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  1. Dhampir

    Arcanist Arthropod Assembly Facility

    I like the idea of the PVC lumber to reduce warping and weight. Idea stolen
  2. Details: 3 games 50ss Fixed Faction $20 entry (Tickets available at the store) Where: Jolt Games Canberra 56 Hoskins street, Mitchell, Australian Capital Territory
  3. They soak in a little, but you have to touch up the cut edges.
  4. Combination of paddlepop sticks (coffee stirrer for all you statesiders) and balsa. It's black acrylic with a small amount of either green or yellow ochre added to it and watered down to a very thin wash, then the wood is soaked in batches of the different washes so that they all have a different hue. This is all done before construction, then just mix them up and you build.
  5. I have plans to add some whinches to the warehouses for this exact purpose, but I'm sure that could be a cool addition to the other buildings too.
  6. So I think it's time for an update, January has been a busy time organising the Australian Malifaux Nationals, with the highlight (for me at least) was the creation of our custom Supply Wagons for use with Gaining Grounds 2018. Here it is in it's raw form: And here was one of the players painted and customised version: And onto terrain... The quarantine table took a bit of a step back while I frantically worked on a demo board to use at the Nationals, the idea being that I utilise the weatherboard Victorian house from my first post onto a small 18" x 18" table for use with Henchman hardcore/Demos. There is still lots that I want to finish; more ground cover, quick reference in the grey set-up sections. The table had a game of Henchman hardcore on it and it worked really well, but there are some major bottle necks through the house that need to be addressed. So it's time to make some more doors and holes in the walls. And lastly, I've gotten back to the quarantine board, staining of the wood elements begins:
  7. Looks great, what about painting them with a marble look?
  8. Tickets sales have closed, and we have only 4 more sleeps to go! To get you excited, I would like to show you one of the Supply wagon tokens.
  9. Yep for single day entry as well. You just need to purchase a ticket ASAP (my cut off to send the designs to the printer is Sunday evening). Everyone who has bought a ticket by then will get the tokens and wagon included. Yep, run annually and my plans for 2019 should be even more epic.
  10. Dhampir

    Severe terrain size

    I find that hazardous terrain is most important for lures, pushes and causing bottlenecks. If you take the Mysterious Emmissary's Hungry land ability it places a 50mm hazardous terrain marker, with a 3" 'threat' radius. Using this as a guide I wouldn't go larger than 6"-7" across and no smaller than 50mm.
  11. In case you are still undecided about coming to the Malifaux Nationals here's a little sweetner. All ticket sales before the 10th of January will receive (thanks to Jackal Laser Designs) four 50mm Gaining Grounds markers (three Strategy Markers and one Supply Wagon); and thanks to Module-R Terrain, a small MDF wagon to sit atop your Wagon Marker. So get your ticket quick before it's too late.
  12. Spaces are filling fast. 90% of spots have been filled so don’t miss out.
  13. Dhampir

    Bookcases into Table

    Great idea and it’s looks great. Are you going to build different tops for it?
  14. Dear diary, I have not been working on my quarantine table this month. But I did make a present for my wife's birthday, does it count as terrain building...? On a quarantine game board update, we had our first game on the board (in it's non finished state). It had a real street skirmish feel with models ducking in and out of doorways hugging the sides of the streets for cover. I had always planned on using scatter terrain to block LoS down the roads and this became very evident with long sight lines. But, the back alley ways provided lots of cover for sneaky scheme runners which added some interest to the game. Over all it was a lot of fun to play on, and with some tweaking is a great board.
  15. Dhampir

    Folding table hinges

    I'm assuming you want something like this - a Card table side hinge: I've never used them, so can't comment on how good they are, card table hardware usually isn't very robust for heavy weights.