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  1. ^this, I’d agree just don’t take it if you want more than the end point. But I’ve had more than a few opponents surprised by how hard they are to take down given their low health pool and defences. If your own crew has lots of armour, terrifying, inhuman reflexes etc and are hard to put down then they’re easier to kill because they have to heal by killing other (usually weaker) models.
  2. So how did the game go?? Seems an odd Zipp list but I come from OC Zipp
  3. Won’t this exclude Chompy Bits as a non master costing too much?
  4. I know it’s necro-ing a little but I use Taelor + 3 Ronin vs Mad Dog + 3 Bandidos with a couple soulstones either side for my learning games. They feel different to give a taste of various abilities but both are simple to understand the basics of, so a beginner can pick up whichever they like the look of best and get going quite quickly. Also benefit of only 2 cards to look at!
  5. I think, like anything, you put in the practice with a master and you manage time just fine. I haven’t yet played Hamelin (but very excited to, he’s in my to-build pile) but I can imagine without lots of practice he’s tricky trying to keep track of and think over all the rats and things moving more than once etc edit: also lol, “unhealthy amount”
  6. Don’t tell them all your secret anti Viks tech! Ssssshh!!!!
  7. That’s a very interesting thought I hadn’t considered, but you’re right it’s probably needed! I guess time will tell if the sum of all this together is too much for old mate leve or if he’s gonna be just fine
  8. I’m in two minds. Seems like leve was hit hard from a lot of angles but I’m gonna assume it was carefully play tested and maybe just his role has changed. What I am excited for is that you might see more variety. Hamelin and jack daw might get a look in for killy pools, and we won’t feel like we’re shooting ourself in the foot by not bringing leve. Midnight stalker tweak I think is a good one, again he was relied on a lot - but now he gets to actually bully small models around the outside and scheme incidentally which was nice instead of him just being an expensive necropunk. Tara players have been crying over her being useless and having to hire outside to even fill her 50ss, now talos has a real role to fill there. Big Jake had to change with the adjustment to summoning rules - this way when he comes back he can still interact and it means he has play for vendetta etc too. overall I guess I’m excited to see how the game sits in a couple weeks. Am I gutted Cadmus didn’t get the leve treatment? Yes - but I’m sure it’s coming. But other than that it’s amazing to be playing a game where the creators do care about balance, and do adjust things - and don’t charge you for the privilege each and every time *cough 40K cough*
  9. I have to say I find merris quite underwhelming, sure she has her shockwaves but they often disappoint and by the time you move her into range (she’s pretty slow) you’ve not got many actions left. Flying piglets however I quite like, little annoying guys - maybe they’ll top deck a slow on something that doesn’t want it and force a cheat? Sometimes they just block people up.... great little buys.
  10. But are you consciously having people milling around dropping schemes near Benny to get him pooping out that many rats?
  11. Oooh, thanks! ive been trying to figure out how you get enough rats to keep it all going but that makes a big difference (haven’t yet got him on the table though)
  12. Thanks guys. I think I will wait until we see the rest of the explorers society - but I hadn’t thought about only getting a couple of masters from a faction but there’s in theory nothing wrong with only doing that instead of collecting everything!
  13. Soooo I know it’s inevitable that I’ll end up with a second faction. I’m trying to figure out what that may be, and for those who have second factions (or are eying one up) I’d love to hear your thoughts. Assuming you have all or most of the Outcasts, who would you recommend as the next faction to collect and why? Or at least in your opinion. Thanks!
  14. I like the slight imbalances in factions - if all factions had the same access to the same tricks the game would be stale. the fact is, there’s probably 10 ways to deal with marker crews of which marker removal is an obvious one - the fact we can’t do that probably means we have 2 or 3 other means to deal with them
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