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  1. Models that measure their los and range from other models or markers like Zoraidas eyes in the night, can they target models with stealth if they're outside of 6" but the model they arcing through is within 6" of the model with stealth? Thanks
  2. Righto, So this came up yesterday, I was able to get Chompy into Rasputina, I landed a hit with the execute trigger but she had a pillar next to her and used ice shield to reduce the dmg to 0. Does the player still have to discard a card or a soulstone to stop her from being killed? I assumed so, but my opponent wasn't sure.
  3. Rift


    Just double checking, If an enemy with 1 poison stack activate within 3" of a model with catalyst and it triggers causing 1 point of damage, does the poison stack reduce by as well or does it stay and cause another point of damage at the end of the turn? cheers
  4. righto, just to get some clarity. If i use reva, and kill a model....I can now place the Pyre marker over models.... they however wont suffer burning +1 as they have not moved or done an action in it and the marker itself does not count as having moved when its "dropped" Correct?
  5. Thank you chaps, great read and a lot to absorb (which I appreciate) Well, I'm having my 1st ressers game tonight and I'm pretty excited to see how it plays out. Thanks for the advice once again
  6. Righto, been stuck on the neverborn of things and decided to branch out into resser. Got my hands on reva and her crew and also doc mcmourning and his Any tips you guys want to impart? Are the faction upgrades worth it?
  7. Easy for me, Ill always choose the stitch over the Insidious...dunno, just not a fan i guess
  8. Although, I think we're on the same page here...I disagree with your 1st sentence...I think "Fiendish gamble" helps a lot....if you're unlucky and draw 3 severe / moderate cards you remove a sever and use Fiendish gamble to cycle it back in...on the other hand if you draw 3 moderate/weak cards...you remove a low card to enhance your fate deck. I think it was very well thought out and I tip my hat to the guy that came up with it. It does however force a dreamer crew to have at least 1 stitched together to make use of "lucid dreams" properly....and i dont think everyone will be happy with that.
  9. Did you use Stitched togethers? They can cycle high cards back in with "Fiendish Gamble".
  10. Shamelessly stolen from the other factions, seems like a good idea. Motivation for choices are always welcome
  11. I can really only give input on 1 of those in the list The Dreamer Dreamer himself I find still lacking in identity, as far as summoning masters go… I think he’s probably one of the worst if not the worst. His summoning mechanic is overly conditional and still adds negatives to the summoned model. And summoning is really all he’s got on his cards that worth anything…the rest of his abilities are really lackluster. "Twist Reality" imo needs have its range increased a bit…. Dreamer isn’t a piece that’s played forward on the field…or his health needs to be increased to justify him being forward. Ok, now I would love to see the following….put “BAM! Your Turn!” on “Twist Reality” or “Your Nightmare” All of the sudden you’ve got a play making master, that can get his crew into the fight at range. Take into account that nightmares aren’t really known for their ranged options and you’ve got some great play making mechanics and decent amount of added mobility that is badly needed.
  12. Well cant she just target herself with "despair's influence"?
  13. but if zoraida relent, wouldnt there be a mask in the final total anyways?
  14. wow...so i can enscroll if i self loath with a mask?
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