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  1. Yes the right is nightmare. Got mine on ebay last week for Sub 40$. Not sure when or if he could be available.
  2. Don't you dare ever speak to me or my son, or my son's sons.
  3. On the upcoming page the render for the whiskey golem is the same.
  4. Haha yeah have my six stuffed piglets already. But yeah no flying piggies!
  5. Brewmaster is in a good spot. Nearly every model self heals which in corrupted idols strategy is quite useful. The whiskey golem is deceptively fast due to nimble. Fingers is an amazing scheme runner and a scheme denier. Moonshinobi are pretty good due to self heal and going against models with build in negative flips and the accuracy modifiers.
  6. My rationale for piglets and whisperers in the same box is the fact that one of the sculpts of piglets is from the hog whisperer m2e box and the whisperers can summon piglets. Squealers are a new model type and being a seperate box will be more beneficial to older players. But who knows! We shall see! I hope it's the case since I have freaking 7 piglets and can now only have 4!
  7. We know there are 3 sculps for hog whisperers so I can see the box being 3 whisperers and 4 piglets with the squeelers being a small box of brand new models/unit. Just my inclination.
  8. Dem good ol' boys are all good clean kin-folk
  9. The movement aspect of 12 cups is minions only.
  10. Thank you, I figured just wanted to get some confirmation in case I missed something.
  11. Does wesley, brewmaster, and popcorn auras stack?
  12. Yeah waiting also for my santana alt perdita and Francisco. I check daily so when I see something I'll say something.
  13. To me it's not poison damage its straight damage based on the poison condition. We are reading between the line to formulate that its poison in nature. Edit well maybe if that's how its worded... I have to look at the card. I'm at work right now I'll follow up in a couple hours
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