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  1. El Sótano del Honeypot ('The Honeypot's Basement') is a podcast project, started on the initiative of various Spanish players, dedicated to discussing, in Spanish, the numerous aspects of Wyrd's games. We focus mainly on Malifaux, although we haven't ruled out the possibility of creating content about The Other Side and Through The Breach. In the first episode we talk exhaustively on the subject of the rules changes and peculiarities of M3E. You can listen to and download the programme: https://www.ivoox.com/temporada-1-episodio-1-reglas-malifaux-3-edicion-audios-mp3_rf_36573863_1.html. You can contact us via email at: elsotanodelhoneypot@gmail.com We look forward to your feedback and comments!
  2. Hey all! After a few technical difficulties I am proud to present our take on the 3rd edition news. Enjoy! https://www.criticaltwits.com/105-malifaux-3rd-edition-dissected/
  3. I have very recently started playing malifaux and so I've started listening to the podcast Through the Breach for the lore. I have looked up tactics and such on pullmyfingerwiki but I read somewhere that scheme's and stone was a good one to listen to as well for strategy. However I also read that it was out of date. I was hoping someone could give me feedback on whether I should listen to the and if I should is there a certain episode I should start on? Thank you for all the help.
  4. Hi all! We asked you, we collected your answers, cogitated ruminated and digested. For your amusement, we present the guide to the best dogs in Malifaux!
  5. I'm sure I posted a thread about the show when it had started, but now we are up to the 9th episode and I'll be recording the 10th tomorrow. Arcane Reservoir is a podcast (here http://arcanereservoir.podbean.com/)where I talk with my friend Aaron and guests about a whole host of Malifaux subjects, tactics, tournaments and sometimes a bit of hobby. Rather than leave it that generic I'll give you a quick run down of the first 9 episodes to see if it sounds like something you may like. +1 Bight Start, Dark Faux: This is the first episode with just myself and Aaron, explaining what happened to the show we used to do, what the podcast is about and then the main brunt of it is a tournament report of Dark Faux a four round event in London where I (as always) took Arcanists and Aaron took Guild. Spoilers: we both got best in faction. +2 Scot Railwalker Bru: One of the longest shows to date at almost 3 hours, I advice listening to this on a long commute or just get acquainted with the pause button. This episode Aaron and I are joined by Scottish GT organiser (and recent best Arcanist at the largest Malifaux event ever) Joe Taylor. This is kind of a love letter from me as I loved our time in Scotland (we're based on the south coast of England btw) and the Scottish GT was a fantastic event over two days. +3 The Chosen Con: 3 Lessons Learnt: This episode we are joined by someone who becomes a very regular guest the UK no.1 Greg Piskosz. He comes on to chat about his trip to Gen Con, how to be a better Malifaux player, early Wave 3 impressions and more. It's always good poking the brain of the current best, a lot of cool stories and a lot to learn. +4 Smokey, Dark, Prompt: with GenCon passing and everyone and their mother grabbing the Dark Carnival we are joined by Martin Wodehouse, current UK top Arcanist and avid Colette player. Martin talks briefly about a recent tournament win and we pick his brains about how to use Colette/Cooper, her box set without her and most importantly how to beat her. +5 Three Jokers in One Hand: Aaron and I have three guests this show, Maria, Garry and Josh of the Black Jokers team, We speak briefly about an event we had all attended not long before and with a mix of players we speak about some wave 3 impressions. Maria being one of the top players in the UK is another person who when she speaks you should listen and learn. Also Garry and Josh are good too ;-) +6 Starting something, well grim: We get Greg back on the show and do a run down of the two player starter models. Are they good? Where are they nice as mercenaries? All this and more. +7 All the Questions, some of the answers: Just myself and Aaron as we answer twitter questions from the listeners. We make Nationals predictions, we chat about running tournaments, what to expect the first time you attend one, the top mercenaries and more. +8 Conflux of Discussion (part 1): We get Greg back for a similar show to +6 except this time we go through the Emissaries of Fate. This show we cover the first three (Guild, Rezer, Arcanist) in a lot of detail. Where are they good, when to take the 0ss generic upgrade and much more. Part 2 of this will be +9 for those who want our perspectives on the Neverborn, Outcast, Gremlins and Thunders Emissary. +9 Stolen Fates, Bracketology 102: After a big twitter buzz about the Cheated Fates top henchman discussion where everyone seemed to love the show but think the panel were crazy, we decided to do our own "UK twist". Myself and Aaron, grab Greg again, but also James Doxey (Mythic Fox) and Luke Cocksedge, two other top UK players to do our own version with a poll ran and responded by many more players. We discuss the bottom of the barrel before delving into the top 16 bracket, declaring a winner and then chatting about who we were surprised didn't make the cut. As I said +10 will be the second part of the Emissary discussion, +11 should be me hosting a Bayou Broadcast reunion with Craig Johnson and "The Announcer" Dom Westerland. Finally +12 will be a 2015 round up to finish off the year with myself and Aaron. So far I have released Arcane Reservoir every fortnight on a Thursday (in the UK at least) and I intend to stick to this schedule. Please leave a comment Sound good? Already listen? Feedback is always welcome. what is the best episode? favourite guest? what needs more coverage? what do you not care to listen about? anyone you'd like on who hasn't been? http://arcanereservoir.podbean.com/ is the link for the site. It's on iTunes, but if you use something else and can't listen, please give me a heads up and I'll endeavour to get the show on that format.
  6. Hi all! The Critical Twits podcast needs your help - we need to know who the best dog in Malifaux is. We've included all of the Canidae family (and were/hybrid/undead iterations thereof) and no Bultungin, because they're werehyenas and therefore their own separate thing and I totally didn't have to look that up on Wikipedia earlier today. We'd also love to know your reasons below! (You may see the same poll on A Wyrd Place too, feel free to vote here too and consider the reward you deserve for being so dedicated to our beloved game) Cheers everyone!
  7. Hey all! We're a bit late to the party but here's our thoughts on GG2018!
  8. Hey everyone, we discussed the latest errata on our podcast, with players from each faction. It's not the most super-serious discussion ever, and there are a plethora of terrible jokes to make the medicine go down, but we'd love to know what you think!
  9. Hey everyone! We went to our first ever Malifaux tournament with them there strangers in it, and played our first games of GG2018. Then we talked about it for your (hopeful) amusement. Let us know all the things we did wrong below! Click here for noises!
  10. The most anticipated episode 24 about Resurrectionists this year! The second string Lecturers (I was dying, or drunk, or playing games, or something) continue the Broken Promises review, this time going over the Dirty Ressers!
  11. We're back! This week we report back from our latest self-enforced tournament, Burst of the Worst. Based on a poll run by Huzzah Hobbies, this tournament got us to play Masters commonly considered to be the worst. Are they really so bad or have we found ways of making them work?
  12. IT'S BACK! It's like a Malifaux Homecoming! Episode 19, where we go all Buzzfeed on Logfaux, and talk about why Masters are where they are, where they should be, and how reporting may make all of this irrelevant! Plus, ads! Shouting is welcome - this episode is full of opinion and ill-formed guesses, so feel free to tell us why we're brilliant, but still wrong!
  13. The Lecturers return in episode 18! This episode, we all challenge an imaginary Arcanist opponent. We discuss crew selection, scheme choices, terrain challenges, and why Arcanists are the worst faction. #loveyousandeep #mechanicalridermorelikeYasanoriLite
  14. Another Lecture! Although this one is deeply diminished by the lack of one of the members (clearly the most important and crucial of the group), I suppose I'll still point it out to you. In this episode, they discuss choices made before the game begins - crew selection, strats, schemes, etc. I'm sure it's fine, even without their star pupil....
  15. It's a two part episode! We talk about the things in Wave 4 that aren't in crew boxes (or are in crew boxes, but also have their own boxes and are super awesome *cough*Autumn Knights*cough*). The first part came out last week, so I know everyone already listened to it, but for the couple people that didn't, here's part 1: And here's part 2:
  16. Greetings all! A new, belated, episode of Lecture Notes from the Breach has appeared! In this episode we do a run down of the factions, going over strengths and weaknesses, what to expect when you hear your opponent declare Ressers vs Outcasts, and give you an idea of what the heck is going on! As always, comments, concerns, mocking and arguments (along with bad puns) are welcome! https://soundcloud.com/user-691784316/episode-14-faction-analysis-incorporated
  17. The Red Jokers: A Faux Show were kind enough to host myself and a fellow Critical Twit for a mega-episode of Malifaux discussion, including highlighting some of our favourite models, our differing approaches to tournament gaming, what would happen if we went Through The Breach, and more, including some awesome Malifaux-based challenges for each 'cast and which board games Malifaux fans should be playing.
  18. Hi all! Brian from the Critical Twits here. It's been a while but we've been hard at work, playing a tonne of Henchman Hardcore so we can bring you our verdict (and our crews!) for this quicky format. Any HH fans out there? Does anyone have any really nasty crews I could use to stop my losing streak?
  19. Episode 13 is out! We talk about common crews, interesting bits, things to fear, and take over the world!
  20. It's one 'cast before lucky 13, and 2 after round number 10! We break down factions and talk about our favorite models/strongest models/sleeper models/models we have thoughts about that we thought about too soon and before erratas and faqs came out! We make fun of Alex! We...Uh...stuff! We welcome feedback, mocking shouts, cash donations and anything else!
  21. Greetings all! Lecture Notes from the Breach (world famous Malifaux podcast) did an extra credit session, as we played through a Through the Breach one shot. If things line up, we'll be doing one of these every month or so! You can find it on iTunes, or on Soundcloud, or possibly floating dead down a river! The sound quality is...authentic for a recording made through a rift in space time. Yeah. It's on purpose. Totally. Hope you enjoy it!
  22. Hi all, Brian from the Twits here. Our latest episode is all about our dabblings with the new GG2017 schemes and strategies, and our love of Crewfaux. We also topple our local undefeated Malifaux champ and ask UK listeners about any tournaments or anything that are coming up. So, anyone out there doing anything competitive in the UK any time soon?
  23. Episode 10 of Lecture Notes from the Breach is now available! You can find it on Soundcloud, on iTunes, or wherever you get podcasts! In this episode, Flynnt talks about his first (of many) Sandeep game, I discuss my horrible choices in a Zoraida vs Brewmaster game, and we engage in some theory box building. As always, we'd love feedback and suggestions!
  24. Just launched episode one of How They Get You, a podcast where I interview people who beat me at Malifaux and ask them about how they did it! Come check it out! http://howtheygetyou.podbean.com/ Also, Like me on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/howtheygetyoupodcast
  25. Howdy all! Episode 9 of Lecture Notes From the Breach is now available! We talk about Gaining Grounds 2017 and the new errata in ways that are both brilliant and insightful (I can't say it if it's not true!) and will improve your lives simply by listening. It's available everywhere podcasts are sold, or on SoundCloud! Comments, threats and mocking shouts are welcome!
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