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  1. Hello all! I'm Malifaux player from Russian and im also a Henchman. I moved to Cyprus a week ago and i'm currently trying to find ppl to play with. As far as i know there is a wargame hobby store in Nicosia but i didn't found any in Limassol or Paphos And in Nicosia they are mostly playing MTG and Warhammer rather than Wyrd Games products (i will visit the store soon and make sure of it myself) As for Malifaux - i can run some demo events, show a game and share miniatures (they are on the way, should be around 2-3 weeks here, almost full Neverborn and Ressurectionists factions). If there will be players (or maybe they are and i just didn't found them yet) i can run some Tournaments, or Rapid Growth Leagues or whatever we would like to. As for ToS - i din't played yet, but i'm ready to jump in, buy miniatures and start learning a game. I just need someone who is also interested in The Other Side. Please, feel free to make posts in this topic, or send me a message any time. Any kind of information would be very helpful - do you want to play, or want a demo, or know someone who do - all of it can help us grow some local Wyrd community here
  2. Hello everyone! I'm happy to announce an upcoming 2-day Tournament at Geek Wars Paveletskaya - 22-23.12.2018, Saturday and Sunday - Moscow, 5-Y Monetchikovskiy Pereulok, 3 строение 1 - Gaining Grounds 2018 - Entry Fee: 1000 rub. or 1500 on place 22.12.2018Registration - 10:00-11:00 1st Round - 11:00-13:15 Lunch break - 13:15-14:00 2nd Round - 14:00-16:15 3rd Round - 16:30-18:45 23.12.20184th Round - 11:00-13:15 Lunch break - 13:15-14:00 5th Round - 14:00-16:15 6th Round - 16:30-18:45 Feel free to contact me any time if you need additional info : https://vk.com/id112886315 Registration form here : https://vk.com/stalkboard?w=wall-139110580_237 Best regards, see you on the Event!
  3. As laways - it depends on Schemes. Her Conflux allows Emisarry to place near Corpse marker with (0)Action (and there will be lot of them). In the same time his own (1)Action allows him to turn Corpse marker to Scheme marker. It could be game breaking when you jump 10", push a Corpse 3" and place a Scheme in 2" and still have (1)AP to place another one Sceme. You know all those Search The Ruins, Set Up, Covert Breakthrough
  4. I don't like Decaying Aura on Seamus. I used it a lot and it sometimes very helpful, but really depends on Scehemes and opponent faction. Fo Sybelle i personaly prefer Not Too Badged Up to improve Rotten Belles. My advice is to switch MLH to Yin, because she can totaly break an opponent in the right moment. Asura Rotten is nice, and she will shine with Corpse Bloat, because it's usually a problem to make a usefuls action during her activation (she's always brilliant outside her activation and on the start of it) Doxy is MVP in almost all of my games. But i rarely hire Doxy, especially if i have Asura in list. Why spend 6SS if you will have free (and useless) Corpse Marker not too far away from Seamus on first Turn? Instead of Doxy you can hire something else depends on the Scheme pool. Necropunk for example. And i rarely star a game with Cache less then 6... But it's just my personal view of Resureectionists
  5. Yep, cycle card + chain activation. As for Spare Parts - we all know how many Corpses can be around when using Asura+Emissary, so why not turn them to Necromancy? Or even 2?
  6. I must disagree with that What Reva usualy do: 1) Attacking through corpses 2) Support a crew with Blood Mark giving cards and Chain Activations 3) Turn Corpses to Schemes for Search the Ruins, Dig Their Graves etc 4) Charging her own models on second Charge to get into opponents Deployment for Undercover or Covert 5) Using Spare Parts to summon Autopsies and Necromancy I cant say that it isnt lot of choices
  7. Carrion Effigy can sometimes be useful fo McMourning because Douglas don't usualy need all those corpses he creates. However it's true only when McMourning goes heavy melee and it's not the best way to use this Master nowadays...
  8. As for me Emissary is not just for Zombies in Reva crew, but for Shards to block LoS and Charge passes and he is also extremely useful because his (1)Claims of the Dead and sometimes even (0)Carrion Feeder from Reva's Conflux. You can see why when you have Covert Breakthrough or Search the Ruins in the pool. Or even Set Up, Dig Their Graves, Guarded Treasures and Inescapable trap. Ability to place a Scheme marker ignoring 4" restricition (Interract) is HUGE sometimes. As for other models you can try with Reva i would say that Dead Doxy are always good. Lampad have really nice synergy with Reva and if you take MLH it will be even better. Bone Piles works great for Ours or Symbols of Authority, especially with Reva's Guises of Death Upgrade - just place a Candle near the most complicated Symbol on the start of the game and unbury Bone Pile on Turn 2 to grab it. If you want to try something ... unique to Reva, i would recommend try an Alpha Strike with Killjoy+Bete Noir. It's high risk high reward combo, so just try it in friendly play couple of times before the Tournament. The idea is simple: - Hire Killjoy and Bete Noir both with Unnerving Aura - Both of them starts buried - Take Guises of Death and Blood Mark Upgrades on Reva - Take 1 or even 2 MLH on someone (Philip, Lampad for example) - Deploy Reva on the edge of Standart deployment zone (with other deployment its much easier) - Place first "free" Candle in 15" from Reva - Use soulstone to cycle 2 cards - Win Initiative - Activate 1-2 MLH to get 1-2 cards - First activation Reva, place second Candle in 8". Make a Walk towards the first Candle. - Use (1)Blood Mark, push Candle 5" towards group of enemy models, use Candle's (0), kill it, cycle 1 card, unbury Killjoy and Bete. - Use (1)Blood Mark, push second Candle 5" towards Killjoy, use it's (0), kill it, cycle card and give Chain Activation to Killjoy. - Activate Killjoy, charge, have fun You will have 4 cards cycled and 1-2 draw before the Charge, so it's a good chances to get good crads and Masks for Killjoy's trgger to repeat an attack. Try to place Killjoy in a way to get as many opponents in Unnerving Aura and Blood Mark range as possible. Now you opponent have to decide what to do - deal with already activated Killjoy and suffer some damage from Black Blood, try to disingage to prevent Unnerving Aura damage or focus on Bete. Because your second activation will be Bete Noir charging same group of models and add another one Unnerving Aura bubble in opponents deployment I must say it again - it's mostly for fun, because lot of things can goes wrong. You can have bad cards even after all those card cycles. Opponent can spread models during deployment phase. Opponent can have Set Up, Public Demostration and will be glad to see couple of Henchmans in deployment Turn 1... Just be flexible, you don't have to Alpha Strike on first activation of first Turn. But you can do it with Reva
  9. Oh right, that's my bad. Upgrade "Moonlighting"
  10. @KingJocko hmm, i don't see a way to hire Guild Guards and Lawyer into Ressurectionists McMourning list. What am i missing?
  11. I really like McMourning list with Guild Autopsies. However, i see it little bit different McMourning - Evidence Tampering (2) - Moonlighting (1) - Plastic Surgery (1) Graveyard Spirit (3) Sebastian (7) - Those Are Not Ours (1) - Transfusion (1) Carrion Emissary (10) - Carrion Conflux (0) Rotten Belle (5) Rotten Belle (5) Guild Autopsy (4) Guild Autopsy (4) Guild Autopsy (4) SS pool: 6 9 activations at start +1 zombie on Turn 2. You can alco take Corpse Bloat on Sebastian and summon Canine Remains Turn 1 The idea is that Guild Autopsies can shoot pretty good with "+" from Emissary and Belles will Lure a lot with those "+". McMourning prime duty is to summon Flesh Constructs to increase Activations. Lure Crow trigger will force an opponent to discard a card, Graveyard Spirit will discard that last opponents card and all Flesh Constructs and Autopsies will get Reactivate which is huge. Autopsies spread Poison on distance, Belles Lure poisoned models to Sebastian's Induction Aura. Not the most competetive list of course, but really fun to play and can be sometimes very surprising to enemy.
  12. To be honest i'm not sure will Adaptive Armor reduce Sebastians Induction or not.. Adaptive Armor: Friendly Constructs within 6" Aura of this model may not have their Armor ignored and may reduce damage regardless of any enemy effects that state otherwise
  13. Same situation was in August, but @tactician replyed on Facebook on 26th of August and said, that everything is OK and they just moving to the new server. However he don't reply now
  14. McMourning can't ignor Hoffman's Adaptive Armor aura
  15. I would take something like this: Reva - Blood Mark (1) - Beyond Death (1) - Lithany of the Fallen or Decaying Aura (2) Philip (8) - Haunting Cries (0) - My Little Helper (1) Carrion Emissary (10) - Carrion Conflux (0) Lampad (7) - My Little Helper (1) Bone Pile (6) Dead Doxy (6) Necropunk (5) 6SS Cash 7 models at start + 1 Corpes Candle first turn + 1 Mindless Zombie turn 2 and + another Corpse Candle = 10 activations Turn 2 Ours - Bone Pile and Emissary will help alot Guarded Treasures - Lampad, Emissary and Philip can do this, especially with help of Necropunk (markers) and Blood Mark / Dead Doxy (pushes) Dig Their Graves - Necropunk will place markers, Reva will kill. Emissary and Reva can also turn corpses to schemes as @Figgyfigs said above Undercover Entourage - Reva can do it easy with Beyond Death, especially if you will have your own Necropunk in enemy deployment on last turn. You can also take it for Philip and push him hard last turn with Doxy and/or Blood Mark Take Prisoner - Necropunk and/or Dead Doxy will be in engagement with tarket model without any problems Recover Evidence - Dead Doxy are great for this Feel free to swap Emissary or Philip for Asura Rotten with Corpse Bloat if you want to get Dig Their Graves. Such list if pretty flexible and allow you to choose any Scheme you like depends on you opponents Crew. Just don't forget that if you want to summon another Lampad (and you can do it easy with Blood Mark and MLH) enemy will die from Burning and will not score Dig Their Graves
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