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  1. Hello I am looking for any fellow games in Vermont and New Hampshire of the US. I in the Hartford area of VT, but I am willing to drive to get games. I am about an hour from Concord and Manchester, NH, and hour and a half from Burlington, VT and and hour from Montpelier, VT. Thanks
  2. knghtpiper

    Monthly painting challenge 2017 -- September

    Any progress on the female queller? I have been trying to see how other people have painted theirs for ideas as the box did not have her on it.
  3. Hey guys, So I expanded into Arcanists recently and I am trying to figure out paint schemes for my masters. I have Ironsides, Kaeris, and Sandeep. However the stock art for the three of them, I am not the biggest fan of them as I play guild and like having red as my guild color. I have done some google image searches and not found a whole lot and was wondering if people here could post some pictures for inspiration. Thanks
  4. knghtpiper

    Why play Ten Thunders

    I guess we have to agree to disagree here, to me bringing someone like Kang when I think there is a chance that I would be facing constructs or undead is not being a poor sportsman, but just being logical, I am not a win at all cost player, but I do like being prepared. Good luck with the break and I hope you get better with Shenlong, while I do not play him anymore, he was fun master to play, especially when you go full Kung Fu with the his crew.
  5. knghtpiper

    Why play Ten Thunders

    @ Whodares: For your comment on Kang, bringing models that can hurt enemy models is not being sneaky it is being smart. Bring the right crew to help counter what your opponent is not being sneaky but properly playing as a big part of this game is crew composition. People are not going to think you are being win at cost gamer if you bring Kang to match against Titinaia. Also if you can give Shenlong a break and play someone else for a while, then come back to him with fresh eyes.
  6. Hello, So it seems that my search fu is weak and I am trying to find some decent downloads for scheme markers (for guild and outcasts) along with some temaples for scrap and corpse markers. I use microarts studio bases for my crews, so I have bunch of the normal bases that I am looking for something that I can just print out and tape/glue down on them. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. knghtpiper

    June 20 - Nellie Cochrane

    She is not my cup of tea, but glad people are liking her. Now if we get a J.J Jameson henchman, then I might be tempted. "I want more pictures of that neveborn menace!"
  8. knghtpiper

    June 13 - Parker Barrows

    Hey, hey now, what McCabe does is archaeology, not robbing. Lets not throw around dirty words like robbing, thievery all over the place. On topic, this is the first master that I want to buy. The "cape" to me looks more like a poncho that is being blown in the wind. But I love it all and can not wait to see the crew for this guy. Like others I feel that he fits the "bandit" type that the Outcasts needed. He is good looking human master and I think he would look good with a brighter theme for his paint job as that color grey I tend to associate with the guild. I am drawn between a Shadow/Malcom paint job for him. But nice job Wyrd, now get the models made!
  9. knghtpiper

    Lady J crew advice

    I would disagree about the lawyers not being optimal with Justice. Being able to hand out hard to wound on J is nice(as it is a 0 action) and they are good for targeting heavy hitters with fees. As fees does not go away at the end of the turn and it stacks, it can turn very ugly especially if they do not have a way to get rid of conditions. Also the bonus for horror checks is legit. I know it was saved me a couple of times especially when paired with the will power bonus that Scales gives. As for fighting Misaki, shoot her. Also use your stalkers to remove the stalked condition.
  10. Thanks for the list, I am more tempted to take Queeg with TT McCabe now.
  11. knghtpiper


    Please do some Asian inspired and more style Victorian terrain. I feel that there is a wide range of western terrain choices (not that I am complaining), but not enough Victorian or any Asian themed terrain,
  12. knghtpiper

    Which organization in the Guild would you work for?

    They guy who got his beloved killed out of greed.... and is a traitor to the Guild out of greed... yeah, totally decent guy. Well at least he seems to care about the people who work for them, if I am remembering the fluff story for him correctly (I do need to read more of the fluff to be honest)
  13. knghtpiper

    Which organization in the Guild would you work for?

    Despite having Lady J as my picture, I choose the Relic Hunters, because the lootz and swag. Plus McCabe does seem like a decent guy in the fluff.
  14. Lady J is always a beginner friendly box.
  15. Go for it and post pictures, for about 5 bucks, there is not much loss if it goes south. But I think there is some potential in it.