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  1. The valedic The Valedictorian seems like an auto take against Mei and others that rely on scrap. Getting rid of scrap and corpse markers seems amazing
  2. He was using them to go round the flanks or to draw fire away from the main beaters. I do ignore them but they give him cheap activations and he can kill them to heal Levi
  3. Ah then i cheated. That's on me
  4. With Sonnia the first time i managed to get in close and the counter aura made a huge difference. I used Samual to soak up the hits and return fire to keep the centre of the board clear whilst using the 0 from sonnia to heal him and give him focus. 2 thralls on a flank took down Ashes and dust solidly on their own. As I was in close with sonia and the witchling handler i managed to drain cards with attacks and counter spell, stopping the DF trigger from doing damage on attacks. The second game I took the jury and frank to add some more hitting power (and to try and take out the bigger models in melee) I only lost by 1 but i lost the judge turn 1 which means i was 8ss down. It was flank and Levi pushed 6 and began shooting which put me on the backfoot. I shall try the Judge
  5. I have been playing against Outcasts alot recently and I have been struggling with countering Levi. Sonnia was my first go to and I had some good results with Counter spell but it is a short range and she is only DF4. Levi puts out irreducible damage so her shielded 2 doesn't do anything. I have tried running the Jury but Levi can just stone for a mask and stay out of 6. As soon as she does this her Df trigger no longer works!! The annoying thing is Outcasts can bring this: Levi with the upgrade to allow him to heal 2 after healing and a 6 inch push turn 1 Alyce Ashes and Dust 2 Abombs Deso engine 2 waifs All these beaters with 10ss left to reduce any damage you put out. Side rant. Levi now seems stronger then before as his anchors no longer need to be in a specific place, every bit of damage including his DF trigger ignores everything, just activating near him or his crew do damage and heals models!! Your Soul stones are useless and if you get close he can put even more damage out by taking damage himself. This is then healed by killed you which he can do as he has positives to everything Any advice is appreciated.
  6. So Hyped! Cannot wait for this to begin
  7. Can you add myself - Karl McConnell, Richard Matthews, Luke Whitrow please
  8. Just an update on the above game. My opponent took Reva which surprised me and unfortunately due to her hiding the whole game I didn't score Eliminate Leadership. It became an opportunity to see how quickly I could get Sensei Yu up the board and score Undercover Entourage. Apparently very quickly is the answer but this was obvious with him being walk 7 and being able to go fast very quickly. I had another 2 games this weekend which i will update on this blog. One Vs Colette and another against Orphelia
  9. Sorry for the delay in updating. i did indeed take promising disciple i had missed it whilst using the App, I took it and lowered my cache to 3. I found I didn't need that many but i understand this is very situational. Yang i loved it didnt even enter my mind to swap this upgrade. Playing against Ressers the extra wound for nothing other then being close to Shen was brilliant. Once i was fast I was hitting Nico with Shen Long and stopping zeros and soulstones is an amazing feeling. I did swap to Fermented River Style. One turn i RJ the attack against Nico which actually put me on a double which became a double which was annoying but it seems a waste to cheat lower when the RJ has been flipped. So tonight I have another game lined up. This time against a more experienced TT player. I am expecting to face Mcabe, Super Weasel, 2 Wardens, Emissary and Yasunori. Maybe something else. Schemes Standard - Public Executions Eliminate Covert Breakthrough Undercover Entourage Inescapable trap Take prisoner I am thinking (mostly because i want to try different stuff before an event next week: Shen Long Wandering River Style 2ss Words on the River 1ss Yang 1ss Peasent 2ss Sensei Yu Promising Deciple 2ss The peaceful waters 0ss Yasunori 13ss Recalled Training 1ss Katanaka Sniper 7ss Katanaka Sniper 7ss Monk of the Low river My plan is to stay back and pick people off or at least weaken them enough for my crew to finish off in combat. Sh6 and 2 shots from each sniper seems epic! Baring in mind i know this opponents style this will make him panic and charge me, or hide depending how much he panics 😊
  10. Looking forward to this event mate
  11. 😁Hello all So recently I have been doing very well with Outcasts but I suffer from Magpie syndrome (always looking for new shiny toys) and the Ten Thunders have caught my eye. I've invested heavily and basically brought the whole faction and have the majority built. Originally it was Asami that caught my eye but i have 3 major events coming up in 3 weeks and around 9 days to learn the faction or at least one or two masters well before then. Learning Asami seems ok, the summons and stuff on top I thought could leave me panicking about what would be the correct summon at the time. So the reason for this blog is for me to track my games and lists and see how they have grown or what works/doesn't work for me. For my first game I told my local gaming group Misaki seems like a good way for me to get into the faction (being aggressive comes with Outcasts really). My opponent then 'randomized a game' and i am pretty sure it has been set up to go against what I think Misaki should be doing and to annoy me πŸ˜ƒ. The pool is below. Looking at the schemes i decided Misaki flying over the board wasn't going to be best, although i am expecting to face Resurrectionists. Game one on my adventure is: Standard Deployment Surround them Hold up their forces Search the ruins Take prisoner Recover Evidence In advance we have both written lists and I have chosen to run Shen long who I have always liked the looks of. The crew I picture is: Shen long Cache of 5 Yang Wandering River Style Sensei Yu Peaceful waters Peasant Shadow Emissary Conflux of the Dawn Katanaka Crimeboss Lotus Eater Charm Warder Shadow Effigy I will post my opponents crew tomorrow. Reasons behind the crew. Katanka Crimeboss and Lotus eater both interest me and i have never had the opportunity to use them. 3 out of the 5 schemes require scheme markers so I am hoping this will create a lot of card draw alongside the Emissary. This will let me build a decent control hand to keep Shen long around. My thoughts are to throw Shen long into the Resser master with the extra attack from Yang and this will hopefully allow me to get the trigger off to stop them using SS to summon/prevent damage. The Charm warder is there to give the 0 action to Shen Long, mostly this is to make him 'Vanished 13' . i am not expecting Reeva or Seamus so I am hoping he will be in a small bubble with summoned minions with low WP. Shadow Effigy because hes cheap so why not.....
  12. So recently I have been getting bored of playing, I think this is because I play so often at my local store. My regular go to was always Outcast and Neverborn. Then randomly someone offered me their Ramos to use. I have always scoffed at playing Arcanists as the same masters seem to pop up so often. After that first game I'm hooked. I've created this post to record some games and keep track of what I have been doing. So my first game as a Arcanist game with Ramos, I had tried him before but found him repetitive, this time I only had 3 Spiders to summon (because of lack of the models) this I thought would hold me back. Instead I think he might be my go to very often now. It was against a Levi crew because you know, my friends think that would be a fun introduction. Ramos started summoning his spiders as you would expect, the normal boring Electrical creation having been blown up. Then turn 2 I BJ the flip to summon! I literally stood there not knowing what to do then I noticed my opponent was attempting to summon a Desolation engine with Alice and he already had 3 Abominations. Instead of hanging back like I usually see Ramos being played I decided to throw his plan into disarray. I had never noticed how efficient his Magnetism was before. A walk, zero action and then bam! I was 10 inches up the board, his ranged attack finishing off the damaged Abomination. He then spent the whole game throwing fire around and soaking up attacks. Since the game I have been loving him as an aggressive support master. Models I have been enjoying with him. Please bare in mind I have only played 6-7 games so far. Joss - I love him. He tears people apart and ignores alot of Defense triggers and other survive tricks like Armour, Hard to wound and my favourite Hard to Kill. The amount of time my opponent cheated in to Severe damage and it was reduced by 2 and then stoned away. It can become very frustrating. Then he can reactivate when he reaches one damage. Its amazing. Take him! some people say he is slow but with Imbued energies this is countered when necessarily. Or even better the Brass Arachnid. Langston - Target! massive target. Put frame for murder on this guy. People will kill him no matter how many resources it takes. I used him twice first time he spent the whole game trying to kill a rail worker and I realize it came down to bad flips but he was beaten down. I dont like that a 13ss model cant stone. This guy is brilliant but hes not for me. I prefer a sledge hammer for 13ss rather then a scalpel. Brass Arachnid - This guy is epic. Cant see when I wouldn't take him. He reactivates himself then receives free Tomes. This then allows him to reactivate a big hitter. Sometimes two with the right placements. Rail Worker - I love them, Hard to Kill and Metal on Metal makes even a 1 of Tomes amazing. Throw it down and they reduce damage by 3! dis guard a card and boom they get positives to attack and damage. Rail Golem - This is my baby. This boy will stand his ground anywhere you need it to. Unless a Ronin or some such nonsense pays him a visit. His Armour 2 is amazing. With locomotion it means those Tomes to small for Ramos are used on him. He crushes everyone in front of him and builds up his burning turn by turn and by defense. Steam Arachnid - These I would never summon but being DF6 and WP6 are amazing summons. Armour one. This makes the models amazing. They lower DF and just generally drag people down. Also WK6 makes them amazing scheme runners. They ignore pulses. Electric Creation - I love this little dude. I hated building him but I think hes great. I don't just use him as a Scrap dropper when he dies. I have found that he is great for finishing models off. I like summoning him then moving him into base to base with another model. This causes one wound. Then I kill him and he does 2 more damage to models but not spiders (Arachnids) as they ignore the pulse so it doesn't matter if they are in the radius when it explodes. I usually take the upgrade to summon this guy and I also hire one to create scrap for the spiders. I have been playing with his Wave 4 upgrades each time. Opinions - Leviathan Power Core - I think this will be one I auto take, Just the extra range of his Electrical Fire is worth it, the fact it doesn't randomize is amazing. I found that it was easy to get the Powering up condition upto 10 very quickly by applying pressure on the enemy or if they ran a summoner. Going fast only happened once because I never really needed it due to the zero action movement trick, but going fast is never bad. Cast +1 is handy and dealing +1 damage is situational but people just don't see it coming. Vox Populi - This I found very situational and I think I will only take it if I wish to deny someone parts of the board or in Interference (basically one and the same). The Zero action to turn someone into a Peon for Encounter purposes until his next activation is handy but I only found it good during Interference but even then they can still engage someone to stop them scoring. I find alot of big hitters are WP 7 (going by Nekima, Rusty Alice standards) so it required me to cheat to get it through, this meant things like hunting party was still being scored by my opponent. Don't hold me to this, I will update the thread as I use it more. Arcane Reservoir - This is something I have taken every game, for obvious reasons. That one extra card can change the game or just let you hold more rubbish haha. I have found when you have 5 rubbish cards I rarely stone now unless I am desperate as one good card doesn't always make a hell of a difference. Ramos isnt necessarily a suit heavy master but those Tomes do make things alot easier to play him with. Field Generator - This I havent tried yet, as I have been running him as an aggressive master I maybe should take this alot more, the + to defense would be handy, when i started Malifaux alot of stuff was MI5 and the Steam Arachnid defense of 6 was amazing, now alot of wave 3/4/5 has added a slow power creep and MI6 is now the average so positives to their defense doesn't seem like it is worth the upgrade space, again this might change though. Combat Mechanic - This seems interesting and makes sense with the chain activation but who cares if a Arachnid can chain activate? I realize Joss or someone else could chain activate but it seems to me like the point of Ramos is that he out activates his opponent. Very situational. The heal is a one action and can heal a target construct but it requires an extra suit which is understandable but doesn't seem worth it. If i needed someone to tank in a game this is an upgrade I would consider. Electric Summoning - This is something I do take most games, not necessarily because of the extra scrap. This is handy (and sometimes essential) but I like it more because the Electric creation has been very fun. I will list more later on this. Under Pressure - This is fun but I forgot the positives alot. It is a very handy upgrade, I took this alot because of the CA, this messed alot of my opponents abilities up but again this is something I forgot regularly. Despite this I still took this in nearly every game. Open Current - All non constructs in a certain radius suffer - on defense. This is very funny and since using this I have been asked to stop using Ramos. Take this every time you plan on getting him into the middle. Imbued Energies - Gives Fast when dis-guarded or gives you 4 cards when the model it is attached to it killed or sacrificed. Great upgrade but not for Ramos. He doesn't need it due to the Leviathan Power core mentioned earlier. I'll add more when I get more games and use more upgrades. I have recently purchased Ironsides, Mei and Collet to use
  13. Can Ellis Roberts be added to the reserve list as well please?
  14. Do you mind adding Karl mcconnell Ben Harris Craig woods to the reserves please?
  15. Craig woods is looking at selling his ticket due to work schedule, not sure whos next in the queue? If the list on the first page is still upto date?
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