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  1. athalos_gallant

    Unclear on Book Importance

    Beautiful, thanks very much for the clarification!
  2. athalos_gallant

    Unclear on Book Importance

    Brand new to TTB here, and I'm wondering if I need the Fatemaster's Almanac in addition to the 2nd Ed. Core Rules, or if everything is covered in said Core Rules? Thanks!
  3. athalos_gallant


    Looks pretty impressive, and it will be nice to start playing on some official Malifaux terrain instead of using some other companies' products.
  4. athalos_gallant

    Giving papercraft scatter some substance.

    I just throw in some rice or sand, whichever is available. Adds weight, doesn't expand, and in a pinch, makes a decent instrument!
  5. athalos_gallant

    Monday Preview - Bayou Smuggler

    Imagine how strong that dude's back is! That gator has got to be a solid 300lbs, minimum. Mind you, I don't know a darn thing about Malifaux gator physiology.
  6. athalos_gallant

    Falling Twilight's Malifaux Challenge

    Loving the work I'm seeing here. It would be great to see what you can do with properly primed (read: not gritty) models. Looking forward to the results on the Arcanists!