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  1. Euclid (#ScottishMeta)

    UK 2018 Masters - LIVE STREAM

    Just a reminder that this is going to be happening in TWO DAYS!
  2. Euclid (#ScottishMeta)

    Willie - Throw Dynamite

    Certainly looks like a trigger that was removed, but not fully.
  3. Euclid (#ScottishMeta)

    Euripides Thoughts

    Important to add that M2E veterans will default to 50mm ice pillar markers - they don't specify a size so are the default 30mm size this edition.
  4. Euclid (#ScottishMeta)

    Grammar/Spelling Thread

    There's a typo on the Eldritch Magic upgrade. It currently reads "If this model is a Minion, it gains the following Attack Action: Counterspell" This should be Ability.
  5. Euclid (#ScottishMeta)

    UK 2018 Masters - LIVE STREAM

    Round one is scheduled for 10AM GMT on the 19th, so we'll probably be live shortly before that.
  6. Euclid (#ScottishMeta)

    UK 2018 Masters - LIVE STREAM

    Hey all! We've been covering local (and some not so local) events over on our YouTube channel, but on the 19th and 20th of January we are going to be streaming the UK Masters event for this year with Live commentary over at twitch.tv/ScottishMeta. Hoping to see you all in the chat through the weekend! Joe
  7. Euclid (#ScottishMeta)

    The man of Smoke and Mirrors

    He comes, bright and burning, through the day or night... I didn't quite feel like trying NMM for the fully body here but had fun playing around. Very happy with how the base came out - i'm definitely going to be doing some other projects like this.
  8. Euclid (#ScottishMeta)

    Iron Painter 2018 - Round Five Announcement

    I am not enthused by my current idea.... theres probably just enough time to scrap it and start fresh providing I don't need to order anything..... :/
  9. Euclid (#ScottishMeta)

    UK NATIONALS - Guil results ?¿

    Top table was Nellie vs Nellie and was recorded again so will be up on the ScottishMeta youtube as soon as we have it edited.
  10. Euclid (#ScottishMeta)

    Lowdown & Dirty

    Thanks! I wanted to go for a neon "outrun" poster style vibes on that. A little sad I didn't do that across the whole thing tbh...
  11. Euclid (#ScottishMeta)

    Iron Painter 2018 - Round Four Announcement

    Well I had a lot of problems submitting that.... I think I finally got it in there but is a very low res image ah well
  12. Euclid (#ScottishMeta)

    A lot of stencil work....

    For what ultimately was only a tiny background section....
  13. Euclid (#ScottishMeta)

    Lowdown & Dirty

    Back-up for if my other, erroring entries haven't worked. The famous cop duo are back! Lowdown and Dirty take to the streets to show crime how nasty things can get.
  14. Euclid (#ScottishMeta)


    Step 1 - saw the toy car in half...
  15. Euclid (#ScottishMeta)

    Iron Painter 2018 - Round Four Announcement

    Photos taken. Just need to edit this all together. Not super happy with the end result but seems that's the case for everybody here... haha!