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  1. Can we have some close-ups of your display? It looks lovely!
  2. I too would like to see that. Or hear it. Whatever.
  3. Thanks again, for both answers! I’ll hope to get good use out of my puking drowned with this.
  4. Can you change the colour somewhere?
  5. We disagreed on blastmarkers and riptide markers so I thought I`d take it up with the esteemed forum. ”A b is Dropped by the Active player into base contact with the target. If more than one b is Dropped (i.e., if multiple B are shown), each additional b must be Dropped into base contact with at least one other b (instead of the target).” ”Riptide:Once per Activation.When this model Drops a b marker, it may instead Drop a 50mm Hazardous (Damage 1 and Staggered) Riptide Marker (it is still treated as a b Marker for the effect). During the End Phase, remove all Riptide Markers.” I placed the first marker in base to base with the poor victim, then I wanted to drop the next one under the first target since I intended to change that one for a riptide marker and I wanted him caught in that. My friend thought you couldn’t place any blastmarker under the original target, even if you got a double blast. How would you play it?
  6. Thanks for the help! It saves me from making nine riptidemarkers, at least. It would probably be beyond overpowered in a Jack Daw crew with nine of them.
  7. Hi all, doing the drowned vomit attack you can leave your blast as a riptide marker. This is once per activation. However, I am unclear about if you could turn all of the markers from a single attack into riptides or just one of them. Do I need three markers or nine? Any helpful insights would be appreciated!
  8. Hey, that looks perfect! Thanks for the help!
  9. Thinking mostly about terrain, steampunk machinery and such.
  10. Hi, does anyone know if some company makes steampunkish dials, gauges or meters in a proper malifaux scale?
  11. You do make a good case and I admit that I am far from certain. I hope they clarify things. However, the ability have uses against ”ignore armour” triggers even if it doesn’t work on ”irreducible damage”.
  12. Armour is one thing, irreducable damage is another. A ronins daito ignores armour but obviously Hoffman would trumph that. Marlena websters ability to take a wound for nonminion team members, soul tether, has to clarify that it works even on irreducible damage. I think that they would have included that in Hoffmans ability if they meant it to change such a foundamental rule.
  13. Thank you, your help has been invaluable!
  14. Does taking actions in hazardous terrain trigger the black blood spray? It says: taking damage from actions or triggers but hazardus terrain says: after the action is resolved. I really have no idea so, cry havoc! And let slip the rules lawyers of war...
  15. Funny, when I clicked on this thread I thought Hoffman would win, but now I have completely changed my mind.
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