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  1. the tick

    Black Friday 2018

    Yup, Bathory = Alt Nico
  2. the tick

    Black Friday 2018

    Also excited for these mysterious "surprises". Glad to see there's a huge quantity of alts, LEs, and Nightmares available. Question: Will the spelling of Ricinante be fixed on the card? I think my card is missing the second 'n', so its spelled Rocinate.
  3. the tick


    Thanks for the response! I think I was over analyzing the wording on this rule.
  4. the tick

    Black Friday sales wishlists

    Dark Carnival and translucent Lynch crewbox.
  5. the tick


    Question on how many models to add when a squad with "Reserves (x)" Reinforces. For example the Speckled Crawlers have Reserves (3). Reserves rule text (from the pdf rulebook): Reserves (x) Some units are made up of a seemingly endless stream of bodies. These are given the Reserves special rule. When a unit with the Reserves special unit rule Reinforces (see pg. 28), it may add an additional number of models up to the Reserves value (x). It must follow all other Reinforce rules. Reinforcement rule text (from the pdf rulebook): When a unit Reinforces, it discards one of its Reinforcement Tokens to add two models to the Fireteams in its unit. When Speckled Crawlers reinforce, do they add 3 models or 5? When the Reserves text says "...may add an additional number of models up to the Reserves value (x)", I'm not sure if the "additional" models are in addition to the 2 gained from Reinforcing or if the intent is that the additional models are in place of the standard Reinforcement? Speckled Crawlers aren't exactly setting the world on fire but getting 5 models for the price of a Reinforcement Token seems real real good. Thoughts anyone?
  6. the tick

    Nicknames and avatars

    One of my favorite cartoon characters ever. Almost never taken so it's become an online alias. And the avatar? SPOOON!
  7. the tick

    Upgrades for Ulix?

    This. Husbandry is just flat out mandatory (in so far as anything can be mandatory here). I mean.....I suppose you could play him without summoning pigs? Pig Midwife is also just too good to pass up.
  8. the tick

    What's the deal with Alt Lenny?

    Looks like various gremlin families have gussied him up to look very officious/impressive. As for the model: regardless what you think of Lenny, comes with an amazing piglet model, $25 might be steep for a piglet.... But....I mean.... LOOK at it!
  9. the tick

    Gen Con 2018 Newsletter

    Perfect! Thanks for clarifying (both questions). So basically it's an alt Guild Guard.🤣
  10. the tick

    Backdraft box models

    Sounds like they're just standalone story encounter boxes like the Creative Taxidermy, Crossroads Seven, etc. and just happen to contain models from a pair of factions.
  11. the tick

    Gen Con 2018 Newsletter

    Sweet! Love the alts. I think I'm glad to hear that Wave 6 isn't coming just yet. One question: I didn't see a price for the Gremlin Nightmare Ulix box? Is that deliberate? If not can we get a price on that box? Edit: Another question: I just noticed what appears to be "sleeping" gremlin at the hoofs of "Old Major"? What's going on with that? Did we get another alt Bayou who has imbibed too much 'shine?
  12. the tick

    Monday Preview - GenCon Nightmare Crew

    Wyrd does an online sale through their webstore DURING the month of GenCon. You can also buy at GenCon. Sometimes Nightmare crews pop up during Black Friday sales as well.
  13. the tick

    Monday Preview - GenCon Nightmare Crew

    So Broney (Ulix), Mr Ed (Old Major)....and 4 Horse-lets (Piglets)? Penelope in there somewhere? Maybe the horse with the hat? Or maybe it's Penelope and the 3 Wild Ponies (Wild Boars)? Edit: And if this is just a straight port of the original Ulix crew box, can we expect Nightmare piglets and a Nightmare War Pig 'a la' last year's Nightmare Hamelin?
  14. the tick

    Iron Piglet

    Brewsmaster would struggle significantly I think. I just finished soloing him for six months and there's a somewhat narrow band of strategies and schemes that work well for him. He also relies pretty heavily on either poison or having powerful beaters to order around. The one-and-done requirement for non master models hurts him a bit.
  15. the tick

    Nightmare Crew Box

    My guess is Som'er will be the nightmare box. But that is literally a stab in the dark. I'll be really disappointed if it's Zoraida, but beyond that I don't really have a preference. Maybe Mah cause I don't own her yet?