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Found 14 results

  1. Heya Breachers! This week, I’m taking a look at the newest Penny Dreadful to release, Uncontainable! But before we do, let’s look at what @stump_chunkman had to say about converting characters from one game to another! You can read the rest here! Now, while holed up in your house, practicing good social distancing, why not pass the time playing an online TTB game about… *checks notes* destroying a new outbreak. Oh… well this is a little timely, as I’m sure if you’re like me you’re doing your part to kick this pandemic right where it hurts! Uncontainable written by our very own @MattM, is an adventure where the Fated are called in to help investigate and stop the spread of an outbreak called the “Sloughing Sickness.” This has sprung up in the Quarantine Zone after the previous pandemic has settled down some months before. The Guild is reluctant to provide their aid, so the Fated are beseeched by Angeline Wrent, a nurse working with the Disease Containment Unit (DCU). The DCU is working night and day to contain the threat, and the Fated prove instrumental in this endeavor. Matthew brings some great direction in this Penny Dreadful. The marker system draws similarities in themes from board games that allow for “area control” to determine the status of the Quarantine Zone through Doctor and Contagion Markers. The Virulent Events are a great add-on to Ongoing Challenges that show the results of the sickness spreading and gear up for the final confrontation with the source of the outbreak. This new direction in storytelling is one of the things I love most about Uncontainable, as it allows players to explore the adventure on their terms, and makes the whole journey feel more organic than a typical linear progression. Do your players want to start at Cold Street to try and gain Asura Roten’s aid? Or maybe one of the Fated have a hidden Resser lair in Strangerskeep that they want to raid for supplies to help the DCU. Both of these options, and more, are available to players through the course of this Penny Dreadful. Overall, I think Uncontainable is an amazing adventure that shows off TTB’s unique storytelling qualities. Adding neat little systems to enhance play and existing mechanics gives the game a face-lift of sorts, and I’m totally on board with Matthew’s style! Uncontainable is available now on DrivethuRPG here. I want to hear from you about what “minigames” or enhancements you have made in your homebrew games to shake up TTB for your players. What worked and what didn’t? Would you like to see more of these sorts of mechanics included in future titles?.
  2. Heya Breachers! I’m gearing up for some travel, so this week my topic is about a question I see often enough on this forum and the TTB Facebook group. Most recently @Harlekin asked a variation of this. Here’s his forum post: After you’re done with this week’s Fatemaster Friday, head over to the thread and give your two cents to a prospective new Fatemaster! When it comes to Through the Breach, it can be hard to decide where to start with a group of new players. Picking the right Penny Dreadful can be very difficult. You want something accessible to players who are new to the system, an adventure that introduces the ‘Fauxverse and the immense amount of character within, along with it being fun and engaging. Let’s take a look at some of our Penny Dreadfuls that are great for new players! Links to the DriveThruRPG page for each one I reference will be linked in the Penny Dreadful’s title. Penny Dreadfuls come in a variety of lengths, and the Penny Dreadful One Shots are the perfect way to introduce players to TTB over the course of one session. If you want to jump right into the action, there are several One Shots that come with pre-generated characters for your players to choose from. The pre-gens are varied, so there is a spread of character types to choose from! Recruitment Drive gives a very dangerous introduction into the terrible methods of Professor Von Schtook, of the notorious Resurrectionists. If you want to explore the Arcanists, Sixteen Tons introduces the Order of the Chimera to new players. Honor Among Thieves is a fun heist where the Fated work for the Ten Thunders. Each of these adventures come with pre-gens and are a great way to introduce new players to the multiple factions who work to control Malifaux. If you want your new players to build their own Fated, No Strings Attached is a delightfully strange journey into Zoraida’s clutches. Bad Moon Rising pits Fated against the Nephilim, showing the ferocious strength of the Neverborn. The Ferryman is the perfect One Shot to show the strange dangers that stalk Malifaux City. As Fatemaster, you may want to help your players build towards success for their first session, pointing out Pursuits that work well for the One Shot you’ve decided to run. With the ability to select a Pursuit after the Prologue, you can reassure them that their decision doesn’t have to last forever. There’s more than the One Shots I’ve mentioned here, with more on the horizon! Each of them are only 5$ USD on DriveThruRPG. Penny Dreadful One Shots are the perfect way to introduce new players to this wonderful game, and can get players excited and ready for a homebrew campaign or one of the longer Penny Dreadfuls, like In Defense of Innocence. How have you introduced TTB to new players?
  3. ‘Fauxtastic Friday Breachers! This week I want to showcase our newest TTB Penny Dreadful, The Dead Tide! But first, here’s what @The13Fates had to say about planning for game sessions: See the rest of their reply here! Now, the Black Friday/Wyrd Birthday Sale saws the debut of Mary “Blacktongue” Bonnet and her frightening crew. The Dead Tide dumps the Fated aboard her cursed ship, and the need to find their way off of it, or face being press ganged into service under Captain Bonnet. The adventure begins, innocently enough, with an Auction. Hired to act as intermediaries for a wealthy recluse, the Fated bid on some interesting antiques, all of a seafaring origin. Upon receiving the won items, the Fated retire for the evening before meeting their employer. It’s during their sleep that some strange magic takes them from their beds and aboard the Harrow, Blacktongue’s cursed ship that sails perpetually in search of wealth. Once on the Harrow, the Fated must make their way through the ship, and piece together what happened aboard the ship and the fate of its crew. While they explore and investigate however, the ship seemingly fights with Blacktongue’s will; areas change, the undead crew attack, and all the while Mary Bonnet slings insults and accusations of betrayal. The Fated encounter not only the crewmen cursed to man the Harrow, but other prominent members of Blacktongue’s crew, and a more recent “addition” who remains trapped but can provide some valuable information to avoid suffering his fate. As the group fights and investigates their way to the captain’s quarters, Blacktongue’s anger at the supposed betrayal of the Fated grows. The climax finds everyone face to face with Mary Bonnet, parlaying in order to get what she’s owed. How the parlay turns out is dependent on a few factors, and determines whether or not the Fated suffer a dark curse upon returning from the Harrow. Personally, I think The Dead Tide is a phenomenal take on the ghost ship story. The pacing, mystery, and danger provided within are great for a group of Fated who want a briney adventure that takes them beyond the typical Malifaux locales. The Dead Tide is available for digital download here for only $5 USD, and is a must have for any Fatemaster that wants some high seas horror in their game. What unusual settings have you put into your TTB campaigns, or what kind of settings would you like to see for a TTB adventure?
  4. Flu-tastic Friday Breachers! I’m still on the mend from my brush with Plague, and it’s been a week of comfort seeking behavior for me. Favorite movies, comforting foods, my army of plush opossums guarding me… and looking back on my tabletop RPG roots. But before I chug along on the nostalgia train, let’s look at what @Shadowopal had to say about working with groups that have scheduling conflicts: Now, I don’t know about y’all, but one of my first RPG experiences was a good old fashioned dungeon crawl. Slogging through enemies and looking for loot is a part of many players’ experiences. It’s the gateway that fuels the dive into more settings and systems. Before you know it, you’re looking at strange, experimental systems, and in depth settings where you can ride a dinosaur. It’s truly a wild ride. Through the Breach released a dungeon crawl sort of adventure in Bubbling Up From Below, a harrowing journey through a sunken Guild ship that’s mysteriously resurfaced. The Fated are hired by Lizzy McKinley for a salvage mission to the GSS Piranha, with the promise that they keep whatever valuables they fine or a cut on the salvage money. This leads to a grueling journey through the Bayou filled with rain, giant mosquitos, and deadly snakes. Upon finally arriving to the GSS Piranha, it’s bobs vertically in the water, making exploration of the vessel a challenge. The bulk of the adventure is delving into the ship, dealing with the undead crew still roaming the ship, until finally reaching a strange and unnerving creature that is behind the Piranha’s sudden reappearance. While this adventure is rather linear, there are actions that the Fated may take that influence the final fight. There are also clues that can be found that give a background and explanation of what it happening, which is always satisfying for players to discover and tear into. A great thing about Bubbling Up From Below is that it’s a wonderful change of pace; Through the Breach often has conspiracies, plots, sabotage and the like behind the veneer of a “routine job.” And while that’s loads of fun, sometimes you just want to get a group together and bash your characters’ way to victory. This adventure is perfect for that, while still giving enough exposition and atmosphere to keep players interested in the story. Bubbling Up From Below is available for digital download on DriveThruRPG. Check it out here! This week, tell me: What’s your favorite kind of adventure to run Fated through? Intrigue? Puzzle-solving? A good showdown?
  5. Location: Game Shoppe 4014 N 144th st Omaha, Ne 68116 (402)991-8699 Dates: June 16th Time: Demo through the day starting at 12 noon Cost: Free Join us for an adventure! To confirm a seat at this table, please comment with your name within this event https://www.facebook.com/events/398535907291032/?active_tab=about, or call The Game Shoppe and we will confirm your seat. Please show up 5-10 minutes before the table is supposed to start. Through the Breach Number of Players: 6 Experience Level: Beginner What I need to bring: An awesome attitude!
  6. Location: Game Shoppe 4014 N 144th st Omaha, Ne 68116 (402)991-8699 Dates: June 18th Time: Due to time limits, the adventure starts right at 6pm Cost: Free Face off against the Iron Zombies! Professor Albus Von Schtook is looking for new students to enroll in his University of Transmortis. In the dark of the night, his students - twisted abominations of mechanical engineering and the darkest necromancy - crawl up from the sewers, seeking unsuspecting victims to drag back to their subterranean classrooms. Those who are killed in the struggle are the lucky ones. Recruitment Drive is a one shot adventure for the Through the Breach roleplaying game. This adventure contains six pregenerated characters and an adventure focusing on the twisted alumni of the University of Transmortis. This is part of the on going TTB adventure for the Omaha community. Anyone is free to join in using a pregen character.
  7. Location: Game Shoppe 4014 N 144th st Omaha, Ne 68116 (402)991-8699 Dates: April 16th Time: Due to time limits, the game starts exactly at 6pm Cost: None It moves in the shadows... Maude Lucrentino has a problem. She believes that the people she employs to work in her iron mine might be smuggling rocks pearls - glittering gems like a cross between diamonds and pearls - out of the mine and selling them to disreputable jewelers. To investigate the suspected smugglers, the Fated will have to go undercover at the Noth Mine, posing as miners, camp guards, and cooks. As they begin to uncover the identities of the smugglers, however, they will gradually realize that something terrible stalks the shadows of the isolated mining camp... Heart of Darkness is a fun One Shot adventure for the Through the Breach roleplaying game. It requires the Fated Almanac or the Core Rules to play. Players need a pre made Fated created within the community before the event of may use a pre- made Fated.
  8. Location: Game Shoppe 4014 N 144th st Omaha, Ne 68116 (402) 991-8699 Dates: February 19th Time: Due to time restraints, the adventure will start at 6pm exactly. Cost: None The haunted mansion awaits characters who are courageous enough to brave its gloomy depths. The thing about unquiet spirits is that they’re rarely very quiet. This is annoyingly clear to a Resurrectionist who lives next door to a haunted mansion that is filled with loud, noisy ghosts that seem determined to keep him up at night. Surely the Fated can put them to rest and help him get a good night’s sleep? Ghost House is a location-based One Shot adventure for the Through the Breach roleplaying game. It requires the Fated Almanac to play. Anyone interested in joining in must have a Fated character created before the event in the Omaha community or may play the adventure with one of many pre-generated Fated.
  9. Location: Game Shoppe 4014 N 144th st Omaha, Ne 68116 (402) 991-8699 Date: Saturday June 17th Time: 1pm to 6pm Cost: Nothing It is Free RPG day once again! Drop by the Game Shoppe and try out the latest TTB One Shot "Earthly Desires". You need nothing to play, just come in and try it out!
  10. Here's a one-shot type adventure I've designed to run for my fated this christmas, it's obviously a bit silly, but also keeps the horror feel of malifaux, sorry it's so big! My players very much enjoyed it and managed to catch Sinnta on his own, he did give them a bit of a kicking (two got shoved in his sack and the remaining two both reduced to 0 wounds or less) but in the end burning bullets from our new gunfighter and a crippling combination of punches from the pugilistic pimp drove him off. Prologue The Fated are travelling across the north of Malifaux (either singly or as a group) when a sudden heavy snowstorm traps them in a copse of woods near Hollow Marsh pumping station, as the wind gets harder a small tree stump opens up like a door and several Gremlins in snowy camouflage climb out. Obviously surprised to see the fated, they nevertheless outnumber, and easily overpower them as cold and weak as they are. The fated are tied up and dragged down a series of pipes, and eventually come to a large cavern where a network of pipes all meet, most of them generating heat and steam. A crude gremlin colony has built up around the pipes, and in the middle of the room a sturdily built female gremlin is bossing the others around with a large spoon. She turns to face the Fated and their party as they enter, and the lead Bushwhacker whispers in her ear. She nods and addresses the fated. ‘Seems y’all stumbled across our little back door in the snow, now there’s a chance you won’t be able to find it again in the storm, but there’s a chance ya will. So that leaves me with a problem, what to do with ya’ll? Now usually I’d slit your throats soon as look at you, but I’m feeling like we might keep you for fresh meat during the winter, or maybe just something for the Lass here to play with? Either way, you’re gonna be my guests here, so best get comfortable!” The Fated will be left in cages of pipes in the corner of the room, it’s not uncomfortable, and food and drink are provided (of a sort) before the bushwhackers post watch and go to sleep. (you can use this time for the gremlins to interact with the Fated, the little lass especially likes making dollies and playing games with new people, and the it should be strongly suggested to the fated that the more the little gremlinette likes them, the longer they’ll live). In the small hours of the night a huge uproar will take place, waking the fated and the gremlins, several gaily wrapped parcels have appeared around the camp, it appears an equal number of young gremlins have gone missing, including the little lass. the grems start hollering and running around, the fated won’t know what’s happened until ma explains about the legend of Sinnta Klast. (if the fated are gremlins they’ll know this story anyway) The legend of Sinnta Klast ‘When the really cold nights come an' the moons are as slim as they get, when the mighty Frostrun starts to freeze over; that’s when he comes. Grems' herd the younger kin into the safest houses, surrounding 'em with guards. Spawn mothers bury gupps in the deepest part o' the bayou, sometimes carrying 'em miles to safety. Terror tots flee south, all desire to prove 'emselves lost to pure fear. Despite alla' these precautions on one night, (usually the coldest night of all) the creatures of the bayou wake to find real pretty lil' parcels beside 'em, containing mighty fine clothing; boots an' trousers, coats an' hats. For each lil' parcel left though, one young 'un is missing, taken by Sinnta Klast. An old nightmare from before them Tyrant wars, Sinnta is a terror from long before Gremlin memory. A hugely tall, gangly figure, dressed in the still bloody skins an' fur of a dozen species he glides down the frozen river on an open sleigh pulled by six kaltgaur to the sound o' polished silver bells. When he reaches a homestead he leaps an' capers from house to house, burrow to burrow, looking for the perfect children. When he finds one he uses his hooked child snatcher to snatch it from safety an' drop it in his big brown sack. Reaching into the same sack he places one o' his ‘presents’ close by, afore returning to his sleigh an' moving on. I'd be tellin' you a lie if I said we never saw the young 'uns taken by Sinnta again. They'll be back the next year the frostrun freezes, though they are ain't the same when they reappear. purtily wrapped in bright coloured paper, their supple young skins carefully crafted into the finest leatherwork clothes. This is why his name in old Malifaux means ‘Child Skinner’ As you can imagine, bayou dwellers are terrified of Sinnta, and as the humans keep movin' up into the north o' Malifaux they ain't been spared. Them humans that have seen his dancin' form haven't figgered he's got anything to do with missing children, Malifaux not bein' short of threats to childhood an' all that so that missing children is unfortunately common. The fact that apparently a messed up version o' the same monster leaked through earthside many moons ago where Sinnta is a chuckling gift-giver probably creates even more confusion. Since this whole Titania incident the elements across Malifaux have been just plain crazy, an' now winter is setting in proper-like the bayou is colder than it has been in pigs years. That Frostrun is freezing over further south than I've ever seen, even all the way down here to Hollow Marsh. The northern families have already been whisperin' about the sound of silver bells an' hooves on the ice an' as the coldest night comes rollin' in they know he comin' again, and it don’t matter if you’ve been naughty or nice…’ Ma looks around and starts barking instructions to her bushwhackers, starting to get them into some form of order, she looks at your group across the fire. ‘Now you are wondering why I bothered tellin y’all this story? Well, way I see it, we save your hides in the storm yesserday, regardless of what we were gonna do with you tomorrow. So Imma cut you a deal- you got go get my Little Lass back from that thieving nightmare, and I call us even. may even throw in a little loose change and ‘Shine for your trouble…” It’s snowing pretty hard, but ma will deck the fated out in cold weather gear if they don’t have any, If they don’t agree to help (or ma suspects they are running out on her) she’ll remind them that her spoon has a really long reach, far from the Bayou, and they don’t want to be on her bad side. The chase Read the following text; ‘The blizzard outside is still blowing, though it has calmed somewhat overnight, Ma has presented you with a crude map of the nearest settlements to the Pumping station, and you can see the sleigh tracks over the frozen frostrun leading to the closest one. Bundling yourself up against the snow you head out on the hunt.’ The fated must now engage in a chase with Sinnta- he has a headstart and the speed of his sleigh, but he is stopping to give out presents and the fated can travel where the sleigh cannot, so they have a chance of catching him. The better they do in the chase the earlier they catch Sinnta. The chase should be described as across the frozen frostrun first, then through the bayou, passing gremlin hovels and settlements, though they will see few outdoors on this night. To stay on Sinnta’s trail they must take the following duel (and again between each complication) Walking in a Winter wonderland: [Ongoing Challenge] Skills Allowed: Tracking, Wilderness, Notice, Target Number: 10 Duration: 20 minutes Success Requirement: 5 Failure Requirement: 5 Every 5 success will gain the fated +1 proximity to Sinnta, (explained later) and trigger one of the following complications (these can happen in any order, it’s up to the FM), If they fail 5 times they lose -1 Proximity to Sinnta and trigger a complication. After failing the test all fated must also pass a TN8 toughness test to avoid Hypothermia- A Hypothermia check is a TN 9 Toughness Challenge. On a failure, the character suffers 1/1/2 damage. Regardless of whether they pass or fail, once the duel is resolved the character gains the following Condition: “Frostbite +1: Whenever this character suffers damage from the cold (such as from Hypothermia or an Ice spell), they suffer +1 damage. Reduce the value of this Condition by 1 for every hour this character spends in warmth.”. Complications- Note- the fated can choose to go around or avoid some of these complications by passing a Tn 14 Wilderness/Track duel, but they will always lose one point of proximity to Sinnta for doing so. Trapped wind gamin- (puzzle/obstacle, cannot be avoided) ‘Your group is following the carved tracks of Sinnta’s sleigh through a clearing in the Bayou when you abruptly come up against an invisible obstacle, stopping you moving forward. As you push your hand against it you feel air pressure pushing back against you, forcing you backwards’ There is a large group of wind gamin in the trees around the fated, and it is these gamin that are creating the wind walls that stop the fated advance. They are distressed because one of their number is trapped beneath the suddenly appearing ice, and although it has created an air pocket it is slowly running out of wind. All fated may take a TN10 notice challenge to spot the Gamin in the blizzard above them, and any fated who passes the duel with more than one level of success will also notice they are being herded towards a certain spot in the Ice. The fated can try and press on through the wind, but it is a TN48 might duel to break through (yes 48, not a typo) however the target number is divided by each fated trying to push through simultaneously (so two fated duel against TN24, 4 against TN 12 etc). If the fated force their way past the gamin read the following text: ‘Your combined strength drives past the wind barrier, but the falling snow is beginning to obscure the tracks in the ice, you have lost a lot of ground on Sinnta and need to speed up to catch him’ The fated wasted a lot of time pushing through, and lose -1 proximity to Sinnta. If the fated start looking around or investigating where they are, a TN12 Notice duel will spot the Gamin beneath the Ice. The ice isn’t too thick here, and requires a TN12 Labor duel to smash through it. (alternatively the fated can attack it with melee weapons, it has Df1 and 12 wounds.) If the fated free the Gamin read the following text: ‘The Gamin streaks into the air, gleefully joining it’s compatriots, the Gamin swarm around you, and as you move you feel the wind lift you up, allowing your strides to cover a huge distance, this unforeseen aid could be very useful in catching up with the sleigh’ The gamin effectively give the fated ‘nimble’ for the next 10-15 minutes, before they sweep off into the storm. The fated gain +1 proximity to Sinnta Over protective spawn mother- (straight fight, can be avoided) ‘Some of the bayou’s ancient ruins tower above you as you stay on the trail, in front of a shattered towers open window a small yellow parcel lies in the snow- a definite sign you are on the right track! Unfortunately as you approach a hissing squeal signals the arrival of an irate spawn mother- she has just discovered one of her Gupps is missing and is not happy about it, unfortunately the tracks head straight past her lair… The spawn mother will attack the nearest fated immediately and instigate dramatic time. If the fated can distance themselves entirely at least 30 yards from the tower she will stop attacking them, so they can just say sod this and run. If they do fight the Spawn mother they have a limited window to drive her off before Sinnta gets too far ahead of them. The spawn mother cannot be reduced to less than 1 wound whilst within 10 yards of the tower, but if she is reduced to 1 wound she will attempt to disengage and flee from the fated. There’s a present containing a very fine hat ignored in the snow nearby. (Silurid’s not caring too much about clothes) If the fated escape or defeat the spawn mother in 3 or less combat rounds read the following text; ‘After the encounter with the spawn mother you get back on the sleigh tracks, but before you can puzzle out a rather confusing set of swirls you hear the sound of bells and see Sinnta ahead of you- he’s doubled back and you were lucky enough to see him before being led on a wild goose chase!’ The Fated gain +1 proximity to Sinnta. If the fated took longer than 3 combat rounds to escape read the following text; ‘The encounter with the angry silurid slowed you down, but you find the tracks easily, after following them for half an hour you realise they have led all the way back to themselves by the same ruins- Sinnta must have double back and you missed him during the fight, what a waste of time…’ The fated lose -1 proximity to Sinnta Frozen locomotive- (fight/talk, can be avoided) ‘A roaring, crashing sound in the distance draws your attention, the noise sounding like hammers pounding on steel. You move closer to investigate and see a peculiar looking steam engine on some ragged tracks, on either side of it a huge giant of solid Ice is brawling with a creature of mud and mire, and the train itself has been caught in the middle. Occasional arcs of blue lightning shoot out from the train cabin accompanied by high pitched insults that show it is still occupied.’ An Ice golem has wandered across the frostrun, drawn by Sinnta’s storm, whilst rampaging through the swamp it woke a wild Mire golem from its slumber, and the two gargantuan creatures have been tearing chunks out of each other ever since. Unfortunately Sparks was riding his circular track nearby and has crashed into the wall of snow and muck left in the beasts wake, becoming stuck literally in the middle. The fated can help Sparks by either distracting the creatures and drawing them away, fighting them off or getting the engine working in reverse so he can get out the other way (requiring a TN 12 tinkering, artefacting or engineering duel). If they drive the creatures off then Sparks (the gremlin in the cabin) can be convinced to offer a lift after the sleigh if they clear the snow from the tracks. The fated must then pass the following to clear the snow: Do you want to build a snowman?: [Ongoing Challenge] Skills Allowed: Labor, Target Number: 10 Duration: 1 minute Success Requirement: 6 Failure Requirement: 6 Regardless of the result the fated clear the snow, if they fail it simply takes longer. When the fated manage to clear the snow read the following text; ‘With the last of the snow gone the strange looking gremlin invites you to ride with him to the next village, it seems the sleighs route follows the tracks so you take him up on his offer, hoping that you haven’t taken too long on this distraction. As you approach the next settlement the sleigh tracks start to veer off, and it is only then that Sparks mentions he hasn’t built any stations yet so you’re going to have to jump..’ If the fated got the train moving backwards instead read the following text; ‘Although moving backwards the train still seems capable of impressive speed, (in fact it is so roughly built backwards looks pretty much the same as forwards) and it seems to be heading in the right direction as the sleighs tracks, as you see them veering off towards a nearby village Sparks mentions that he hasn’t built any stations yet and you’d better get ready to jump..’ Jumping from the train is a TN9 acrobatics/Speed duel, if it is failed the fated must pass a TN12 Toughness/Might duel instead to avoid taking a point of damage. If they got the train moving at all and hitched a lift the fated gain +1 proximity to Sinnta, if they failed the Snow shovelling challenge however they lose -1 proximity (so will finish even) Feuding gremlins- (fight/talk, can be avoided) ‘The settlement ahead of you is dark, but capering amongst the ragged buildings you see a gaunt figure draped in rags and skins, it keeps to the shadows where it can and is hard to spot, but it’s path can be traced by the screams emanating from the windows it stops to peer in…’ Never one to miss an opportunity several Gremlins have built a puppet effigy of Sinnta which they are using to threaten and disrupt a neighbouring clan. Any Fated may take a TN 10 tracking duel to find Sinnta’s tracks, if they pass they notice they are unusual, if they gain any additional margins of success they realise it is a fraud. They can also detect the fraud by catching up with the effigy using the ongoing challenge below then passing a TN10 Notice duel (TN5 if the Effigy is in direct light, it is NOT a good reproduction’). Sinnta Klast is coming to town?: [Ongoing Challenge] Skills Allowed: Tracking, Wilderness, Notice, Target Number: 11 Duration: 1 minute Success Requirement: 5 Failure Requirement: 4 If the Fated fall for the disguise and decide to fight ‘Sinnta’ he will attempt to leap and disengage from combat wherever possible. The effigy has Df4, the ‘hard to wound’ talent and Sinnta’s ‘leap’ action. Once the effigy has lost 6 wounds it collapses to the ground and several gremlins come rolling out of the wreckage. (this will also happen if the fated see through the disguise and attempt to reveal the gremlins trick) The grems are pretty cowardly and will flee as soon as they can. If Sinnta is revealed or driven off within 10 minutes of the Fateds arrival read the following text; ‘The doors of the houses gradually open one by one and curious gremlins come out to see what happens, some find Sinnta’s gifts on their doorsteps and begin arguing wildy, other start rummaging through what’s left of ‘Sinnta’ himself. Once they realise it is a trick they start arming themselves to head out after the culprits, but not before pointing you toward a short cut through the gorse bushes to the next village, perhaps you can get there ahead of the real Sinnta, who’ll have to go around?’ If they choose to take the shortcut all fated must pass a TN 8 toughness/resilience duel, if they fail they take a single point of damage from the thorny shortcut. They gain +1 proximity to Sinnta if they take the shortcut. If they take longer than 10 minutes to catch and reveal Sinnta, or fail the ongoing challenge, read the following duel; ‘The capering figure flees into the night, parts of its anatomy falling to the ground as it departs. The local gremlins creep out of their houses to see what has happened, and though grateful that the skinner has left, tonight is not a good night to be a stranger in a Gremlin town. Time to leave and find Sinnta’s tracks again…’ The Fated lose -1 proximity to Sinnta for the time they spent chasing the fraud. If a player can pass a Tn13 convince/deceive/intimidate duel they can still locate the shortcut by asking the locals, which will negate this penalty. Swarming skeeters- (obstacle, cannot be avoided) ‘The air around you seems to vibrate with a steady hum, suddenly a host of skeeters burst from the trees around, swarming together to find prey in an attempt to stave off the cold. They dart towards you and suddenly the air around you is a lot more spiky and insectoid than you are entirely comfortable with, maybe it’s time to turn back..?’ the unnatural ice has disturbed a large nest of skeeters as Sinnta passed, the Fated have to get past, this encounter should not take long, the Fated can either just plunge through, double back on themselves or try and squash as many skeeters as they can with their weapons. If the fated push through they must take a TN 8 wilderness challenge or gain the infection +1 condition. They gain +1 proximity to Sinnta. If the fated double back they avoid the condition, but lose -1 proximity to Sinnta. If the fated decide to squash the skeeters they may attempt the following duel something in the air tonight?: [Ongoing Challenge] Skills Allowed: Melee, heavy melee, pugilism, martial arts Target Number: 11 Duration: 2 minutes Success Requirement: 10 Failure Requirement: 1 For each failure the fated that failed gains the Infected+1 condition. If they take longer than 10 minutes to fight their way through they also lose -1 Proximity to Sinnta. If they achieved the target in the first 2 minutes however they gain +1 proximity to Sinnta. Frozen slop- (puzzle/fight/talk, can be avoided) ‘The snow and soft air of the Bayou is almost peaceful at times, though the huffing and puffing of your out of breath group somewhat shatters the stillness as you approach. This area would not be considered peaceful without your intervention however, as the squeals and screams of Pigs and Gremlins make an unholy racket. As you follow the sleigh path a small Hog farm sits across it, both fences smashed down by Sinnta passage. Beyond the frozen slop troughs you can see a small hut, besieged by a herd of unruly pigs and piglets, on the roof of the hut two gremlins stand, hurling abuse at the pigs below, a sign on the hut reads” jerry an Moss hog sadlery”’ The Slop around this pig farm has frozen solid, leaving the pigs in the area very, very hungry, and the slop hauler and hog whisperer are trapped on their shed by the marauding pigs. The pigs will ignore the fated trying to get the much tastier smelling whisperer and hauler on the roof, but if the fated get within 3 yards they change their mind and charge them. There are 5 warpigs, 1 Boar and 4 piglets in total. If the fated communicate with the Gremlins they will discover they are Jerry and Moss, the two owners of a rather ill-fated attempt to replicate the humans pony ride type amusements. If the fated can rescue the pair without killing the pigs they will get offered a lift on a hog saddle after Sinnta. The pigs can be lured away by fresh food if the fated have any, or they can attempt to defrost the slop troughs. Once they are distracted by food the two gremlins will climb down and start hobbling and muzzling the pigs, to everyone’s relief. The fated also find two brightly wrapped presents of a leather belt and holster and a leather scabbard where two piglets have been stolen. If they are successful in rescuing the Gremlins, read the following text: ‘The gremlins are true to their word, and soon you are flying through the bayou on the backs of porcine steeds, who only occasionally stop to smash something down or eat something up. You crash through a last stand of bushes to see Sinnta’s sleigh tracks dead ahead- time to make up some lost ground!’ If the Fated manage to rescue the gremlins and have 1 full grown pig for each Fated left alive, they gain +2 proximity to Sinnta. If they save the gremlins but do not have enough mounts for one each they instead gain +1 proximity. The finale: confronting Sinnta Once the fated have navigated all the complications (or reached 10 Proximity regardless) they catch Sinnta- check below to see which encounter they have- If fated have 5+ Proximity they catch Sinnta in a gremlin settlement ‘You arrive in the settlement to see a large sack in the central area, beyond it a tall, ragged figure is slowly reaching through a window into a hut. He pays no attention as you approach, and steps back from the house holding a tiny gremlinette in his Child catcher. It is only as he turns to place her in the bag that the many skinned faces on his head appear to notice you.’ Sinnta will only attack the Fated once they appear to attack him, any fated who are unwounded and less than 20 years of age will be his primary targets, and he will attempt to get them in his sack (bury them), he will use his speed to stay out of protracted melee and engage the weaker characters first. This is a fairly fair fight as though Sinnta is strong he is alone against a whole party. If fated have 0-4 Proximity they catch Sinnta in the open bayou ‘You somehow managed to get ahead of Sinnta, and can see his sleigh approaching pulled by 4 beasts of Ice and Fur, massive antlers topping their heads. As the giant figure nears you see the many skins stitched across him, including three forming a crude face on his head. The time has come to steel yourself and attack!’ Sinnta and his 4 kaltgaur together with the sleigh, the Fated have the opportunity to ambush the sled, once they do the Kaltgaur will be set free and both they and Sinnta will attack. Sinnta will attack as described above, Kaltgaur will attempt to isolate individual fated with ice pillars and then attack them. This is a tougher match, Kaltgaur have the profile of Kaltgeists, reproduced below for ease. If fated have less than 0 or less Proximity they catch Sinnta on the frostrun heading home. ‘As the pale light of dawn approaches you finally catch sight of Sinnta's sleigh ahead of you, pulling onto the Ice of the Frostrun. The breaking is slows the sleigh down enough for you to catch up, bracing yourself against the cold you charge towards him. noticing the pursuit, Sinnta releases the Icy behemoths that pull his sleigh and turns to meet your challenge’ This fight is as described above (Sinnta and Kaltgaur) with the following added obstacle: Breaking Ice: Any character that either; · Does not move for a whole round · suffers severe damage from an attack · Fires a gunpowder based ranged weapon Must pass a TN8 evade duel at the end of the round to avoid falling through a crack in the Ice. Any character that fails this test gains the following condition; Soaked Through: This character must pass a TN 9 toughness duel at the start of every round or gain the Hypothermia condition and lose this condition. Victory If the fated manage to reduce Sinnta to -5 wounds he will leap away into the darkness, abandoning his sleigh and Kaltgaur to the fated. If the fated check the sack they will find it has properties similar to a death marshalls coffin, and contains: The Little Lass. 2 young Gremlinettes. 4 Young Gremlins. 2 Gupps. 2 Terror Tots. 2 cards worth of leather goods presents. They are all asleep, and will remain so until full sunrise unless attacked or revived magically somehow. The fated can choose to keep the sack but without Sinnta’s child catcher they cannot put things in, only take them out. The fated can return the Gremlins to Ma as one group, they weigh little and are easily carried, what they do with the others is up to them. On returning to the secret entrance, Ma will welcome them back with Spiced ‘Shine and reward them with 50 scrip for the little lass to share between them, plus 5 scrip for every extra gremlin rescued. ‘Ma grins widely and holds up her spiced ‘shine, “Well boys and girls, there’s lessons to be learned here, listen to your betters, and they’ll look after you!” she swigs her drink down and indicates you should all do the same. The heat of the pumping station is slowly warming the chill from your body and the ‘shine is helping where the heat can’t. despite their earlier antagonism, the Bushwhackers are all smiles with you today, and you quickly fall victim to one of Ma’s spontaneous celebrations. As you fall asleep you have a passing hope that you’ll wake up with all your belongings tomorrow…’ If the fated fail it’s probably better they freeze to death in the snow than face the wrath of an angry Ma Tucket, maybe a trip north to find the Skinners cave would avert her wrath, but even then… Here are Sinnta's stats, slightly modified as the original one proved a tough challenge to my Fated, even though two of them are fairly seasoned veterans at this stage. Sinnta Klast, the Child Skinner Henchman(10), Construct, Nightmare Might 2 Grace 3 Speed 4 Resilience 3 Charm -4 Intellect 2 Cunning 3 Tenacity 3 Defense 6 (16)* Walk 6 Height 3 Initiative 7(17) Willpower 5(15) Charge 7 Wounds 12 OOOOOOOOOOOO Skills: Acrobatics 4, Artefacting 4, Enchanting 4M, Evade 3, Melee 4, Navigation 3, Notice 3, Toughness 6, Track 3, Stealth 4, Stitching 5, Wilderness 3. Always in Motion: this character may not be the target of a charge action. Armor +2: Reduce all damage suffered by this character by +2, to a minimum of 1. Hard to Kill: if this character has more than one wound remaining it may not be reduced to less than one wound. Terrifying (all)11: Gremlin characters may not cheat during the associated horror duel. Unimpeded: This character ignores penalties for terrain whilst taking movement actions. Swift: During dramatic time this model generates one extra general AP. Defense Triggers (c) (un)living flesh- damage flip is at [-] and cannot be cheated. (m) Slough off- Damage is reduced to 1. Once per round. (r) Fresh skin- No triggers may be declared by the attack. (t) Scaled hide- this character gains armour +2. (1) Skinning Talon (Melee) AV: 6 (16) Rg: ///2 Resist: Df Target suffers 2/3/5 damage. (c) A piece for me: Any character damaged by the attack gains the condition ‘bleeding’. This character then heals 1/2/3 damage. (1) Child Catcher (Enchanting/Grace) AV: 6M (16M) Rg: y8 Resist: Df Target suffers 2/2/4 damage and gains Slow (c) Into the sack: any character damaged by this attack must pass a TN 13 Wp duel or become buried. Characters buried in this way may re-take this WP test at the start of every round, if passed place the character within 1 yard of Sinnta’s sack. (m) closer children: After success push the target character it’s walk towards this character. (0) Another piece (stitching) AV: 6 (16) Rg: self Tn: 15 This character may discard a corpse within a2 to heal 2 damage. (0) Leap (Acrobatics) AV 7(18) Rg: self Tn: 10(m) Place this character within it’s Cg range ignoring intervening models and terrain..
  11. Location: Game Shoppe 4014 N 144th St Omaha, Ne 68116 (402) 991-8699 Date: Halloween Oct 31 Time: The adventure starts at 6:30pm Fee: None Join the group on Halloween for a truly nightmarish event. Bring your fate deck and pick a Fated as you try and make it through the One Shot Through The Breach adventure, "Night of the Carver". There will be some candy and lots of RP fun. Open to all, but seating may be limited to get there early. Happy Halloween!
  12. I will be hosting a Through the Breach one shot at Wizard's Asylum Comics and Games in Wichita Kansas. It will be on Sunday, August 2th Starting at 1:00 PM. Players may build their own characters or use pre-built characters provided. We will be using the Bad Moon Rising One Shot. This is perfect for anyone who would like to learn how to play Through the Breach.
  13. Wyrdos, I'm pleased to announce a new product line within Through the Breach: Penny Dreadful One Shots! These are single session adventures, many of which include pre-generated characters, designed to be picked up and played quickly. We believe these One Shots will be easy for Fatemasters to pick up and play on a whim, allowing players to more easily get into Through the Breach. Never run a game before? These are a great way to start! These Penny Dreadful One Shots are only available on DriveThruRPG for $5 a download. Come check out our storefront here: http://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse/pub/5162/Wyrd-Miniatures The two adventures we currently have available are: Recruitment Drive - Professor Albus Von Schtook is looking for new students to enroll in his University of Transmortis. In the dark of the night, his students - twisted abominations of mechanical engineering and the darkest necromancy - crawl up from the sewers, seeking unsuspecting victims to drag back to their subterranean classrooms. In the Gutter - In the Gutter takes players into the Quarantine Zone as they try to scrape together enough money to pull themselves out of poverty. Of course, nothing is quite what it seems.
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