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  1. Thanks guys, I've canceled my order in germany and placed one at wayland games. I appreciate your help!
  2. thanks for the swift reply @Nathan Caroland. guess I'll have to order somewhere else then. I know that it is not your guys fault. kinda frustrating nonetheless
  3. So I've got a question regarding special orders in germany: Good Ol Boys will be available until the end of this month. I've ordered them via fantasywelt.de ages ago but so far they have not yet received any special orders as it seems. With September coming to an end soon: should I just order them via wyrds shop and pay the huge shipping costs? or will they be available throughout later months if the order was placed timely?
  4. I like this new found love for bushwhackers I generally thought people didn't like them.
  5. I wouldn't say that. I feel like that Tricksy is more about moving stuff into (un)favourable positions while kin is about raw damage potential while being deceptively sturdy thanks to "flinch" and "the bigger they are" dont get me wrong, rooster riders are hella strong. but Little Lass, Trixibelle and Mah herself are really good at pushing stuff around. Many players also swear on Big Brain Brin for doing stuff. I have yet to try him though. Also I have not yet tried out the "robot" part of tricksy (survivors, Sparks, soulstone miner)
  6. Yesterday I played Corrupted Idols on Wedge Deployment - 35SS Harness the Leylines (me), Claim Jump (both), Take Prisoner (Opponent) Ulix (me) Vs. Yan Lo (TT) Bayou: Ulix Penelope Old Major Slop Hauler Slop Hauler Hog Whisperer Wild Boar Ten Thunders: Yan Lo Soul Porter Chiaki Toshiro Ashigaru Yin Low River Monk (the healing kind of Monk) This game went surprisingly well for Ulix. I managed to turn the Wild Boar into a Warpig and charge into my opponents backline on turn one. I did
  7. Fingers is amazing. Not only is he a great scheme-Denier! He is incredibly annoying with dishing out slow and rather hard to pin down! One game against Misaki he survived two rounds amidst enemy beaters because of the built in squeal combined with the trusty flask heal. he kept the lone swordsman and a Crime boss busy. He even made Misaki Show up to deal with him.
  8. the wording is "...drop and additional marker of the same type..." so I'd say yes. It'd be a second enemy schememarker.
  9. Yesterday I played Wong vs Yan Lo. Wong Olivia Bernard 3 Lightningbugs Burt Jebsen Taxidermist (+free Stuffed Piglet) Flying Piglet VS Yan Lo Soul Porter Chiaki Toshiro Yin 2 Ashigaru Strategy: Turf War Schmes: We both picked Deliver a Message and Harness the Ley Lines In Turn one I hit a "Wait What?!" on Launch into Space so I was well prepared fo scoring harness the Ley lines after turn two. Yan Los Crew caught me off guard in how mobile they were, so my flying piglet, who was sup
  10. Brewmaster Wesley Whiskey Golem Fingers Popcorn Turner 2 Whiskey Gamin 2 Moonshinobi VS Parker Barrows Doc Mad Dog Convict Gunslinger Bandito 2 Prospects something else I cant remember We were playing Turf War and I chose Deliver the message and Harness the Ley lines. Popcorn Turner nearly died within the first round after a gunslinger charged him for 6 Damage. He recovered with his trusty flask and would stand for another two turns. Brewmaster was a beast: luring People out of Position an
  11. My Faction Pack and Rulebook finally arrived 😍 Great job wyrd! The Tarot Size cards are amazing in real life! Love it!
  12. I'm still wondering if there will be a Gremlin-Pioneer, staking Claim to every Inch someone else has already build up a house. I mean Mah used to have a Manifest Destiny Upgrade...
  13. Still Crossing my fingers hoping Special orders will be available in Germany. I know it's not your fault but most likely a distrubutor issue but the last time I checked my go-to store and thei Distributor had no clue at all. I like the hootenany box because I don't own banjonistas yet - so I got lucky and this will be a buy for me. The Deliverance-Box however… I'm not so sure about that. Do I get this Right? Spit Hogs are Minon (2) but there will be only one in the box? So there is also just one sculpt? If so I will most likely just end up using old Major and the sow as stand ins s
  14. I have neither played BBB nor First Mate so I cannot tell wether you should take em or not but for Starters I'd say you should stick within the Keyword. You just cannot go wrong with Slop haulers and Hog Whisperers (which will soon come in a box of three). You also Need piglets, obviously, and warpigs. Also the Sow and/or Gracie are good. So I'd recommend you go hogwild at first and from there on you can dip into other stuff.
  15. where did you get the September-Information from? As far as I know shops and stores simply don't know when they'll be able to sell M3E stuff.
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