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  1. We had this questions during yesterday´s game: 1 - When Kaeris triggers her Raging Inferno for the Conflagration action, she may drop a 50mm Pyre Marker that acts as a Blast Marker for the action. Models touched by the marker suffers only the damage from the conflagration or also the burning + injured from the pyre marker? more generally, when a pyre marker is placed touching or under a model, does the model suffer it´s effects, or only when it activates. It´s clear to me that if the marker is moved everything it touches suffer the effects, but in this case it was placed/dropped without moving. 2 - Can a model use the walk action to walk around a model, considering it does not leave the engagement range? I thought it couldn´t, but did not find it in the rules. Thanks!
  2. First try on a painting contest This will be fun 😊😁
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