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  1. Well everyone, here's the round 4 Pool updated: So, Break the Line seems to be really in Tara, Viktoria, and Parker's wheelhouse. With Death Beds being able to select the Strategy markers, what are folks planning?
  2. Well, round three is in the bag. low scoring and low diff. Not knowing Leveticus pre-errata really hurt me here I think.
  3. I'd say I saw it in ~ 1/3 of my games, between me doing it with Hamelin or my opponent doing it with one of the other myriad ways. Heck, last night at my local shop one of the players was using Von schill with two Engineers, and was going through the motions to make Hannah Focus 3 before I reminded him of the change. So it's been an occurrence in my circle, at any rate.
  4. On top of the ones listed in everyone elses' post: In a crew with Bokor, any pass token could turn into a bunch of focus (say Alphonse, sammy). Black blood Shaman + Vasilisa pulling the strings to Blasphemous Ritual 3x a turn. You could hire 4 aboms to make a Deso Engine with focus 7 (and be Vendettaing a cheap model, so double nerfed here) Fuhatsu, as mentioned, could get to like 7 focus and fast. This applied, frankly, to whatever beater of choice Shenlong wanted to buff. Brewmaster would get some focus from Tanuki and Wesley, maybe not above 3 It seems most factions had
  5. My two scrip: Big Jake - His changes allow him to sidestep the Summoning changes, and otherwise cleans up his tactical. I like it. Leveticus - I'm not overly familiar with him pre-nerf (don't own him, didn't play him much) but it seems he's really wanting to lean into abomination summoning and picking off weak models with him, while Rusty takes on bigger models. So he's had a role change. He might not even need the waifs as much now since he's not going to be doing nearly as much damage to himself, and Servant might mitigate even Channel. Scavenger - No longer a better leaper than
  6. Well gang, with the changes from GG2 coming out, and the MWS adopting the Errata and GG2 rules in part for the round, I've opted to go Leveticus into this pool. My opponent announced Somer. Being familiar with both, I'm thinking I need to dive Leveticus in and try to convert some Bayou into Abominations. once I turn off healing and start the Entropy pings, I can keep Leveticus topped up while making Let Them Bleed an attractive choice. Has the release of gg2 adjusted your thoughts for this round?
  7. So, Round 3: Honestly? Something like this feels like most of our masters can play into it. I'm paired against Bayou, so I'm leaning Zipp or Leveticus as I'm expecting Ophelia. I figure Runic Binding is a mostly dead scheme, LTB/ Vendetta play into the strategy (though Vendetta is worse since it encourages not killing) while Breakthrough is a Midnight Stalker done and dusted. Catch and Release seems more in play for Leveticus with Necropunks or Scavengers. Thoughts?
  8. Had the chance to play my game earlier today: it was a nailbiter against Von Schtook. I had to just ignore Valedictorian, let her do her thing, but in the end I was able to score a 6-3 victory with the Viktorias.
  9. the intent was to be in range for Doc to walk, assist the injured off (getting Fast from Quick Cure) and healing Parker. This was in case of the Rex diving Parker (since Assassinate was in the pool)
  10. Agreed. Otherwise, Dashel's totem wouldn't draw you a card off of Executioner's doing Trail of Gore, because it is also taking the place of a cost while not being that cost.
  11. So, now that everyone's seen Yannic, the Brawler and the Riflemen - what do you think? Personally, at 25 SS this is a solid set of models that I think work with quite a few keywords in Outcasts. I can see them being a really good entry point box.
  12. With Round 1 wrapping up, let's look at Round 2. So, Corrupted Ley Lines immediately makes me think Viktorias and Von Schill, because both run the ball very well (Von Schill being a nigh unkillable ball carrier with Diving Charge not being a place effect). Scheme wise, nothing seems particularly 'dead' in this pool.
  13. Round one is done and dusted - video is here: When my opponent declared Lord Cooper, and I saw I was Attacker, I worked out that my best deployment zone to give him was the right hand side. This seemed to provide me the best LOS blockers into my deployment zone, and gave me a couple of good sight lines into his crew. Unfortunately, I simply didn't respect Cooper's tools enough. And as great as Mad Dog is, if you don't have the cards to fuel him his weaknesses (being engaged) can really blunt your offense. Going to post up about Round 2 later today. How's everyone e
  14. I think there's some merit to having Mad Dog to kill Sovereign, but if you see the Intrepid Emissary he's real good at blunting Mad Dog's offense. On the other hand, you have the best deployment for the Turn 1 Mad Dog Alpha shot regardless, and the Hodgepodge Emissary is solid for buffing Midnight (if you're taking him) and enabling Leave Your Mark/ Sabotage. With Hannah, Mad Dog, Emissary, and whatever support pieces you have you have a solid set up for burning through the Syndicate models.
  15. Well, the first round has changed (see the sign up thread for the updated packet). Here it is: So, I know looking at this pool, I'm thinking Midnight Stalker is coming in regardless of who I play. Something like Viks or Zipp seems really strong here. Thoughts?
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