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  1. Gotcha. I don't know why I didn't catch that. Somehow forgot that damage reduction worked like that. Thanks!
  2. This might be a question more suitable for the rules forum. Because most of the crew is blast resistant, and that ability doesn't say "may", how do you damage your own crew with Wong's shockwaves?
  3. There's still a community of players in the Puget Sound area as well. I and a few of the other locals are STILL waiting on the pre-order stuff from June....which is frustrating to no end. But having said that, at least up here people are returning to the game. And this is strongly Warmahordes Country, so I suppose that says something.
  4. Also curiously watching what happens with the Rollin's box. Some things that seem weird to me if they were to re-package as an Explorer's Society collection: - I remember it being pretty expensive? Like almost $100? Seems like a simple fix would be to just break up the box into several boxes, but still odd. - The models seem a little anachronistic from an aesthetic standpoint, but that argument is maybe a little neck beardy. - Those models were legitimately the most challenging and frustrating things to put together. Even the slightest alignment error would leave a huge gap between parts of the rider and their mount. I had to replace the handlebars of one of the Ramone's with brass rod because of this. Also, the fiddlyness of the parts seems way over the top (even by Wyrd standards) for a general release. Maybe they'll redesign the sculpts so they're more manageable?
  5. Glad to hear the digital books are still going to be made available to people that bought hard copies. My store still hasn't gotten any of my pre-order stuff in because their distributor is hot garbage. Not sure I'm ever going to get third edition stuff at this rate.
  6. What if they made Collodi an Explorer's Society Master? Isn't he supposed be "searching" for his creator? Pretty far-fetched I'm sure, but then again...that'd be one less master they needed to create.
  7. But unfortunately not Nekima's Totem. *sad trombone*
  8. His previous iteration had 9 models though right? I know its a new edition and that's like comparing apples and oranges. Maybe I don't know enough about Dreamer I suppose, I thought the Daydreams were so integral to how he functioned they'd be in the crew box. Edit: HUGE fan of the new Hungering Darkness. Love the new artwork. Kinda reminds me of the creatures from the first Tremors movie.
  9. Curious what's going to be included in the Dreamer core box if the Daydreams are in Deep Sleep?
  10. The Bayou finally gets a "Horseman"! The 'Shine Rider!
  11. Awesome! Thanks for posting. Super happy to see this published. Hopefully my local meta starts playing again. Still absolutely hate the new card design/dimensions, but otherwise love the work that went into everything.
  12. Only thing I dislike about the game is the pre-assembled nature of the product. I strongly STRONGLY prefer to put my own models together. Removing mold lines from Hordes models has been do-able but an absolute nightmare on models like the Alpha Crawler (almost an inexcusable nightmare). Otherwise I like the product, just wish I could play more!
  13. Also excited for these mysterious "surprises". Glad to see there's a huge quantity of alts, LEs, and Nightmares available. Question: Will the spelling of Ricinante be fixed on the card? I think my card is missing the second 'n', so its spelled Rocinate.
  14. Thanks for the response! I think I was over analyzing the wording on this rule.
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