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  1. I'm planning to try Explorers on February tournament, but if i would go Ressers, i would say Kirai don't really care about those limits. OOK is usualy just Manos or Rider.
  2. How often your Hopeful Prospect turns into Apex Minion? I played just 3 games with Apex but so far the most useful things he did was condition removal and card cycle. Hes Good Show! aura is good for sure, but it still limits my positioning. Blissful Ignorance might be a trap, so usualy i'm forced to activate Prospect early to discard some low cards. So whats your experience with this model in Apex keyword?
  3. To be honest i don't feel like McMourning need anything OOK, except of some Versatile models ofcourse - Dead Rider, sometimes Emissary. Manos is a toolkit, so maybe it worth it.
  4. You can't do it. Model 9 can take a Charge from engage, but you are still limited to one Charge per Activation. So it could be X Marks the Spot, Charge with Blade Rush + Throw Knife + free attack from trigger if you managed to do Severe. Now you have 1 AP left and you are engaged, so it's just a Twirling Blade attack. Which is not bad at all
  5. Why do you consider Artemis as part of the core? It looks like an anti-scheming model for me, which is situational.
  6. OK, it's weird (wyrd) for me but Plaag is correct about that. At least for International Vassal Series. FAQ says: Can a rider’s fate tokens be spent on any duel? Yes, Chasing Fate states that tokens may be discarded “when declaring triggers,” which occurs in Step E of all duels (See Duels on Page 10 of the Digital Rulebook). Chasing Fate does not require a trigger be declared.
  7. I think you can't, because you have to actually have a trigger. Declaring means the process, so it happens simultaniously - you declare the specific trigger and spend tokens for it. Not like you spend tokens and than say "I declare trigger - none!" 😄
  8. But how? Rider can spend tokens only when declaring triggers, Obey works against Wp and Rider have only Df trigger. What am i missing?
  9. Oh i see, once per model per Activation... Omg that's strong
  10. On first pages of this topic i saw several comments about Nexus take her actions from other models multiple times. But how is it possible if Omnipresent Influence is onece per Activation? Am i missing something and there is a way to ignore it?
  11. I would say that she's pretty flexible with Draw Out trigger. It can target both friendly and enemy models, so it's not a big deal to place a marker almost anywhere. The most obvious problem for Spread Them Out is to place enemy models in proper position ((
  12. Haven't try them together in one list, but i see your point. Defenitely worth trying.
  13. The positive thing about Recover Evidence is that it forces opponent to actually kill Ikiryo And that's what Kirai want him to do. The most terrible thing that could happen with Ikiryo is being ignored by opponent. And a good opponent will do it right that way - give Slow/Staggered, leave some cheap crap in engagement and that's it. With Recover Evidence even good opponent will kill her just because VP matters. And here comes the second Ikiryo
  14. The most important thing that you loose when take Doxy instead of Belle is WP attacks. Scarlet Tempatation don't affect Df based attacks. Doxy was a real star in M2E, but this days i'm actualy preffer Bellebecause of nice synergy with Scarlet Temptation, Lure and moreover "-" damage becomes "+" damage. It can be brutal with Unexpected Ferocity.
  15. Am i missing something, or pairings and not there yet?
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