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  1. That's fair - I'm very much a fan of Tara in general (I think her keyword is punchier than it looks), but do want to get more reps in with Jack and Leveticus. Schill is one I may do an 'unlocking the keyword' on when I get back to it.
  2. Hey folks - just finished a couple games of the new Explorer's Society crews! I tried to showcase the core crews, with a few versatile models and upgrades sprinkled where it made sense. So far, I've got Syndicate and DUA/ Umbra up, with Cadmus uploading now. I'm thinking I'll get one of each Explorer's keyword up (at least the new keywords) just so folks can see them in action (even if it's a first time play with them!) Huge thanks to @Tales and @Alcathous for being my sparring partners! Don't forget to sign up for December's Feast: and
  3. @Plaag Zipp was a comfort pick here. I had been testing out Hamelin, but with Lead-Lined Coat turning off the Lures (and expecting Phiona, who can take the hit) I figured Hamelin would not be able to play the 'lure in and kill' game. Von Schill was considered, but I worried that his models would be able to catch mine and kill them given how slow Von Schill is. Parker was another consideration, but ultimately I do not think Parker has the damage to chew through Hoffman (and I expected either Hoffman or Lady J in this pool). I have not played Leveticus, and did not want to go into roun
  4. Final round of Fauxvember against @Legislat is up!
  5. Hello, everyone! I've been a little lax in providing updates, but we have not one, not two, but THREE new videos! Two of them are practice rounds for Round 3 of Fauxvember, where I try to figure out Hamelin. The third is the third game of Unlocking the Keyword: Qi and Gong. The fourth should be up later today, and my first 'update' video should follow in a few days. Thanks for all the support!
  6. What if those are the Gremlin equivalent of the riders (Pale, Dead, Hooded, Mechanical)? Then we can have a Gremlin who is like Leveticus, the '5th rider', except they are misusing amalgam tech (since didn't the aboms come out of the crash site that Ophelia's family lured Perdita to?)
  7. Hey folks! Malifaux Rats have the 'Just a Rat...?' ability, which lets you activate a rat, end it's activation, eat an enemy pass token, and activate another model immediately. The rules for Chain Activations suggest that you can only ever use 'Just a Rat...?' twice in a row, because "...Some effects can cause models to Activate after another model. If a model would Activate this way, immediately go back to the start of Step C. Players may not Activate more than two models in a row this way, unless they are Activated by the same effect." Is that a fair interpretation of the rule? Or
  8. The scores were being tracked on the right, but underneath the Player 1/ Player 2 card flip areas. I will play around with it and see if I can get it recording without blocking that - my only concern is it might be too small to see the Vassal Map then. @Azahul - I'm not sure how critical it actually is, but it does seem crucial to me. Youko seems strongest when she has a hand advantage over her opponent, which is before she's had to cheat her cards/ when she's had a chance to draw and force discards. Given that her defenses are active (meaning, I need to set up Distracted on my opponen
  9. Today, game two of Fauxvember goes live! Come check out my Zipp going up against @Alcathous' Titania!
  10. Fair enough - I will give him a try for sure!
  11. @Maniacal_cackleThis is a point that I have long felt, but haven't seen put into words like that before. I feel like models that generate stones are often evaluated from the perspective of being a glorified pass token, but the fact remains that those models can - and should - do other things. Prospector notably does some hand cycling, but is also a model with two AP. There are times when a Soulstone Miner might need to walk twice and drop a scheme marker - in that case, it's not generating that stone. So these soulstone generating models have opportunity costs baked in that might make th
  12. @regleant You're not the first to comment about the quiet volume - I'll be playing around with it for the next 'update' video in a few games for sure. I'll see if I can up the hype factor too Unfortunately my games with Youko will be all on Vassal for the time being - but once I get the crew bought and painted, I'll see about getting some IRL battle reports in. Until then, please check out the Vassal games.
  13. Thank you for the kind words and feedback! A quick response: Correct, I think I realized this is game 2 vs Kaeris. That is kind of sad, but even without triggers an Obey can be a deterrent and force the discards, which is what I'm really going for. If anything, the obey is the result I don't want (at least, I think right now). She really does, and condition removal seems very important for her crew. I'm looking forward to including Tanuki as soon as I can, as I think they'll do the job of focus spam alongside a Kunoichi nicely (the idea of double focus spam on Bill and Hina seems ver
  14. Howdy folks! I'm cross-posting this here from the Battle Report subforum since it's relevant to the Ten Thunders. I recently started recording games as I try to figure out what the Qi and Gong keyword is trying to do on the table. I'm 2 games in now, with more to come. If you'd like to follow along with me and share your thoughts, please consider giving the videos a watch!
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