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  1. Flat Tooth

    Malifaux City Board Build Diary

    This is too dang fantastic
  2. Flat Tooth

    Hazardous terrain ideas

    Way I see it is almost anything is possible in Malifaux. Bee fields! Burning water! A miasma of self-loathing!
  3. Flat Tooth

    Double Gaki Summon?

    Awesome! Thanks for the reply! <3
  4. Flat Tooth

    Double Gaki Summon?

    Hey guys just a quick question to make sure I'm reading this correctly. If I hit a model with Sundering from Kirai and declare the Feast trigger on it and then kill the model with Datsue Ba declaring the Condemned trigger do summon 2 Gaki in base contact with it? If so - goodness. Thanks in advance!
  5. Flat Tooth

    Kirai...looks like a pain

    Wong can be a pretty big counter. He isn't scared of Incorporeal and she doesn't want to bunch up against him really. If you have Burt or the Lovely Assistant you can also try and use Crackerjack timing to pull things out of the aura. I also would strongly consider Brewie because Swill makes summoning a pain and he isn't doing much to summon Ikiryo if you're stacking poison and killing with a performer. Ikiryo also needs to flip or cheat in a 7 just to act if she summons near Brewie. Like has been said before you can also Obey a model out of the aura to kill it. IF you can get her poisoned and in the drinking contest she'll have a tough time sacrificing and that's almost as good as burying her? Kind of? I duno, I love Brewmaster so I tend to look for ways to use him anyway. Wong is probably safer.
  6. Thanks for taking the time to do these!
  7. Flat Tooth

    Schemes & Stones Building On A Budget (Guild)

    Super in love with this. Eagerly awaiting the Rezzers!
  8. Flat Tooth

    S.o.S - The Sow

    Yeah it definitely is. I tend to only get a few problem pieces in the bubble anyway before people start avoiding the party haha. Once I get them killed with the Sow and a Performer I look for more targets. Typically the Sow gets shot down at some point and then I have little piggies roaming around. If they don't kill the piglets right off the bat then I can heal them up with a brewmaster drink!
  9. Flat Tooth

    S.o.S - The Sow

    To piggyback (teehee) off of what Dogmantra said I like to bring her with Brewwie. Once I get the drinking party going she can typically nestle in and any time someone fails a drinking duel she takes a chunk out of them. Her min damage is the same as the max heal on the drink so at worst is a net 0. Furthermore if they try and attack her while near Brewwie and poisoned there's a good chance they'll get paralyzed. If she takes damage she can just drink some herself and heal up largely ignoring the poison Its ugly and it's beautiful.
  10. Flat Tooth

    Ulix without Old Major

    The sow is unfortunately a minion so no upgrades on her. She'd probably just eat the upgrade anyway.
  11. Flat Tooth

    Khyodee's Tally Sheet

    Oh right she's a totem. I guess a 5ss model that can summon is pretty good though. Though I suppose maybe not quite good enough? haha
  12. Flat Tooth

    Khyodee's Tally Sheet

    I 100% always just assumed she is a henchman. Weird.
  13. Flat Tooth

    Khyodee's Tally Sheet

    Lovin this thread so far!
  14. Flat Tooth

    Gremlins - how random are they?

    It should be pointed out that if your friend is coming from a background of games they should know gremlin randomness isn't awful like the randomness in some other games. There aren't really any random charge distances or anything like that. Most of the pigs and the rooster riders do have rules that force them to charge but they're pretty easily got around. I would definitely second the above statement. If you embrace the swings and luck you'll have a much better time and if you work to bend them to your favor then you'll have a much more successful time.
  15. Flat Tooth

    Onryo - More than 2?

    Oh no! This kind of worries me. I never like feeling like I'm powering through solely because my models are busted or whatever. Is she really that powerful? We don't really have a rezzer in our area so I got her for a fun painting project (also I love summoning). Hopefully I'm bad enough to counteract this haha