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  1. Cheers, i actually think i’ve got it now!
  2. Does this mean that there is a reversed shadow 2” in on the ronins Ledge? Do they get cover from shooters below?
  3. Thanks, Solkan, most appreciated. Does anyone outside of the shadow have any cover?
  4. So... elevation. Hopefully, I can attatch a picture of the situation. The ronin are up on a 2” ledge. They are more than 1” away from the edge so they can’t ignore it. Can they see the guilty below them? Can they see the dead outlaws standing in the ”shadow”? Montresor is looking at the ronin from below. He is height 3, so he should ignore a height 2 obstacle, right? Perhaps this is clear to everybody else and me and my mates are just really dumb...
  5. I second that Waldo must get all over the line of sight-rules! We have an entire table quarter that are raised 2 inches compared to the others and we are quite confused.
  6. Lasarus, unyeilding, says ”ownder”.
  7. I prefer it to be easy to maneuver and hide...
  8. I liked it. Very relaxed and matter of fact. Look forward to the next one. Bra jobbat!
  9. The cracked earth tecniques look so good! I'm helping a friend with a desert board and we hit a snag on the wadi. Consider the idea stolen, good sir!
  10. BaronDG


    Hello, I just thought I'd show some pictures of my Malifaux houses. They are made from various plaster molds. I like to mix various styles and textures as it brings some life into the setup. The groceries are from another company but it also breathes life into thing since eating is something that we all do. And I have to make a supporting pillar under the "porch-platform" in the first pictures but I only got space for casting in my country house and it is closed for the winter. Anyway, I hope you like it!
  11. BaronDG

    Desert board

    The details are great. I look forward to them getting some paint.
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