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  1. So, after a particularly disastrous high-speed encounter with the floor, my Ramos Avatar is now missing one spider-leg and one claw. I'm currently leaning towards centering his remaining rear leg, making a tripod out of him (as opposed to making a "leg" from wire that would support him but look terrible). The one claw really bugs me, though. Any ideas for replacing the claw(s), perhaps making him creepier looking in the process?
  2. I think that the general assumption has been that the flow of history has remained largely the same, despite the presence of magic. This is only really supported by having two or three location names that are consistent (London, Oxford). If we toss that assumption, than anything is fair game, from "The Byzantine empire never fell" on out to stranger ideas.
  3. Idaho, USA, and FedEx delivered my GenCon order today. Just looking at the LCB sprue makes me giggle. And that's me thinking as a D&D DM, not even it's Malifaux potential.
  4. Battlefoam is pretty tough for day-to-day transport, kicking around the house, etc. Despite the supposed improvements in shipping practices, I don't think I'd trust its crush-resistance for international shipping. Metal (or Pelican) case wins here. KY Multicase's foam gets mixed reviews from me - it's very soft, which is great for the figures. It's very soft, which makes lifting trays out of the cardboard box a real pain. More than once my trays have folded on me, despite my best efforts, either dumping minis out or slapping them into a pile in the middle of the tray (admittedly, these are old metal ogres, knights, & the like - much heavier than most Malifaux minis). If you already have a bunch of battlefoam trays, you might look into Vaultz's Letter/Legal aluminum chest - they retail for about $60 at most office supply shops, and are a bit shorter than a BF 720 (although trays have to be "wiggled" past the hanging-file-folder lip, as I recall). They probably also have something suitable for Sabol trays, although I haven't looked. And, as Webmonkey said, put the aluminum case inside another sturdy shipping carton.
  5. So I snagged a pack of TTB Kickstarter Multipose figures, and can't help but notice that the ladies are a bit... big. Bigger than the guys, and a full head taller than existing female Malifaux minis that I've compared to. Has there been any sort of official statement about this? Plans to rescale for the general release (which would explain why only the males were at GenCon)?
  6. Personally, I'm inclined towards western France: Central location for mages to gather Easy to find a secluded city, that's still a city, for them to blow up I'm not too worried about the political problems mentioned by Fetid Strumpet since 1) The countries were mostly ruled by royalty that were related, thus more inclined to cooperate (until they decided not to) and 2) Academics have a long history of not considering the politics of their actions. Malifaux is a distinctly french word, suggesting that the first to arrive after the BOOM an go through the Breach were French-speaking.
  7. And Ratty - congratulations on being promoted to Red Joker.
  8. Ugh, my mind popped up an image for that - Killjoy in a dress, with a dainty hat on top. For the "If I win the lottery" list - create a bunch of Rotten-Belle-ified conversions and start running a Seamus crew, just so I can make other players groan in dismay when their my new Belle is "accurately" represented.
  9. No, if you know both at once, the whole universe will vanish and be replaced by something altogether stranger. Some claim this has already happened.
  10. Let's see, I'll take one of those, and one of these and one of those, and... aww, the Primordial Magic's puking again. I understand what they're trying to do, but I don't care for it. I think the tricky bit may not be what to get, but what to wait for later on. I certainly can't afford to get everything I want from the gencon list.
  11. Eldarion

    Gen Con 2014

    Crazy question - will any of these include Johanna when they hit the FLGS shelves?  Or is it just the Somer box at this point?
  12. Fear, right. He looks like a cheerful, playful... yellow... something. He might be unnerving to a green lantern in his yellowness, but that's about it.
  13. Oooh, maybe a Nightmare Debts box, with a huggy that's actually intimidating. (Really, how scary can a demon be, if the commonly accepted nickname for him ends up being "Huggy:") <OT> Hey, that gives me an idea. Maybe I should stick a red LED inside my huggy, with the battery in the base. If I then base my paint job off of Mako's that might give him a little more creep factor.
  14. A tutorial scenario booklet with incremental rules would be a must for new players. I can see good and bad for doing (new) Henchman lead crews - full crews is better for new players, henchmen crews adds appeal for existing players. I also like the idea of adding a pair of Merc figures (one for each side) with hiring rules in Scenario "2.5", and don't "assign" either of them in the scenario. Use high-contrast mercs, such as a Convict Gunslinger (range-oriented) and a Ronin (melee-oriented) (and a new Ronin sculpt that's more thematic would be liked in general). I wonder how well Transmortis has done for them? It's sort of a starter set, although a very odd way of doing one. I must admit that I haven't broken down and bought the set yet, myself - there always seems to be something ahead of it in the purchase queue.
  15. If you have no luck there, you could look for Hobbit / Halfling minis. They tend to look like children.
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