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  1. Thanks 4 of us should be coming Karl McConnell Craig woods Richard Matthews Luke Whitrow
  2. A few of us from Northampton will come but might have to pay last day of the month if that's ok? Karl
  3. I have been super lucky this week. 3 games so far this week and a further one tomorrow and 3 games tomorrow (Can you tell I am newly single haha) Anyway, I have changed my crew up for this game. I removed alot of the upgrades and added in Lilitu for the card draw and Lure. This was actually the most brutal game I have had so far as well. My Crew: Dreamer - Ancient Pack. I have read and understand the points of view mentioned above but the +1 to initiative and avoiding the black joker has been amazing. LCB - Inhuman reflexes Day dream Daydream 2 Doppelganger (
  4. Thanks @Ogid this is something worth considering. I will put him into a crew this weekend.
  5. Hey Thanks for all the advice :). I will be taking it on board. I played a second game yesterday and after it I did decide to take some upgrades off of some models. Game 2. Plant Explosives Flank Deployment Outflank Detonate charges Vendetta Take Prisoner Search the Ruins I had spent the entire day thinking of new crews I would like to run and I have always loved Widow Weavers model. This and the Bandersnatch were what I had planned to do all day. Then my opponent declared Tara. I decided this wouldn't be the time to try burying a Band
  6. I appreciate the advice, I am very lucky this week and have 5 more games planned so I will try out the recomendations
  7. After a short break I have managed to get my Meta back together again and I wanted to document some games. I am usually an Outcast player but my first love was Pandora and with the new edition I have decided to come back to Neverborn for a time. So my first game was last night. Dreamer vs Misaki. Both myself and my opponent were trying new factions and new crews so the crew choices may not have been on point. The scheme pool was decided on the App. I have a history of avoiding summoners due to the resource management that they require but it is a weakness I am working on. Being an outcas
  8. The valedic The Valedictorian seems like an auto take against Mei and others that rely on scrap. Getting rid of scrap and corpse markers seems amazing
  9. He was using them to go round the flanks or to draw fire away from the main beaters. I do ignore them but they give him cheap activations and he can kill them to heal Levi
  10. Ah then i cheated. That's on me
  11. With Sonnia the first time i managed to get in close and the counter aura made a huge difference. I used Samual to soak up the hits and return fire to keep the centre of the board clear whilst using the 0 from sonnia to heal him and give him focus. 2 thralls on a flank took down Ashes and dust solidly on their own. As I was in close with sonia and the witchling handler i managed to drain cards with attacks and counter spell, stopping the DF trigger from doing damage on attacks. The second game I took the jury and frank to add some more hitting power (and to try and take out the bigger mo
  12. I have been playing against Outcasts alot recently and I have been struggling with countering Levi. Sonnia was my first go to and I had some good results with Counter spell but it is a short range and she is only DF4. Levi puts out irreducible damage so her shielded 2 doesn't do anything. I have tried running the Jury but Levi can just stone for a mask and stay out of 6. As soon as she does this her Df trigger no longer works!! The annoying thing is Outcasts can bring this: Levi with the upgrade to allow him to heal 2 after healing and a 6 inch push turn 1 Alyce
  13. So Hyped! Cannot wait for this to begin
  14. Can you add myself - Karl McConnell, Richard Matthews, Luke Whitrow please
  15. Just an update on the above game. My opponent took Reva which surprised me and unfortunately due to her hiding the whole game I didn't score Eliminate Leadership. It became an opportunity to see how quickly I could get Sensei Yu up the board and score Undercover Entourage. Apparently very quickly is the answer but this was obvious with him being walk 7 and being able to go fast very quickly. I had another 2 games this weekend which i will update on this blog. One Vs Colette and another against Orphelia
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