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  1. I ran Moly, Necro, Nani, Archie,forgotten marshal, croliganx2, rabble riser, night terror, effigy on turf war. List was really not optimized at all for turf war ( many little minions) but I was facing Rasputina and it helped me a lot. Took outflank and harness the leyline. I put the crooligans in Raspi quarters of the table not to have my strategic markers fliped I discovered that Nani who seemed a bit contradictory on her card (manipulative + boring question which need to be activated + aura which need movement to be in the right spot) was much more logical than I thought when
  2. Noob question but Molly can also remove ice pillar markers with her ability lost knowledge ?
  3. How do you manage heavy armored crew like hoffman for instance ? I saw few solutions like emissary, sparks leblanc, warpigs , rami lacroix but outside these solutions not really comboing with trichi is it possible to handle heavy armored crew with burning + poison + slow ? what are your experiences against that kind of crew (one or two players in my meta play hoffman ^^) ?
  4. Can you expand a little bit your thought ? I’m noob but I don’t see how
  5. I would be interested to read your list and your feedbacks for this tournament !
  6. Do anyone have some example lists of what he play for each Scenario ?
  7. Thank you for the responses I tried one time mad dog with Tara vs Raspi and he was quite a beast ! He killed the ice golem in one turn wipe out some ice pillars... there are some good things in outcast and recruiting maddog or malifaux child, i think I’ll start that way in bayou you have many stealth that might be interesting but I don’t own them yet which caracters in the Keyword do you use the most frequently ? I don’t think I’ll take more than one iron skeeter for example. mancha roja and wrestlers looks very nice ! Merris LaCroix too...
  8. Hi ! I want to start zipp, he looks very fun ! i usually play against guilds crew, vik crew or raspi. Which are all pretty killy. Do you have any tips ? do you prefer zipp in outcast or bayou ?? What are the differences ? I don’t know very well bayou so it’s a bit hard to figure that out
  9. Problem is people telling the opposite are credible too we go for something like my interpretation versus yours and that’s a nonsens
  10. No one from wyrd never answer this ? It’s absolutly absurd to leave something like this without a clear answer given it might reproduce with many other profils ... in my case the answer was like « yes both activate so your guy dies » or « no so he can activate 3 times » the impact is huge !
  11. Hello It s just to have a certitude i had several different answers yet i play Tara and i buried a guy with fast condition. so at the start of his activation i choose to unbury that ennemy model near a model engaged with Tara. do the Tara ability « ennemy models with fast start their activation within 4 suffer 2 damages » activate ? If « start of the activation » is viewed as a phase i think it should works. Second question : those 2 damages, coming from an ability are reduced by armor even it’s not during an Attack action ? thank for your answer
  12. Do we know when this new box could be released ? Because now everywhere the crew is out of stock and i’d like to start that crew
  13. Headheck Tried it during open beta ... . Wyrd have tried many many differents versions during the beta and now it's playable but so much complexity to perform simple actions... I think this master is only here for those who need making hyper complexes equations to perform a 1+1 addition. well it's way too complex to use for what this mental charge bring you back (spoiler : nothing particular)
  14. Another game against Vic sisters Another pretty straight, strong destruction oriented crew. In my meta people like to go forward for the efficiency : easy brawl, heal, very good mobility and let's go. Scenario was Reckoning Schemes were Harness leyline, outflank, power ritual take prisoner, and deliver a message. My compo was this time : https://m3e-crew-builder.herokuapp.com/m3e/index?crew=f--Resurrectionist:l--Molly Squidpiddge--Grave Spirit's Touch:s--50:n--New Molly Squidpiddge crew:r--Necrotic Machine--:h--Philip and the Nanny--:h--Rogue Necromancy--
  15. I forgot prey on nothingness trigger... but as many attacks were at range 10" or more was not a good way to deal with it.. Focus is REALLY strong adding a flip positif on both duel and damage flips...
  16. YEs a mistake I think it was worst for me than for Dashel ^^ .. I mssed the molly Lost knowledge ! When playing a new crew there are so many things to learn to play it right ...
  17. Thanks for the advices On my compo : Against Dashel, when she came at range, Nani was just gold with her abilitie to inflict 2 damages to those ennemy focusing, countering the ability of Dashel. Ennemy within 6" take : Chatty (no interact without discarding can be avoid but seems a bit disturbing), "He's starting to make sense..." (Focused = 2 damages), and Boring conversation (Every non walk action = TN 10 Wp) She is a really good (allowing to bring some tools to counter some of mollyweakness) She won't go in rampage but put a protection bubble which can be interesting Archie
  18. It was plant explosive and i miss choose breakthrough and hold them There was detonate, harness the ley line, deliver a message two things i noticed : unbalance between shoot and closecombat crew on open field and invocations are really powerfull with minions costing 9 or 8 ss ^^
  19. The guy chose Dashel which with all the focus etc was really hard to play against.. call in reinforcement with minions costing 9 or 8 all guys getting focus bypassing my defensive abilities. His compo was dashel dispatcher executioner riffleman pale rider death marshall recruiter guild steward guild hound The terrain was really open and i played a really non opti compo like molly/archie/nani/2x rabble/ 3x crooligans i missed some opportunities and some game mecanics which would have helped me (i forgot to reduce damage on m
  20. I heard it but in term of composition the guy rely heavily on elite troop like rogue necro and emissary ... but i don’t own them yet ... neither for crooligan.. As english is not my native langage i might have lost some details throught the process .... I ve got in stock : manos / mourners reva crew /draugh /lampad etc Molly crew box Alt seamus I then can proxi some guys maybe death rider or rogue necro but against lady j ... New Molly Squidpiddge Crew (Resurrectionist) Size: 50 - Pool: 5 Leader: Molly Squidpiddge Grave Sp
  21. Thanks for all the answers ! I bought Miss feasance cause i like the mini but it might not make it with molly.. I didn't catch the free action limitation... Are Rabble risers worth it ? And Does Manos is interesting for a Molly composition ? I'm so noob at this game I think I'm going to face LAdy Justice any advices on how to play molly ?
  22. ok i don't own them yet but i'll plan to purchase them Better crooligans or night terrors first ? I would say crooligan but not sure ...
  23. Wow you're fast to respond The question was about integrating seamus in the crew to get some punch to the composition ..
  24. Hi ! I'm a beginner and was thinking at a compo like : Molly Necrotic machine Seamus Archie Philip and the nanny Rable Riser x2 What do you think about this ? Thanks
  25. well, you paid 2 SS to gain 3 AND to make your opponnent loose 3... Very profitable in fact. Interesting I'll try it.
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