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  1. its because you can hire other masters into your crew. So, say you're running titania+totem. you can spend some of that 50SS pool to hiring, say, euripides into titania's crew.
  2. Slight side note; wyrd, if Titania is getting a new sculpt for M3E, can we please give her a stronger glue point? Same with molly? Those girls do not like to stay to their bases.
  3. Don't get me wrong. I'm super happy with like, 99.9998% of the changes that they've announced so far. it's just that the few changes I don't like, depending on how they handle them. Will be deal breakers for me. I'm sure Wyrd already has a great plan in store, and I'm sure they'll be fine. But it's better to voice that you don't like something and explain why you don't like it then sit in silence hoping they don't (in my opinion) mess it up, because that might give a false perspective of how many people dislike these changes. I'm not going to take my models and burn them or anything, but I am cautiously pessimistic about these changes.
  4. Yes. the scale is different but the principle is very much the same. and a lot of people I see aren't just angry because they're losing their favorite master or their faction is losing more than anyone else or something like that - although I do see that. It's just a lot of people disagree on principle with the idea of removing choices from players, or invalidating models that they already own.
  5. I wouldn't even say it's Hard. At least not for me; White used to be very hard for me but i've gotten a lot better at it. it's just that it's very minute details. I usually don't bother edge highlighting unless I have to. But, since their armor is pure black, the only really way to add depth(which, usually i get from shading), is to edge highlight every, little detail.
  6. I don't think it's purely an emotional response, though. I'm against invalidating player choice and player purchases merely on principle. Yeah, I don't like losing lilith. But even if we kept lilith I'd still be against it.
  7. Which is what I did the first time. I've been nothing but perfectly civil to start with. But if I ask someone politely to not use such poor arguments against me, and not to put words in my mouth and their response is essentially "Oh, I'M SORRY, Here I thought you were a logical person. my mistake for assuming you had sense". I'm not going to remain civil.
  8. I don't know, for me its this weird thing where I'd probably get more use out of them if they were legal proxies. I'm not yet, but I do have the intention of going competitive. I may never do it, I may do it starting in 3E, I may do it tomorrow, who knows. But, doing so, I feel like learning DMH masters is almost a waste of my time. I assume we won't be using them at the higher end tournaments, so...Why would I spend my time learning Lilith, getting used to having her on my bench, knowing the ins and outs of how she plays, only to lose access to that playstyle in those higher end tournaments? that's just games I could've spent getting better at one of the other masters. Titania and Nekima, respectively, seem to be analogous to her various playstyles but there's a lot of nuance there that means I doubt they'd play the same. and, Wyrd, for what it's worth, I really, really hope Titania plays very close, if not identical, to what a terrain lilith build is like; thats my favorite playstyle. That said, there is still a lot I like about this edition. streamlining is almost always a good thing in my experience; while games CAN be over simplified...they can also be overly complicated to. and its not like Malifaux is at risk of being overly simplistic just because a few abilities are being combined together into something more generic, but functionally the same. A lot of the new masters sound super fun as well. I'm really happy about Resser getting jack and von shtook. Euripides sounds really, really fun to play. I'm optimistic that the changes to burning and the new edition will give Kaeris some breathing room so that she'll actually be....good.
  9. Yeah, thats the silver lining i've been telling myself to keep me from throwing a fit and snapping all my models in half(joking, of course.), I have improved a lot from my first RG to the last ones I just did. and that is another thing I like, not just about painting, but about life in general. watching yourself get better, figuring out new techniques and things that work for you. It's fun, and fulfilling, watching your own personal growth and skills get better, even if it is just a hobby.
  10. For me, it depends on the model Some models are just a pain to paint. Others, are a fun challenge. others, are just enjoyable. Personally, the fun I have the most, as far as hobbying goes. is planning, and finishing. I like being able to plan out what I'm going to do with my models, how I'm going to theme them and things like that. and then seeing it all come to fruition, and the satisfaction from seeing everything come to together. the actual painting..well, depends on the model. right now I'm working on some 40K stuff before jumping back into finishing my Malifaux models up, and then going to touch up almost every malifaux model I own. and, I am not having a lot of fun with these models for reasons that are entirely my own fault. Kids, take it from me. Do NOT paint raven guard unless you really, really like edge highlighting.
  11. Typical. No one can just apologize or admit they did something wrong, can they? they always have to be a snippy, snide little jerk about it.
  12. the aesthetic of a game is different from its lore. The aesthetic is absolutely a huge draw. But, I was talking about the lore. the fluff. the story. I never claimed that *most people* don't care about the story. I never said anything about what other people like. He wanted to push this argument of "well, would you even play without the lore? no you wouldn't. so clearly the lore is the most important aspect". and apart from pissing me off that he's going to put words in my mouth, assume he knows how I would answer his question and trying to answer for me, he's also just wrong. To be entirely honest i don't even read the lore. I haven't even bought the 5th wave book because the only thing I wanted out of it was the upgrades, which I just bought the upgrade pack for, the stat cards come with the models anyway so the only thing the wave books do for me is help me plan which models to buy. then, respectively, don't ask me a question if you're going to assume the answer and put words in my mouth. If you want my opinion, you're more than free to ask for it. If you want to have a conversation, I am more than happy to have a conversation about the ways in which we agree or disagree on this move on Wyrds part, or anything else, really. But I take exception to this sort of rhetoric.
  13. If you, or others, don't think it's as big of an issue as I, and others do. then thats fine. We can disagree on this. It's not like it's an observable fact of the universe. it's all about our perspective on whether or not we think this is a good move on the companies part, or if it is a bad move, how bad of a move is it exactly. that's all fine. What I take exception to is all the people who are patronizingly dismissing everyone they disagree with, with this "oh, you're just upset", BS. the people saying things like "well, just because you don't like it doesn't mean it's not best for the company". They don't listen to complaints. they don't actually care about other players. they just want to defend Wyrd. Brand loyalty, I guess? I mean, lets be real. despite being a NB player, the way it effects me the most is Lilith; i don't have collodi yet, and I never really used Lynch. I'm not hyper competitive at the moment even if I do plan on shooting for that goal, so Lilith isn't even that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things. But thats kind of the issue...If you're effected by the change, people dismiss you as "just being upset", if you're not effected by the changes, people act like you don't have a right to disagree with the changes.
  14. Honestly, the only thing I think we can reasonably do is hope that Wyrd either knows what they're doing and is already planning on bringing the masters back in M3E book 2, or they listen to their player base and decide to bring them back, regardless. that said, like Aquenaton said, I would personally advise against buying anything else until we know what third edition looks like. its just a shame so many people are trying really hard to disregard genuine complaints about removing masters, or removing factions from masters as "you're just upset", or some other such nonsense.
  15. Based on what we've been told so far, it seems as if there are basically 3 "tiers" of hiring masters. keyword specific based on master; works more or less like hiring within faction does now; you pay the listed SS cost, you're good to go. and you'll get good synergy and benefits with your master. versatile: works SIMILAR to keyword, you can hire any versatile master within faction for the listed SS cost, but will probably not have as much synergy with your master's keyword. faction: you can hire anything from the masters faction, but if it doesn't have a keyword, or versatile, there's some drawback or penalty. it could be a merc fee, it could be something else. based on that, it seems unlikely that cross-faction keyword would be a thing, it seems like Lynch's keyword is Bliss? So, lets say Graves, Illuminated and Beckoners are still neverborn. they would *need* the Bliss keyword to be hired into Lynch's faction, which means they won't be versatile, so anyone else would have to pay the penalty to get them. Which means Graves, who's a lynch-pin(get it) beater for NB is either unfairly expensive for the entire faction he's actually in, or he's undercosted for Lynch.
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