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  1. I'm thinking about Kirai as well. Yan Lo looks really good here, but i just personally don't have time to practive Yan Lo as well as it required. There are enough of fast movement in Kirai crew (because of Incorporeal mostly) to take enemies Symbols and Kira herself + Datsue Ba + some summon and Nurse is not so bad for protecting our Symbols.
  2. I would say that when i see my opponent is TT i think first think about Shenlong and Fuhatsu. In this way i would prefer something to deny heal and targeting friendly models - so it's Decay Aura (Emissary, Effigy) and Anna's auras. As for masters i would say Von Schtook's aura is pretty good against Shenlongs upgrades. As for versitile models - Emisarry is my favorite. He will die eventualy, but help against Fuhatsu - you can make Coffins for Cover and Zombies for engagement (so opponent need to spend AP to shoot with Fuhatsu). But to be honest, the most brutal matchup against TT was agai
  3. This case looks easy for me. "Legal subject of the sentence" it's not the same as "legal target according to game rules". There is an example - Another Scrap Marker - model is not a marker, so it's not a subject of the sentence. But didn't help us with Ricochet. It looks like it was more clear before FAQ appears
  4. Guys, about that silly Ricochet and "another" meaning - let's move to Rules discussion section
  5. He everyone. In this topic I saw a discussion about Another model and Ricoshet - https://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/151618-maniacals battle-reports-strategic-analysis/ Looks like we need a serios clarification for this case. Ricochet trigger says : Choose another model within 3" of the target. I have always read it as I should choose a model different to the target. You know, it's like ricochet works IRL - bullet hit something, change direction and goes to another target But then we got Neverborn's FAQ: It says that another me
  6. Thanks for the event @dannydb . I wasn't a part of it, but it was a joy to check videos and results. Hope for some other Vassal activities this year
  7. Sorry for necroposting, but i must ask: 1. Can Crooligan discard a card for By Your Side in situation, when there are no non-Minion Forgotten on the table anymore? Just to trigger Fading. 2. Can Crooligan discard a card for By Your Side when he's holdin loadstone and can't be Placed?
  8. My biggest problem with Hidden Martyrs is to force opponent kill a model This is why i usualy take Martyrs on model that not hard to kill, but hard to avoid. It should be the model that opponent just want to kill even if he knows that it will give you VP. Archie + Crooligan combo looks nice. Archie can be pain in the *** if not killed and Crooligan can jump away to safety.
  9. Cool! Congratulations I couldn't watch the game, but i know that it was recorded - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8pIEjd693E&feature=youtu.be Waiting for you report, @Maniacal_cackle .
  10. GST do only 1 thing : Regen+2. It will be useful if Jack takes damage and there are no other way to heal him, which means you are pretty much in trouble anyway. Jack will not use Blasphemous ritual, because he have better bonus actions anyway. And no Terrifying of course, because he's not minion Whispers, otherwise, give Jack 2 useful things: 1) Intuition, which means you will have more chances to do what you want and not be surprised by unexpected flips 2) Jack is made for killing. Whisper give you card for killing. Card draw can be turned into heal if necessary. Sa
  11. I see Asura as a trap. It looks good on paper, you can imagine lot of uselful things she do, but on practice - she don't. Let's see what she can and what she can't. Attack Tear Apart 2/3/5 with Puncture and build in positive flip is nice. But its' only 5 stat and 1" reach. It means that you have to be really close, but you don't want to be close, because you have only 5Df and no HtW, no Armor, no Serene or other good defensive abilities. Just HtK and SS. Decay is really nice. But it's 8", so it's the same problem - you will not survive. Zombie Apocalypse that what looks re
  12. It's not about preventing dmg with SS flip, it's about make a flip negative, so Seamus can't cheat. Yes, of course he can still get 2 Severe on negative flip, but that's just a pure luck. Giving straight flip to Seamus always means 8-9 dmg. Giving negative usually means just 4.
  13. I'm for GST as well. Whisper is good also, but only in case if you are going to kill with Rider and you know how to save him in bad situtations.
  14. Seamus with Belles and idead around expolits "Why hello love" is really good. I'm working on it as well right now. Had couple of games and it performs fantasticly fun. Not too powerfull because it's easy to conter, but still very fun. I need about 4-5 games more and maybe will wright some thoughts.
  15. Well, let's find out why Dead Rider is amazing 6Df and 7Wp makes him pretty tough. It means that you can make a negative dmg flip most of the time even if opponent used focus. 7Mv, Unimpeded and Ride With Me means that he's really mobile, you can cover really big distances for youe needs. Damag line is 3/4/5. 3 minimum is good in M3E. Reap trigger is so good, it allows you to cover even more distances and replace you opponent. Deny some Corrupted Idols, Claim Jump e.t.c. Place opponent in treat range of your other models - it's not rare to see how Dead Rider grab key model and
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