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  1. Just paid for Karl McConnell and Craig woods
  2. New Jack Daw Crew (Resurrectionist) Size: 50 - Pool: 4 Leader: Jack Daw Killer Instinct Totem(s): Lady Ligeia Hires: Montresor Sloth Guilty Guilty 2 Hanged Grave Spirit's Touch Jaakuna Ubume Ran this list in our gaming group Friday. Hanged is an incredible model and Sloth making a guilty and monty fast is always nice.
  3. I won’t be able to make this now due to a change of circumstances how do we go about re-selling a ticket?
  4. Thank you for the responses, got a couple of ideas now. Thought of a crew using Mah which I think will be effective.
  5. Just had a game with Brewie against Levi and Levi seems ridiculous this edition. Any ideas on the best master/models to counter him?
  6. Hi Dave, Clearing with the wife tonight and I’ll be able to book my ticket. Thanks Luke Whitrow
  7. I’m Luke Whitrow, but thanks for letting me know.
  8. Don’t think merc tax adds when you copy from the app, but yes they are 4 stones each.
  9. Don’t forget when killed within 6 of Kirai the desp mercs give me a stone each back taking me back up to my starting 5 stones. I will have a look at the upgrades, has anyone tried running bloody shears at all?
  10. Hello All, Decided to try and learn Kirai to up my game a bit more in the tournament scene. Any tips on how to get the most of out her? As I found my self struggling a little bit with placements etc. Tried the following list and got a 4-4 draw against brewmaster in extraction. Declared Faction: Resurrectionists Crew Name: Kirai - 50ss Leader: Kirai Ankoku - Cache:(3) Swirling Aether 2ss Absorb Spirit 1ss Spirit Beacon 1ss Philip and the Nanny 8ss Haunting Cries 0ss Lampad 7ss My Little Helper 1ss Genbu the Tortoise 10ss Rotten Belle 5ss Rotten Belle 5ss Desperate Mercenary 3ss Desperate Mercenary 3ss Summoned 3 Goryo and 1x onryo by the end of the game.
  11. Thank you for the above, really interesting view point and I get your idea about summoning off of the corpses asura makes.
  12. They look pretty good in all fairness, depending schemes could be a good take, can imagine they go down easy to casters though
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