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  1. After a longer pause due to work, holidays and a master thesis, I'm back into Malifaux. So the chance of finding an opponent or a demo on Thursdays are quite good. We're also going to play in the beta if possible. You can also look forward to some organised play events in the nearer future.
  2. Same as usual... Regular gaming night on Thursdays, you can come to play or get a demo but please contact me first to make sure I bring miniatures.
  3. I'm still alive and still doing Malifaux, even though work has forced me to go a little slower. As usual I'll be around on Thursdays but as I do not always have the time or mindset to play a whole Malifaux game please contact me if you want a demo so that you can be sure I got models with me. I'd be happy to see some new faces!
  4. Howdy, folks. Our annual Mordheim campaign is nearly over so there will be more time for Malifaux again. Same as ever - just send me a message or show up on thursdays and you can have a demo or a game with one of our group.
  5. As solkan said, that does not always work. I have to do that as my nearest store is quite far away and it doesn't count. The issue is that I get the usual bill they use for online orders and noone can check if I really go to the store. So if your shop gives you a bill while you are there, that is different from the online one, I guess there shouldn't be an issue.
  6. The year is coming to an end, which means our annual Mortheim campaign is going to start soon. Luckily the campaign will not start before December so plenty of time to get some Malifaux in. As usual just come in or contact me to have a game or a demo. In December you will have to contact me beforehand to be sure I bring my miniatures. Hope to see some of you on Thursdays!
  7. Even if it is likely to be irrelevant in a hobby that is as visually based as tabletop my job/intense contact to blind people forces me to mention it - pictures are fare less accessible, especially for screenreaders. I was really happy to see that all the text in the pdfs was accessible and thus screenreader compatible. Just raising awareness
  8. The tournament is over and it was a blast. Thanks to all the participants! Demos are still available on Thursdays, just show up and hope that I'm free or contact me to arrange a date. Furthermore we are going to make our games count for Homefront and there maybe will be spontaneous small events with Story Encounters that can be played during the Homefront campaign.
  9. As usual the monthly upgrade... At the 30th we'll have our tournament which is filling up nicely, mostly with newer and less experienced players. Furthermore our group has been growing slowly and steadily so you'll have the chance to get a game in most of the weeks. If you contact me beforehand, especially if you want a demo, you can be sure that there will be somebody available for you.
  10. If you want to participate and like to play a GG18 tournament please send me a message and I'll have a vote.
  11. Der Multiversum Marburg e.V. präsentiert sein zweites Malifaux Turnier am 30. September 2017 in der Spielebrücke Marburg (Ketzerbach 21 1/2). Wir beginnen mit der Anmeldung um 0900 und beenden das Turnier spätestens um 1800. Es ist "Platz" für 16 Teilnehmer. Gespielt wird wie üblich 3 Runden nach Gaining Grounds 2017 Regeln, Fixed Faction 50 Soulstones. Alle weiteren Informationen und Anmeldung findet ihr hier: http://www.tabletopturniere.de/turnier/multiversum-wanted-ii Wir freuen uns über zahlreiches Erscheinen (auch wenn es dann wieder kuschelig wird).
  12. Holiday and Campaign are over (and both went quite well ) so we're back to regular gaming nights and demo opportunities. Because of other tournaments we've rescheduled our tournament a second time but now it's set and I'll post the information tomorrow as soon as T3 is ready
  13. Funny, I got the other mispack. Rockwolf twice. Missing parts went perferct, as usual. I used the spare one as a henchman giveaway.
  14. After a rather stressful end of the school year finally a new update from my side. I'll be on holiday for the next 2-3 weeks so there will be no more demos in July. In August everything will be back to normal and you can come over for a demo every Thursday. Our campaign is running smoothly until the end of August. Our next tournament will not be on the 9th of September but on the 16th. More about that in another thread.
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