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  1. Hmm, not sure I agree with “too good” LDreams are on the following: Chompy Insidious Madness Alp Daydream Stitched If it was played the way I initially thought, only 1 action can benefit from LDreams, seeing as it’s a bonus action, the card is left on top of the deck and after the models activation ends it gets shuffled, so you can’t stack the deck for another model. And that’s if you draw a card you can use. So beneficial for sure, but not crazily so. If you summoned that nightmare, it still has to unbury and loses an action if you want to use it, so….I really don’t think it over the top as a consideration.
  2. Must say, I initially only skimmed the Lucid dream rework and read it as reveal 3 cards, remove one, discard one and I read “set aside” as place back on top of deck. I thought that’s pretty good, helps the nightmare stack its next duel and after wards the deck gets shuffled when its activation is done. Now though, it just seems more of the same, reveal 3 remove 1, discard 1 and shuffle at the end… I still think at the very least it should have “may” in the wording for in case you draw 3 good cards. Still would’ve preferred the way I initially thought it was
  3. Rift

    Lucid Dream change

    See...now i would just not play it. Seems a waste to me. Im fully behind a rework that at least gives your model a slight benefit as opposed to milling your deck of moderate to severe cards and in the end increasing the risk of having to remove a good card on the increase chance of drawing high.
  4. Rift

    Lucid Dream change

    See now that's exactly why i think its great that way, the stitched can make a way more informed decision....and remember, you don't know what your opponent will flip.It gives you a decent chance to get the ability off, at least skewing the up side to be in your favor...else why use the ability at all? Also, as it is now, the more cards you remove (and you have to remove 1 every time) the more likely you will come up with a scenario where you will draw 3 good cards and have to get rid of one...which technically weakens your deck again and you've just discarded 2 good cards..... doesn't seem right that an ability that's supposed to add some kind of benefit (and you pay for it, I assume that model cost takes their abilities into account) ends up being a negative. Then, personally, I rather see something weaker but with a definite benefit to the model or crew.
  5. Rift

    Lucid Dream change

    Pity it's been cleared up as all, I actually liked look at top 3 cards of your fate deck, remove 1 non joker and either discard the rest or place back on top of your fate deck in any order
  6. Well, personally I dont like Waking Dreams.... having your model buried and stunned seems pretty heavy especially if you consider that you can only unbury if your opponent fails a WP test. I like Inhuman reflexes. Seems fair for its price. Still on the bench about Ancient pack. Voodoo curse, being stuck on only 1 dmg per action seems a bit weak if you consider the voodoo doll only has 3 wounds. Agree with you on Eldritch magic.
  7. Rift

    Lucid Dream change

    I’m also of the opinion that the current incarnation of Lucid dreams are too much of a negative for the controlling player, punishing your own hand for a possible benefit 2 turns later in a 5 turn games seems very risky. I’d also like to see a complete rework of the ability, Some ideas, 1) WP duel with enemy and if successful force a random discard from their hand. This gives more WP duels to possibly fail for summoned nightmares to unbury 2) Look at the top 5 cards of any fate deck, place 1 in the discard pile, 1 at the bottom of the deck and the other 3 back on top in any order of your choice. This will give you substantial insight on the next duels; can make your duels stronger, keeping in mind that your opponent will have an activation before you, this will add value to Accomplice which will add value to Day dreams or of course weaken your opponents options. 3) Search your fate deck for a card with a value of no more than 11 of a suit of your choice and place it in your hand and reshuffle your fate deck. I’m curbing it at 11 specifically so that the benefit is mainly for use with dreamer, insidious madness being the biggest minion he can summon. Yes it makes summoning easier for Dreamer, but keep in mind that whatever he summons will only unbury IF your opponent fails a WP test and they are stunned. 11 also means that if you want to get multiple summoned models your choice is pretty much 2 day dreams. 4) 2-3" aura or target a friendly model, choose a suit, that model adds that suit to all of its non-melee actions.
  8. Im very keen to see what Youko can do.
  9. why, it doesnt say i cant....it just says i can summon more then 1 in base to base, so technically the other can unbury else where.
  10. I'm just trying to get some clarity here, The Waking dream upgrade bury my summoned nightmares no problem my issue comes with this “From Nightmares: After an enemy model fails a Wp duel caused by a friendly Action or Ability, if this model is Buried, this model may Unbury in base contact with enemy model after resolving the current Action. No other friendly models may unbury in base contact with the enemy model until the end of the current Activation.” OK, no say I have 3 nightmares buried. And the enemy fail a wp test, I bring 1 out in base to base…can I unbury the other 2 but not in base to base at the same time? If can only bring out 1, why put in this sentence “No other friendly models may Unbury in base contact with the enemy model until the end of the current Activation.” Thanks for the help
  11. The op mentioned that you cant summon him, Im trying to see if i missed something. Im under the impression you can summon him back if he dies
  12. Why cant the dreamer summon Lord Chompy?
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