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  1. And a second try in a second post is no good. Odd... (edit) Weird. Switching from rich text, with keywords in bold, prevented it form being edited in. Switching to plain text worked. How odd! REGARDLESS! If anyone has thoughts, comments, suggestions, etc, do let me know? I'm sure that it could use some polish yet.
  2. Just kicking a few ideas around and this was one that I wanted to start poking at. This is a first draft and obviously needs a bit of work, but, I figured I'd release it into the wild for a lookover, see what suggestions that people might have, clarifications needed, and so on. Scrap is a general term for the parts left behind from a project's demise; the wires, gears, metal plates, and so on that can be picked through and recycled for future projects. While the world of Malifaux is fairly well-stocked with steel, copper, and so on, Guild prices are high so most learn to recycle what they can to make scrip last a bit longer. A Scrap Counter is a way to keep track of scrap without using a lot of book keeping. When a Construct is destroyed, it leaves behind a number of Scrap Counters equal to its Height characteristic. When a living or undead target is destroyed, they leave behind one Scrap Counter if they had one pneumatic limb or a number of Scrap Counters equal to their height if they have more than one pneumatic limb. A Scrap Counter may be sold, where it has a value of 1 Scrip. It may be instead used to generate 5 Scrip worth of funding for the creation, upgrading, or repairing of Constructs or Pneumatic Limbs when using the standard construction rules. (IE, if a construct would cost 15 Scrip, 10 of that could be paid by sacrificing two Scrap Counters leaving only 5 scrip to be paid for out of pocket.) A character may carry as many Scrap Counters as their Might score, to a minimum of 1. (Engineers around Malifaux are famous for keeping spare parts tucked into pockets, toolboxes, straps, boots, and a myriad of other places, but larger piles of parts require a strong assistant, or Construct, to mule them around.) A character carrying a Scrap Counter gains access to the following special action: Scottish Engineering (2) Action: Test: Cunning + Arteficing TN: 10 Sacrifice 1 carried Scrap Counter as an additional cost to attempt this action. If successful, choose a target Construct within 2” makes a Healing Flip, restoring 1 / 2 / 4 lost health. (rams) Trigger: Negate one Continuous Effect on the targeted construct after the healing flip is made.
  3. They make great villains tho, for sure.
  4. I really need to pick up the Other Side stuff to read at some stage. The storyline's moved past what I'm familiar with and there's no good lore repository to dig into. *grump* Heck, I *still* don't know where to start hunting for when the whole Burning Man thing started. I know what it WAS (or, well, IS) but not what book launched it.
  5. Only one [-]? I figured it would have been MUCH harder. Then again, the mages of Earth that survived the breach opening got SUPERCHARGED, so, some of that had to filter out across the rest of the planet. Hrm.
  6. Gadzooks! My old work referenced! (Note to self: Update that stuff. Also, talk about Construct foo. And future Undead foo!)
  7. Yeah, the pause button on the Nerverborn is a giant ouch. Just means that the fandom is gonna have to step up and fill in the blanks until then. :D
  8. For me, it was all books. The new model book, sure, but more importantly the Bayou book for TTB and the Bayou Games adventure right beside it. Which probably means I'm the bottom of the mailpile from all the plastic addicts, but that's fine. Not like I don't have an uncountable number of minis waiting to be worked on as it is. (Why did I order Bones II before Bones I has even been handled? And Bones III ships in the not too distant future! Oh, foolish, foolish Wak!)
  9. Gremlins are nice, but I need, need, NEED that Bayou lore. *drool*
  10. Wonder if there'll be any copies of the book ready for GenCon? Not that I'll be there, but....
  11. Kate's awesome. And suddenly I wonder if I should drop links to Lovelace nd Babbage, which is both different than these and amazing all the same.
  12. I shared it before, and I'll share it again.
  13. Lots of us do! So much so, in fact, that if you ever decided that, oh, say, ten of these One-Shots combined are about the size of a book, and then sold said book, well, I know a few of us would pick it up. *cough cough hint cough*
  14. He has a cap! That's hat-like. As for me? All I can do is start singing o/~ "Jet-pack Gremlin' with a lightnin' guuuuunnn..." o/~
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