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  1. Sometimes, only smoke in the magical mirror can reveal the true nature of things... Here is my work for the last round. Malifaux "hero" shows her true nature in front of the magical mirror. Who knows, how many people were tricked by this doppelganger?
  2. What happens, when a mindless flesh construct decides to cook some potato? Ohhh, you never know
  3. "With the first frosts of Last Winter, Shadows came to us. They leaked through the veil of shattered Earth magnetic field, from the realm of children nightmares. They destined to put us out of our misery" I was inspired by hard work of local post office during snow apocalyptic holidays and decided to make them a part of this diorama. In the new reality they are part of one of enclaves Thank you, I hope you like it Happy new year!
  4. In the mighty snowstorm, wondering mage founds a cave, and mysterious blue light takes his attention... What lies within?
  5. Like many of the other participants I haven't seen Stranger Things yet, but Malifaux provides plenty of strange material! I'm imagining the reaction of a photographer who gets a request for family Christmas photos from Pandora... Candy and the Changeling are incredibly small models, which was a nice challenge. The ugly Christmas sweater design on Teddy and the photo studio backdrop are done freehand. All the models are magnetized so they can be removed and played on the table as well. Last pick is of the "strange" Christmas cards which Pandora will be sending out this holiday season...
  6. Reveal the truth about how the Necrons and the Blood Angels allied.
  7. A loyal member of the Steamfitter's Union working late into the night for Ramos...
  8. Iron Painter 2016; Round 3 - "Wyrd Science Submission" - ELIM “Trepidation of the Spheres" Technology may have exceeded his humanity yet his spirit must prevail! Note: One of my goals, in my first time entering Iron Painter, was to utilize a 3D printed object or model as part of the scenery/diorama/set for each round. This particular model, Apocalypse Teleporter Device, is available for download for free/non-commercial use if you are interested in printing one yourself: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1111770 It's an easy print with little or no support needed and just snap fits together.
  9. The Gunsmith locked eyes with her opponent, across the barrels of her smoking pistols. "How are you still alive? I've killed nephilim with worse shots!" Tara smirked, glancing at the hole in her chest. "Well, my dear.. It seems I'm Better Off (un)Dead" ;D
  10. Hassassin Yasbir it´s an assassin of elite from the Hassassin Bahrain, has several years in duty doing the alah will to the enemies of the Haqqislam and following the commands of the Wise Old Men of the Mountain... so effective infiltrating and killing enemies that there is a legend upon him to be the very same WISE OLD MEN OF THE MOUNTAIN itself. For an hassassin the vulnerabilities of the foe are gold, so healers and medics are center of many strategies since they keep alive their troops, striking there is striking at the Very Heart of the enemy. The Hassassin Creed says "One stab to the heart to destroy the body, and one stab to the neck destroying the cube.... the very soul" Cube is a kind of chip in the head used to store your info and your quantronic personality/soul for later resurrection thru Clones, Hassassin knows how to utterly destroy you.
  11. It's better to be (un)/death rather than listen "Crossroad Music"
  12. "Dale a tu cuerpo alegria Macarena que tu cuerpo es pa` dale alegria y cosa buena..." That song put many people around the world to dance, back in the happy 90s! so they were good times to remember! This is my entry to Iron Painter 2016, Arcanist Performer; Macarena in Pink Cheers to all from Venezuela, where the macarena dancer was from! :D
  13. As the smoke and dust clears and the final few gold coins rain down into the mud, a harsh, angry voice breaks the silence. "You FOOL! I said open up the chest not blow it up!" Willie decides it be foolish not to take his stuff and leave with haste.
  14. Had a lot of fun putting this together, hope you like it too
  15. "Fools are the ones that look just for gold, time is far more precious, Power Look into my face for the Ore..."

    © Luisjoey

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