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  1. Diceman87

    The Viks

    The Midnight Stalker is hands down my favorite model to come out in the last book. Every time I field him, he either: - scores me 3-6 VP by himself (scheme marker schemes), or; - draws so much attention (that gets negated by his defensive abilities) that I can still maneuver my crew to where I want them. 10/10, the best Silurid equivalent for the cost. Just remember that he's not a beatstick - he can't hit people who've activated, he's min damage 2, and once he's activated he's super vulnerable
  2. Diceman87

    The Viks

    I'd definitely second desperate mercs as excellent scheme runners. If you want just one purchase to get to 50 stones, though, I'd recommend Marlena Webster.
  3. Diceman87

    Parker playable?

    Hail of Bullets (the cover one) is ok if you're going in to Guild or Gremlins, and they have a shooty crew. Unfortunately, with lures as prevalent as they are in my meta, I end up getting pulled into my own hail of bullet markers enough that I've stopped relying on that action for cover. It is good for the trigger on Hands in the Air if your opponent is card hungry though. Crate of dynamite is situational for me. The cost of a stone every time to keep it is just too high on Mad Dog, and for Parker I've got easier ways to remove scheme markers. I don't rely on the Dynamite damage because it's a simple duel- your opponent will cheat to pass it for their important models. It is useful if you need ranged scheme marker removal (ie breakthrough).
  4. Diceman87

    Parker playable?

    So, had a game with Parker vs Ironsides (10-6 my favor) last night. I'm working on writing up the game for the battle report section, but wanted to share the single best Mad Dog activation I've ever had. Toni and the oxfordians had pulled Parker in. Mad Dog has LoS to the one unengaged mage, who is near the other two. One Oathkeeper, rapid fire later, and Mad Dog had killed all three mages, dropped three markers to score full VP on Toni for set up, and draw three cards with Parker's aura. Parker died top of next turn, but Mad Dog bought me a whole scheme and a three activation swing. A solid reminder of how much of a threat he can be .
  5. Diceman87

    Parker playable?

    So, I decided to try out some of the ideas in this thread this weekend. I played a pair of games against my roommate- one against Nellie, and the second against Perdita. l tried out Parker with Survivalist, Oathkeeper, Stick Up each game, and I tried out the Prospector. I really liked this set up. Stick up/ oathkeeper gave me easy sources of limited supplies, and I focused Parker’s AP on pushing my beaters into position. High card cost aside, I really liked not worrying about spending an ap to discard one of my upgrades every turn. I swapped to Highwayman each game, and I really appreciated the card cycling and (0). I did miss the sheer volume of soulstones in the game, though. My other upgrade swapped between stick up (for the walk ) and hidden steel plate (for tanking) and I felt this was fine. I had plenty I could do with Parker without going for his various upgrades. Survivalist was very much appreciated on Parker with Doc around. In the Perdita game, Parker ate 2 activations of Frank (including a red joker damage flip), and one Perdita activation, before going down. Prospector was ok. I got a few stones from him with panning for soulstone (after he had a pretty floral bonnet from emissary), but I didn’t but feel like I had the opportunity to use him for resources as often as I’d like. I need more tabletime with him.
  6. Diceman87

    Weekly Model Discussion - The First Mate

    I tend to risk him with Treasure Map and Where the Captain Cant see too. It’s just such a synergistic package. I’m also a fan of his Menacing Croak. Pushing people and slowing them is super useful. I agree he tends to fill the “Fingers” slot, so it’s beyween them and Trixie for me when building a list.
  7. Diceman87

    Self-imposed restrictions!

    I’d suggest: - Merris (for card manipulation, blast protection, and A+ scheming) - 1x Bayou Gremlins box (Som’ers summoning leaves you wanting more than what comes in his box) - Slop Haulers (both Som’er and Ophelia’s crews will appreciate the healing.) I don’t think you’d need more than that to have a solid list for either master.
  8. Diceman87

    Weekly Model Discussion - Bayou Gremlin

    Because in Malifaux, Bad Things Happen (like Gremlin feet) I’ll run Bayous with everyone except Zoraida and Ulix. The big ones are Som’er and Zipp, though. I like 3-4 as a baseline. Som’er will summon more, so having 6 is a good call. Zipp uses them to pop all over the board.
  9. Diceman87

    Weekly Model Discussion - Bayou Gremlin

    Bayous are one of my favorite minions in faction. Aesthetically, they capture the essence of the faction - goofy poses, improbable weapons, and separate feet for gluing. Kidding aside, at 3 stones for a significant model with Drunk and Reckless, and Bayou Two-Card, I find I use them to control the activation game in turns 1-3, and get schemes from them before they burn out. They scheme well, can hit hard, and are just generally useful. 10/10, would get my bro again.
  10. Diceman87

    Monday Preview - GenCon Nightmare Crew

    Will there be any companion boxes for piglet/ sow alts as well (like the Cat Princess box for alt Hamelin)?
  11. Diceman87

    Tara : how do I start ?

    So, I’ve actually been enjoying a blend of the voidstuff/ beast bomb Tara lately. My general crew for reference: Tara Dead of Winter Emptiness Out of Time Knowledge of Eternity Malifaux Child Scion of the Void Oath Keeper Scramble The Nothing Beast Void Shield Oath Keeper Talos Oath Keeper Void Wretch Void Wretch Void Wretch For bury/ attack bury shenanigans: - Emptiness gives out the Nowhere condition, upping damage to models you bury. - Out of Time let’s your Void Wretches nom buried enemies twice as often, as well as making Tara hit harder in later turns - You can still bury the Nothing Beast and deliver it turn 1 thanks to Pull the Void and the Scion. Child also gives you another Pull the Void to make Talos fast, so you can get a top of turn 2 charge off with it. I can’t speak to Karina or Death Marshall’s much. Aionus is an option, as he can attack buried models and is pretty tough. Hannahs another who can offensively bury models in faction; though she is a bit counter-intuitive with Tara’s “empty my hand” gameplay. Have fun with Tara and the beast bomb! She can really surprise someone with any of her beaters, and burying is a nice way to deal with problem models.
  12. Diceman87

    Parker's Weak Points

    I think you've really hit the nail on the head: Parker has really high TNs for his many actions. I've also found that he lacks serious damage output (bar an Empty the Chamber, but that's not going to be a regular occurrence) and with the Emissary, you've devoted serious space in your crew to this stone/ card engine with no outlet for those resources. Now, Anna/ Mad Dog/ Sue would be good outlets - which comes to the next issue. Furthermore, Bandits in general use a lot of and Sh actions, which are the most restrictive attack actions in the game (Cover, Engagementn, Armor, Incorporeal all negatively impact them).
  13. Diceman87

    Grace's Potential in Ulix

    Definitely give her a whirl. In my experiences with Gracie, I’ve found that she’s just too squishy with all the ignores-armor flying about my meta. That said, her damage potential is ludicrous (like most Pigs) plus she’s ace in Supply Wagons with that built in reactivate. Then there’s the aesthetic- she’s just such a fun model to see on the field!
  14. Diceman87

    How does your group play?

    I’d call my meta ‘experimental’. We definitely play the game with winning in mind, but I don’t think I’ve ever played against the same list twice. We definitely encourage creative crew selection. Sure, we hassle each other when we take the Yasunori/ Nekima/ A&D equivalents, but on the whole we don’t cry “OP” and give up. We also like to debrief each other after the game, pointing out where we each did well and made mistakes.
  15. Diceman87

    Parker playable?

    @Jafar that’s a good summary of a lot of what I’ve experienced, and seen other Parker player so experienced as well. I’m keen to try him with Marlena soon (because she looks really solid) as well as the Desperate Mercs. ^ This, every time. Compared to other games I’ve played, the disparity in “tier” beteeen masters and models in Malifaux is small. Player skill is such a huge part of the game, both at crew selection and actual gameplay.