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  1. When will these be available again, I missed the Easter sale 😢😢
  2. Okay so where do i download vassal from, and how do i run malifaux on it cheers Ash
  3. My only concern is can I still use 2e Dreamer or not
  4. Lols - i guess i shall be dashing Wyrds hopes, I will probobly keep the Beckoners as they are painted , and the Depleted and Mr Graves will make their way to ebay. Thankfully i didnt buy the Alt Graves and Tannen, which based on the box and everything still gives the impression that they are dual faction, but oh well. Time to tidy up my NB lists and look at Nekima as a possible Master. Most importantly I shall be holding of any new purchases till M3E is releaased. Apologies for the randon rambling that is this post lols
  5. Well this is a bit annoying as my beckoners, depleted and Mr Graves are no longer Neverborn, what do I do with these figures? 😔😔😔
  6. UK newbie looking to play but haven’t played on Vassel in a long time so would need some hand holding
  7. Sadly I also had Kade and Candy and it looks likes gadzooks doesn’t have any Poltergeists 🙈
  8. So I have the old Pandora box set and obviously don’t have a poltergeist model, wondering where I can get one from as I can’t see it on the webstore, any help appreciated cheers Ash
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