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  1. Rift

    Execute trigger

    Thank you. Im sure thats fine. appreciate the insight
  2. Rift

    Execute trigger

    Sounds good, are you 100% sure about this. Is there any way you can make that statement more definitive by using rules or statements from the rule book itself. I can just see this debate coming up and simply saying discarding is not the same as using just comes across as an opinion. Dont get me wrong, I agree with you.
  3. Execute states this The target may either discard a card or a soulstone. If it does neither, it is killed, ignoring demise abilities. If a model is not a master or a henceman...in other words a model that can't use soulstones....can they still discard a soulstone if you get this trigger?
  4. why do you rate the insidious madness so highly...out of interest?
  5. can only fiendish gamble once per activation. you're taking chance on the second ap....with a 6ss model....probably not the wisest thing to do. Im not saying it not good...I just dont think its an auto lose as you claim.
  6. i think thats a bit of an overreaction. you can only have 3 stitches....so fiendish gamble is pretty limited as it is
  7. as for lucid dreams....Ive played a bunch of games with dreamer and cant really say that ive played any game where I felt lucid dreams gave me an advantage, thinning the deck to the point where I think its unfair or unbeatable. If it wasn't for fiendish gamble I'd prefer a completely new ability that adds a more definite advantage.
  8. I dont think Stitched together would be worth taking at all if they did not have fiendish gamble. Gamble your life cuts both ways, if the stitch loses the duel he gets damaged.....so if you allow the ability to be cheated you kind of have to remove the damage back swing on the stitch imo.
  9. he cant. He can only summon minions and chompy is a henchman so.....nope
  10. Righto, Ive had a bunch of games vs Viktorias, Parker, Colette, Rasputina and Predita so my opinion on the models I've used... Zoraida....by far the mvp of just about every game she featured in Bad juju....slap inhuman reflexes on him and see how much he tanks....great piece Dreamer.... is ok but dull, he doesn't do anything well. (just give him something to add some mobility to his crew for petes sake) Once again all the hoops to summon is silly and then stunned 😒 Chompy.... pretty good for an alpha strike glass cannon. would love to see him a bit more resilient or a bit more killy....something like flurry maybe or onslaught? Widow weaver..... pretty mobile so makes a solid scheme runner, but a pricey one. Doppelganger..... happy with her and what she brings Tuco..... also happy with what he is and what he does. turn 1 harass is definitely worth his cost Stitched together... very happy, solid piece resilient enough and brings a bit of pain. fiendish gamble absolutely saved this model. daydreams.... they're ok. lucid dreams and bit of mobility for nightmares.... 3ss.... ye ok.
  11. Must say I've never considered nightmare crew to be a healing crew....besides maybe chompys regen and "feed on fear" thing....but i dont bank in hitting that, ever.
  12. I love where the stitched togethers are right now. I agree about dreamer tho, he's very meh...nothing really special about him.... I wish he added some decent mobility to his crew. Also...all those negatives to try and summon is so annoying. Zoraida I've tested a couple of times....i like her very much..definitely in the top
  13. Rift


    thank you
  14. Rift


    ok, so are you saying "once per activation'" is applicable to the model on whose card its written, in this case the woes......and not on the model affected by it.
  15. Rift


    so if a enemy model gets stun in range of 2 misery auras (candy and a sorrow) it will only get 1 dmg? What happens if it gets fast in its second action in say Candys misery aura? (yeah, sorry the wording is just terrible to work out when youre looking at overlapping auras and stacking)
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