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  1. My only game vs Hoffman so far I was playing Marcus and brought Angel Eyes, Hinamatsu, and the Beast Within. That with a good amount of stones i could eat through high armor low wound models fairly easy.
  2. There is no reason they couldn't take the lodestone, they just cant fly with it. They are still move 6 with all the extra moves they could still get where they need to.
  3. One of my first games with Marcus was vs Hoffman so I brought the Beast within, Angle Eyes, and Hinamatsu to bring all the armor piercing.
  4. When the crew was first revealed I thought it was going to be a sit back and shoot crew. I still wanted to get it, I liked the idea of Teddy Roosevelt playing the most dangerous game vibe that Lord Cooper has. As more models were revealed, exspeicaly the dogs I saw they had some speed and movement tricks. The first game that I played I saw that they were way more then sit back and shoot and I loved the crew so much more. I love how the Runaways work, and by your side is amazing! There is a lot of depth to the crew that I'm looking forward to unlocking as I get more experience playing them. I'm very happy that the whole crew doesn't revolve around the master shooting things from far away.
  5. The rex is currently on the painting table. I have only played 3 games with Apex sofar with a set list, one of everything except harpooner. I love how different the crew plays from how I first thought it would.
  6. I'm excited to put my Apex crew on the table. I've played them on Vassal a couple times put I can't wait to see the painted crew on the table.
  7. Paul Crockett might work good in that match up. The beasts get in hitting range and he makes them take swings. He can stay out of the auras too.
  8. Lucius is my go to guy for everything.
  9. I have recently picked up Cooper too, I've played 3 games with using one of everything you get in those boxes (except 3 Runaways)and no upgrades to get a feel of what the different models can do. They are a lot less static then I thought before playing a game. The dogs add a lot of movement tricks and the rex has a good bonus push when you dont need to give things crows. The Runaways are very cool models as I see the things they can pull off. I'm only 3 games in but I'm already seeing the layers this crew can bring.
  10. I tried this one of my first games with him, unfortunately when he started his activation he discards all mutation upgrades on him and puts one on so it's very AP intensive for a one activation buff.
  11. Yes and no, in guild I really like using Lucius as my a damage dealers with Hidden Sniper and Expert Marksman. Pump up him, Agent 46 and the Doppleganger up with Lawers and changelings and kill whatever gets within 12 inches of anything. You can Lure things in with the Doppelganger and beat them up one by one using there own attack against them.
  12. To restate my comment from guild I would definitely add Familiar Faces to the first buy on Lucius. In NB I almost always run two changelings with AP.
  13. I'm not a top tier player by any means but as for Lucius I would change familiar faces and protect and serve. I am not sure if I have ever made a list that did not have at least one changeling or the doppleganger.
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