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Found 1 result

  1. So my friend has created a crew that seems impossible to stop. This crew requires a skill to play, but I don't see a way to play vs experinced player who picks it. So the crew: Somer Teeth Jones + 6 Pool - Family Tree (2) Skeeter (2) Old Major (9) Gremlin Crier (7) War Pig (9) - One Pig Against The World (0) War Pig (9) - One Pig Against The World (0) Hog Whisperer (5) Banjonista (5) 2 extra SS are optional, usually he takes a second Skeeter or some upgrades for them. Doesn't look that scary? If you move forward to take position - poor you. You still don't understand what is waiting for you. Best strategy is to run in horror at the corners. So how does this crew works. 0. My friend always use a SS to get a better starting hand. 1. Skeeter flies a bit forward and uses Sommers (0) to give to everyone (-card). 2. After it activates Bajonista. He pushes everyone 2" forward, attacks Sommer (to push him 4" forward, Skeeter autogives needed suit) and takes a def. stance. He does it so that Goblin cryer nearby can take 1 damage and 1 card (6 wounds left). 3. Then Hog Whisperer gets extra action for Reckless and gives Reactivation for 2 War pigs and Old Major. It's easy to do because he gets from Skeeter and needed card is 5+ 4.Old Major activates for the first time. He spends 2 cards to push Warpigs 4" forward and give them +. Cryer takes 2 damage and gives 2 cards (4 wounds left). 5. Old Major activates for the second time. He pushes one of the warpigs additional 4" and walks forward so that both warpigs are in his aura. Cryer takes 1 damage and gives 1 card (3 wounds left). 6.Cryer activates. he makes his 0 (1 damage and 1 card) and makes 2 times a def stance action (2 cards more). He dies and gives Sommer 3 cards (2 for Sommer and 1 for Bajonista). A new gremlin is spawned. 7.New gremlin activates, gets extra action for 2 damage and walks/attacks Sommer to push him. 8. Then activates Sommer. He makes " Git Yer Bro" 3 times each time killing a gremlin and getting 3 cards for a total of 9. So this is it Now Sommer has 6 - 1 + 3 + 9 = 17 cards (!!!!!) (- cards that could have been spent for def. or failed TN of action). Usually it's about 14-15 cards now. Also don't forget that he has discarded his worst cards 8 times (!!!!!) an got new ones for them. Can you imagine this hand? So usually all enemy crew has spent it's activation now. If not - new gremlin can activate. Then it's piggy time. First pig was moved 2 + 4 +4 = 10" Second pig was moved 2 + 4 = 6" If we add 6" for standart deployment it's 16" and 12" in total. Then each pig can either charge if enemy is foolish enough to come close or move 5" and charge (5 + 9 = 14). Please remeber that a pig has to attack and damage from old Major. A total threat range of 30" and 26" so usually everyone can be charged. They can use charge for (1), remeber? Now they attack and for second attack Stampede (remeber + ?). Stampede means that you can charge an extra target for free even when engaged (once per activation). Plus remember that pigs can activate twice (due to reactivation) and get extra to all thx to One Pig Against The World for the second activation. So what does this mean? It means that each pig will make 4-5 charges with to hit and to damage with MI6 and 2/4/6 damage. Do you still remeber 14-15 cards and 8 worst cards discarded? So it will be 8-10 attacks each pig with 4 damage avarage (you can cheat it). Let's assume that 15 attacks hit (easy with this hand and ). This is at least 60 damage, more if needed. So if an enemy makes a slightest mistake or even doesn't make it, the game is finished turn 1. If someone remains he will be killed on turn 2. This crew demands skill, but when a skilled player plays it is unstoppable. So what will you do vs it? PS. 1. Pigs have 12 wounds, HT 3 and 50 mm base. They can cover models from sniper fire. 2. Accoarding to the situation, activation order can be changed. 3. Pigs can be moved even further 8" by moving each other or Somer with Bowled over (4" push after attack). There is NO ESCAPE. 4. Table with lots and lots of terrain or roofs can save you. So on this table he will just take other master 😃