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  1. Thanks 4 of us should be coming Karl McConnell Craig woods Richard Matthews Luke Whitrow
  2. A few of us from Northampton will come but might have to pay last day of the month if that's ok? Karl
  3. I have been super lucky this week. 3 games so far this week and a further one tomorrow and 3 games tomorrow (Can you tell I am newly single haha) Anyway, I have changed my crew up for this game. I removed alot of the upgrades and added in Lilitu for the card draw and Lure. This was actually the most brutal game I have had so far as well. My Crew: Dreamer - Ancient Pack. I have read and understand the points of view mentioned above but the +1 to initiative and avoiding the black joker has been amazing. LCB - Inhuman reflexes Day dream Daydream 2 Doppelganger (I love her) Liliitu Coppelius Serena 7SS My Opponent: Parker Barrows Doc Mad Dog Bandito Bandito 2 Wakou Raider Convict gunslinger Taelor Scheme pool: Reckoning - Corner deployment Claim Jump Search the ruins Harness the leyline Dig their graves Hold up their forces The Game With Corner deployment having been decided by the APP I decided to attempt to lure as much in as quickly as I could, which is why Lilitu had been added. I was also using her to whip LCB to draw me an extra card knowing he would regen when he activated. My deployment had Coppelius begin behind doppelganger to push her forwards to try and conserve AP for Luring and day dreams behind for Lucid dreams and to push the crew forwards. My opponent unfortunately was more wary of my crew due to previous game he had heard about and hung back (with his long range no need to come in close.) I took Dig their graves due to the board and having no intention to move to far up the board and with the lures in place to bring models in each turn to be taken down by my summons and beaters. (Also I knew Parker was going to be dropping my markers for me which would save AP). I actually lost Serena quite early in this game. I had been concentrating on luring Taelor in because she could stop SS use and ignored my other def tech. Taelor did go down turn 2 which was amazing after taking chompy down to 2 wounds! In retaliation my opponent used his whole hand to kill Serena (the 12 inch guns were just to much on positives) but after using his hand he couldn't hold of my retaliation and Coppelius removed Doc with one attack stopping his arcane reservoir. Serena was a huge blow because she had been my second scheme (Claim jump) but I didn't let on to this. His schemes were dig and claim jump with the Wakou Raider. He scored his first point with the Raider but I made sure to take him out the following turn. This game is the first I have felt my summoning was useful and used in a meaningful way. Each turn I managed to summon something in and get it on the board. By turn 4 I had removed 11 weaks from my deck and used some 13's for my stitched. A summonsed Stitch managed to bag me 2 kills and was actually the reason Taelor went down so quickly. Insidious madnesses managed to infuriate my opponent with even more terrifying duels and LCB stopped Dig from being scored with Trail of Gore ability. Manipulative from the dopple failed me due to Parker being Sh7 on positives (ignoring her manipulative through the positive) dropped her quickly but she soaked up alot of AP to drop those markers and her corpse helped me score Dig! I am loving dreamer. Next game will be vs Kaeris
  4. Thanks @Ogid this is something worth considering. I will put him into a crew this weekend.
  5. Hey Thanks for all the advice :). I will be taking it on board. I played a second game yesterday and after it I did decide to take some upgrades off of some models. Game 2. Plant Explosives Flank Deployment Outflank Detonate charges Vendetta Take Prisoner Search the Ruins I had spent the entire day thinking of new crews I would like to run and I have always loved Widow Weavers model. This and the Bandersnatch were what I had planned to do all day. Then my opponent declared Tara. I decided this wouldn't be the time to try burying a Bandersnatch. My crew remained the same. The condition removal did seem excessive in game 1 (although it was mostly the heal I took it for) but for this game the condition removal made sense. The Dreamer - Ancient pack upgrade Lord Chompy Bits (LCB) - Inhuman reflexes Serena Bowman - Eldritch MAGIC Coppelius - Inhuman reflexes Daydream Daydream Doppelganger - Eldritch magic 9ss remaining My opponents crew: Tara Karina Aionus The Nothing Beast Hodgepodge Emissary Talos - Servant to the Dark powers 5SS remaining. The Game itself: I deployed a day dream behind Chompy and Coppelius to move them forwards and Lucid dream. A second behind the Doppelganger and Serena. (Serena was going to be behind LCB to attach through and heal him back up if needed) also planned on using the day dream near Serena to act as a second Node. I took Vendetta with Doppelganger vs Talos. At first his Talos wondered off in the other direction which was infuriating but I had a bomb on Doppelganger and I had also taken Search the ruins which made her a great target due to the dont mind me ability also being engaged with enemy models. To also further tempt him to go at my doppelganger i pointed out she was basically the only model in my crew (minus Coppelius) who doesn't ignore Armour and Incorporeal. Once he got within range I copied Serena's ranged attack and did enough damage to him to score me my first point. I then took great joy in using a Daydream to finish him off. Stat 4 attack against stat 4 def 😀. Copelius had ran to a flank to drop Bombs and help score search for me, what also helped here was the fact my opponent chose Outflank and being MI7 meant he tore through void wretches that were being sent against him. LCB killed Aionus and also tore into the Emissary. Turn 1 I summoned a daydream and a stitched but he attacked both immediately, burning them with Talos and the Nothing beast weakening them first which was a pain. Turn 2 I managed to successfully summon in a second stitched who by then had cards to use for Gamble your life. My opponents summoning ability put me to shame but I think this was due to his cards more then anything. Summoning multiple wretches one turn and hunters the next. By turn 4 my opponent conceded due to it being 4-1 and his beaters having been removed (One flank could no longer be taken due to Coppelius finishing off anyone who made it through the ignore Incorporeal fire power). My take away from the game is that Dreamer attracts attention but I had no serious threat to him that I couldn't pass off to a day dream. He has been more of a support piece, finisher more then anything else. The crew is amazing at ignoring amour and incorporeal. I had read it but until facing a crew that relies on this I hadn't appreciated how effective it would be. The upgrades for condition removal will be taken off for future games unless it is required for the game. I have read the above comments and I can see where people are coming from but I don't understand why i would hire minions that can be summonsed in later unless I need them for a scheme or strat? The beaters keep people occupied and can also scheme amazingly. I am always up for listening to peoples opinions though as this is only my second game (and having not lost it is hard to change a winning list, this is a fault of mine). I do intend on running widow weaver and bandersnatch very soon though. What would you have taken differently in the above scheme pool?
  6. I appreciate the advice, I am very lucky this week and have 5 more games planned so I will try out the recomendations
  7. After a short break I have managed to get my Meta back together again and I wanted to document some games. I am usually an Outcast player but my first love was Pandora and with the new edition I have decided to come back to Neverborn for a time. So my first game was last night. Dreamer vs Misaki. Both myself and my opponent were trying new factions and new crews so the crew choices may not have been on point. The scheme pool was decided on the App. I have a history of avoiding summoners due to the resource management that they require but it is a weakness I am working on. Being an outcast player means i rarely have to worry about cards in most games (Parker for instance just allows me to continuously refill my hand). Encounter Standard Deployment Turf War Assassinate Search the ruins Vendetta Dig their graves My Crew The Dreamer - Ancient pack upgrade Lord Chompy Bits (LCB) - Inhuman reflexes Serena Bowman - Eldritch MAGIC Coppelius - Inhuman reflexes Daydream Daydream Doppelganger - Eldritch magic 9ss remaining It wasn't until I started that I realised I had spent 10 points on upgrades! I have to admit every single one paid for itself though. The Ancient pack upgrade on Dreamer seemed to make sense in case the black joker made an appearance and the +1 to initiative just made sense as it will balance out pass tokens my opponent would receive from summons. Inhuman reflexes on LCB was because I expected him to be tied down with Misaki being able to stop charges (no attack from charge actions) and holding him up in combat. Serena Bowman with eldritch magic to keep her around. With her demise ability I knew she has some fall back (especially with disguised) but I wanted to give her the extra safety net of the heal when something dies nearly. Coppelius - This guy. I love him He was amazing in the game and I have always been a fan of his model. I wasn't sure on how survivable he would be. I wanted him to be on a flank somewhere dropping markers and chasing down scheme runners. The Inhuman reflexes was more for the Blade rush (charge 7) rather then the butterfly jump because he has Agile on his card he wouldnt be tied down. In the future I don't think I will use this upgrade as it didn't seem necessary. Doppleganger, after seeing the crew I was facing and the schemes in the pool she basically picked herself. Her don't mind me and the vendetta targets just made her invaluable. The Eldritch magic kept her around until the end as well. Opponents crew Misaki - Silent Protector Shang Shadow Effigy Torage Torage Minako Rei - Trained Ninja Katanaka Crime boss The Lone swordsman 6ss remaining Review of the game. Being my first game with Dreamer and a new faction I was rather worried at the hitting power of my opponents crew but it couldn't have gone better. My deployment was broken into 2 by a large piece of terrain which was quite frustrating as I originally wanted to be in a bubble. One flank was taken up with Serena Bowman and Coppelius with a daydream to push them up the board. I was intending to use Coppelius as a node along with the daydream for Serena. My other flank was conceived of the the Dream, LCB, a day dream and the doppelganger. Turn one the daydreams pushed Coppelius into place to flip a turf war marker move Serena forwards. As expected my opponent had decided Serena was a bigger threat then I gave her credit for and he dropped shadow markers on the flank nearest to her and moved his crew forwards aggressively. Dreamer was pushed forwards along with LCB. I brought in a stitched which I managed to summon next to the Crime boss who had been over extended. The swordsman unfortunately killed the stitch before he could activate. The shadow effigy on my opponents side had been using his ability to make the crime boss and a Torage drop scheme markers and flip the turf war markers. This became important later in the game because LCB was able to use these markers for trail of gore which weakened the beaters no end and caused some frustration for the wasted AP of my opponent having used cards to ensure markers could be dropped. I had taken Vendetta on the crime boss with my doppelganger and this paid off beautifully. She managed to flip a crow when stealing his ability with mimic and my opponent was unable to dis-guard a card due to the execute trigger having drained his had from LCB and caused 3 damage bringing the model below the half way point required for the point. After declaring this my opponent sent a Katashiro after her but this just allowed me to kill them off and heal my Doppelganger due to the upgrade. Misaki must have been drunk during the game because she managed to only kill Serena and even then her demise ability kept her in the game. LCB killed the lone swordsman and the dreamer killed the crime boss. At this point my opponent decided to call it a day. My second scheme had been harness the leyline and I had summoned 2 insidious madnesses in which he admitted he would not be able to kill. Over all I found Dreamer to be less resource intensive then I imaged. He took a single wound and didn't need to stone for anything in the end. LCB was brilliant and just seems to draw trouble away from dreamer. Lucid dream was ok. My first attempt wasted the Red joker which was very frustrating. I did manage to remove some low cards from the deck but I think next time I will concentrate on removing some high cards for my stitched.
  8. The valedic The Valedictorian seems like an auto take against Mei and others that rely on scrap. Getting rid of scrap and corpse markers seems amazing
  9. He was using them to go round the flanks or to draw fire away from the main beaters. I do ignore them but they give him cheap activations and he can kill them to heal Levi
  10. Ah then i cheated. That's on me
  11. With Sonnia the first time i managed to get in close and the counter aura made a huge difference. I used Samual to soak up the hits and return fire to keep the centre of the board clear whilst using the 0 from sonnia to heal him and give him focus. 2 thralls on a flank took down Ashes and dust solidly on their own. As I was in close with sonia and the witchling handler i managed to drain cards with attacks and counter spell, stopping the DF trigger from doing damage on attacks. The second game I took the jury and frank to add some more hitting power (and to try and take out the bigger models in melee) I only lost by 1 but i lost the judge turn 1 which means i was 8ss down. It was flank and Levi pushed 6 and began shooting which put me on the backfoot. I shall try the Judge
  12. I have been playing against Outcasts alot recently and I have been struggling with countering Levi. Sonnia was my first go to and I had some good results with Counter spell but it is a short range and she is only DF4. Levi puts out irreducible damage so her shielded 2 doesn't do anything. I have tried running the Jury but Levi can just stone for a mask and stay out of 6. As soon as she does this her Df trigger no longer works!! The annoying thing is Outcasts can bring this: Levi with the upgrade to allow him to heal 2 after healing and a 6 inch push turn 1 Alyce Ashes and Dust 2 Abombs Deso engine 2 waifs All these beaters with 10ss left to reduce any damage you put out. Side rant. Levi now seems stronger then before as his anchors no longer need to be in a specific place, every bit of damage including his DF trigger ignores everything, just activating near him or his crew do damage and heals models!! Your Soul stones are useless and if you get close he can put even more damage out by taking damage himself. This is then healed by killed you which he can do as he has positives to everything Any advice is appreciated.
  13. So Hyped! Cannot wait for this to begin
  14. Can you add myself - Karl McConnell, Richard Matthews, Luke Whitrow please
  15. Just an update on the above game. My opponent took Reva which surprised me and unfortunately due to her hiding the whole game I didn't score Eliminate Leadership. It became an opportunity to see how quickly I could get Sensei Yu up the board and score Undercover Entourage. Apparently very quickly is the answer but this was obvious with him being walk 7 and being able to go fast very quickly. I had another 2 games this weekend which i will update on this blog. One Vs Colette and another against Orphelia
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