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  1. So that, besides other Things, had drawn me towards Gremlins when I startet Malifaux. I thought of them like the "O&G of Malifaux". But soon after playing my first games back in M2E I realized that they are only marginally like that. They did very high amounts of damage while being very reliable and selfsustaining. Yes, Dumb Luck was very harmful on themselves but Slop Haulers were so good in mitigating those self damaging effects. I always felt they were very reliable yet still full of flavor and comedic value. And during the Beta a bit of that flavor got lost in Translation I. But then again we have great new additions like the spit hog and Gerogy&Olaf. I think that this is awhole nother can of Worms. Age of Sigmar did terrible Things to Warhammer, if you ask me. They drink lots of moonshine (I think the "Trusty Flask" is much more frequent now than it used to be), they still have great self-damaging potential thanks to many stray shots and they still have lots of flavor.
  2. I suppose you'll be able to get single cards via drivethrurpg ? That seems plausible at least
  3. This is amazing. Thank you Wyrd! I hope stuff will be available not only in the US and Canada but Europe aswell. I need my singleton Alphonse and Georgy&Olaf.
  4. the Key word is Big Hat though ..................... But Yeah, that's the way I've played "up to"
  5. there are some changes, yes. I also prefer the Artwork but I don't think it's a big deal.
  6. well then it wouldn't be accidental anymore also an inbuilt 5-Inch push without any real restrictions at the end of each attack... don't you think that'd be a bit too much? Also he has that trusty flask and high WP. I don't think he's too squishy for what he brings to the table: High mobility and a second source of blood poisoning. I think the Burning does not need any further synergies in Tri-Chi. It's just what it is: another DoT that ticks along with the poison.
  7. they are not bad anymore if you ask me. the fixed drunken kung fu makes them pretty strong. People have complained about the opposite being the case because of his high armor and DF. I don't think Fingers Role is to be a scheme runner. That used to be the case in M2E. Now he is more of an annoyance that denies schemes and slows down enemies. but for scheme running you should prolly use other models. Fingers does not run schemes. He runs interference. Wh I played him I used him to be all over the place thanks to his on the move and accidental roll over. He has two abilities to give a Little bit of poison and the rest of the Crew is supposed to spray the shine. I agree that cooper Needs some Setup but I read People saying that Whiskey gamin are actually really good scheme runners. I think Cooper is a "sometimes"-Pick depending on the Setup. What I'm trying to say: Opinions about brewmaster seem to vary strongly. I loved every game with him and I found him and his Crew always to be pretty strong but not overwhelmingly so.
  8. Davie

    Moon Shinobi

    Drunken Kung Fu is good again. I'm okay with Moon Shinobi now
  9. woah, newest update works fine with me. print it. :D
  10. I think Criers in conjunction with Bayou Gremlins should be tweaked. Threaten Beatings should work on Bayous regardless of the Family Gathering Upgrade. Drunken Kung Fu on Moon Shinobi should be fixed or they should be buffed in another way. Banjonistas worked well for me as a Walking Push-Machine. But I agree that their usefullness right now is kinda limited.
  11. So separate feet will continue to be a Thing? Great! :D I love the Art btw. I think it Looks like Misaki is done with playing games and down to Business!
  12. Davie

    Moon Shinobi

    I am still so mad about the nerf on drunken kung fu. I don't know what to say. The ability might not exist at all right now. I know, you can still make use of it by distracting your moon shinobi but it's such a Setup! if they had a Mask inprinted on Have a Drink it might by mildly reliable
  13. I am still so so so bummed by the nerf on drunken kung fu. Again: Yes, Shen Longs Drunken Kung fu needed a nerf but the moon shinobi? come on..... I don't want to see another Edition where These beautyful models will just not see a tabletop. Please give them "drunken GREMLIN Kung Fu" or nerf Shen Longs Dmg Output instead of the ability itself. I don't know man.... Also Big Hat: Criers would be much more viable if threaten beatings would work on Bayou Gremlins regardless if they have been summoned with the Family gathering upgrade or not.
  14. *sigh* I can totally see why you want to wrap it up at this Point. The Beta (closed + open) has been going on for half a year now. But there are still so many Things that Need Fixing. Moon Shinobi are utterly useless for example since Drunken Kung Fu has been nerfed. Big Hat is still not a smooth Keyword. People are complaining about Tricksy-Keyword, What I was looking for in M3E was to find a viable spot for every model. And the beta gave me high hopes until recently. But right now there are just so many models that will end up on the shelf or will be played as "Counts as Fermented River Monk" in the case of Moon Shinobi.
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