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  1. I guess its more when I'm playing a zoraida crew where pretty much everything in my crew has butterfly jump or stealth (or both) XD
  2. I'll be happy to keep playing it if it stays as is - its just a very negative experience for all my opponents so far.
  3. So i've played quite a few games with this upgrade now. Trying it on various different hard to kill models in our faction - Bad Juju, Hooded Rider, Teddy etc. Buttefly jump on these models is waay too strong. I've been playing with this EXTREMELY fairly, making sure to constantly remind my opponents that I have butterfly jump so they aren't wasting AP by charging in and only getting one attack, etc. I know this has been brought up before, but this upgrade hasn't changed for a long time - so Wyrd presumably thinks this is OK? What are all your thoughts?
  4. future proofing for possible GG schemes? I do not actually know.
  5. 1) As always with this type of master v situational. Depends on the strats and schemes and what you want to achieve that turn. 2) I probably use this far too much. I love using all my cards during Zs activation and then getting a fresh hand. If you are discarding less cards than your opponent then i'd nearly always do it. You can also put people in odd situations with this ability by going for a feint - during Zoraidas activation on turn 3 they will know what this ability does so they will be more likely to cheat as their cards are "meaningless", you can possibly get them to discard t
  6. I am a big fan of the juuj. If you are worried at all about survival throw on the butterfly jump upgrade - that is stupid on the swamp monster.
  7. She's also a good choice into Plant Explosives because of the super mobile hires she brings (silurids/first mate) and being able to push her crew up or make interacts happen out of sequence. I too don't have much more to add to this aside from being interested in seeing how everything develops as we get past beta and into a maturing competitive environment.
  8. It also means you don't need to do weird actions / hires to "set up" what to remove
  9. A fair few masters end up this way. Arcanist Marcus gets access to the Razorspine Rattler from out of faction, Neverborn Marcus gets access to around 8 chimera models from Arcanists.
  10. Fair. I mostly disagreed with the use of the terminology "nerf" while we are in a constant flux of re-balancing in Beta, its one of my pet peeves.
  11. The voodoo curse is the weakest part of Zoraida's toolkit from my experience so far. It is not worth the effort to take models in your crew if their main purpose is to put conditions on the doll. (not saying a wisp and adze aren't good models in general, I do like what they bring)
  12. Not stacking, but a wicked doll can throw adversary of your choice on it.
  13. I think you are missing the power in this ability here. For one, this damage isn't from an attack so would get around incorporeal - right? This ability is best used when punishing a model. Put it on them and then force duels - they either cheat and take damage or let you hit them... and take damage. I agree it's not as overtly powerful as her other abilities but I wouldn't call it useless. I completely agree with you on the voodoo doll. I tried to use it as a scrap generator in my last game with Vasilisa but the curse is not worth it, and can't even be applied when Zoraida isn't with
  14. I was more thinking that if the crew did more with stunned then it would make Penetrating Stench more than just "flavour text".... Also I feel like those two crews you have picked are some of THE MOST thematically synergistic - Euripides specifically (I have had most games with that big ol lad).
  15. I've yet to play with Zoraida's crew (thats tonight job) but isn't this the same as most other crews? A lot of them seem to share an ability (like penetrating stench here) and maybe something that ties to the master (Zoraida drawing LoS/Range - something that looks WAAAY too strong at 12" to me). If it was felt that the synergies weren't enough of a draw over faction versatile models I would suggest the following: Add to Penetrating stench: "Enemy Models ending their activation engaged with this model do not end the stunned condition" Add triggers or abilities to the sw
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