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  1. And then??? I'm enjoying your use of yellow, ochre and orange! I find yellow such a hard colour to paint with so I am always impressed when someone is able to do so with such effect. Awaiting (impatiently) for more!
  2. I'm a bit intimidated by the scale. I'm only just developing confidence in the 32mm GW scale marines and necrons. Thankfully I have old school Vikorias to work with, so the gluing issue shouldn't be so bad.
  3. Hi guys, Looking to make some craters for my Malifaux board. I'm tempted to go down the 'purchase resin pre-painted craters' from manufacturer X, but I was wondering whether people here had be successful in moulding their own craters and what they found effective? Thanks in advance!
  4. Just popping by to say thanks for the post. As a newbie player, who is enamoured with the Viktorias, this is a godsend.
  5. Getting back into gaming is hard with young kids, trying to find time. I have the same issue trying to relearn the rules of game which I so infrequently play.
  6. Thematically, the Vikorias have also appealed to me. Just need to work on a list with complimentary styles.
  7. Newcastle you say? I've just found these forums and Malifaux in general. Working my courage up to build some of the minis I have collected, and then paint. Once I have started a crew, Outcasts for me, I'd be keen to see if we can meet up for game.
  8. Thanks for that. Always handy to have a guide. You got a great effect with it so I will be keen to replicate if I can.
  9. Love the weathering / grime work that you did on that. Do you mind if I ask how you built up that dirty oily look?
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