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  1. Welcome to the inaugural Malifaux Escalation League: Faction Standoff Edition! This league will pit all of the factions of Malifaux against one another as they vie for control of Malifaux city and it's surrounding territories. Between rounds, I'll be updating the score sheet and typing up little fluff pieces to describe the outcomes of the games and show how Malifaux is changing because of it. The Skinny: Each Faction will be allowed up to two players to represent them; first come first serve (exceptions will be made for those players with limited models). The league will last 5 rounds, 2 weeks each; starting on August 11th and ending Oct 13th. Each VP scored in a match will go toward your Factions final score; so win or lose you still forward your team's efforts. Prizes will be raffled off at the end of the league. 1 ticket awarded per match played and an additional ticket for each match played @ The Guild during a Malifaux Sunday event. Escalation: Crew sizes will begin at 30 ss and increase by 5 each round. Players are free to play any master within their Faction during the league and recreate their crews between rounds as they see fit. I'll be playing a 'free company' to accommodate players who have no available partner that round due to scheduling issues. At the end of the league one Faction will stand supreme over all the others. But don't get too excited, whichever Faction is in the lead will have a Bounty placed on them. Bounties will arm any opponent who faces them with additional SS *and* award players additional VP for defeating them. Bad Things Happen to the people on top too, after all. This should be a really exciting and fun league and I hope you all can join in! Venue: The Adventurer's Guild Board Game Cafe 36 Ontario St N, Kitchener, ON N2H 4Y4 pheylorn@gmail.com
  2. Come out to celebrate with us the Malifaux 3rd Edition release party at The Adventurer's Guild BG cafe Sunday July 7th from noon-six. Everyone walks away with a Faction specific bookmark for their shiny new rulebooks (based on the official faction banners designed by Wyrd). We will be hosting a slew of Master Battles, 3+ players battling it out on a 3x3 map for control of the powerful artifact located on the centerpoint. Crews for this format will consist of 1 Master, their totem, and 10 SS's to spend on a Henchman, no more than 2 SS can be saved for your cache. This format is designed for quick and fun games and to let you experience several of your Masters' abilities in one day. Entry is 100% free. Bring a friend, there's never been a better time to cross the breach into Malifaux! Sunday July 7th, 12pm-6pm Venue: The Adventurer's Guild Cafe 36 Ontario St N, Kitchener, ON N2H 4Y4 pheylorn@gmail.com
  3. Hey Wyrdos! I'll be running biweekly demos of Malifaux 3rd edition at the Adventurer's Guild Board Game Cafe in Kitchener Ontario Canada. Demo slots will be from noon to 3pm. We also have a league ongoing that meets there so other Faux players will be on hand showing off the game and community. You can email to arrange a demo on a different day/time or to confirm a meetup at pheylorn@gmail.com Thanks! Venue details are as follows; The Adventurer's Guild Cafe 36 Ontario St N, Kitchener, ON N2H 4Y4
  4. Hey all! I am happy to announce our first Malifaux 3rd edition escalation league in Waterloo Region - Ontario Canada. Pick a Master and we'll start the first round making 25 SS crews (master and totem are free as usual) and increase the SS pool by 5, then 10 and 10 again in the following rounds. A total of 4 games. We have some great prizes just for participating, there's no cost to entry either; and we'll be raffling them off so everyone has a chance to win! Each round will last two weeks and you'll be expected to play a match with your assigned opponent during our Sunday meetups. We'll have our first one Sunday May 12th from 1-5pm! What do we need from you? Just comment on this post saying you want to join in before this Saturday (May 4th) and which Master you'll be reppin' and we'll take care of the rest. Let the escalation begin! Venue: The Adventurer's Guild Cafe 36 Ontario St N, Kitchener, ON N2H 4Y4 pheylorn@gmail.com
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