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  1. Hello again guys. I would like to ask you for advice. The traditional question - what do you advise to buy next? For now I have: Ophelia Box, Wong box, Swine-Cursed, Sammy, Slob Haulers, Cranky. As you can see (when you look on my previous posts in this topic) only new models in my collection from Gremlins are Haulers and Cranky. I like Wong, on local tournaments is very competetive and models from The Kin are good supplement (Francois and Raphael), but I wanna also something new or more rotation. I thought about Brewmaster, Mah Tucker and Zipp. But mostly Brewie and Mah. I know that Somer is good and universal, but I dont like him in fluff :P.
  2. Photo copy? Just normal xerox?
  3. I have another question. Where I can find Dirty Cheater upgrade? Only in arsenal box wave 1?
  4. Thanks guys for advices. But you know I can't buy this all at once (average salary in middle-east europe, family etc.). Now I think buy Slob Haulers and Wong box. With it I will ad to my collection nice healers (2 minions), 3 lighting bugs (3 minions). Plus new Henchman that is nice in melee. Plus new master to replace Ophelia depending on the situation with strategy and shemes. Next boxes I will buy surely in January. What do you think?
  5. Hello guys. I'm still new to Malifaux but I can already said that I love this game. As my first starter I chose Ophelia (Ah this spicy gremlin lady) and already played two games with my friend which persuaded me to buy a game. One game i winned (against Zoraida) and second I lost (against Lilith)(people in my city mostly played with Neverborn or Ten Thunders). Week ago to my team joined Sammy (as gift). Now I thinking what I can buy more to my team. First choice are Slob Haulers. I already know that I will need those two guys to heal and hardcore reckless. But what next? I thinking about Gracie, Swine-Cursed or Iron Skeeter (this last for make my crew more mobily). I also thinked about Rooster Riders. Any tips for me?
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