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  1. Sagrit

    Kirai crew

    That's really helpfull, thank you! For everyone, who like me, was confused about Ikiryo summoning, or even (again like me) got outdated information from Google, here is a fresh clarification:
  2. Sagrit

    kirai and ikiryo

    I'm really sorry for necroposting, but this topic still appears as one of the first results in Google for "Ikiryo summoning Malifaux" request. And since new the question was clarified in Errata, this topic and Pull My Finger both have wrong information. Please check this one if you need updated rules:
  3. Sagrit

    Kirai crew

    Played my first game as Kirai yesterday and i found very hard to trigger Ikiryo summon... There are so much restrictions to summon her: it must be in BtB, Kirai (or LostLove) must have LoS to summoning spot. With a propper terrain and a skilled opponent Ikiryo is not a treat actualy. Not that Malevolence doesnt work at all - opponent still have to plan his moves and positions very well - it simply works not in the way i imagine it on paper As for Grave Golem - i don't it's worth it. 9ss, 9Wd and it's not a Spirit not an Undead either. Flesh Construct will cost 3ss less, have 13Wd (plus healing) and will trigger Malevolence. 2 Night Terrors will cost 3ss less, will give you 4 summons total, two extra activations and Scheme Markers upon death (with an upgrade). 2 Desperate Mercs will will cost 1ss less, but will give 2ss back upon death, will trigger Malevolence, give you two extra activations and will drop a corpse for Maniacal Laugh or Gravedigger. Don't see and reason why Grave Golem could be a better option. Except of cool looking miniature of course
  4. Sagrit

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Feedback from someone who was on GenCon would be graet indeed. As for the bottom part and numbers - it might be so, but i see photos of 16 Schemes besides those which a paired with Strategies. Even with Red and Black Jokers we have only 15 numbers.
  5. Sagrit

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    The biggest question for me is how will you choose Schemes since we see suits on Strategy cards on GenCon photos but we see no suits or numbers on Schemes. How Scheme Pool will be generated? And will chosen Schemes be constant for the whole game like in M2E or they could be somehow swapped during the game?
  6. Sagrit

    Kirai crew

    That would be very useful, thank you
  7. Sagrit

    Kirai crew

    It looks like Scheme Markers VS Corpse Markers If you run Maniacal Laugh, or Gravedigger, or even Archie it seems like 2 Mercs are better. If you run Philip, then 2 Night Terrors looks better.
  8. Sagrit

    Thoughts on a Reva List

    It looks like a solid list. I personaly would change Beyond Death to Guises of Death just because i like extra activation and sometimes it's usefull to have a corpse right where you need it from the start of the game. And i'm not sure about Shieldbearers but it completely depends on Schemes & Strategy. Switch for Bone Pile, Doxy e.t.c. if S&S require
  9. Sagrit

    Kirai crew

    There is a gap in activations between Asura and Zombie, where opponent safely one-shot it without triggering Malevolence. Yes, but only one summon. And you always have to activate Asura first before Kirai which means you loose benefit from first activation Summon-Sundering-Accomplice combo. If we need Zombie per turn, it might be better to look at Emissary since he improves survivability for all those Incorporeal Spirits, makes great Kythera Shards and can summon non-master non-totem 6ss model on later turns.
  10. Sagrit

    Kirai crew

    I'm playing Asura since last GenCon. And she's really good in Boo! Seamus list, with McM and sometimes with Reva. And even with them she usualy spend her activation for walking, placing Scheme marker or even takes Df stance. But i don't see how she fit Kirai. Kirai should improve her survivability because of risk of Ikirio, but in this case Asura must stay in 6" from master. If you want to summon from zombies she must place Quarantine Zone in 6" from Kirai, so there are not too much 14Wp duels for enemies. Grasping Hands are good if you mostly hit Df, but it also lowers Wk which is a downside for you own Lures. Shikome is a hard hitter summon with Kirai and it choose to attack Wp or Df when enemy have an Adversary (and it will, because it's Kirai crew), so there is no need to spend AP to lower Df. Especially since lot of models in crew will have "+" from Adversary anyway. I'm not saying Asura is bad. I just don't see how she worth 8ss with Kirai. Maybe it's worth it with Supply Wagons because of 50mm base? I'm not sure... One Flesh Construct will cost 2ss less and will provides you summoning anchor for the whole game. And hes also Undead, so have Ikirios protection. Two Night Terrors will also cost 2ss less and give you 4 summons and 2 Scheme markers because of Ectoplasm and possibly 2 more with Datsue Ba and Spirit Whispers. And they even can turn to Seishins with Spirit Beacon (it will cost a card, so it's just an option)
  11. Sagrit

    Kirai crew

    Asura is 8ss and she provide one zombie per turn. Zombie is 3Wd so it will be enough for 1 summon. Its hard to say what else useful actions can Asura do in Kirai crew... With Gravedigger zombies at least will give a card after death, but it's already 15ss spend just to make one summon and one card per turn
  12. Sagrit

    Kirai crew

    Night Terror are good summoning anchor, but they don't drop corpse markers, so it's not a replacement for Mercs in such combo. Gravedigger will provide one card per corpse, corpse will most likely be generated as a result of Kirai summoning and Kirai will most likely summon 2 models from one anchor. So it's one corpse per turn, wich means one extra card during Masters activation (after spending 2AP). Looks like it don't worth 7ss to me... But maybe there is something that i don't see?
  13. Sagrit

    Kirai crew

    @Cleezy could you please explain Gravedigger/Merc? I mean it's clear how it works, but is it worth it? 11ss for a summon anchor on turn 1 + card + 1ss to pool. I can imagine that you can summon Drowned + something expensive so Drowned can become an anchor for Turn 2 and give another card due to Gravedigger. But still, what is the profit of Gravedigger overall? I didn't got my models from GenCon yet, so still didn't try Gravedigger myself
  14. Sagrit

    The unbeatable Seamus list

    that's pretty clear idea, but it's just against Math's list idead where he have no prime targets and all models costs same 4-5SS Just because Asura will be the most expensive model and will be prime target, especially when Vendetta is in the pool. And she will die easily, that's guarantee. Personally i do love Asura in Seamus lists, she do lot of stuff outside her activation, but, to be honest, it's always a problem to spend her own AP's effectively...
  15. Sagrit

    The unbeatable Seamus list

    I do not argue, just talking about local meta You know, couple of Katanaka snipers with +++ to Attack and ++ to damage shooting 28" with 2/3/5 damage line and Critiacal Strike is not so unique. And with 5Wk it will take about 2 Lures to get a sniper somewhere near the center. I'm not saying that Belles or any other unit in list are fragile. But if an opponent have no other targets, it's not so hard to take off couple of models per turn. For example meelee heavy Neverborn list would only benefit of such amount of Lures. Belles live long because usually there are more prioritise targets. But if i face this list as an opponent my focus will be on Doxys and Belles only. No need to spend AP trying to kill Seamus with DYKWIA and a Hat. No need to spend AP for Crooligan, Crooked and Necropunk (well outside of Surround and Covert Schemes). So if i'm aggressive, Belles and Doxys will be dead pretty soon. I personaly do love Belle bomb, but usualy adds Emissary and/or Sybelle with Not Too Badged Up. But it's completely different list and idea. However, i see a good potential for this list with such s&s like Ply For Information, Public Demonstration, Vendetta, Set Up, Covert Breakthrough and Undercover Entourage of course. And opposive side, when such list could be a gift for an opponent : Supply Wagons, Symbols, Public Executions, Hold Up Their Forces, Show of Force, Punish the Weak.