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  1. wurtz

    How to Lucius

    Yeah true, as mercenaries it's a bit much. Maybe if we flip it on its head and run him as Guild Lucius with 4 mimics it would be an OK work around.
  2. wurtz

    How to Lucius

    Another minion that works well for the free SS are the Guild Orderlies. (2) Emergency Surgery to heal 2, with Regen 1 gives you a free SS mine each turn. Keeps Illuminated etc a bit healthier.
  3. Nevermind, sorted.
  4. Haven't got the card on me- is the ram trigger a pulse? If so then I've remembered it incorrectly.
  5. What are your thoughts on the merit of Tuco vs. the Scion of Black Blood? With the price roughly the same, I'm finding myself leaning toward SoBB as the 'blasts' on the ram can't be saved by Freikorps armor, condition removal and stronger melee? From the shadows is good... But does it make up the difference?
  6. Hi all, I'm relatively new to Malifaux (which is awesome by the way) and these forums, so forgive me if there has already been a ruling, I might have missed it in my quick search. After some discussions on other forums we concluded that the general trend of the various rulings about it has been that after a model is killed, if there are any relevant effects that are supposed to happen to that model, you resolve those before removing said model. Two different plays on this interaction: Example 1: Teddy attacks a Fire Gamin -> Fire Gamin is killed and drops a Scrap -> Fire Gamin explodes -> Teddy's Peekaboo Trigger pushes Fire Gamin, and pushes Teddy into base contact -> Fire Gamin is removed. Example 2: If a Ronin kills a model and applied a push effect to itself, and there was nothing keeping the killed model in play, you could remove it and push through the space where it used to be? The FAQ mentions - "After succeeding triggers occur after Step 5 of the Action sequence, so after applying the results of the action." So the result is 'dead model, removed from table' so that occurs in Step 5 and then the push into base contact kicks in - but the base no longer exists so the Ronin example is the only viable option or would the dead model actually block the Ronin's push in that direction? Any assistance would be appreciated!
  7. Yes indeed, second game with Collodi (you watched the Ramos game the week before?) so new all round. Tactics and practice are required, reading the tactica and memorising synergies is a fair bit to take on with the new crew! I'll PM you.
  8. Thanks for the replies. I believe it was Vasilisa and Dolls dead turn 2, Weaver turn 3. Left with Collodi turn 4. Little embellished in my recollection. LOS for wards would have changed a lot, blood Mage was the other side of a hill. I'll look into Hans. More gaming time required...
  9. Hello Wyrd brains trust. Im relatively new to the system, with NB Dreamer and Collodi with masters. Played a game Collodi vs Ironsides and just got obliterated. It was Squatters rights with distract and out flank, but we didn't get that far as Ironsides just got in the centre of my crew and wrecked Vasilisa, Widow Weaver and 2 Wicked Dolls by turn 3. I got her down to 1 WD but ran out of AP to finish the job and she bounced back. The captains relic hammer corrected some stitched, the other was unlucky and that was game with Collodi ghosting around by himself versus the whole crew minus mouse. The Oxfordian mages with the runes that remove printed suits from Ca actions really locked me down. Hand picked men being blooded by the electric creation for [+] flips was also nasty. We've since realised we had played a few things wrong (using her place ability to drop her in the middle of enemy rather than specific base to base) so I'm sure there were other mistakes that made it a bit OP (but we are learning). Any advice beyond the obvious 'don't bunch up'? Crew ideas? I'll be seeing her fairly regularly from now on... thanks
  10. I know some sniper lists for him have floated about, I have seen one before that was all about the Stitched too. The one Strategy I am careful about taking Collodi in is Reckoning as I tend to favor numbers with him, something Reckoning has to be careful of. But some of the sniper lists I have seen with him might do well with Reckoning due to the number of early shots to soften up the opponent. . Out of curiosity, what would you take to run a sniper list? Is there anything in faction or would it be Merc dependent?
  11. Collodi is fun. I have both him and dreamer. Looking at your model list, you pretty much have everything you need for Dreamer (Stitched, the dreamer box comes with Alps for him and Coppelius). As others have said: Good investments would be: for Collodi and Lynch: Beckoners Collodi: Coryphee and Brutal Effigy (or all Effigies if you have the $, he can summon them and push their effects with his limited upgrades) Dreamer: Insidious madness (not in plastic yet, maybe just buy some 30mm bases and run proxies if just local). Maybe Lelu/Lillitu but they seem like maybes for summons compared to bread and butter madness (scheme runners) and stitched for damage and card denial. oh and Widow weaver as a generic for all as she offers anti armor and gives constructs +1 walk and can help covert corpse markers to wicked dolls/later scrap for Collodi to bring marionettes or for -1 WP web markers which helps Dreamer and his terror check crew
  12. The aces would be a nice trick. I think the retributions eye upgrade will make his armor-ignoring custom shotgun sting a bit more, makes him arguably a bigger ranged threat than angel eyes?
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