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Found 5 results

  1. Heya Breachers! This week the Grand Malifaux Tour resumes with a trip through the Badlands! Before we head deep into Nephilim territory, let’s see what @The13Fates said regarding who they’d want to see Zoraida make a puppet of: You can see other folks’ thoughts, or add your own here. The Badlands lay southwest of Malifaux City and is an expanse of hard soil and sparse vegetation. It’s pretty harsh place to live, but for many hoping to start a life in Malifaux it’s their chance at that dream. The settlers of the Badlands are most often backed by the Guild’s resettlement program, and while remote from the Guild’s seat of power in Malifaux City these people are loyal to the “official” power of Malifaux. Fated who are running from the Guild’s power might want to keep their heads down in these settlements unless they’re looking for a fight. Debtor’s Delve is a work camp that utilizes those who have defaulted on loans to the Guild to dig mundane minerals until their debt is cleared. In theory, once the debt is done these workers are sent back to Earth, but Bad Things Happen in Malifaux, so that isn’t always the case for some unlucky “convicts.” Debtor’s Delve is sparsely guarded and as Fatemaster you could have your group attempt to rescue one of these convicts, but be aware that the harsh conditions of the Badlands serves as a deterrent for most would-be fugitives. Just south of the quiet town of Edge Point is the Latigo Stronghold, home to Perdita Ortega and her family of Nephilim hunters. Perhaps your Fated desire to become part of her famed band of gunslingers, or perhaps they need to make a deal with an Ortega staying at the Stronghold. Whatever the case, Fated should be careful as the Latigo Stronghold’s policy is often “shoot first and ask questions later.” The only other town of note is Innocence, positioned far to the south of the Badlands. In Defense of Innocence is a wonderful Penny Dreadful I’ve previously discussed, and you can find that post here. Crossing a large expanse of nothing to the west leads to Nythera. The Badlands Invitational contains a lot of description of the area to the west, taking Fated on a harrowing three-day endurance tour of the wastes and its geography. Fatemasters can draw a lot from this Penny Dreadful to fuel their own adventures! Before reaching Nythera, travelers face the possibility of the Sunstroke Condition and the danger of the Badlands Fever. Both have their own perils, but those who run into the Badlands in a fit of the Fever are later found barely more than a pile of bleached bones. The ruins of Kethsora were the site of a large battle between Freikorps and Nephilim shortly before Nythera was opened, releasing the fae queen Titania. The Nythera Penny Dreadful is an action packed adventure with pre-generated characters that explores this area, along with many others, and allows players to be part of an event that changes the Fate of Malifaux. You can find this adventure, In Defense of Innocence, and the high speed One Shot The Badlands Invitational, on DriveThruRPG through the links provided. The drawing for the TTB/Horror movie mashup contest will happen next week and the winner announced in the next Fatemaster Friday. Now for our weekly question, I want to know how your group of Fated have dealt with the risks and rewards the Badlands has to offer.
  2. Heya Breachers! The Grand Malifaux Tour continues this week and we’re venturing out beyond the walls of Malifaux City into the frontier town and wilderness Malifaux has to offer. Before the train departs the station, let’s see what @Strype McClaine had to say about Malifaux superstitions: We’re headed to the Northern Hills this week. This area is the lifeline of Malifaux City’s prosperity; the Northern Hills are full of soulstone and valuable ores that the Guild relies on for export Earthside. The Miner & Steamfitters Union exerts great control in the Northern Hills, using threats of strikes to force the Guild to provide reasonable prices in the frontier shops and other improvements to the quality of life for M&SU members. But as we’ll see, there are other powers to reckon with in the Northern Hills for Fatemasters to incorporate into their games. The largest settlement in the Northern Hills is Ridley, a thriving town that is firmly under M&SU control. Ridley Station is the primary link from Malifaux City to the rest of the Northern Hills, and majority of the soulstone shipments pass through the town on their way to exportation. Fatemasters can use Ridley as a main area of activity for their homemade campaign, or they can use our Penny Dreadfuls Northern Aggression and Northern Sedition to drop players into a hotbed of investigation, danger, and the fate of Ridley itself. To the southeast of Ridley is Hollow Point, a solitary mountain turned into a massive pumping station to keep the mines from flooding. Engineered by Dr. Victor Ramos’ genius, Hollow Point Pumping Station doesn’t just prevent flooding. The excess water is used to irrigate the farms of Hollow Point, which helps to feed much of the Northern Hills. Fatemasters may want to have their Fated stumble upon plots to attack the pumping station, or maybe the Fated all live in the settlement built on the mountain and get their start taking jobs for the Union. While the Union hold massive sway in the Northern Hills, not all of the area is under their control. Ampersand is located in a particularly inhospitable area of the region, which suits its construct residents just fine. The town is a safe haven for sentient constructs, and Fatemasters may want to have Fated help a newly sentient construct escape to Ampersand. Additionally, A Stitch in Time takes the Fated to Ampersand and an interesting encounter with one of the residents. The town of Promise is the Ten Thunders’ sole outpost in the area, where many of their smuggling operations pass through on the way to a closely guarded hidden Breach that is under Ten Thunders control. Fatemaster should keep in mind that the hidden Breach is probably one of the best kept secrets in Malifaux, but that doesn’t mean that their Fated can’t be caught up in a struggle over control for this remote Breach in the mountains. The Northern Hills have many named locations for Fatemasters to utilize, but remember that there are numerous small Guild Contract Towns that the Fated can find themselves traveling to. Whether you want to use one of the named areas or have the creative freedom Contract Towns offer, the Northern Hills is a great place for your Fated to Explore. Northern Aggression, Northern Sedition, and A Stitch in Time are all available on Drivethru RPG. This week, I want to know: What kind of problem would you make in the Northern Hills for your group of Fated to deal with?
  3. Heya Breachers! This week our Malifaux Grand Tour takes us into the Bayou, a sordid and dangerous place. Before we start though, let’s see what @War Disciple has to say about the true nature of the Soulstone Geode: Now, get on your waders, because we’re about to be hip deep in the murky, gator filled waters of the Bayou! The last bastion of civilization before the depths of the Bayou is a lackadaisical town called Edge Point. It’s surprisingly peaceful town that boasts a low crime rate and Edge Point Station, where trains head out to settlements in the Badlands with much needed supplies. A Fatemaster may use this location as a starting point for the Fated who need passage to one of the Contract Towns, or perhaps they have been hired to protect the cargo against any attacks. While the town itself is calm, your Fated may not want to stick around- the smell that blows in from the Bayou to the East isn’t one many are accustomed to and the threats of disease carrying swamp insects may leave Fated unwilling to spend too much time in Edge Point. The Bayou itself is largely controlled by various Gremlin clans who feud amongst themselves and come together for Bayou Bashes when the mood strikes. There are no strict borders for family territories, which means humans who delve into the Bayou can find themselves in hot water with multiple Gremlin clans who claim an area as “their land.” Perhaps your Fated can fast talk two families into a feud in order to make their get-away? The Bayou is home to some ancient structures that are filled with a variety of magic and danger. When the Red Cage was brought down by the Tyrant Plague in 1902, it fundamentally changed Malifaux. More than being the root cause of The Event, it left a massive crater in the edge of the Bayou that is estimated to be over 300 feet deep. Strange abominations, made of dead flesh and metal, climb out of the deep hole. Somewhat recently odd creatures called Grootslangs have emerged and have begun carving out a niche for themselves in the Bayou. Perhaps the Fated want to enter the depths of the Red Cage in search of knowledge or hidden power. As Fatemaster you can give them a mighty big challenge with potentially huge rewards. Kytheria is a place of power for the Grave Spirit, built by ancient denizens of Malifaux with the misplaced idea of harnessing the power of the Grave Spirit. Though the site was destroyed in 1901, the call of the Grave Spirit is still heard by some Resurrectionists who brave the Bayou’s dangers in search of power. Most notable of those who travelled is the killer Seamus, drawn the Kytheria’s power through the urging of the Grave Spirit. Fated who hear the Grave Spirit may feel called to Kytheria as they progress along their Pursuit. Or perhaps the Fated are hired to find a missing person who is following the directions whispered in dreams that lead to the deathly ruins. These places, along with the Sunken City and maybe a chance encounter with Zoraida, add to the mystery and danger of the Bayou. There is so much to explore in the swamps of Malifaux, and loads of danger and rewards for Fated brave enough to travel Into the Bayou. Aside from the expansion book linked, more adventures in the Bayou can be found in Bubbling Up from Below, The Hand that Feeds, The Bayou Games, and in Wyrd Chronicles Issue #23 with the adventure “Dawn in the Bayou.” This week, I want to know: what is the most frightening part of the Bayou to you, and why?
  4. Fantastic Friday Breachers! Last week our Grand Malifaux Tour took us into the Quarantine Zone. I asked to see what your folk appreciate about the Quarantine Zone, and here’s what @WyrdGM had to say about our favorite “no man’s land” within Malifaux City: See the rest of their comment, and others', here! This week I’m wrapping up the tour’s exploration of Malifaux City with a look at the New Construction Zones and the Slums! Let’s start with the New Construction Zones! The (NCZ) are areas to the north and south of Downtown and The Industrial Zone where industrious settlers have rebuilt areas that were in ruins or to create entirely new areas. Both of these areas are visually unlike the rest of the buildings in Malifaux City, and are extremely busy in their own ways. The Northern NCZ is technically part of the city, but exists on the outside of the northern wall. It is rarely paid attention to by Guild patrols, instead relying upon a local militia and mercenary groups for protection. The Northern NCZ gives the atmosphere of a Frontier Town in close proximity to the organization of Malifaux’s Downtown and Industrial Zone. The Southern NCZ, also called Dockside by locals, stretches from just south of the Industrial Zone, out onto docks upon the Fortune River. While Northern NCZ is more like Tombstone than San Francisco, Dockside is a patchwork district of multiple businesses crammed as close together as possible.I’ve always imagined the atmosphere of Dockside as busy, smelling of fish, with dock workers yelling to each other as boats dock from the river to offload their cargo. The Slums, much like the Quarantine Zone, are collectively made up of the Easterly Slums, Central Slums, the Little Kingdom, Riverfront Slums, Howling Slums, The Burns, Southern Slums, and Southgate Slums. These districts are home to most of Malifaux’s citizens, and are relatively safe. Sure, some of them are a little rougher than others- The Southern Slums are very isolated from the Guild’s control, and the Riverfront Slums is home to the infamous “Redchapel Killer,” Seamus. Other districts of The Slums are largely self-governing, such as The Burns and especially the Little Kingdom. Largely populated by transplants from the Three Kingdoms, the Little Kingdom is the seat of power for the Ten Thunders’ numerous operations. Now that we’ve completed the city portion of the Malifaux Grand Tour, the Tour is pausing for a couple of weeks before we head into the rest of Malifaux. So, stretch your legs within Southgate for a bit while we take a look at a few other topics. For mail call this week, describe how you plan to make Malifaux City a living, breathing character within your campaign!
  5. Fabulous Friday Breachers! This week we continue our tour of Malifaux, specifically within Malifaux City. There was a prevailing theme to most of the answers for last week’s mail call, so let’s take a look at @The13Fates' answer for an idea on our next stop on the Malifaux Grand Tour! See the rest of the comment, and everyone else's here! The Quarantine Zone was established years before the Piper’s Plague, but the disease left in the wake of the Tyrant Plague’s awakening has imparted a lasting fear of any sickness and some good folk flee to the zone rather than take a bullet from the Guild. As a result, Resurrectionists, miscreants, and normally law abiding yet sick individuals and their families try to eke out a life within the makeshift neighborhoods of the Quarantine Zone. Each district can add a great deal of character to your campaign. Starting in the North most region of the zone, we have Powderburg, an open, dusty expanse of the city that was, until recently, home to Leopold Von Schill’s Freikorps. Powderburg is great for any adventure where you want to drive home how the ever changing political landscape of Malifaux impacts the day-to-day lives of its residents. With the Freikorps gone, surely some other powers want to stake a claim on Powderburg. Will your Fated Help them or hinder them? Moving on, our next stop is Strangerskeep, which is arguable the most haunted district with its looming spires and decrepit mansions. Quiet, haunting, and likely very lonely, Strangerskeep is a great place for Fatemasters to send their Fated on a hunt for some treasure rumored to be in one of the manors of the district. Rumor has it the area’s been getting eerily cold as of late, I wonder why that is? The Barrows is the safest district in the Quarantine Zone, and the residents are ruled over by Alexander Barrows and his wife Daphne. The Barrows is filled with architecture that are associated with all the Resurrectionist stereotypes and these stereotypes exist for good reason, as a large number of established and budding necromancers make this district their home. Use The Barrows in your campaign to show the haughty and refined side of the Quarantine Zone, or as a way for Resurrectionst Fated to mingle among their own kind! Just make sure you’re polite to the gentleman and lady of the district! Scapetown is an opportunist’s paradise, and as a result, it’s one of the most active districts in the Quarantine Zone! Perhaps this lively community is where your Fated make their homes or visit friends. Directly opposite from Scapetown is the deserted and putrid Gremlin’s Warf, where the Guild’s attempts at destroying the disease-ridden insect population has made the waters within the district toxic. Entrance into the Southern part of the zone is easy, so this dangerous area can be an in for Fated who don’t have any other means of entry. There is a great deal more to the Quarantine Zone than I’ve covered here but our Malifaux Grand Tour has a strict timetable to keep! For more exploration, Under Quarantine is a great resource for more information, and if you want a pre-made adventure within the zone, A Night in Rottenburg is a wonderful way to get your Fated in the middle of the dangers the Cold Street district has to offer. This Week's Mail call question is "What is your favorite aspect of the Quarantine Zone and why?"
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