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  1. Glad I did not back this after seeing the models. Wyrd need to start getting the models built properly before I will invest in the game.
  2. Sorry Dan I am working that weekend.
  3. Put me down for this one Phil.
  4. Should not be working on that Sunday so sign me up.
  5. In Stu's defense they did have a BBQ going at the pub.
  6. I personally feel that the changes are a little heavy handed but I have no doubt I can work around this.
  7. Just sorted my new case so hopefully everything will be in one piece this time :D
  8. Booked this weekend off so you can count me in.
  9. Going to pressure my boss into changing my shifts so I can get.
  10. I am definitely up for this though I cannot decide if to go Guild or Arcanists
  11. Nice start it looks like I'm gonna have to make a start one one now
  12. yeh i will be there. see you all there
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