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  1. Wyrd doesnt make it easy for The Other Side fans. Dont get me wrong, I LOVE the other side but how long is it since we saw a new teaser for the upcoming factions or even a release date for the 2player starter? It bothers me, since the release for The Other Side was not optimal, Wyrd really need to Support ToS and show the communitiy that Wyrd strongly believes in his own Game. Since months there were not a single Waldos for The Other Side.
  2. Disappointing. We had Not a single Waldos weekly for The Other Side since months! So the release was Not the best for ToS, but NOW we need a Bit more Support for the game Wyrd! What about the 2player starter or the Kimon or 3 Kingdoms? A rule teaser, a Render, a Artwork at least something!
  3. Hi there! I wonder when will the Field Inteligence Corps for the KingsEmpire will be released? Since summer every unit from the KS is in the stores and the inteligence corps is the only one missing. I live in Germany and i cant find any Store in EU, UK or US that is selling them. Maybe i can here get an answer. Thank you every much.
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