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  1. Wildcard626

    Did we get nerfed in m3e

    Finally someone agrees lol when you look at the other factions they all have the same models doing the same damage spread with the same triggers. Yes we can grow piglets into bigger pigs but terror tots do exactly the same in their faction so where is the bayou uniqueness? Wheres all our little quirks gone the dumb luck the bayou 2 card without having to have model x within 3". We have lost our flavour and our uniqueness we are no different from all the other factions now and it's a real shame
  2. Wildcard626

    Did we get nerfed in m3e

    Can't put my finger on it just don't like the new stats and abilities just doesn't feel like the gremlin faction and models I fell in love with. Francois is not the mean do or die guy he was with dumb luck etc every models changed in one way or another from swinecursed to trixibelle to zipp their just not who they were in m2e
  3. Wildcard626

    Did we get nerfed in m3e

    What's people's thoughts on the bayou faction after the m3e beta release the way I read it we've lost so many of our little tricks etc but gained very little. All the models now seem to be... How do I put this... boring am I missing all the fun stuff?
  4. Wildcard626

    Why gremlins are fun and fun lists can work in tournaments

    I believe one allows you to summon skeeters not very good in my opinion. The other allows bayou gremlins to become shot 5 with no triggers if they go drunk and wreckless in line of sight of Somer. Take Lenny so you only take 1 damage and you get yourself a nice gremlin gunline doing 3 shots each per turn great fun
  5. Wildcard626

    Upgrades for Ulix?

    I usually take old major the sow and the mechanical pork chop . I summon 1 piglet off each so ulix can fully heal them all back up then i usually drop a scheme marker with each and do a single walk turn 1 so I can get a warpig up start of turn 2 . Summoned stuff can't generally interact on the turn their summoned but their free to scamper off being as I've already got the 3 scheme markers down for the war pig
  6. Wildcard626

    Just got ma tucket

    I would suggest Survivors because they are great with mah easy to make MI6 and at 4 stones their a great addition I usually take 3 and even used 5 before with great success 50 SS Gremlins Crew Mah Tucket + 4 Pool - Manifest Destiny (1) - Pit Traps (1) - Know The Terrain (1) The Little Lass (4) - lead lined apron (0) Trixibelle (8) - A Gun For A Lady (1) Swine-Cursed (7) Swine-Cursed (7) Survivor (4) Survivor (4) Survivor (4) Survivor (4) Survivor (4) (exported from CrewFaux)
  7. Wildcard626

    Made in Malifaux 5th August 2018

    Best put merris in then 😀
  8. Wildcard626

    m3e faction announce

    Looking good for the gremlin oops I mean bayou faction.I Like most of the changes I've seen and will be part of the beta testing 😀 stay tuned
  9. Wildcard626

    Soulstone Rush @ The Outpost Sheffield 29/07/18

    Me n the boys will be attending but I ain't dressing up for this one 😂
  10. Wildcard626

    Made in Malifaux 5th August 2018

    Guess I'd better go to this not the same without some mad gremlins flooding the table 😋
  11. Ok so I've been to a couple of tournament were my opponents note their schemes and strats on their phone/app . I've noticed however that they can be changed throughout the game/round and can't be locked in . Is it wrong for me to ask them to write it on paper and leave it on the table. I'm in No way saying anyone cheated but the opportunity is their to change what they picked and who its on etc . Wondering What other peoples opinions are on this being as apps now feature in more games . should the apps be changed to lock the schemes in at the start as it's both wyrds apps and crewfaux that ppl use and both can be altered during the game ??
  12. Wildcard626

    Nightmare Ulix box

    Think they could have done so much more feel rather let down . Must have took them 5 minutes to come up with that idea .... Very lazy wyrd
  13. Wildcard626

    Why gremlins are fun and fun lists can work in tournaments

    I thought with the schemes mah and survivors would have worked well and they didn't let me down
  14. Wildcard626

    Weekly Model Discussion - Iron Skeeter

    It never occurred to me to use them to get the crier to where he needs to be (doh) I'm such an idiot ☚ī¸
  15. Wildcard626

    Why gremlins are fun and fun lists can work in tournaments

    It was because pork chop the pig wasn't old enough 😁 not because I looked like this