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Found 7 results

  1. Hey everyone, First time posting here, so hope that I do it right. Wondering if anyone here has good recommendations for how to best store/transport these awesome miniatures I've received. I'm pretty darn new to the miniatures war-game hobby and I know there's good options for storing/transporting your miniatures in foam and foam containers/bags like Battle Foam. Wondering especially if there's any good pluck foam options for these "irregularly" shaped miniatures. Any recommendations? I know WH/WH40k have pretty consistent size/shape/sculpts for space marines, but in my (noob) opinion these TOS minis are more diverse in shape/sculpt with plenty of weaker bases (1-legged sculpts for cavalry, infantry, etc.). I also wonder how to shape/pluck the foam for minis with (large) bases but smaller/narrower sculpts. Any recommendations for how to best measure these minis to know how much to pluck out (for pluck foam), carve out (for manually carved holes) or boxed out (for pre-shaped squares and rectangles)? I'm still gluing bases on to my 4 Alliances, but now that I'm finishing up I'm wondering how to best care for, transport and store these cool little investments. Planning was limited, haha. Recommendations by experts or experienced miniatures collectors is always appreciated!
  2. During our time at many different cons we have had many folks tell us that the XCase is better suited to WYRD miniatures due to the intricate details which sometimes are portrayed with very fine parts that do not always fair well when put in foam containers. The XCase is an Expandable display case that can fit most minis 3.5 tall by 2.74 inches deep and can also transport your painstakenly painted Wyrd Minis to your local games store without requiring them to touch anything but the base which is held in by a magnetic insert when using a thin flexible iron attached to the bottom. We know that protecting your very cool minis is important and hope that it is OK to let you know that there is an opportunity to back a product that can do that all while showing them off as well with the ability to grow. XCase Enhanced and Insert Live Now!
  3. I have some bases that I really like and can't wait to paint and use: three boxes of MicroArts Studios bases (which are really great), and a half dozen green stuff bases made by pressing into Basius tiles (which are really great). I came up with this way to store them all in a small space, but keep them visible at the same time. I bought a $4.99 frame from a hardware store, cut a piece of galvanized sheet metal to match the frame backing, and put this between the glass and backing. The bases have magnets in them, so just hold to the frame on the wall, and they sit there waiting for use. BTW: the MicroArts studios basing system allows you to put thin magnets inside the bases, so they won't pull off the base. Hope this is useful to someone else.
  4. From the album: prof_bycid's materials randomizer experiment, entry #42

    A cheap and easy way to store your selection of bases so that you can see them at a glance. The grey bases are MicroArts Studios (love these). The green ones are green stuff pressed onto a Basius tile (love these too).
  5. From the album: Storage

    My custom built storage solution for my models
  6. Hello all, I came across this glass-fronted cabinet at a neighbourhood garage sale and instantly knew its place in the grand scheme of things---as a miniatures display & storage cabinet. It even had a "free -->" sign next to it, so obviously no one in that neighbourhood plays Malifaux. I would like to outfit it with some lights to show the mini's and terrain better. The flash on the camera worked well here, it is actually much darker inside usually. Anyone have any experience with this kind of thing or ideas? I was thinking of using LEDs somehow. If I get ambitious, I may surface the shelves in a Malifauxesque way as well, undecided at this point. Any ideas welcomed.
  7. I live in a dinky little apartment, with decent closet space, but no real space for "display shelves" for minis. With that in mind, I've been looking to put minis into hard-cases, which will protect minis for both long-term storage and transport to gaming sessions. Trying to balance protection, convenience, some aesthetics, and cost has been an interesting challenge, so I thought I'd fish for opinions from the fine folks here.
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