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  1. I'd say that for me the best 'optimized' double master would be a Ramos's crew hiring Mei Feng, her totem and some Foundry. Imho
  2. Hi there wyrdos, i have a doubt. Disclaimer: i didn't play the beta, and i'm re-learning the game driectly from m2e. Ramos's ability says: "if this model Is the crew leader... Treat Constructs in faction as though they were Versatile". As other Masters and their totems (mei feng and Hoffman) in this faction are Constructs, are they treated as Versatile models as well? So, hiring for example Mei and Forgeling Will cost me 17 or 19 SS? Thanks
  3. Got it. I misread that line, obviously then. I thought it was more a clarification like "you hire a model in your faction with the same keyword and you pay no extra cost". Thanks
  4. I've just a doubt about Mei. ATM I don't have a single playtest with m3e yet and something could have slipped from my sight.. But how you can hire Kang and railworkers in Arcanists? As far as I know they are only TT models, not dual faction... And the infiltration rule is disappeared.
  5. I've tried quite a few times Corpse Bloat on Seamus. On paper is great, as long as you have some Corpse generator (Asura, for example). On the board I found myself in the position to not have the opportunity to use it as much as I have liked. As said, the 9 is a problem and Seamus'crews usually need lots of medium-highish cards (boo, back alley, take the lead, ecc..). Seamus' activation is usually well spent by Boo someone and focus (or double focus in some situation) someone. The third ap is usually spent on positioning to use Boo to a maximum effect. Lately I've started taking CB on Asura, as she has good passive abilities but not effective action for a 8ss model. With CB she can force at least 2 high wp duels AoE at a quite large distance. She becomes a 10 ss investment, but the amount of damage and healing are not to be underestimated and she can still be in a safe-ish position. Imho
  6. Mine is usually Asura, the 2 upgrades, CCK, 2 belles. On the doxies: They are good, no one can deny that, but in my opinion they have 2 downsides that rotten belles don't have. 1-they force only one Wp duel per activation, where belles can force 2. 2-they need 7s, draining your hand as they drain your opponent's. IMHO, these two points make them a non-auto-take for me.
  7. CCK is golden. Always. He doesn't need to shoot to kill things, he's a 3 ss model with a istakill trigger (and a huge gun). Imho
  8. Not a guild player but.. That list seems to need A LOT of set up. Just.. Screw with activation order. Play hyper aggressive and charge his models before he's ready to destroy you. If a warping is engaged and is near only to his models.. The rams are against him. Just the first idea I had, reading the list and the timing of it. Byez
  9. If it's not a problem, I'll try to give my answer to these. 1- Seamus is opportunist by nature. I don't find A time to activate him. Usually if He's in danger, or needs (or has the opportunity) to destroy a key model or needs to be in position, he'll activate early. If he's in a safe position, can wait some time. "booh" is great for force the opponent to discard his hand.. And even better to paralyze his model once the hand is empty. So.. It depends on the situation, really. 2- doxies are naturally nearer the enemies than belles. And belles and doxies can easily reposition themselves with Lures and Take the Lead. That's not really a problem. Or you can just force the opponent to come at you, instead (a defensive play is great in strategies like Ply or Public Ex, for example). 3- that happened to me once, too. I suppose he just thrown away a stone or two to prevent damage from Nekima's big sword and found himself out of ss when the black blood (0) came. Nekima on a charge can't kill Seamus without BB, as he has the great defence of HtK. So, the ss are usually better spent to prevent the two 1 dmg pulses when he's on a single wound. IMHO, of course
  10. OK, I answer now 'cause it needs me some time to write in English. Thanks for the argumentations, that' s a very useful topic. On summon: Aye, I know what you mean. Seamus is an opportunistic summoner. If he has the card and no need or necessity to Booh someone, he doesn't waste a (0). That's basically on T1 for me and maybe once in a while on other turns. Yin: On paper she seems amazing, but on my boards/in my games she feels always a little of a waste of ss. She simply underperforms. And I usually use her to debuff someone too, but.. Don't know, doesn't seem enough to justify the investment. Hanged: I just played one a couple of times and worked fine. He's just too fragile for his cost or too expensive for his stats. As I suppose he's just from the beginning of M2E: cheap to summon, expensive to hire. Dead rider: I've always loved the Death with Scythe theme. The Rider's model is a little disappointing, that's true. So I had an idea to make my own proxy, using Gw skeletons, who are lot better (the new ones, of course). I like how it came out and want to play it once in a while. With Seamus it has some more synergies than other masters. Decaying aura: In my experience with Seamus I tend to focus on non ss users (cause he likes to focus and a well timed ss can neutralize the positive), so.. It never seemed a priority. I'll try him with it and see how it goes. Gassers are good and luckily newish. I've had little time to test them, and will surely try them out again. Shikomes.. I've really never played them with Seamus. They need a certain set up to work well (poison, adversary).. And if something goes wrong they don't force lots of wp duels. Bishop: He's good, doesn't need support or set up to work well and is one of the few models who is supported and supports actively Seamus. He's not one of the hardest model to kill, but he's neither the easiest. A 6/6 is a good defence, and with an extra ss the Necrotic Preparation upgrade isn't bad at all. He's an investment, but a good one. He usually goes in on T2 to destroy one model in Seamus'aura. Aka Sebastian.. : I don't really like Cassandra. She's one of the model I don't enjoy playing. Said that, I find her a solid model on her own, but struggle to see where she would synergize with Seamus. She doesn't force a single wp. The upgrade itself is quite good actually; the ability to summon performers in some pool is great, as it's (0). Situational, but good. I think my next list will be built around double Shikome and Gassers, to try them out more. Byez
  11. Hi there, @nomoredroids. I agree on the new Seamus; I'm playing him a lot in the last months and have arrived on quite similar conclusions. My style is maybe a little bit different: on T1 my Seamus just move in position by the end of the turn to focus shoot off the board an enemy and summon a doxy/rotten belle from a zombie. From then onward he adapts to the moment: if I need him as a cannon, he focus shoot, if I need him into ne enemy crew, he goes balls deep or use belles to drag enemies in, ecc. The one thing he really needs in this build is models who Actively force wp duels, not simply terrifying ones. This leads to a secondary virtue: hand draining. Between horror, wp duels, belles' trigger, the opponent usually has a very poor hand. Some of my speculations about models for his crew: Yin: I'm always a bit disappointed in her. She's a very slow tank, with very little damage output. Her (0) is golden, but a part from that in my metà she's always ignored and can't tarpit where I need her to be in time, cause her damn slowness. She does force some wp, but her damage track is awful. On paper she's wonderful, on the table a little meh. Asura roten: she's golden. She forces a lot of low priority high wp duels and summons a zombie, giving you a little of activation control and a corpse to summon off or to explode. Her AP are usually spent to do the strategy or schemes. And she gives belles and other weak undeads a better attack and a good debuff (useful for Seamus'gun). Dead rider: ok, it doesn't seem to have a lot of synergies but it has some. Its melee attack has two good triggers for seamus: it can pull models in his aura and can force a highish horror duel (or can pull a model into the bubble and force a high horror). Its damage is good and it's quite resilient, expecially with My little helper on T2. I've tried it from the errata and find it fine. The hanged: fragile as fuck, but attacks on wp, cause a lot of horror duels and his bubble of No Immunities is great. Kentauroi: no wp synergies, but can transport Seamus for a ride, hiding him to let him telephoto away, ecc. He drops a lot of corpse once in the middle of the scrum and can heal with zombies or corpses. Good solid model. Belles and doxies: they do what they do best, forcing wp duels and moving enemies into the bubble. Bishop: not cheap, not really tanky, but really punchy. His ability to target wp means punches virtually ML 8 (and healing for Seamus). And he does a lot of damage. Shikome: never tried them with Seamus. Seem like a mini bishop, but with less attacks. I'm not sure I would use them without some Poison synergy. Little gassers: on paper they seems a great 4ss minion: pull my finger can cause havoc.. But I haven't tried them with Seamus yet. For Seamus upgrades. At the moment I'm always taking Sinister Reputation and Do You Know Who I Am. I'm trying a few for the third one. The one that appeals me the most is Corpse Bloat, as between Asura, Kentauroi and people dying, usually there are plenty of corpses to make explode. I don't rate Decaying Aura very high, as in my experience Seamus hunts non-ss-users (as he likes to focus) and the Infamy damage is not high enough to justify 2ss. OK, I made a little of wall text uh? Hoping the reading is not particularly boring and the English correct (as it's not my language). See you in the grave, friends!
  12. Well.. Discussing with a friend the other day (who plays NB, me playing Resser) we just arrived at the same exactly conclusion. The problem is, as you said, that this crew's a gamble. Nico can quite easily have Mortimer dropping 3 corpses (or charge and drop 2) on first activation, and nico summon 3 models on second one, disrupting your plan. Yesterday night we played something similar, with a teddy, mature and hooded rider due to a lack of multiple matures and it did not work well for him (OK, hooded was deployed away, in position to take an Authority marker on t2 and charge t3). It's a viable way and really fun one, but still needs some finesse, better play than the opponent and hopefully a little bit of luck, IMHO.
  13. I see your point. Anna is a good model. Yin is here.. Basically for her tankyness. She is cheap enough to hold the center and obnoxious to take down. She is a good MLH carrier, especially in a Reva's crew where her debuff means certain death. As for summoning MZs, i find the ones summoned by Emissary and Asura (plus candles) enough, usually.
  14. Ok, I'll start (as the Resser forum some times is.. Quite dead eheh). I don't usually play against Guild, so I won't counter-list hard. I'd say: Reva: guises of death, litany of the fallen, decaying aura. 4ss Asura roten Carrion emissary: my little helper Yin the penangalan: my little helper Shield bearer Shield bearer Rotten belle Quite resilient crew, with 10 activations on t1 (7 models, 1 zombie, 2 candles). Reva loves open boards to destroy from the distance and is quite good at Eliminate the leadership (especially ignoring reductions and prevention) and Entourage. Yin is a good tanky model and the Emissary is the Emissary. 2 upgrades are not bad for Show of Force, and MLH helps protecting them on T2 or 3. Between Asura and Carrion and Candles we could engage enemy's shooters forcing them to waste APs dealing with them and not shooting us. Inescapable trap is not terrible with Emissary's and Reva's ability to turn corpses in schemes as there will be plenty of corpses near enemies, hopefully. My 2 cents Byez
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