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  1. I've looked around and other people are commenting on how we've lost our flavour. Not everyone sees dancing unicorns and rainbows when they look at m3e . I'm glad you and your community are happy with m3e but that's not the case everywhere else. I'm not against change at all but feel they've changed too much as do others on some of these threads. Not everyone has to like the changes or not be negative and keep quiet about such things I won't and never will be a suck up to everything wyrd and yes I will wait until the beta is finalised and give it another try then but won't be holding my breathe that they inject some of the fun back into our faction that is so obviously missing
  2. Your right on the money their omenbringer I'm finding it a really hard pill to swallow indeed as I own every gremlin crew available and every alt model etc which I've paid to have painted I have 3 kr multicases full of gremlin models I loved everything about them from the wacky play style to the wacky sculpts of some of the models i dressed as a hill Billy complete with giant pig to enter tournaments to raise money for charity I was that into them and having so much fun playing them that I never even looked at another faction.... But Now I don't like how they've changed or how they play its very different and not as fun anymore . I do feel they've gone a step too far and taken too much away from the gremlins as a hole but yes that's just my personal opinion and I'd love to sing the praises of m3e but I just can't sorry if this upsets people but to me they've made m3e so much less fun and that's what I played malifaux for the fun
  3. To be fare the beta killed malifaux off at our gaming shop and the release of the new updated beta hasn't swayed anyone to start again. Me and my sons have had a number of games and just aren't feeling it in m3e for some reason. Shame really as we own every crew in 3 different factions
  4. I loved mah in m2e played her in tournaments with great success but gotta agree brewie needed something more
  5. I get what your saying and some people will think the bayou is great as is but I personally loved their shenanigans and do or die gamble abilities. They've taken that all away and given us what back in exchange? I feel we've lost alot of the fun factor.
  6. Viable masters and models? Boring is all we've got we've lost the things that made us fun and unpredictable. Boring stats and boring abilities which every other faction can do too where's the fun in that where's all the uniqueness that we had as a faction we've lost our identity big time and the fun of gremlins
  7. It's a mess alright they have stuffed the gremlins big time. Bayou gremlins are crap (I own 16) piglets are only good for growing now they've lost the def6 stat loved throwing them to tie up key models . I loved the faction I'm ranked 4th in the UK for playing them in tournaments and now their just boring do the same stuff as models in every one else's faction. I tried the beta test tell them what I thought route to get shot down everytime so gave up. So wanted to like m3e but it's just not that good/fun to me agree 100% gremlins have lost what made them great to play everything is so generic now
  8. It's a real shame that m3e is turning out like it is I just don't feel it and haven't got the buzz I had before. I've tried a couple of games and was unimpressed with the bayou faction as are a few of us in our little club and their respective factions. Like the owner of the store says maybe the only way to enjoy it now would be to switch to another faction so I'm not comparing gremlin m2e to bayou m3e. I'm sure some love the bayou in m3e but for me personally I don't. Guess it's time to concentrate on TOS instead that way I'm still supporting wyrd 😊
  9. Finally someone agrees lol when you look at the other factions they all have the same models doing the same damage spread with the same triggers. Yes we can grow piglets into bigger pigs but terror tots do exactly the same in their faction so where is the bayou uniqueness? Wheres all our little quirks gone the dumb luck the bayou 2 card without having to have model x within 3". We have lost our flavour and our uniqueness we are no different from all the other factions now and it's a real shame
  10. Can't put my finger on it just don't like the new stats and abilities just doesn't feel like the gremlin faction and models I fell in love with. Francois is not the mean do or die guy he was with dumb luck etc every models changed in one way or another from swinecursed to trixibelle to zipp their just not who they were in m2e
  11. What's people's thoughts on the bayou faction after the m3e beta release the way I read it we've lost so many of our little tricks etc but gained very little. All the models now seem to be... How do I put this... boring am I missing all the fun stuff?
  12. I believe one allows you to summon skeeters not very good in my opinion. The other allows bayou gremlins to become shot 5 with no triggers if they go drunk and wreckless in line of sight of Somer. Take Lenny so you only take 1 damage and you get yourself a nice gremlin gunline doing 3 shots each per turn great fun
  13. I usually take old major the sow and the mechanical pork chop . I summon 1 piglet off each so ulix can fully heal them all back up then i usually drop a scheme marker with each and do a single walk turn 1 so I can get a warpig up start of turn 2 . Summoned stuff can't generally interact on the turn their summoned but their free to scamper off being as I've already got the 3 scheme markers down for the war pig
  14. I would suggest Survivors because they are great with mah easy to make MI6 and at 4 stones their a great addition I usually take 3 and even used 5 before with great success 50 SS Gremlins Crew Mah Tucket + 4 Pool - Manifest Destiny (1) - Pit Traps (1) - Know The Terrain (1) The Little Lass (4) - lead lined apron (0) Trixibelle (8) - A Gun For A Lady (1) Swine-Cursed (7) Swine-Cursed (7) Survivor (4) Survivor (4) Survivor (4) Survivor (4) Survivor (4) (exported from CrewFaux)
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