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  1. Davie

    Sparks: Versatile?

    I love this. Can somone, who is really good at conversions please make a destiny's child - themed troupe of Survivors? On Topic: I feel that Sparks kinda is like a Tech-Choice. If you know you end up against a scrap heavy Crew he might bring something good to the table. I don't see him in a regular Tricksy-Crew though. There just is not enough synergy
  2. I so love everything about this model! The design is so good! The juicy, chubby pig. The Struggling Bayou Gremlin that just wants this to be over and the BBG-Lady (Big Beautiful Gremlin) riding into the thick of Things to provide the Folks with her (in)famous BBQ-Pig-Roast. Models like this is why I Play gremlins and to be honest, now that we have an Idea, what the Spit-Hog Looks like, I feel more inclined to play it.
  3. Davie

    Akaname- Do they do too much?

    first of all: cool Avatar bro on Topic: I dont think that is possible. As I read it, the discarding of a flicker token is part of the abilitys "cost". so you have to discard the token and May then gain a token from From Beyond to your duel. Order is as follows: and: Rulebook Page 26
  4. Davie

    mister wong and his markers

    now it says "When placing the removed Marker, place an additional Marker of" I think it's intended that the markers create a pulse effect on the Impact of landing from OUTER SPACE! So It's supposed to just mean the one or two markers you just recently placed via the action
  5. Davie

    Brewmaster clarification: Alcohol+Blood Poisoning

    so the last time I played fingers he felt weird because I think he didn't fit any role. His current Iteration though seems viable to me. The thing is: unlike M2E-Fingers, he is not supposed to run/deny schemes any more. I think his purpose now is to deny schemes and slow down and manipulate enemy models. I think he might be a bit overpriced though? I dunno, I think you have to spread poison as much as possible and pick your fights. Whiskey Golem is hella tanky, there is lots of healing and Brewmaster has DF7 and WP9 against poisoned enemies. He is not that easy to kill.
  6. Davie

    Starting Bayou/Gremlins in M3

    One cool Thing about M3E is, that each Crew-Box seems to be a viable purchase by itself right now, mainly because of Keyword hiring. In M2E as soon as you said "I want to Play this Box, they look cool!" somone immediatly said "yeah but you know... you need to buy the neutral Totem. And the Henchman is garbage, you need the other henchmen from the other crewbox!" That being said, we don't know if M3E will shake up the Crew boxes. I Guess Zipp and Won gNeed new ones since Mancha Roja is now infamous and Wong got Alphonse LeBlanc. Ophelia sounds like a safe bet to me. And she also was my first Master
  7. Davie

    Brewmaster clarification: Alcohol+Blood Poisoning

    I played hi once or twice at the beginning of the closed beta and I think he hasn't changed much since then. I found him to be very capable and strong. He hits like a truck now thanks to Dunken Strength and Blood Poisoning. Closing Time is an amzing ability. What do you say about the other TriChi Models? I love Whiskey Golem and Popcorn Turner. Moon Shinobis also are lots of fun!
  8. Davie

    Not-very-special Dispensations

    what I'm saying is: make battle Reports if you want wyrd to hear what you are saying. It's the best way to reach them. I'd never say that your opinion is invalid without Reports. It's just the way Wyrd has asked for it.
  9. Davie

    Did we get nerfed in m3e

    Very much so. Even if you "only" grow it into a War Pig on your first turn.
  10. Davie

    Not-very-special Dispensations

    I don't see any contradiction in what I say. Only because there is not enough data for statistical Analysis, it does not mean it cannot be valuable. This is not science. It's playtesting a game. And if you want to Change something about a model, that you feel is too strong or to weak, you better give wyrd some examples, based on real life experiences. Battle Reports are a way (maybe the way) for wyrd to ensure the People complaining have evidence and do not act out of a fit because "XYZ used to do that. I liked that better! now its stoopid!"
  11. Davie

    mister wong and his markers

    Yes it should say "an additional marker of the same type"
  12. Davie

    Did we get nerfed in m3e

    if you Keep on comparing m3e to m2e you'll have a bad time. M3E is a new Thing, yes. Some changes hurt, yes. Some are awesome. Try to keep a fresh and open attitude to M3E. It's worth it. Yes, some models have lost some of their individuality, but what M3E really does really really well is giving far more models a place to shine.
  13. Davie

    Literal error

    again. The best way to reach wyrd is to Play and Report it. I disagree about the visabilty of ist uselessness without a Report: What I see is a model that deals medium-AoE damage and heals friendlies at the same time. Now is that worth 7 ss? certainly not. Obeying other undead models is nice though. Crossfaction hiring is getting limited for a reason. try to make this Version work and dont invest too much thinking into M2E.
  14. Davie

    Not-very-special Dispensations

    did that before and will do that in the open beta as well. That being said: as you said, Time is a valuable resource. In Closed I managed to get in like 10 Games I suppose. Thats not much, yes, but it adds up to the data other Players provide. I don't think, that M3E will be based on statistical, mathematical data. I agree that that would be impossible to collect. But every Little Piece of imput helps. M3E will not be the "perfect" game. I don't think it is possible to perfectly Balance a game with different factions, models, schemes, strats etc. Beta is just there to come as Close as possible.
  15. Davie

    Did we get nerfed in m3e

    play it and see for yourself. what exactly do you have in mind? What were those Little tricks? I can tell you, we have some very neat tricks in M3E Beta. Scamper for Example is crazy good. Growing Piglets into Warpigs is amazing etc.