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Found 9 results

  1. Heya Breachers! As many of you saw in Waldo’s Weekly, Days Without Accident is available on drivethrurpg! I’m super excited for this book, so this week I’m going to be talking about some of the things I love about Wyrd’s newest Penny Dreadful. Now, I’m going to do my best not to spoil anything, because I really hope all of you get to play Days Without Accident or read through it as a Fatemaster. This means I’m going to talk more about design elements of the Penny Dreadful instead of focusing on the plot. This Penny Dreadful has a lot of pathways and options for Fatemasters and players to explore, which is a departure from some of the previous Penny Dreadfuls. Choices the Fated make have consequences in the following acts, and it’s apparent how much work went into presenting these into the adventure in an easy to follow way. From Faction affiliation to who lives or dies, the choices in this adventure are numerous. The options aren’t endless and a group of intrepid Fated are still likely to throw something unexpected your way, but the included options allow for a more organic feel to the flow of the story. In each Act, The Fated are presented with another piece of the rich and complex plot at the core of the Days Without Accident. What starts as a simple job of witness protection soon unveils a plot full of danger, betrayal, and the future of The Corners. Each Act has a recap section for ease of picking up where you left off, so your group won’t have to take copious amounts of notes if they don’t want to. That said, a lot of information is uncovered as each Act moves along, so taking notes might add to the fun as the Fated compile more and more evidence of the central plot and its scope. The cast of Fatemaster Characters are varied and interesting, and exploring how they influence the story was a lot of fun. As the conspiracy of Days Without Accident unfolds, the web of characters grows in a subtle manner while still maintaining connections to the previous characters. This is a nice way to experience the world in an immersive and exploratory way. These characters make The Corners a living, breathing part of Malifaux and are designed in a way that could easily continue into your own plotlines and adventures. The openness of Days Without Accident Means that there are aspects of the adventure that your players may never experience. But these aspects can show up in other adventures you create, or even woven into other Penny Dreadfuls or One Shots. Perhaps a Fatemaster Character from this book makes an appearance asking the Fated to do a short job. It would be easy to alter a fight or scenario unexplored and have the Fated return to The Corners once again! This adventure is presented as almost a toolbox for Fatemasters to customize their players’ experience while digging deep into the story. There is so much to Days Without Accident and it reminds me of my favorite Penny Dreadful, In Defense of Innocence. The sheer amount of world building and setting the stage for players to explore reminds me of Wyrd’s first Penny Dreadful, and the variety makes it a non-linear experience where choices feel like they matter. Overall, I loved Days Without Accident and can’t wait to run it with some friends! It is available digitally on DriveThruRPG for $15 USD with a physical release planned for later. This week I want to know, what do your players prefer, linear adventures of ones with off-shooting choices and options?
  2. Felicitous Friday Breachers! Today I’m taking a break from the Malifaux Grand Tour to discuss one of my personal favorites in Wyrd’s catalogue of Penny Dreadfuls and One Shots. Before I get into the bits and bobs of it, let’s see what @Kaiser Senpai said about last week’s question! You can read the rest of their reply and others here! Now, this week we’re jumping into a surreal adventure that puts the Fated in a rather strange position, No Strings Attached. This Penny Dreadful is one of my favorites because it’s light-hearted and fun while still remaining true to the nature of Malifaux. Autumn always causes me to feel nostalgic and as this is one of the first TTB adventures I read, it always comes to mind when I reflect on what I love about TTB. In No Strings Attached the Fated are hired to escort a lovesick young man on his way to try and bargain with the Swamp Witch Zoraida. Now, if your Fated aren’t exactly the type to help a fella fulfill his heart’s desire, that’s fine! As Fatemaster you can easily tailor this adventure to have any hook that works for your group. The important part is getting them into the Bayou. Remember, follow the frogs! After being ambushed and knocked out by silurids, the Fated wake up to find themselves in small, doll representations of themselves. Seeing their limp bodies outside of Zoraida’s hut, the Fated need to find a way to return to their bodies before Zoraida puts them into that night’s dinner stew! Thankfully a puppet version of Lady Justice is able to help, as long as the Fated are willing to aid her in defeating her rival— puppet Seamus and his army of puppet undead— in a decisive battle. This adventure provides a lot of interesting and fun aspects to gameplay. The players get to convert their Fated’s sheet into a puppet parody, and the guidelines for conversion are very clear. Puppet “appropriate” weapons are included in the back of the adventure, allowing the puppet Fated to arm themselves for conflicts against the other puppets. These weapons are unique and really add to the theme of the adventure. No Strings Attached allows players to encounter a colorful cast of characters from the ‘Fauxverse, some terrifying and some endearingly mischievous in their goals. This microcosm of Malifaux within Zoraida’s hut has opportunities for players to have a more lighthearted, but still dangerous, experience for their characters. DrivethruRPG has No Strings Attached for only $5 USD, and if your group wants puppet miniatures for their stuffed substitutes, Puppet Wars Unstitched is available on the Wyrd Webstore and through local game stores! This week, tell me which ‘Fauxverse character you would like to see as one of Zoraida’s puppets?
  3. Hi, so, just finished reading my copy of Fire in the Sky. I jave a question: All the cultists (including Tlalli) have the Crazy Condition. Meaning their Mental duels should be reduced by the same amount. This would mean their Willpower final totals are very low (though it doesn't show this in the stats) and Tlalli is essentially a wet lettuce: her main attack is The Light of Creation, a theoretically devestating 3/4/5B attack that causes Blind, only she has an AV of 8T (though the Tome seems mostly cosmetic as she has no triggers, I assume it is a 'well it is a Sorcery spell' sort of thing) and her Obey has an AV of just 11M. As she's likely to be a final battle in the adventure she's a pretty huge anti-climax!
  4. Just wanted to leave some feedback and encouragement regarding the Penny Dreadful ' 'Til death do us part'. I've started running it and I have to say t does an excellent job of showing why this is a distinctly eerie setting and that 'Malifaux-City-normal' is anything but. My players were incredibly surprised from the outset (one mentioned he'd never encountered this premise ever for a module) and they are all really engaged in seeing this through. I intend on picking up 'The hand that feeds' for the same reasons, but wanted to commend this module to you all.
  5. So when is this baby gonna be released? Part two of the Northern Aggression Penny Dreadfuls? My TtB group just got to Ridley so I'm going to start the first part next week but I like to plan ahead.
  6. TLDR: What: Through The Breach: In Defense of Innocence. Where: Games of Berkeley, Berkeley CA When: Thursday , August 25th @ 2pm - 9pm Fee: Free! Facebook: Facebook Event. Please RSVP if going. Space is Limited Howdy ho Malifolks! I'm here to formally invite you all to a Through The Breach Adventure at Games of Berkeley! We will be hosting a Penny Dreadful Through the Breach event at our store starting at 2pm on August 25! New Players are welcome and encouraged. Come and play the amazing RPG in a nice store located conveniently near a BART station and tons of food. For the particulars, it will down below. We hope to see you then, or if not then maybe at one of our events in the future; Once a month, possibly twice a month Through The Breach, Malifaux Bi-Monthly Leagues, Malifaux Tournaments! Event Details Penny Dreadful: In Defense of Innocence Limited Spots(We've 1 Fate Master and Five Player Cap) Characters: Option A: We will have a few Character to choose from. If you would rather not make a character, or if you are new to the system. Option B: Custom character 3 steps in a Normal Pursuit 1 Step in a Advanced 15 additional Scrip 3 additional Skill Points ATTN: Potential Fate Masters. If you are interested in Running a Penny Dreadful at a store, feel free to contact me. We are currently using one Fate Master but if there is enough Interest of you already have a person or two and you want to fish for more, we are open to having another table playing a different Penny Dreadful.
  7. Anyone received and read through the Nythera Penny Dreadful and care to offer opinions? I got into Malifaux about three weeks ago and have since taken a deep dive into the game and into TTB besides. Missed the Nythera event so I have no idea what the quality is like in the PD and what I could potentially plumb from it for a game somewhere down the line. There's not a lot of information on the content anywhere else so... Thoughts?
  8. Wyrdos, I'm pleased to announce a new product line within Through the Breach: Penny Dreadful One Shots! These are single session adventures, many of which include pre-generated characters, designed to be picked up and played quickly. We believe these One Shots will be easy for Fatemasters to pick up and play on a whim, allowing players to more easily get into Through the Breach. Never run a game before? These are a great way to start! These Penny Dreadful One Shots are only available on DriveThruRPG for $5 a download. Come check out our storefront here: http://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse/pub/5162/Wyrd-Miniatures The two adventures we currently have available are: Recruitment Drive - Professor Albus Von Schtook is looking for new students to enroll in his University of Transmortis. In the dark of the night, his students - twisted abominations of mechanical engineering and the darkest necromancy - crawl up from the sewers, seeking unsuspecting victims to drag back to their subterranean classrooms. In the Gutter - In the Gutter takes players into the Quarantine Zone as they try to scrape together enough money to pull themselves out of poverty. Of course, nothing is quite what it seems.
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