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  1. Davie

    Weekly Model Discussion - Bayou Gremlin

    I tend to Switch my master pretty frequently so my mates do net get too used to certain models. THis results in constant underestimating my Bayou Gremlins. I usually run 3 to 4 in Somer-Crews so my opponents consider them a total spam unit that gives me activation Control and Scheme-Potential. Whichis true ofc. However these Little buggers kill more stuff than you might think at first glance. Yes they die in the process... but who cares right? I have to admit I am a bit hesitant about drunk and reckless. I think 2 wounds on a 4-wound model is pretty hurtful, so you have to time your recklessness pretty well. In non-Somer Crews I tend to skip them unless I really can't find any better use for 3 ss.
  2. Davie

    What's the deal with Alt Lenny?

    but like... alt models are mainly for collecting purposes anyway, right? who cares if Lenny is good or isnt. we all got one anyway from our bayou boss box. So we might as well just enjoy the Triple Malifaux Heavyweight Champion ( I count three belts on him and the piglet combined) I mean... would you be more pleased to get an alt Francois? Or an Alt-Iron Skeeter? You've already got them anyways.
  3. Davie

    Nightmare Ulix box

    I like it
  4. I don't think a nightmare Crew has to be tailored towards newer Players. I think the Crew Looks cool. I like the Idea, it's over the top and ridiculous.
  5. Davie

    PullMyFinger has moved and survives!

    this is awesome!
  6. So are you btw! Glad some people try fighting against the salt!
  7. Davie

    Monday Preview - Undercover Agent

    well the Previews always have a corresponding logo on the bottom of the picture. The Gremlin on the Gator with the Armchair for example had a big "?" the new Above the Law pursuits for TTB had the TTB-Logo This one has the M2E-Logo, so it seems to be just that.
  8. Davie

    Monday Preview - Undercover Agent

    I wholeheartedly agree with you. Maybe "disrespected" was a bit harsh. and I also agree with your "if you can't say something nice"-sentiment. It was importand for me to point out that the artwork itself isn't bad! The artist did a great job and did something I could never do. but conceptually.... I'm not convinced
  9. Davie

    Monday Preview - Undercover Agent

    actually we're getting serious over artworks. Not even the 3d-Models. That being said, I find your comment rather dismissive. Most people here spend a significant amount of their time and money into Malifaux and if changes occour, which they (me included) have trouble dealing with, they might feel disrespected. If you have a passion and somone meddles with it, you get serious about it. Even if you as a customer have no right to stake any claims, and they as a company have all the rights to stake claims.
  10. Davie

    July 2018 Errata

    I'm just glad Gremlins got spared this time :D but on Topic: while I have never played against Nicodem, I always toyed with the idea starting ressers as 2nd faction and thus I always contemplated playing Nico. I still do. The Nerfs, while being rather drastic, sound plausible to me.
  11. Davie

    Monday Preview - Undercover Agent

    I'm not sure how I feel about them (and about the last 5 other previews). I realize that there is/are different artist/s than 3 years ago and I am not saying that the artworks are bad. They aren't! This is good work. Bit I somehow can't really appreciate the "new" art direction. Maybe it's just my inability to cope with changes but if I compare "old" artwork to the new artowrk I always end up dissapointed. It's all so goofy and feels forced. Out of all the recent previews the only thing I could appreciate was the female huckster, because she is "thicc" as the young people say. This doesn't feel like the art I fell in love with. Like... gremlins have always been the "funny" faction. Yet it always felt like they take themselves seriously. These here feel so silly and out of place (Malifaux being the place). As if they were mocking me. I kind of hope it's for another IP than Malifaux. But the "M2E" on the bottom of the picture suggests otherwise.
  12. Davie

    Go To Master

    When it came to deciding what faction to play I cast my eyes on Ophelia in fell in love with her. A strong female character who is also a lot of fun in that she and her entire family is basically copying this entire famous human family? It was perfect! But since then I have coolected almost every other Gremlin Master and I found that I don't really have a "go to". But if I had to chose one I guess it'd be Somer. He is the most versatile and strong Master in the faction imo.
  13. Davie

    Our worst models

    Then just do that. You don't have to Play her if you don't like her. I understand that this thread is about the models you dont like and wish to be stronger. And I understand that you come from the "competetive tournament Player point of view". And while I do not participate in tournaments and am certainly more "casual" than you are, I also like to win and play Lists that are considered competetive in my small 8-People-Meta. But I just can't understand why you want to buff all those models. I feel like if you buff these models, for example Ophelia, you'll soon end up complaining about why Somer is now weaker than Ophelia. To me this would end up in a cycle of evening out all cracks and bumps and flaws that make this game fun for me. There are around 60+ different kinds of models per faction I think. You simply cannot make every single one of those viable, while keeping their individuality and keeping at least a bit of a balance between the factions. There have to be weak models for others to shine.
  14. Ah! Leider zu spät gesehen, am Sonntag hätte ich sicherlich Zeit gehabt. Gibt es Spielberichte und Fotos?
  15. Davie

    State of the local metas

    Location: Cologne, Germany Size: 7 Players. Most winning: Everything Gremlin and Guild. Struggeling: right now Neverborn I'd say. Models/Items most complained about : Burt Jebsen with Magical and/or Dirty Cheater, summoned Piglets, summoned Bayou Gremlins, Dumb Luck / Thinkin Luck. Katanaka-Snipers Note: No Resser Player. Meta is not consistent though. I'd say that I (Gremlins) play the most games so naturally I have the most practice and I tend to win more games than others. So complains about Gremlins are of Course more than other.