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  1. khornbot

    Rise of a Tyrant @ The Outpost Sheffield 26/08/18

    Sorry Dan I am working that weekend.
  2. khornbot

    Boom Town Tombstone League

    Put me down for this one Phil.
  3. khornbot

    Made in Malifaux 5th August 2018

    Should not be working on that Sunday so sign me up.
  4. khornbot

    Why gremlins are fun and fun lists can work in tournaments

    In Stu's defense they did have a BBQ going at the pub.
  5. khornbot

    July 2018 Errata

    I personally feel that the changes are a little heavy handed but I have no doubt I can work around this.
  6. khornbot

    A fist full of Soulstones @ The Outpost Sheffield 20/05/18

    Just sorted my new case so hopefully everything will be in one piece this time :D
  7. khornbot

    Fee Fi Fo Faux 6th May 2018

    Booked this weekend off so you can count me in.
  8. khornbot

    Avatars Assemble 8th April 2018

    Going to pressure my boss into changing my shifts so I can get.
  9. khornbot

    Mourning Belles 17th March 2018

    Better get this date booked off.
  10. khornbot

    Tombstone Legacy Feb 24 - Mar 31

    I am definitely up for this though I cannot decide if to go Guild or Arcanists
  11. khornbot

    Avatar Sonnia Criid

    Nice start it looks like I'm gonna have to make a start one one now
  12. khornbot

    Tooth & Nail 21st January 2018

    yeh i will be there. see you all there