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  1. I must admit I had to read Your comment multiple times, to realise you actually answered the question. My confusion was thinking that LOS was drawn from the pyre marker. Cheers for taking Your time to answer.
  2. Quick question, how can Vincent Draw LOS through a Pyre Marker (Carry the flame trigger on the crossbow)? I can't see any ability that allows him to do this (that doesn't say its not written on the card as my eyesight is getting poor….).
  3. Thx again, will try Seamus a couple of more times. At least while Molly and Kirai is being built and painted. If I get you correct, even if there are ways to make Seamus work, his keyword is not that good at the moment. I'll guess he will go back collecting dust again when my other masters are finished, waiting for his moment to shine.
  4. Thank you both for taking your time ti answer! And great in depth replies as well! Which models could be able to do the strats like plant explosives and corrupted?
  5. Hi! With m3e launching, my plan was to brush the dust of my ressers collection, moving on from Arcanists. The first master I was really looking forward to play was Seamus. I've had him since 1ed, but played him only a couple of games. As a disclaimer, I have just played 2 games of m3e, both with Seamus. First game with mostly keyword models, the second with more ook models (belles, bete, Madam, Nurse, Flesh Construct, Punk Z, RM, Moritimer). While Seamus is an terrific scheme runner, I cant see how to make the rest of the crew do any work at all. Note that the 2 games was against Viks, scoring was close (thx to scheming Seamus). But everyone except Seamus seems meh compared to the speed/ movement, hitting and staying power of the Mercenaries keyword. The two strats was plant explosives and corrupted idols. Both times the Viks with friends got in my undeads face and wrecked them. With closer deployment and the need to be up the board for strats scoring, what should you do? So, how do you play Seamus ( or his crew)? In the bubble with his crew? Jumping around taking pot shots and scheming? What crew have you found working well, either supported by Seamus or by their own? I own all the ressers masters, and think about moving on, but that would be with sadness cause Seamus is one of those masters that really got me into Malifaux. I know its still early days, maybe the answer is patience. Thx in advance for any replies!
  6. HadjiMurat

    M2E Ramos

    Need some help to figure out how to get the most out of Ramos. Yesterday I face Viks in Public Excecution. Viks crew was; Viks, Vanessa, Malifaux child, 3 Ronins and Killjoy. The schemepool was; Show of Force, Eliminate the leadership, Dig their Graves, Undercover and Public Demo. Ramos crew; Ramos, Joss, Howard, Slateridge mauler, Brass Arachnid and El creation. The slateridge was there cause I wanted to try something new. Bad Things did happened, like flipping the black joker each round (ended at round 3). I got totally wrecked, Killjoy didn't even come into play (started buried). I have played against Viks before, but with other masters so I know what they are they can do. So my question is; how would you play Ramos in this strat and schemepool?
  7. @emiba I have been playing since the start of Malifaux, but I have very little knowledge of the Neverborn. And since my playing "group" all that time has been two people (Big fishes in a very small pond, myself included, he he), I have not played against Neverborn either (except 2 games againts 1 ed Lilith). But I see that I wasn't clear about that, and that was something to take in consideration. We'll definitly go straight to 50ss games. He just have to catch up! Thank you all for super helpful answers! Cheers.
  8. A friend of mine is considering to start playing Malifaux, and Neverborn is the faction he wants to start with. So the question is what to buy? Since I know he likes most of the masters my question is; 1. What 2 masters boxes would you buy to get the most out of the models in the box. There is a lot of master crew boxes in other factions with models that are very useful with other masters as well, like belles, nurse etc (Ressers). 2. What models is a "must" have in Neverborn? I do see doppleganger comes up many times, other models? Cheers!
  9. I think Malifaux is devolving into more generalist masters. Maybe I am wrong but I feel in the first editions most masters was specialist, designed to solve specific strats and schemes. You needed to get more masters within your faction to cover the tasks ahead. Now, with both new masters and upgrades for old masters, I think this is changing. For me this is positive since you can use one master you really like and still got a fair chance to win, but also negative as you can loose the faction "feeling" you get when you need multiple masters in your faction to be prepared for a game. Well, thats my two cents.
  10. HadjiMurat

    M2E Ramos

    Just started with Ramos, and the few games I have played I find it very strong to be able to fire into engagement without randomizing. Getting all those spiders in to lower df and fire. So this got me thinking about what models have this ability? Ramos of course, and Hans from outcast. But is there more? Cheers.
  11. Thx for taking time to answer, Ludvig!
  12. Thank you for your answer, KingCrow! Yeah, Marcus is so versatile it's hard not to use him. But I probably should force myself to try the other masters as well. Cheers!
  13. Been playing Marcus almost exclusively for a long time now. I do own Raspy, Ramos, Mei Feng and Colette, but every time I end up choosing Marcus as my master. So I need help, which strats (and schemes) would you rather choose one of the mentioned masters over Marcus? Or does Marcus rule them all ( except Sandeep )? Will the faction you play against alter your choice? I mainly play against Outcast (viks and Von Schill).
  14. He he, guess I wrote the wrong action. Law of the meat it is! Thanks for answering! Cheers!
  15. Hi! Does Darzee's chaunt negate disengaging strikes? Probably a silly question, but this came up last game. I had Marcus in engagement with Vik of Ash, and was down to 1 wound. Schemes and strategy-wise I was better off getting Marcus away, so I made Vik a beast, the put darzee's chaunt up, and just "walked" away 24 inches. It didn't have a huge impact on that game, but might in future game, so I would like to be certain this is correct. Cheers!
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