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  1. Hey all just wanted to say hi and introduce myself, I an Outcast player with a Vics crew and a Von Schill. Also have the starter box with the merc crews. If your in the area feel free to drop a line and I will meet you at Paper Heroes in Lake Charles for a game or 2!
  2. John Polack

    Happy new year!

    A very happy New Year to all from the swamps of South west La.
  3. John Polack


    got it so I just choose my skills and done double on the assignment of the points.... Thanks Shadowpal
  4. John Polack


    aHI all just got the books and the GM screen love 'em! Making my first character and I am stuck on starting skills? I have dealt my cross and have got my station and such...but am I missing skills? I get the Cross and my Root skill but how do I get the name of the skills after I get the basic statts 3,3,2,1,1 etc. But do I pick the skills I want for the PC? Sorry just trying to figure this all out before I get my players to make characters so I have the process down.... Thanks in advance... Giddoen
  5. Frank S our local Henchman did an awesome job of teaching us the basic rules and playing the game. I fielded my base Victorians with Taelor and 3 Ronin's agains Mortemore and 3 Punk Zombies! Fun was had but in the end Taelor and her hydralic arm won the day and left her as the last Man (Woman) standing! Fun was had and Frank S did a great job teaching us the game. So looking forward to next weekend!
  6. John Polack

    When will this game be available to non-kickstarters

    Hi all Johnny come lately here....but I just noticed in this months issue of GTM (Game Trade Magazine) that the whole TtB line is listed for an August release. GTM is put out by the fufillment house and should have the product by then (August) so I have pre-ordered my copies of the books (sadly I did not even know of the KS) As I just found out about the minis game and then saw the finished KS video. All I can say is after backing several KS, these things take time! I for one will wait a year for a book. Its pretty simple to me, I paid my money, I keep a reciept, if I dont like the wait I ask for my money back! Its not that hard. but creative work takes time and as much as I dont like using over seas printers it does help keep the cost of the book down. So that being said I am waiting just as eagerly as you guys for this game as I am SURE it will rock! Be well!
  7. John Polack

    Transport & Storage case opinions

    as far as storage for small model count games like Malifaux and the like...I am rather found of the cigar boxes (yes from your local smoke shop!) they cost me on average a 1.00 apiece. Then I take a thin sheet of metal from Stines (my local hardware store) and cut it with shears to fit the bottom and then my rare earth magnets. Works like a charm and I have some very cool boxes for my mini's. Giddoen
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    Rats my local store cant get it! and while its not very $$ the shipping is double the cost of the pen! argh...
  9. John Polack

    Post Your Location

    Hi all, New to Malifaux. Been mini gaming for many years.... I am in Sulphur, La. Lake Charles area and will play at Paper Heroes in Lake Charles. feel free to contact me if you want to get a game in... Giddoen
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    No Keenan it was the basic goop in the tube, and while I am used to using it with other mini's (Plastic Tau from 40k) it was just a mess with these super small mini's that are Victorias (2e box set). So looking for something a little easier to use on smal delicate peicies
  11. John Polack


    Wow thanks guys...I will look into these. I really want to get these guys on the table to play...
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    Ok guys new to Malifaux and I love the rules and the fluff. I bought the new Victorias box set and they are NICE! Small very small....I tried some Testors Model cement for plastics....NIOT WORKING! Almost ruined my first model with excess glue? Is there a better product out their for small detail work? Brush on or something??? I live in a small town in SW La. so any links would be cool? Thanks....I am looking to play my first game as soon as I get these guys done... Thanks in advance for all the help. Giddoen
  13. So many factions to choose from...

  14. John Polack

    Wet Behind The Ears

    Not sure what faction to dive into but since I live in the swamp here in Southwest La. I think some of the goblins have a nice cajun feel to them but open to suggestions. Giddoen
  15. John Polack

    Post Your Location

    Hi all, my tag is Giddoen and my FLGS is Paper Heroes in Lake Charles La. Great store and plenty of space for gaming. Thanks, Giddoen