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  1. Dragoon130

    Nicodemus M3E?

    Just came here to put my vote in for Sauron Nico.
  2. Dragoon130

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    One friend is a huge Lilith lover and a lover of summoning as a style. I was talking to them about how Lilith may work if/when she came back and they said "Imagine if her Nephilim "Growth" mechanics are retooled and she becomes a in your face melee monster that focuses on summoning from the damage she deals." It would have to be tooled and balanced but I really liked their idea.
  3. Dragoon130

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    So I don't think you're wrong on this point but I would just like to state I do own minis for games I don't like solely for the joy of painting and displaying a sculpt I adore. I acknowledge I'm the weird minority in this but we are out there. To be honest I don't see it as very different from the Gunpla I also collect and paint which may be the diversion point. Though there is actually a fan made game for those that I've recently been trying out. Edit: I was catching up on the thread and apparently a few others came out of our strange paint stained holes to say this as well.
  4. Dragoon130

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    My biggest problem with this is that my KS was a full Cult of the Burning Man backing and I know Ramos astride Levi will not be in the Cult, and while I may be bad with impulse buys, the wife would draw and quarter me if I came home with another full faction buy for a game of that size. 😛
  5. Dragoon130

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Problem with that is not knowing how powerful these combos can/will be your esentially gimping yourself which would take us back to the main issue. Very few would intentionally gimp themselves at a offical event meaning the DMH masters are effectively DOA and the converse of making them over powered to compensate means everyone would just play them. It's a catch 22. My play group actually suggested that they be moved to henchman so they could still lead crews, going by current rules at least, yet have a gameplay position showing thier current lack of power.
  6. Dragoon130

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    That's about the only real idea I can think of too. Though I'm personally one for the more choices and playstyles (Ie. Bring Everyone to 10 masters) the better I also understand the small hell that would be to balance. Yet no one likes watching thier guys get Squatted/Tomb Kinged from a game. Like I said it really won't effect me and I'll still run whoever when I want amongst my playgroup as they don't care and I'm still gonna go pickup my pile of new releases every month. Just leaves a bad taste when I see the opposite work elsewhere.
  7. Dragoon130

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    I've been a huge Wyrd fanboy from day one when the game first hit my old FLGS. Even when I didn't have a play group, time to play, or much money I still tried to buy models when I could which admitidly was rare but I very recently caught up and just have to buy the monthly releases. When some of my old play group visited we'd manage a game or two of 1E as none of us knew 2E or had the time to learn. Within the last year I've managed learn 2E, convince some friends and the wife to play (after listening to me rant about how much I missed playing the game for 6 years), and since our kids are a little older I actually have the ability to play at home without other responisbilities getting in the way (still can't get out to play at a store often but that's why I built my own table). So saying I'm excited for 3E is an understatement and I applied for the beta as soon as I got home after finding out. I love the idea of keyword hiring and characters that have been in the lore being brough in or brought up after so long. I love the new card layout though I understand the concerns. Basically everything sounds great except the Dead Man's Hand. Though I fully support the idea of a narrative or competitive tournement structure as a way of handling this. Maybe it's because I was heavily invested in Warmachine when Malifaux dropped and I started but I really prefer the way PP or Guild Ball handels moving characters forward with the Basic/Epic(1/2/3) and Basic/Veteran/Seasoned system. Everything is legal when not in narrative and they make advanced versions later that may change thier theme or playstyle completely. Now this doesn't affect me personally much as I don't really get to play in events between work and family obligations and my friends generally accept whatever as long as it doesnt actually break the rules but on principle I don't like it.
  8. Dragoon130

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    I feel your pain. Every time I think about trying AOS with my friends I look at my Tomb Kings in the display case and get unreasonably angry.......
  9. Dragoon130

    Monday Preview - Undercover Agent

    I swear I will be incredibly disappointed if they cannot pull a combined model action. Like the Corphyee Duet.
  10. Dragoon130

    Nicknames and avatars

    In the long lost years of 1999 or 2000 I was obsessed, and still am to be honest, with a wonderful JRPG called Legend of Dragoon. When my older cousin helped 9 or 10 year old little me make my first email it was the first thing I thought of. Of course it was taken so we added 13, the day of my birth, on suggestion of the site and then that ended up being taken so he just tapped 0 and it stuck. Then as I got older and began to study history and especially the history of our tribe I began to love the real world concept of Dragoons. So it's just kind of followed me since. All my characters have traditional names too but thats how my username came to be. As for my avatar, it was just kind of a panic choice when I signed up long ago and I couldn't find anything more fitting. Since having to leave the hobby for life reasons and finally being able to get back to it after things settled and I could afford hobbies of any kind again it's gained a strange nostolgia factor for me so I haven't changed it.
  11. Dragoon130

    How the @#%€£#*#!!!?

    So I'm working as a Security Guard now meaning I have way more time than when I taught, and get paid almost triple what I did but that's another story, and with two small ones at home I tend to do a lot of my building and painting in my car at work. This means I have currently lost and have had to greenstuff replacements for both Yan Lo's beard, the front robe piece of the standing Goryo, and gone digging for multiple other parts. So yeah I wish I had thought of that as it's either somewhere in the parking lot or in my car but I'll never find it.
  12. Dragoon130

    How the @#%€£#*#!!!?

    Really though it just took some fiddling and a little green stuff.
  13. Dragoon130

    How the @#%€£#*#!!!?

    Sacrificed my first born. It also helped me build my Goryo and get Yan Lo's beard in place.
  14. Dragoon130

    Iron Scorpius 5 Ressers

    So a bunch of the other faction areas are talking about what 5 masters they would bring to a Iron Scorpius 5 tourney, 5 masters 5 rounds. So my fellow Resurrectionists, what are your 5? I feel the obvious choice is Nico followed by Kirai and probably even Reva but my last 2 I'm gonna have to take Seamus and Molly. Thematically they are my favorite masters in the game and Seamus is the one that made me fall in love with it.
  15. Dragoon130

    The undying box set

    Sounds like he has nice synergy with Yan-lo but I wonder if it will be enough to take over say Izamu, if you beater theory is correct. Though I took it more to mean a movement monster or a very jack of all trades model that can buff himself as needed.