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  1. Paid for Emma Newham and Alyx Drake.
  2. Yes! First ticket purchased! :D
  3. Is there a minimum painting requirement? Normally I'm pretty on top of my painting but currently a few models behind!
  4. I like this in theory, well I like the idea of making it ranked except I really don't want to end up playing against my team mates which could happen in this format with the lower number of teams. We play against each other a lot, which is why we do tournaments in the hope of getting to play other people and why we chose to do it as a team. I think it would feel a bit rubbish if one of your team lost to another member and therefor you lowered your own teams score. Playing as a team is more important to me for this event than it being ranked if I'm honest. At present I have no other suggestions though so it's nice to have an idea being put forward.
  5. Ticket paid for for some of us North West people. Currently deciding on a team name so will update once we've made a decision. Emma
  6. Thank you! I just didn't scroll down that far as I saw the download files and just took those ones.
  7. I was having a look at McCabe in the 06.02.19 card release, specifically his dismounted version and his melee attack looks abit ridiculous. I've been back through the last few weeks of open beta cards and can't find a previous version of his dismounted card. On this weeks one, his Glowing Saber is 1 melee, stat 6 rst DF. Models within 2 of the target suffers 2 damage. Then, kill the target and draw a card. Critical Strike: When resolving, the target suffers +1 damage for each in this Action's final duel total (to a maximum of +2) Siphon Essence: Enemy only. After killing, add a Soulstone to this Crew's Soulstone Pool. So, you target an enemy when you've got a high card in hand, preferably when in a group, force the attack through and just instant kill someone and draw a card? That's ignoring doing the Crit Strike to anyone you might hit within 2 inches and the potential to get a Soulstone. When I first saw it I thought it might be a printing mistake but the more I look at it I can see how it works as an attack, but it just seems really good. Stat 6 is a good stat, target a big beater who you might normally struggle to put down as they tend to have lower defence, like Lord Chompy or a Howard Langston or something, cheat in a 11 so they can't win and pop, they're gone. I get McCabe has to have died once to become dismounted, but this feels like proper late gaming changing. What are other peoples thoughts?
  8. Just wondering what people thought of Dreamer using Protected (Nightmare) to pass attacks off onto Serena. Specifically at attack as a result of a charge. Someone charged Dreamer and declared the attack agaisnt him, I drop a card and pass the attack off onto Serena. Serena cannot be targeted my attacks generated by the charge. Does the attack then auto fail? Protected (Nightmare) specifies the attack is passed off ignoring LOS, range and targeting restrictions. This clearly applies to the attacker, does this also apply to Serena and Disguised? Ignoring that she can't be targeted? It feels very good if the attack auto fails. What do people think?
  9. Realistically I don't think you should be able to, it's too good and you should just block LOS as you suggested where possible. The whole point of this is to find things that aren't clear or balanced an rectify that. I've looked through the rulebook just now and I can't find anything clear about passive/front of card abilities, if you find out/spot where it is please let me know. I wasn't trying to come off as this is the only way it could possibly be, that's just my understanding, which might be completely wrong haha.
  10. You aren't controlling that model though, is my understanding, I might be wrong. I just know it's very clear when a obey happens is specifies the obeying model is controlling the other model.
  11. With an obey, I agree you are correct. I don't think Ironsides action is an obey however. Compare to Zoraida, it says the word obey specifically on the name of the action and the wording of how the action works, Ironsides says it moves and makes an attack.
  12. It says may, you can pick to not to ignore the model.
  13. Incoporial ignores terrain and may ignore models. Just decide not to ignore them. Chompy and Teddy make great LOS blockers for Dreamer as they're on 50mm and size 3. Edit: spelling and misquoted
  14. @Fixxer Morning, so just to clarify it wasn't my intention to be rude, I was just quickly typing out my responses be before calling it a night which evidently came across a little bit more abrupt than intended so apologies if that was the case. I asked for more information regarding the situation of how Dreamer died in 2 hits, thank you for providing that. I can see that it was more or less with a damn good Ironsides activation which doesn't sound like that will be a common occurrence, model positioning can help with the pushing in future. And this happens unfortunately, I don't think giving Dreamer extra wounds is the answer, masters are meant to die and he's got enough protective stuff that he'll manage in more situations than not. What I meant with regards to Rush of Magic is that it's more an M2E ability more than M3E and giving it to Dreamer wouldn't fix him. I can see now you meant Arcane Reservoir, I agree extra cards would help but don't think he should just be given it. This is where I liked the upgrade mechanics which don't seem to be making an appearance this edition.
  15. Tickets bought! Emma Newham and Alyx Drake We've currently got the Ibis Cardiff Central booked as it does free cancellations so if you all end up somewhere else we can change it. Looking forward to it! Emma X
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