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  1. Thank you both @admiralvorkaft and @CD1248 - we missed that, and it would have made a difference! Rereading the rules on Drop vs Create, I realize that we also played the Pyres as Dropped, not Created - so that'll be another correction for us. Thank you for taking the time to provide that correction!
  2. This is an after-action report for a game played at Lost Planet Games in Torrance, California on 11/30/2019. It was a 50ss game between myself and a newer player (shoutout to Ash!) generating using the Malifaux App. Pictures from this game can be found here. Set Up The Deployment, Strategy and Scheme pool was: Corner Deployment Corrupted Idols Vendetta, Dig Their Graves, Breakthrough, Take Prisoner, Deliver a Message I announced Outcasts, he announced Arcanists. I announced Von Schill, and he announced Kaeris. The crew I built was: 7ss Von Schill Steam Trunk Arik Schöttemer Hannah Lovelace Freikorps Librarian Freikorps Scout 2x Freikorpsmann His crew: 4ss Kaeris Eternal Flame The Firestarter Fire Golem Elijah Borgmann Firebranded w/ Magical Training 3x Fire Gamin When it was time to choose schemes, I opted for Take Prisoner on the Firebranded and Vendetta (Freikorps Scout on Elijah Borgmann). My opponent ended up selecting Breakthrough and Deliver a Message. With Corner deployment, I did not see Breakthrough as a viable choice for my crew. I figured it would be hard to get the second point on Deliver against Kaeris, and Dig Their Graves involved more actions spent interacting than I wanted to do. The Firebranded wasn’t enough of a threat to me to be a target, so it felt like someone I could Take Prisoner on - and Von Schill could isolate him after he activated with the Pull! Trigger. Vendetta fit into my gameplan - Elijah was a threat that I needed to remove, and doesn’t have the pesky armor that the Fire Golem had. Deployment I was attacker, so I split my crew into Von Schill, Steam Trunk, Freikorpsmann and the Librarian in the group which he had me deploy first. I placed them all on the edge of my deployment zone, behind the large building. I picked a corner that I felt would be more detrimental for him to be in. I opted to deploy the Scout with From the Shadows, to cover my left flank. Turn 1 He won initiative this turn, and went first. The first idol ended up on the center. His first turn was unremarkable, with him dropping a few Pyre Markers and mostly walking his crew through the fire. He did push towards the center of the board, and I figured that he might force the idols to drop centrally, where he could build up Pyres or at least use the terrain to limit my guns. I gave out some upgrades with Von Schill, and charged over the building with Diving Charge. In a gross misplay, I failed to remember Diving Charge on Arik, and spent several cards giving him, and using, Rocket Boots for leap on him. I ran my second Freikorpsmann up my right flank, in case any Idols would drop there. Notably, the Scout was able to kill the Eternal Flame with a Focused shot, giving me equal activations. I was also able to maneuver the central Freikorpsmann into the Idol marker, and tossed it. I was also able to end the turn with the same Freikorpsmann having a Reinforced Assault Shield, to hopefully survive a first turn attack. Turn 2 I win the initiative this turn, and drop the Idol on my right flank, far away from anyone other than my Freikorpsmann. The Librarian pulled the Freikorpsmann back and healed him up before my opponent went with Kaeris, pushing a Pyre marker through Hannah, Librarian, Von Schill and the same Freikorpsmann and nearly killing the Steam Trunk. She also stripped all the shielded, and thus the upgrade, from my Freikorpsmann. I responded with Von Schill, using Load Up with the Give Em Hell trigger to destroy the Pyre markers with the ‘Blow it to Hell’ action on the Rocket Launcher. After giving out some more upgrades, he took a focused shot on the Firestarter who managed to Red Joker the damage prevention. The Firestarter went reckless, charged the Steam Trunk but failed to kill it, and ended the turn in my deployment zone. Realizing he was going for Breakthrough, I sent Arik after him. Unfortunately I once again forgot Diving Charge, and spent cards Leaping and charging him but ultimately couldn’t kill the Firestarter. The rest of the turn went uneventfully. We tossed the Idol back and forth, but it ended up on his side of the board. I cheekily used Fire Extinguisher to clear the Steam Trunk’s Burning. Hannah and the Scout spent actions trying to injure Elijah, but because I had exhausted my hand I was unable to get more than a few pips of damage. At the end of the turn, I scored the strategy. The score was 1-0. Turn 3 He wins the initiative, and the idol drops in the center again. He opens by disengaging with the Firestarter, and flying to the top of a building to hide from Arik. Centrally, Hannah and Elijah punched each other a few times. He had to spend his Golem’s actions pushing the Idol, which I kicked back over with the Freikorpsmann and Von Schill himself, who killed a Fire Gamin in the process. Kaeris killed the Steam Trunk, and did some damage to the Librarian. In reply, the Freikorps Scout managed to reveal Vendetta on Elijah, and kill the Firestarter. I recalled Arik’s Diving Charge, and walked him back to where he was the previous turn. Von Schill was an all star this turn - he Charged into the scrum, killed a Fire Gamin, kicked an Idol back over the line, and got into position to protect my Scout from the pair of Fire Gamin heading his way. At the end of the turn, I scored the Strategy again, along with the first point of Vendetta. My opponent did not score anything. Final score: 3 - 0 Turn 4 He won initiative, and the marker dropped on my left flank, close to the Scout. He opened with the Fire Gamin, Delivering a Message on Von Schill. I reply by killing Elijah with Hannah, setting up the second Vendetta point. At that point, my opponent concedes as he felt that he could not make enough of a come back. We briefly discussed how the game went, but did not really get into a full post-mortem. Post-Game Thoughts Corner Deployment was a definite challenge, especially with the terrain set up. I feel that my scheme selection went according to plan, although I didn’t have a chance to get the Take Prisoner. I did get greedy charging in with Von Schill and leaving him open to Deliver a Message, and I will have to keep that in mind in future games. Kaeris as a crew is an interesting one, and I look forward to my opponent getting better with her. I think the combination of being able to destroy the Pyre markers with Rocket Launchers and remove burning with the Steam Trunk gave me a leg up, as did all the Shielded and Armor in my crew. As far as my crew and play choices, this game gave me three major takeaways. Firstly, I need to rethink ‘playing faster’ as ‘playing with purpose’. I had Focus on Hannah and Arik as early as Turn 1, and over Turn 2 and 3 made multiple attacks and kept forgetting to use the Focus (despite planning to do so immediately before the activation). I also kept forgetting Arik’s Diving Charge - which put some serious strain on my Fate Hand in turn 2. In general, I played Arik poorly this game. While he did threaten the Firestarter, I think he would have been more useful actually putting the Firestarter in the ground. On the other hand, the Freikorps Scout was an absolute MVP this game. He killed two models, scored me a VP, and was on track to score at least 2 more points. 14” was plenty range to take pot shots, and the combination of abilities to ignore Cover, Concealment and Friendly Fire meant that I could land a shot when I needed to. Thank you for reading!
  3. This is an after-action report for a game played at Lost Planet Games in Torrance, California on 11/26/2019. It was a 50ss game between myself and a newer player (shoutout to Liam!) using the Round 1 pool from the upcoming SoCal Regionals on 12/08/2019. Pictures from this game can be found here. Set Up The Deployment, Strategy and Scheme pool were: Flank Deployment Turf War Harness the Ley Line, Dig Their Graves, Take Prisoner, Deliver a Message, Vendetta I announced Outcasts, he announced Resurrectionists. I announced Von Schill, and he announced Reva Cortinas. I admit I went into this game with the intent to play Von Schill, as I had just finished painting his crew. The crew I built was: 5ss Von Schill Steam Trunk Arik Schöttemer Hannah Lovelace Freikorps Librarian Drachen Trooper 2x Freikorpsmann His crew: 3ss Reva Cortinas 2x Corpse Candle Vincent St. Clair w/ Grave Spirit’s Touch Lampad w/ Grave Spirit’s Touch Lampad 3x Shieldbearer When it was time to choose schemes, I opted for Take Prisoner on one of his Shieldbearers, and Vendetta (Drachen Trooper on Vincent). My opponent ended up selecting Harness the Ley Line and Dig Their Graves. I did not want to do either Harness the Ley Line or Dig Their Graves with my crew, as I lacked any cheeky scheme marker placement abilities. Without them, I’d have to interact the old fashioned way - and with how mobile Lampads were, I did not want to get bogged down on the centerline. And I knew that my opponent would love me to move next to corpses to interact so Reva could attack me through them. Likewise, I didn’t want Reva to live, and expected her to sit back, so I didn’t take Deliver a Message either. That left me with Take Prisoner and Vendetta. The choices here were simpler - Shieldbearers are alright models, but are designed to tarpit - so perfect for someone I want to engage to score. Vincent was the best choice for vendetta due to his cost, and the Drachen Trooper had a long range, decent damage attack to score the first part. Deployment He was attacker, so split his crew into Reva, Vincent, Lampad, Corpse Candles in one group, and the rest in the other group. I asked him to deploy Reva’s group first, wanting to know where his threats were. He chose the deploy in an open corner, with a little severe terrain in his way. This also put me into a corner that was hemmed in by severe, dense terrain. He deployed his first group centrally. I deployed mine heavily on my right flank, with Arik going to solo my left flank. I planned to put Rocket Boots on him to get over the buildings that blocked vision to him. He deployed the rest of his crew aggressively on my right flank in response. Notably, the Shieldbearer I had selected for Take Prisoner was the one he put furthest back, on the Turf Marker on his deployment zone. Turn 1 He won initiative this turn, and went first. HIs opener surprised me - he double-walked Reva to the turf marker on my left flank and flipped it! This meant she was dangerously close to Arik, and I had no real incoming damage to worry about for the rest of the turn. This set the tone for his play turn 1. He aggressively moved his crew forward, double walking most of his models (and pushing with the Lampads), while Vincent killed a Corpse Candle near the middle Turf Marker to drop a Pyre Marker. On my right flank, he gets a Shieldbearer and a Lampad to bodyblock me from getting to the Turf Marker, with a second Shieldbearer close behind. All this aggressive play meant that I was able to react and hit back. On my right flank, Hannah, the Drachen Trooper, and my Freikorpsmann all moved towards my right Turf marker, and put a little damage on his Lampad and Shieldbearers. I got a lot of mileage out of equipping Rocket Boots and copying the Leap to move everyone out of the Severe terrain. On my left flank, Arik used Leap from his own pair of Rocket Boots and charged Reva, putting some wounds on her early. It also put pressure on my opponent to cheat for next turn, or Arik would likely put Reva in the dirt. We both claimed our deployment zone Turf Markers. Von Schill spent most of his activation passing out upgrades, Charging out of terrain with Diving Charge, and focusing thanks to Shouting Orders on himself. Turn 2 This is the turn where the game swung heavily to my favor, and a major misplay. He wins initiative, and goes with Reva but between Armor, Stones and bad cards she is only able to put a few wounds on him. With nothing really threatening Arik, I go with Hannah who charges the Lampad. He uses the Shieldbearer’s ability to place and take the hit, but between high cards and a built in trigger for Sweeping Strike, she was able to kill both the Lampad and the Shieldbearer. My major mistake was misreading Adaptive Tactics - I read it as copying target Actions, not Tactical Actions, and so targeted myself with it to take an Ancient Words attack on his Shieldbearer, getting Glimpse the Void which did end up burying it. I’ll admit, I didn’t catch this error until I sat down to write this, and am not sure how it ultimately impacted the result. This did mean that I was able to claim the Turf Marker on my right flank with the Freikorpsmann uncontested. Arik used stones and Charged Fists to kill Reva, despite her stoning for prevention. I turned the Turf Marker next to Arik neutral, so I could claim it next turn. Von Schill charged to engage the Shieldbearer that was my Take Prisoner target, but not before nearly killing the Corpse Candle nearby through tossed Rocket Launchers. The unburied Shieldbearer went to my left flank, popping up behind Vincent. I ended up killing the Corpse Candle with my Drachen Trooper. At the end of the turn, we both scored the Strategy, while I scored Take Prisoner. The score was 2-1. Turn 3 He wins initiative again, and goes with the Shieldbearer on Von Schill to try and build up burning by attacking him while in the Pyre. Arik goes first for me, claiming the now neutral Turf marker and then tossing a grenade. The rest of this turn was unremarkable. He charged in on Arik, doing a good bit of damage and giving burning between Lampad and the Shieldbearer. Vincent swung to my right flank, but between my pushes I got the Drachen Trooper in range to drop Vincent to half wounds to score the first part of Vendetta. I was also able to give a Freikorpsmann Rocket Boots, and he leapt and spent two actions claiming the central Turf marker. The rest of my models just advanced, ready to kill Vincent next turn. At the end of the turn, I scored the strategy while my opponent did not, and I scored Vendetta. My opponent and I discussed the state of the game, and he revealed his schemes and that he felt that he could not come back for a win. Final score: 4 - 1 Projected final score: 7-1 Post-Game Thoughts The game was fun, as Liam was a great sport. We talked a bit about his scheme selection after the game, and how other schemes may have worked better for him in this particular match up (Drachen Trooper clearing markers to deny Dig points, general difficulty dropping markers while also claiming turf markers). For me, my crew ran well. General observations are that the Hand Pressure is real in this crew - Arcane Reservoir was a godsend, and I often stoned for cards to be able to meet TNs. I may have spent too many of Von Schill’s actions on Load Up - It did increase my crews mobility, but I wonder if I would have had better luck just taking a shot with him. The Librarian’s ability to push a friendly 4” towards another friendly was incredibly valuable. It extended my reach with Freikorpsmenn for claiming Turf markers several times. Arik was a beast, and did a lot of work operating solo as he did. If the game had continued, I do think my opponent would have been able to kill him, but with the rest of my crew locking down the right flank I wasn’t too worried. If you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading!
  4. Hello! I'm making this thread to document my games of Malifaux, 3rd Edition. This will be similar to my 2nd edition thread, which focused on Parker Barrows and Outcasts. I'll start this one on Outcasts and Bayou - and I expect Neverborn, Arcanists and Ten Thunders games to join the party eventually as well. Feedback is appreciated, as I hope taking these notes and sharing them will help make me a better player. Outcasts Von Schill/ Freikorps Von Schill vs. Reva Cortinas - 50ss - 11/26/2019 Von Schill vs. Kaeris - 50ss - 11/30/2019
  5. Pre-event thoughts On 11/24/19, I attended a small 35ss event at Comic Quest. There were 6 players, including the TO, present. Three rounds were planned for; unfortunately, due to time constraints we only got through two of them. Gaining Grounds Season 0 was in effect. A link to pictures of the rounds is here. Prep for the event The event was billed as being directed towards newer players, as the community at Comic Quest is still new to Malifaux. I drove down from LA, and another one of my locals (shoutout to @LeperColony!) also made the trip. Going in to this event, I decided that I wanted to stick to one keyword for the event - namely, Big Hat. I want to get more reps in with Somer, and I had just gotten my Good ol’ Boys painted up and wanted to see them on the table. Due to the size of the crews being at 35 stones, and having very little time between rounds, I ended up running the same crew in both games: SS Pool: 3 Som’er Teeth Jones (Leader) Skeeter x2 Lenny Jones Big Brain Brin Good Ol’ Boy Banjonista Bayou Gremlin I’ll talk about why I made these selections now, and in a later post I’ll dig into how the crew actually performed. As I mentioned above, I went into this event with the plan to run Somer for all three rounds. On paper, I think Somer is a flexible master who can swap between summoning and damage dealing while also having a reliable card draw engine. Skeeters look to be alright totems, able to be sacrificial speedbumps that draw me cards. As abilities go, Somer has a nice set and I was keen to see how much use I could get out of Pig Eating Grin and Bigger Hat than You. In the Henchman slot, I ran both Lenny and Brin. I feel like Lenny is a lynchpin to the Big Hat crew - Gremlin General. Bodyguard and Toss bring so much to the crew. He does bring a solid melee attack, but I feel like his actions are best spent positioning and increasing the mobility of the rest of the crew. Brin is chock full of useful actions and abilities, and worth every stone - even with the out of keyword tax. Arcane Reservoir is great in any crew, but especially in a summoner crew. Additionally, two of the rounds in this event had Claim Jump, and I felt like his Serene Countenance and Protected (Bayou) would make Brin a great choice for that scheme. In the Minion category I ran a Good Ol’ Boy, a Banjonista and a Bayou Gremlin. The Good Ol’ Boy is the best gun in keyword for Big Hat that isn’t named ‘Georgie and Olaf’, and unfortunately I haven’t gotten that model yet. This meant that I wanted one to take advantage of Pig Eating Grin. At 7 stones and with a bunch of abilities to mix it up in melee and ranged, they also felt like the kind of all-rounder model that would do well at 35 stones. The Banjonista was a significant model that brought crew mobility in Foggy Bayou Hoedown, Condition removal in Rebel yell (so I wouldn’t have to use Brin for it), and a model who could spend it’s actions moving and interacting and not feel like I’m losing value. The Bayou Gremlin was there to help keep the Bayou Bash numbers up. I was concerned about running three stone users and only 3 soulstones, and considered dropping the Bayou for 2 more stones, but in the end opted to have him in and rely on triggers and sacrificial models to keep my big 3 models alive. Round 1 My first round opponent was someone who is also in the Facebook Bayou chat (which, if you aren’t in, you should totally join for some solid discussion). The pool was: Standard Deployment Turf War Detonate Charges, Power Ritual, Deliver a Message, Breakthrough, Claim Jump Opponent’s Crew: Captain Zipp Earl First Mate Mancha Roja Merris LaCroix 2x Flying Pigs When it was time to select schemes, I chose Detonate Charges and Claim Jump on Brin. This pool was a hard one to pick against Zipp - he was a great denial choice by my opponent. Deliver a Message would be very hard against a Mv 8, Chatty Master who could drop blocking terrain so I dismissed that. Breakthrough would be hard, as shoving one of my models into his deployment zone would leave it exposed, and Big Hat models are on the whole squishy. Likewise, Power Ritual would be hard to both set up and score, as well as protect. I felt it would be safer to keep balled up, have him come in to me with either Mancha or First Mate, and then use Obeys/ cheap models to drop markers. I figured I’d get one point on Detonate. Claim Jump on Brin was my safest bet, as with Serene Countenance, Protected (Bayou) and stones, it was unlikely that he was going to be moved by my opponent. My opponent took Breakthrough, and I believe his second was Detonate Charges as well (although I didn’t note it, and it didn’t come up due to time). We got through three turns this game, with the end of 3 being a bit of a rush. It was a tie at 3-3, with me scoring the strategy twice and my Detonate Charges once, and my opponent scoring the strategy twice and Breakthrough once. Highlight of the game for my crew would be turn 2, where I started with Somer. He summoned three Bayou Gremlin in Mancha Roja’s engagement, and proceeded to blow them all up, proccing three Pig Eating Grin shots to seriously injure Mancha, followed up by Somer finishing the deed with his own Boomer. Highlights of my opponent’s play has to go to him using Zipp to single-handedly control the center of the board, between his gun and pianos. Round 2 The pool was: Corner Deployment Plant Explosives Hold Up Their Forces; Take Prisoner; Vendetta; Breakthrough; Claim Jump Opponent: Octave (T.O.) Opponent’s Crew: Colette DuBois 3x Doves Carlos Vasquez 2x Coryphee Mannequin Soulstone Miner w/ Magical Training In this round, I was paired up with the TO who was running a set Colette crew. This was the round I was most concerned about with Somer, because I wasn’t sure how he would do with getting bombs into the backfield. Corner deployment was a mixed blessing - it gave me a lot more space to put bombs closer to the centerline, but a much farther path to go. I chose to go with Hold Up Their Forces and Claim Jump on Brin again. I felt that Take Prisoner would be tougher than Hold Up Their Forces because every one of his models had ways of getting out of engagement - so trying to pin one specific model down was going to be hard. Likewise, I considered Vendetta but ultimately chose against it, as it would be a one-point scheme (Opponent could just run away with the chosen model, and there was little chance I could catch it). However, he would have to commit at least some of his significant models to contest my bomb dropping, so I felt that I could get cheeky Hold Up Their Forces on models after they moved - and while Colette can rescue a single model, it’s a lot more taxing to reposition her entire crew multiple times a turn, especially with the Obeys, Foggy Bayou Hoedowns, and Toss effects of the Big Hat crew. Plus, most of his crew was more expensive than my summonable models, so I figured I could go late with Somer and summon into position to score if I needed to. Again, Claim Jump was taken on Brin because he’s hard to shift, especially with Protected (Bayou). My opponent chose Breakthrough, and I didn’t recall his second scheme, either. We made it through four turns this round. I assigned two bombs each to Somer and Brin, and one bomb to my Banjonista. I wanted to put bombs on my tougher models, and I the actions on Lenny and the Good Ol’ Boy were too valuable to spend on bomb dropping. My last bomb went on my Banjonista, who was perfect for the role. Much like the previous game, my early game was spent using Foggy Bayou Hoedown and summoned Banjonistas to push my bubble into the center of the board. I summoned two more Banjonistas and a Gremlin Crier this game, along with another turn where I summoned four Bayou Gremlin and blew them up to almost kill the Coryphee Duet while it was split into two Coryphee. I didn’t bother attacking Colette, as I didn’t want to give her a chance to bury. Colette, for her part, tried to Sword Trick Brin twice, but each time he passed the attack off onto a nearby Bayou. She did manage to bury Somer - but I then dropped a marker before his activation, thus getting him up the board to drop two more bombs for me. In the end, I only killed his doves but won the game 7-6. I got full points on my schemes and three on the strategy, and my opponent missed one of his scheme points (the one I didn’t record). Post-event Thoughts All in all, I had a good time at the event. While it was only two games (and only 7 turns of play at that), I did want to put my thoughts down here. Time is valuable - probably the most obvious takeaway from this event. Many of the comments I see and hear from folks attending tournaments is about playing for Turn 3 or 4, not for a full game - and when you play for early scoring, it absolutely changes the risks you take. I was definitely the biggest time hog of the event - both of my games went to time, when the other games had all finished. Even at 35 stones, running a summoner will eat up the clock. I need to get more reps in with Somer to shave down how long my activations take. Somer’s Summons are very Toolboxy - Over the course of 7 rounds, I summoned 2 Gremlin Crier, 3 Banjonista, and twice I summoned a mess of Bayou Gremlins to immediately blow up and get a bunch of shots through Pig Eating Grin. I always felt that my summons had a purpose, and answered a question that my opponent was posing. Banjonistas really helped my crew’s maneuverability, and the Criers were clutch for Obey Interacts. A moment to talk about summoning 3+ Bayou Gremlin in one go - I saw the value when it resulted in massive damage to an enemy model, but on the whole I’m not sure I’d make it a habit to summon so many models turn after turn. This might change at higher stone levels, where I can afford a Crier/ second Banjonista, but I felt that I needed those utility piece models over getting a few extra shots on a single target. Giving my opponent 3-4 pass tokens is also a big ask for Turns 3 or 4, and feels like a risky venture. Incidental movement is very strong - Going in to this event I was concerned about being able to get further than mid-table, and having enough actions to move and score my schemes. Between Foggy Bayou Hoedown, Toss, and a plain old walk or two, I always felt that I had the range to get a model where I needed it to be. I’ve been gushing about Banjonistas in this post, but I really do feel like they were the stars of my games. Lenny made a single attack at an enemy all day - the amount of value I got out of him tossing and buffing my crew far outweighed making an attack. If you’ve read this far - thank you very much. I hope to add some less-rambly tournament and game reports in the future, as I settle down into 3E.
  6. Unfortunately, the Crier cannot Obey a Bayou to interact the turn it is summoned. The Crier's obey trigger states: While the rulebook (P.32) says: That said, you can still summon models the turn before you need them, and get them into position.
  7. I emailed them about my Spit Hog a little bit ago, and the official response was that due to the volume of submissions, they were still getting everything sorted out. This was a week or so ago.
  8. To summarize: Parker's ability Limited Supplies provides a soulstone when you discard an upgrade. The Ability this Looks Valuable from the Black Market upgrade gives you another if you can remove an enemy scheme marker. The third possible one comes from the Attack action Stick Up on the upgrade of the same name. You're far more likely to get the first two stones (you can control for them with self-discarding upgrades and the ability to drop enemy scheme markers) but the third is risky. That said, most players will likely give you the stone to avoid taking 4 damage - and if they take the damage? 4 damage is nothing to sneeze at and worth the stone. Does that help?
  9. The Midnight Stalker is hands down my favorite model to come out in the last book. Every time I field him, he either: - scores me 3-6 VP by himself (scheme marker schemes), or; - draws so much attention (that gets negated by his defensive abilities) that I can still maneuver my crew to where I want them. 10/10, the best Silurid equivalent for the cost. Just remember that he's not a beatstick - he can't hit people who've activated, he's min damage 2, and once he's activated he's super vulnerable
  10. I'd definitely second desperate mercs as excellent scheme runners. If you want just one purchase to get to 50 stones, though, I'd recommend Marlena Webster.
  11. Hail of Bullets (the cover one) is ok if you're going in to Guild or Gremlins, and they have a shooty crew. Unfortunately, with lures as prevalent as they are in my meta, I end up getting pulled into my own hail of bullet markers enough that I've stopped relying on that action for cover. It is good for the trigger on Hands in the Air if your opponent is card hungry though. Crate of dynamite is situational for me. The cost of a stone every time to keep it is just too high on Mad Dog, and for Parker I've got easier ways to remove scheme markers. I don't rely on the Dynamite damage because it's a simple duel- your opponent will cheat to pass it for their important models. It is useful if you need ranged scheme marker removal (ie breakthrough).
  12. So, had a game with Parker vs Ironsides (10-6 my favor) last night. I'm working on writing up the game for the battle report section, but wanted to share the single best Mad Dog activation I've ever had. Toni and the oxfordians had pulled Parker in. Mad Dog has LoS to the one unengaged mage, who is near the other two. One Oathkeeper, rapid fire later, and Mad Dog had killed all three mages, dropped three markers to score full VP on Toni for set up, and draw three cards with Parker's aura. Parker died top of next turn, but Mad Dog bought me a whole scheme and a three activation swing. A solid reminder of how much of a threat he can be .
  13. So, I decided to try out some of the ideas in this thread this weekend. I played a pair of games against my roommate- one against Nellie, and the second against Perdita. l tried out Parker with Survivalist, Oathkeeper, Stick Up each game, and I tried out the Prospector. I really liked this set up. Stick up/ oathkeeper gave me easy sources of limited supplies, and I focused Parker’s AP on pushing my beaters into position. High card cost aside, I really liked not worrying about spending an ap to discard one of my upgrades every turn. I swapped to Highwayman each game, and I really appreciated the card cycling and (0). I did miss the sheer volume of soulstones in the game, though. My other upgrade swapped between stick up (for the walk ) and hidden steel plate (for tanking) and I felt this was fine. I had plenty I could do with Parker without going for his various upgrades. Survivalist was very much appreciated on Parker with Doc around. In the Perdita game, Parker ate 2 activations of Frank (including a red joker damage flip), and one Perdita activation, before going down. Prospector was ok. I got a few stones from him with panning for soulstone (after he had a pretty floral bonnet from emissary), but I didn’t but feel like I had the opportunity to use him for resources as often as I’d like. I need more tabletime with him.
  14. I tend to risk him with Treasure Map and Where the Captain Cant see too. It’s just such a synergistic package. I’m also a fan of his Menacing Croak. Pushing people and slowing them is super useful. I agree he tends to fill the “Fingers” slot, so it’s beyween them and Trixie for me when building a list.
  15. I’d suggest: - Merris (for card manipulation, blast protection, and A+ scheming) - 1x Bayou Gremlins box (Som’ers summoning leaves you wanting more than what comes in his box) - Slop Haulers (both Som’er and Ophelia’s crews will appreciate the healing.) I don’t think you’d need more than that to have a solid list for either master.
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