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  1. Hello All! I hope everyone has enjoyed there holidays thus far and have received your gifts. If you have not received a gift at this time do not fret as shipping may take a little longer than expected with the holidays, or even due to the weather. I ask that if that is the case please notify your giftee and let them know that it is on the way if the tracking still has it as shipping, so that way no cause for alarm or concern. I do ask that if you have not received anything (gift, or notice) by Tuesday evening your time to please send me a message. Again hope everyone is enjoying their holidays!
  2. Hello everyone! I hope all is well, and everybody is enjoying scavenging for your giftees! How is it going for everyone?
  3. To everybody that has signed up, all information has been distributed. I hope everyone enjoys finding models for your giftees! When you do receive your gifts please feel free to share on what you got! If anyone has questions or concerns, please feel free to send me a PM
  4. You should be getting your contact by the end of tonight, if not tomorrow night the extreme latest!
  5. Today is the last day! if you haven't signed up, you have until midnight EST tonight to do so. There is still a few messages I have not gotten to yet, so if you sent a PM and I haven't responded to you yet rest assured you need not to worry.
  6. With the Black Friday models announced, it is still not to late to sign up! Remember the deadline is this Friday (11/20) at midnight EST. Don't miss out!
  7. Unfortunately we can not group these for painting or basing as it would make everything too complex. However if you would like to receive something painted then list it with your choice faction or factions you would like to receive from. However it can not guarantee that you will receive someone willing to send a painted model or receiving someone that would want a painted model. Yes, yes it is! it is not to late to sign up! November 20th is the deadline to sign up. If you wish to partake send me a PM before then!
  8. Thanks, you should have received a response back! You would need to ask permission from the person you received if you could send painted models to them. if you want to receive painted models then send me a message that you are willing to receive a painted model and whoever receives your name will be notified of same along with the factions you prefer. Please keep in mind though that whoever receives your name is not obligated to send a painted model but it is an option if they so choose.
  9. Hello folks, To clarify I will be sending Reply messages to all messages received to confirm that I received your information and your interest in the Holiday Gift Exchange.
  10. Yes you can buy and receive models whenever you decide to purchase them however, this is a gift exchange from someone you do not know. It is the in spirit of the holidays, and who does not like a gift? Also it may help build up your collection of models for a specific faction, for example maybe you just started out in the Neverborn fatcion by getting a Lillith Crew box, someone that received your name may know a lot about Lillith and get you models that work well with her (i.e. Waldgeist) Also as long as the person you received give you permission you may paint or base the model but again you would need there permission first.
  11. Hello Everybody! It's that time of year again, that's right it's the 5th Annual Holiday Miniature Exchange! Now you are probably thinking, "Hey you're not Rameses! Why are you doing this?" Well Rameses had to step away this year, and has asked me to organize the exchange this year. Not to worry though, I come here today to open up the Holiday festivities for 2015. Sign up starts now October 19th through November 20th. You will recieve the name of the person you are giving a gift to on November 22nd. "What am I talking about" you say? This is the Official UnOfficial 4th Annual gift exchange for the Malifaux community! Here is how it works... Send me N1ck a Personal Message or PM via the Wyrd forums with the following information Your Name Your Address Faction or Factions that you wish to receive a gift from. Answer this question: Are you willing to ship Internationally? Now understand this is not a contest for gives the best gift. Give what you can afford. But please understand; if you are asking for a Crew box for gift, it would only be fair to be willing to gift the same. That said there is a minimum dollar cost for the gifting process. I only ask keep the gifts cost to a minimum of $20. And lets be fair as gamers $20 is a drop in the Hobby bucket. So the lets cover legal mumbo-jumbo. This is not a Wyrd Miniatures sponsored event, so Wyrd Miniatures and it's affiliates are in no way responsible or accountable for this Exchange. This also is not a Miniature grab. Please do not sign up for this exchange then disappear. While I can't hunt you down and make "Bad Things Happen" to you (afterall I am a decent "Being") I can prevent you from participating ever again in the Holiday Miniatures Exchange. Gifts are expected to be in the mail and delivered to their recipient by December 31st. So yes this Exchange is also a shameless plug by me n1ck to get Wyrd more sales during Black Friday aka last Weekend of November. That said. Sign up exchange gifts and make a new friend in this wonderfully Wyrd community. FAQ Q: Can I make some thing for my giftee? A: Yes feel free to, but it is nice to contact them to verify with them that it is ok to do so. Q: Can I paint something for them? A: Againt contact your giftee. Q: Do you have a list of International Miniatures shops that I can buy and ship from? A: Yes. Give a few minutes to get that list.
  12. Here is my List/minis Perdita Ortega Alt Sculpt Miss Ery Bayou Gremlin Rogue Necromancy Miss Ery Jackalope Santana Ortega Marcus Razorspine Rattler Skeeters x2 Johana Hannah Bayou Gremlins x4 Hungering Darkness Illuminated x2 Canine Remains Sam Hopkins Peacekeeper Zoraida Terror tots x3 Young Nephilim x2 Lilith Cherub Mature Nephilim Freikorps Strongarm Freikorps Libarian Freikorps Specialist Viktoria Fire Gamin x5 Ten Thunder Brothers x2 Katanaka Snipers x2 Marcus Avatar Large Arachnid Myranda Cojo Rail Golem Brass Arachnid Gunsmith Miss Step Angelica Cassandra Collette Marionette x2 Performer Bayou Gremlin x5 Piglets x3 Burt Jebsen Skeeters x2 Raphael LaCroix Ophelia Lacroix Somer x2
  13. I'll partake, this sounds very motivational. I'll post photos later on as i'll need to figure out what I need to paint.
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