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  1. Euclid (#ScottishMeta)

    Iron Painter 2018 - Round Three Results

    That may have been more due to the "theme" last time being closer to a restriction than theme...
  2. Euclid (#ScottishMeta)

    Iron Painter 2018 - Round Three Results

    Thanks! I wasn't too confident when the galleries opened.
  3. Euclid (#ScottishMeta)

    The Monster Within - Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

    I was *soo* close to painting these busts too! I absolutely love Infamy miniatures and you have done an amazing job on these!
  4. Euclid (#ScottishMeta)


    Thanks! Hopefully i can keep coming up with these ideas!
  5. Euclid (#ScottishMeta)

    Iron Painter 2018 - Round Three Announcement

    Good luck to you too! Just submitted my entry after a hectic night getting it completed...
  6. Euclid (#ScottishMeta)


  7. Euclid (#ScottishMeta)

    Iron Painter 2018 - Round Three Announcement

    Fine.... I guess i'll show my hand then
  8. Euclid (#ScottishMeta)

    Iron Painter 2018 - Round Three Announcement

    This feels like a challenge. OK i'll see if I can finish my crazy other- idea in time
  9. Euclid (#ScottishMeta)

    Iron Painter 2018 - Round Three Announcement

    I'm not so sure! I haven't really been able to come up with anything too much this round so my entry is going to hopefully have to rely on my (mediocre) painting skills...
  10. Euclid (#ScottishMeta)

    Keep it simple? Paint by numbers!

    What could be more simple than a paint by numbers miniature. Sadly I couldn't finish in time so you'll have to complete numbers 4, 6, 7 and 13 on your own
  11. Euclid (#ScottishMeta)

    Round One Results & Round Two Begins

    Can we re-start/remove the countdown timer? I KNOW in my logical brain that it isn't brushes down yet, but every time I read that....
  12. Euclid (#ScottishMeta)

    Burn It All!!

    When I saw the theme this was the first thing I thought of. Definitely not just an excuse to paint this Xenomorph model I've been wanting to work on for AGES! Not super happy with how the Marine turned out but was a little bit of a rush towards the end so had to just submit as it is. Didn't help that my greenstuff has started to turn a little funny... might have to buy some fresh stuff before the next round.
  13. Euclid (#ScottishMeta)

    Iron Painter - 2018 Rules & Sign Ups

    I'm in
  14. Euclid (#ScottishMeta)

    Mei Feng Buff Idea

    Maybe that could be converted into a useable (0) action that she has been lacking for so long. Would need to gain that suit for the rest of her activation then to all duels, but would have mostly the same effect. My previous thoughts on this subject was a riff on Reference the Field guide but instead Reference the Combo Guide and allowing to discard as many cards to add as many suits as wanted, hahaha.
  15. Euclid (#ScottishMeta)

    ITC 2018 Feedback

    More of the same: Remove bonus points, everything else was great. I'm not sure that I like the "master ban" idea. One thought I had was changing the pairing to be putting forward a pair of masters instead of a single master. This way your opponent won't be able to take tech models with 100% certainty and you might see some of the more specialised masters being played. I.e. Ramos & Sandeep for pool one. Opposing team puts forward Collodi // Lilith, Sommer // Zipp.