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  1. lexicanium

    Getting the gremlin urge.

    Thanks, that's really helpful. I haven't found Brewmaster to be too NPE myself but that's probably because I mainly use him for obey, swill, pay up and binge (plus heals and moon shinobi pushes). I rarely try to play drinking contest style and his 2nd zero is really good imo. I will look into getting ophelia first I think. She seems like a perfect balance of silly fun and puzzle solving. I am a tad sad that both Ulix and Mah weren't mentioned, are they very straightforward in their approach?
  2. lexicanium

    Getting the gremlin urge.

    I currently play Ten Thunders (Asami, Brewmaster and McCabe). I took a bit of a plunge into Neverborn and found them not to my taste, I loved their tricks and thoughtful play opportunities but I find the excessive reliability a tad mundane (lots of high attack stats and things that don't even require a duel). Hence my interest in Gremlins, I like the idea of a faction with lower reliability and fun moments of unexpected kills etc. I just worry that maybe they are simple and whacky. Can gremlins still give that experience of trickery and thoughtful play? If it helps I am currently interested in Wong, Mah, Brewie, Ulix and possibly Ophelia. I think Zipp might be the ticket but I heard he is kinda a NPE for my opponent.
  3. lexicanium

    Painting Oni

    thanks guys, I am liking both the Rackham miniature and the washed out harlequin. I'll give both a go and see which I want to stick with
  4. lexicanium

    Painting Oni

    I had the idea to paint Asami's Oni to be more ghost/daemon like and I wondered if anyone has any advice on how to try and paint things to look like it has limited physical presence. I tried hunting around and only managed to find tutorials on LotR models and it wasn't really the look I wanted. Is it mostly a case of using heavily washed out colours with extreme highlights? what base coat colour works best? white?
  5. lexicanium

    crew advice

    no good at all?
  6. lexicanium

    crew advice

    I am playing a game shortly TT vs Guild. Our pool is reckoning, plant explosives, protect territory, Bodyguard, plant evidence and line in the sand. I was planning to run Asami. model pool: sensei yu sun quiang wrath of oni mei feng box brewmaster box tengu x3 jorogumo x3 yamaziko toshiro punk zombie x3 dawm serpent terracota warrior x3 fermented monk x3
  7. I am looking to get some of my old models traded for stuff I am playing now. Happy to provide pics of anything. Arcanists - I am happy to throw in upgrades for any arcanist model in the wave 1 or 2 arsenal decks Rasputina (1.5 model, 1.5&2e stat card & upgrades) - glued and unpainted Wendigo (1.5 model, 2e card) - unpainted and assembled 3 ice gamin (1.5 models, 2e cards) - Partially glued and unpainted 3 ice gamin (2e models and cards) - NIB Snow Storm (1.5 model, 1.5&2e cards) - Partly glued and unpainted Ice Golem (1.5 model, 2e card) - glued and unpainted Blessed of December (1.5 model & 2e card) - glued and unpainted Kaeris (1.5 model, 2e card) unassembled and unpainted Kaeris (1.5 model, 2e card) Assembled and partly painted 3 Fire Gamin (1.5 model, 2e card) assembled and unpainted 3 Gunsmiths (1.5 model, 2e card) assembled and unpainted Ramos 2e box set including cards & upgrades- partly assembled and unpainted 3 arachnids - (2e models and cards) - unpainted 2 arachnid swarms - (2e models and cards) - unpainted Marcus (1.5 model, 2e cards) - assembled and partly painted Myranda (1.5 model, 2e cards) - assembled and unpainted Sabretooth cerberus (1.5 model, 2e card) - assembled and unpainted Razorspine rattler (1.5 model, 2e card) - assembled and unpainted jackalope (1.5 model, 2e card) - assembled and unpainted Essence of power (1.5 model, 1.5 & 2e card) - NIB 2 union minors (1.5 model, 2e card) 1 assembled, 1 NIB Collette Du Bois (1.5 model, 2e cards) NIB Neverborn Pandora Box Set (2e + all cards) - Assembled and unpainted Lilith Box Set (2e + all cards) - Assembled and partly painted I am looking to trade roughly equivalent models for 1 or more of the following : 1-3 Jorogumo with cards Asami's box Misaki's box 1-3 Tengu 1-3 Ten Thunder Brother 1-3 Oiran with or without cards Ototo with or without card Yan-Lo Box Yin, with or without card Izamu, with or without card 1-3 Komainu with or without cards 1-3 Wastrel with cards 1 Thunder Archer with or without card 1 guild pathfinder with card & trap Open to offers.
  8. lexicanium

    Where to go after shenlong

    That's a shame, I really hoped Yin was a viable alternative to Izamu as while Izamu is clearly excellent I find him a bit uninspired and boring but I guess for Yan Lo there's no way around that...
  9. lexicanium

    Where to go after shenlong

    So I was hoping for a bit of advice on what to grab next. I am currently in possession of Brewmaster box, 3 fermented monks, 3 terracotta warriors, shenlong box, wind serpent, yamaziko, sun quiang, and toshiro. I plan to buy some TT brothers and then either maccabe box or yan lo box. Depending on the master I will grab either yin/izamu or some guild hounds. Would also appreciate if yin or izamu are going to be a better call as I doubt I can fit both. Thanks in advance
  10. lexicanium

    The looking for a vassal game thread

    Newbie looking for a practice game. Uk Time zone. I only have the original schemes and strats for now so no headhunter etc.
  11. lexicanium

    Anyone know of any good youtubers that play Arcanists

    Thanks guys, I'll look at 'em.
  12. As title. I like to watch games and hear discussions and the Malifools is the only Malifaux themed discussion I know of which is mostly about tournies from what I can tell. Thanks.
  13. lexicanium

    The looking for a vassal game thread

    Looking for a game in the next few hours.
  14. lexicanium

    Looking for players near me! Birmingham UK

    Damn I forgot to check back on this thread or I would have come down to Wayland's Forge... Any luck with the demos? I am looking to meet people that play down that way if possible. I have been going to Walsall club and it is great but something a bit closer to me would certainly be good as I currently travel on the train.
  15. lexicanium

    New Player, Ramos Crew

    I have those listed ofc as well as essence of power, blessed of december, a bunch of Marcus' models (his old box set) plus raptors, a full 1.5 raspy starter box with snow storm (yeah, be jealous! that old school golem model is soooo sexy ). Not a lot else in the Ramos area to be honest. I inherited some models from someone that quit so it's a bit of a mix of things! I have an extra metal gamin, 2 more union miners, a truck load of arachnids, a swarm arachnid, rail golem (I can proxy the ice golem model np). I can't really take many things I haven't already chosen, just maybe switch the quantities of models around a bit. I did consider essence of power.. the +to SS flips and +1 ca seem really nice for summoning things but I guess 3 SS is a lot for that. Thanks for the toolkit tip! Unfortunately I don't have one or a suitable proxy so not an option at the moment. Stuck with Mr Arachnid for now. I chose Ramos to start because he looked way simpler to learn than Marcus (who I think is a boss but complicated and squishy) and Rasputina I would want some Silent Ones or those guys with harpoon guns (I forget the name) before I gave her a spin. Honestly I don't like playing 50ss while learning the game much but my club members are all wanting to play at that level so it is a necessary evil. Thanks MrFox for changing the title!