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  1. Once I'm done with these, the idea is to make up twenty or so cards. When characters are being generated, it'd be as normal, but everyone gets one less General Talent than the book would give them. Instead, you use the Temptations. Thirteen for each Tyrant. On the front of the card will be the sales pitch, the whisper that it sends to someone crossing the Breach to see if it can snare someone to its side. You can easily mark 'em with Ace-King as well, if you wanted to rank them. The Grave Spirit gets to be the Black Joker. The last card, which will be replicated six times or so (de
  2. Still early in the process, but I'm working on a few temptations, Manifested Powers (or similar) that are tied in with teh Tyrants who, in a way, pay part of teh cost off in exchange for linking to a Human. Oh, the Human doesn't know that they're in service of a great force at first, they think that they're winning the deal, but, over time, it gets more and more clear who's in control. As part of teh subsidized cost, they can be taken as General upgrades, rather than being a Destiny Step, but the player doesn't get to help put the package together ... it' already made for them. Isn't that so N
  3. Yeah, getting to read this stuff with later understanding's been really interesting. Almost finished with the final book of 1st edition, reading the discussion between December and Rasputina, having just digested the talk between Zoriada and Levi... man. Lots of STUFF in there. On the plus side, we have an actual date for Molly's death, so it clears up some of the early confusion. Huzzah!
  4. Not too much in the second book... Molly's timeline is still a bit messed up, but the *exact* date isn't important. We get to see that Francis was the name of the Governor-General's only son, but no mention of the GG's name, spouse, or potential other kids. Kirai gets introduced, as did Haemlin, teh Red Star, the Red Cage which ... you know, I always thought it did a giant meteor dive and CRASH into teh swamp, but instead it just sorta ... poofed. No impact, no explosion, nada. Then the ground collapsed into a sinkhole when all of that energy poured out of it. When December's physical form was
  5. Moving through the next book slower than intended. (More stories!) ... the death of the Governor General's son, and the assrote dinteractions with said general, do not, in fact, drop his name in there. Even his dad is, "The governor-general won't like this..." Got to see Francis dead, buried, and avenged, and I'm currently digging through Colette's debut, the passing to her of the Leviathan's Eye, and the introduction of Hamlin (yikes!). No real dates yet, but gettin there...
  6. It's a start, but I was looking for more detail and a bunch of small things that the timeline doesn't cover. I mean, geeze, when I left for a bit, I'm not 100% sure we knew the governor-general's NAME. Getting a bit more detail past "The breach opened HERE, the Red Cage fell HERE," beynd what the book opening timeline has? Handy stuff, but possibly unknown to us. For example, when did the quarantine zones get, well... quarantined? When did Perdita first show up? When did Seamus murder his first victim? We may well not have answers to this stuff, but, I'm still *curious*.
  7. Curses. I'll have to crack out my old books and start doing detective work. The first story in the main book I grabbed had a few clues ... Phillip Tombers is reanimated in July of Year ?, having died "A month ago", so in June. Molly Squidpidge had been a zombie for "several months" at that stage. Rasputina gets a book from tombers, then escapes, leaving Seamus with Philliip's head and Molly in Phillip's grave. We later get to see Viktoria arrive on a train from Earth, talk to Leveticus, who'd been here before (as shown by his having business cards for his Malifaux shop on him!), but the
  8. From Day Zero: the Breach Reopens until ... *vague hand flaps* today, a bunch of stuff has happened. Teh rise and fall of the Piper, the fall of teh Red Cage, that whole avatar thing, the period of Martial law, but also when the Latigo compound opened, when Riley was formed, what day Hoffman arrived, and so on? The more solid information the better. There's a LOT of info scattered in teensy nuggets in, like, every book ever made, but if anyone has compiled it, I'd really be all kinds of thankful for a share.
  9. THE GAMBERRITOS A general term for the numerous kids that run around inside the safety of the compound, the Gamberritos (little rowdies) range from four to fourteen (At fifteen, they're expected to be adults and act properly!), spending much of their time running around, roughhousing, playing games, and generally being rambunctious. There's not a ton of educational opportunities at the compound in the normal sense ... Padre Garcia keeps them up on basic reading, Pablo can pass on some math, and now that Miss Barton is present, she's been positively mortified at the lack of schooling so has
  10. JACK TOMSON A grizzled old man, Tomson left his native Scotland afte rthe death of his beloved life, having nothing left worth living for, but willing to travel to Malifaux and offer his services until his time ran out. He joined a settling bad into the Badlands and won their respect with his hard work ethic and skill, but those were things that couldn't protect them from the Neverborn. He and his village fought hard, but only the timely arrival of the Ortegas saved them. They agreed to move into the Latigo compound for safety, and while three of teh survivors sucumbed to Black Blood Poison
  11. PADRE GARCIA Padre Juan Garcia was an early arrival, personally requested by the Ortegas after the First Expansion, as several members of teh family, and more the survivors that had been rescued, were dealing with a wide array of fallout from combat stress, survivor's guilt, and more. An older gentleman (and, in fact, Papa Loco's third cousin), Padre Garcia stood out in teh early wave not for being a strapping lad or a hard worker, but for being a calming presence. He was able to soothe frazzled nerves, heal mental wounds that no one else coudl see, and provide the basic spirituality that w
  12. ((More here after work tonight, but anyone else should feel free to toss in some of their own.))
  13. I wanted to say that I think your assay of the Latigo Compound is a brilliant idea, but I didn't want to pollute the topic with unrelated posts (=

  14. Unless there's a Penny Dreadful that I've missed (entirely possible, that!), we know OF the Latigo Compound but not much ABOUT it. Some of teh basics that we know: It's effectively the southernmost reach of the Guild, but isn't terribly Guild-y, if you know what I mean. There are homesteads, farms, and ranches around it, mostly north, where the compound can stand between the Neverborn of the Badlands and the ranches, but not entirely as the Ortegas have been SO GOOD at driving the Neverborn away that the area is nearly pacified, allowing for more expansion. It's fortified. And ...
  15. Not neccessarily whole sheets of master villains or the like, but just characters that pop up in your game. Gus the bartender, Lady Pitchworth the Art Matron, Chris and the Bowling Street hooligans, Jeb the Gremlin, Carol the nice Guild Guard, etc. People, in short, that help bring your world to life.
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