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  1. There will be a 50ss gaining grounds tournament at Gaming Underground, LLC 11651 N Main St., Suite D, Archdale, North Carolina 27263 15.00 entry fee, all money handled day of event (no pre-registration needed) ROUND 1Deployment: Flank Deployment (12)Strategy: Extraction (Rams)Schemes: * Claim Jump (Always)* Frame For Murder (Rams)* Accusation! (Masks)* Show Of Force (3) * Set Up (7) ROUND 2 Deployment: Close Deployment (14) Strategy: Interference (Masks) Schemes: * Claim Jump (Always) * Eliminate the Leadership (Doubles) * Accusation! (Masks) * Leave Your Mark (Tomes) * Hidden Trap (5) ROUND 3 Deployment: Flank Deployment (13) Strategy: Headhunter (Tomes) Schemes: * Claim Jump (Always) * Frame For Murder (Rams) * Dig Their Graves (Crows) * Show Of Force (3) * Hunting Party (4)
  2. There will be a 50ss gaining grounds tournament at Gaming Underground in High Point, NC. 10.00 entry fee, all money handled day of event (no pre-registration needed) Strats and schemes to come.
  3. I have seen/heard a number of times where people say that if you have an attack that generates another attack from a trigger and that attack was benefiting from focus that the next generated attack will also benefit from focus as its all part of the same attack action. Is this the case? Can you point out where it says this is true? *If this has been discussed in length can you point me to the link? I haven't been able to find anything.
  4. Ordered Jan 5 Ordered: Daydream A Daydream B Daydream C Black Blood Shaman A The Scribe Lucius Black Blood Shaman B Rooster Rider A Rooster Rider B Rooster Rider C Tara Union Miner A Union Miner B Union Miner C Dead of Winter The Nothing Beast Rotten Belle A Rotten Belle B Guardian A Guardian B Guild Austringer A Guild Austringer B Ironsides Misaki Scion of the Void Colette Du Bois Montresor The Brewmaster Cards were wrong (non-errata)
  5. We are starting up a campaign league in the NC Triad Area starting Jan 29 - Mar 25. Find me on twitter @nccomicschris or on facebook (Southeastern Malifaux Players Group) League Rules: We will be following the rules for Malifaux Campaigns laid out in Shifting Loyalties, and all page # reference that book, with a few modifications. 1. This League will cover eight weeks, and players will be limited to a max of 10 games over the course of the league.(pg. 5)2. All crews will start 35 soulstones. (pg. 5)3. Instead of tying the availability of masters and Avatars to a particular week, Masters will be become available for purchase after a players 3rd game, (pg. 6)and Avatars after their 5th (pg 30).4. This will be a competitive campaign, with the score at the end used to determine the winner for each local group, and placement at the April Event. (pg. 34)5. The league will use the Cut 'em up for parts, The Wandering Relic, and the Good Doctor optional rules. (pg. 33). The Wandering Relic will be distributed by the organizers, and each crew can only make a Trip to the Doc's twice in the campaign.6. Each game week will have a special story scenario which will be selected from the Wyrd Chronicles, the base rule book, or pulled kicking and screaming from the depths of the organizers fetid imaginations. Each player can play each Story Scenario up to twice in the game week for which it is active, and will be rewarded with 2 scrip for playing the story scenario.7. Game results must be reported to your local organizer in order to count. Players may post battle reports in this group, and the better the report, the greater the chance of attracting the attentions of Those Who Thirst, or earning extra script. 8. Prizes will be provided for local leagues, and the April event will have additional prizes including a custom set of tokens for their crew, a propainted crew box, and trophies.
  6. Who: All Comers What: 50ss GG2017 3 Round Tournament Where: Gaming Underground, 2619 S Main St # 125, High Point, NC 27263, USA When: 1/28/17 @ 11:00am Find me: facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/650304011838024/?notif_t=plan_user_associated&notif_id=1483067196472208 twitter:@nccomicschris
  7. Dawn (sassylady) and I will be hosting a 3 day/3 event schedule of malifaux on Nov 11-13 at MACE! here is a link to more details: https://www.justusproductions.com/malifaux-tournaments-demos-at-mace-2016/ please let let us know you are coming here: https://facebook.com/events/1111819095579408/ please send any questions you have to myself or dawn
  8. https://calendar.google.com/calendar/embed?src=douj9h6mhb5o4leeq1vf69ovks%40group.calendar.google.com&ctz=America/New_York This calendar is for all events in the Southeastern USA. If you are a henchman and would like access to this calendar please contact me @ nccomicschris@gmail.com.
  9. Tournament at Comic Dimension in Greensboro NC -Sept 10 at 11:00am -3 rounds -50 SS fixed faction. See link for more details: https://www.facebook.com/events/1755401491384465/
  10. That makes since, I'm a neverborn player so I'm obviously ok with this making sonnia harder to play but just seems like a weird way of taking dmg. I do however realize just how odd of a situation this is so it makes since it doesn't fit a mold.
  11. Sorry this is assuming Pandora is first player. It just seems winning initiative becomes very important against condition heavy crews.
  12. I thought so too but had a game on vassal a while ago against another Henchman who thought it applied to the new target.
  13. I agree with both of you on how this resolved as far as that goes but I think the burning would apply before see below quote. I realize this is counter to my original post but after reading Sonnia's card again have changed trains of thought.
  14. Inferno to me would happen first as it is in effect up until the end of turn. Then end of turn resolves and because burning would be put on Pandora before end of turn she would take the dmg.
  15. If you target kirai with an attack and she Deflects it to a nearby spirit and it blasts large enough to hit kirai does she take blast dmg or does it cycle back to the new target?
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