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  1. The good thing with Lucius obeying guard minions he can take the slow off the new executioner or get it to move an extra 2" up field. I liked Dashel as a second master to Lucius as a primary but that got expensive hiring the dispatcher as well.
  2. Copy of Agent 46 HH (Guild) Size: 30 - Pool: 0 Leader: Agent 46 Hires: Doppleganger Rifleman Guild Lawyer I tried this one to good luck. Got extra mileage out of Doppleganger mimic killing Vincent getting around his hard to kill with his own crossbow.
  3. So now that this is a thing is there anyone who would like to show me the ropes of the game. I played one game when it first game out but am way rusty for what little bit of knowledge I had.
  4. I already put IR on him so I can make him charge with every other model in the crew. Also I have both packs on changelings. Not that these things can't change but that alters the whole playstyle of having a mature in my Lucius crew.
  5. In my game today a had a mature Nephilim get buried by a DMR my opponent's first activation of turn two. I activated the neph in response flipping the BJ for my unburry and leaving him gone for the round. The other DMR got the Neph down to 3 wounds. Start of turn 3 I cheat high to go first with my neph and flip the BJ again to unburry. The first DMR that activated killed the Neph and put a giant crimp in my plans. I ended up losing 6-3. If I had another activation with a big angry neph in his crew who knows how the game might have been different.
  6. Well it has to be careful carrying that egg around with it all the time.
  7. Yep that's how it would work. You would need a 8+ masks for Agent 46, 3 9+ of masks for the lawyers and a 7+ of masks for the Doppelganger as well as a 7+ for the changeling. If you then tried the chain all over you would need all those again. Seeing as there are only 6 9+ of masks things would need to land perfectly to pull that off.
  8. My greatest moment was having my distracted doppelganger using a great sword that she borrowed from a Kabuki warrior attacking Youko twice and not flipping lower then a 10 on all 6 cards to hit, managing to kill her.
  9. This game was not vs a seasoned viks but I had luck with a Lucius crew using a mature Nephilim and Agent 46 as my beaters. The Mature killed one of the viks last activation of turn one. With butterfly jump and combat finesse he survived top of turn 2 to do more damage.
  10. @Ogid I like the looks of that list a bunch. How have you found Alan Reid? I like the look of a lot of his new keyword models. I'm in the process of making an Agent 46 proxy to have some more teeth available. One thing I did with my original which had a third changeling instead of the the ancient pacts was have the Doppleganger go forward the end of turn one. Start of turn two I carried over a 13 and drew a 12 of rams and then was able to take 6 hidden sniper first two from Lucius stoning for min 4.
  11. My first game going ancient on both changelings the first one blacked jokers his first flip so it won a lot of favor for that. I find this crew makes of every card you can get. There have been games that those extra two cards have helped tremendously. Pluse two to initiative helps keep your beater alive when you have a better chance to go first and deal with what ever problem last turn leaves you. I have not tried the other beaters mostly because I don't own them yet and the Mature works so well.
  12. I love Lucius, I liked him last edition even before the errata. He is my favorite master this edition. I do not have agent 46 yet so for a beater I bring a mature Nephilim. I like to put inhuman reflexes on it and just make the thing charge a lot of times a turn. My normal list is Lucius Scheme (Neverborn) Size: 50 - Pool: 5 Leader: Lucius Mattheson Totem(s): The Scribe Hires: Doppleganger Mature Nephilim Inhuman Reflexes Changeling Ancient Pact Changeling 2 Ancient Pact Guild Lawyer Guild Lawyer 2 Everyone buffs up the Mature and Doppleganger and moves into posi
  13. I think this works but I want to run it by you guys to make sure it dose and I'm not missing something. With her version of Opportunist can you attack her with any model that has an unwanted condition and remove it for the + flip on her defense? It is an idea that I think could be great but haven't been in the position to use it yet.
  14. If the obey succeeded or failed the lawyer would draw a card from his following orders from issue command.
  15. That could make it a good investment to bring a model with Obey with Dashel.
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