terious. The Obsidian oni charges Ryle missed one and I got his trigger the 2nd time. Asami pulls Miss Terious in beats up on her and pushes away. Ryle pushes away and shoots the Obsidian. The Austringer gives orders to Miss Terious pushing her back into engagement with Asami to get me one for HUTF. Turn 3 Ohaguro kills Miss Terious. The Judge kills his side's Oni for DTG. My last activation I triple walk Lady J between Ohaguro and Asami to get one for HUTF. At this point he called it.
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