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  1. Davie

    Upgrades for Ulix?

    What everyone else said. Husbandry is so obligatory, the could've just printed it on his Card tbh. as for later turns I had great results with the Hunting-Bow shot in the rear on the Sow. Also: I think Ulix is one of the most fun and most thematic Masters in the game. I hope you enjoy him as much as I do
  2. Davie

    m3e faction announce

    I certainly hope so. I love the Tanuki Models and would like to add them to my brewmaster in the future.
  3. Davie

    Starting Ophelia

    In my opinion, even before additional Crew members, you Need Ophelias Wave5-Upgrades Metal-Lined Coat and Useless Junk. They provide her and the Kin with lots of usefull movement-, scheeming and healing synergies .
  4. Davie

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    I totally agree with the last part. M2E is the best game I have ever playerd. But maybe M3E will be even better? As of now we can just speculate. So I'd rather be hopeful than pessimistic. Regarding 2 Masters: yeh... to me this seems like Overkill as well. But I think wyrd will manage to make it work
  5. Davie

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    And I actually doubt that. Fluff-wise mercenaries in Malifaux are more than plausible. Loyalties are in constant limbo and it makes total sense for people working for the highest bidder. From a gameplay-perspective I agree that mercs can be a Problem balancewise. Maybe the tax will increase? Or maybe there will be a restriction in numbers? e.g. just one or two mercs per Crew.
  6. Davie

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    I think the picture takes up too much space and the text looks a bit too tightly squeezed for my taste. There seems to be not enough space for it. But I can see how the pictures can provide more fluffy immersion. Also: has anyone mentioned that there is no Cg on the front? Maybe certain attacks will have individual Charge-ranges? Edit: also no SS-Cache
  7. Davie

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Maybe the Keyword Mechanic solves this issue. So maybe you can still use Tanuki with Brewmaster for Example? Maybe the Models themselfs gain/stay som sort of dual faction-status
  8. Davie

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    So... I was a stong advocat for "please let Malifaux stay in 2nd Edition for ever!" over the past year. I have issues with changes, especially when they regard a Thing I have a certain Passion and love for. So in the first hour after the announcement of 3rd Edition Malifaux I was pretty seceptical. Flashbacks of how GW treated Warhammer Fantasy came to my mind. However I read through the whole thing like 10 times and it is starting to grow on me. Wyrd is very open about it nad seem to encourage active participation of the Player base via the closed Beta-Testing. This gives me hope. Yes, words like "streamlining" trigger most of us and I (Gremlins Player) have not lost any Master (although I am not sure if the lost masters are really lost because Dead Mans Hand. I am curious to find out how this works) but I have faith in Wyrd. Let's stay positive and let's participate
  9. Davie

    Weekly Model Discussion - Bayou Gremlin

    I tend to Switch my master pretty frequently so my mates do net get too used to certain models. THis results in constant underestimating my Bayou Gremlins. I usually run 3 to 4 in Somer-Crews so my opponents consider them a total spam unit that gives me activation Control and Scheme-Potential. Whichis true ofc. However these Little buggers kill more stuff than you might think at first glance. Yes they die in the process... but who cares right? I have to admit I am a bit hesitant about drunk and reckless. I think 2 wounds on a 4-wound model is pretty hurtful, so you have to time your recklessness pretty well. In non-Somer Crews I tend to skip them unless I really can't find any better use for 3 ss.
  10. Davie

    What's the deal with Alt Lenny?

    but like... alt models are mainly for collecting purposes anyway, right? who cares if Lenny is good or isnt. we all got one anyway from our bayou boss box. So we might as well just enjoy the Triple Malifaux Heavyweight Champion ( I count three belts on him and the piglet combined) I mean... would you be more pleased to get an alt Francois? Or an Alt-Iron Skeeter? You've already got them anyways.
  11. Davie

    Nightmare Ulix box

    I like it
  12. I don't think a nightmare Crew has to be tailored towards newer Players. I think the Crew Looks cool. I like the Idea, it's over the top and ridiculous.
  13. Davie

    PullMyFinger has moved and survives!

    this is awesome!
  14. So are you btw! Glad some people try fighting against the salt!
  15. Davie

    Monday Preview - Undercover Agent

    well the Previews always have a corresponding logo on the bottom of the picture. The Gremlin on the Gator with the Armchair for example had a big "?" the new Above the Law pursuits for TTB had the TTB-Logo This one has the M2E-Logo, so it seems to be just that.