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  1. Just coming in with my love for this game. A friend and I slugged it out today on Vassal. Adeodatos and Fenton vs. Charles Edmonton and Margaret Belle. We only have four of us that play TOS, but we have a sizable Malifaux crew. We're trying to use vassal and the current isolation as a "try before you buy" demonstration. I'd love to see this game continue to grow! ALL GLORY TO THE BURNING MAN! ... ahem.
  2. I have always had it in my head that there is a Leviathan beneath the ice that is old - impossibly old - from the primordial days of Malifaux. Trapped beneath the peaks eons ago by the Savage folk to prevent it devouring the world in its rampage. It is patient, wise, hungry, and angry. It is just waiting for someone to finally retrieve the Geode and unlock its prison so that it can once again ravage the land and eat its fill.
  3. I like the notion of a shard of broken mirror being considered a good luck charm against Doppleganger.... replacement.
  4. It will be great to get some public games in again! I've been quite looking forward to the open Beta of Malifaux!
  5. Beautiful, thanks very much for the clarification!
  6. Brand new to TTB here, and I'm wondering if I need the Fatemaster's Almanac in addition to the 2nd Ed. Core Rules, or if everything is covered in said Core Rules? Thanks!
  7. Looks pretty impressive, and it will be nice to start playing on some official Malifaux terrain instead of using some other companies' products.
  8. I just throw in some rice or sand, whichever is available. Adds weight, doesn't expand, and in a pinch, makes a decent instrument!
  9. Imagine how strong that dude's back is! That gator has got to be a solid 300lbs, minimum. Mind you, I don't know a darn thing about Malifaux gator physiology.
  10. Loving the work I'm seeing here. It would be great to see what you can do with properly primed (read: not gritty) models. Looking forward to the results on the Arcanists!
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