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  1. For me the gravedigger was in the crew mainly for testing the focus "engine". I also had a carrion emissary in the crew for an extra corpse marker to get blasphemius ritual from. I found little else use from the gravedigger, to slow and no terrifying. My last games with Seamus was with this core: Seamus, CCK, Archie, Yin, Carrion Emissary. An independent and fast crew that gets where they are needed, and with decent recilliense cause of the multitude of terrifying. It has performed ok, but I feel it lacks the extra level some (many) other keywords/ leaders can bring to the table.
  2. The dismember trigger on Mortimer's shovel statse Enemy living, undead or beasts only. Does that mean enemy undead and enemy beast, or is it only the living who has to be the enemy. Ex can Mortimer hit a friendly zombie to gain an additional corpse marker?
  3. Can you, or anyone, elaborate more about when you prefer Seb over Rafkin? I don't own Rafkin atm, so I haven't testet out my McM crew yet cause every list I see includes Rafkin. And he seems vital for the poison mechanic stacking.
  4. Good clarifiaction on action limits! So this means my super leaping, double walking Cassandra theory wont happen (using upstage on Blessed leap). But could be good to get out of engagement, over terrain etc. But certainly needs more thought when to use Upstage.
  5. Hi! Can Cassandra use her upstage action to copy a tactical bonus action? Like leap from a Blessed of December?
  6. Since my meta is so small ( 3 player) I have not met condition heavy crews yet, so no experience in how devastating they could be. Going to a big tournament in november that will change I reckon. Your point nr. 2 seems on track with my experience though. Those games I stick to my own gameplan/ crew building, rather than building a reactive crew, is the games I succeed in.
  7. Thx for the answers! Good input! Yeah, I know the nurse brings more to the game then just condition removal, I used her as an example cause she is the only model I have that can remove conditions (other than assist action). It's just when I have hired her, I feel she is kind of lurking to far behind the rest of my crew, cause I feel that the strats and my prefered schemes (search, Power ritual etc) forces me to go up the Board as fast as possible. Thats why I am wondering if leaving out the condition removal tech to gain more scheme Tech (Flesh construct With fast etc) is a better solution. But, at the same time condition removal Tech seems vital when facing certain masters. Thats one of the many hard Choices you have to take in this game, and thats why I enjoy it so much.
  8. Hi! How vital do you think it is to bring models With ability to remove conditions in M3e? And how far will you go to bring that Tech piece, in terms of Soulstone cost? I Guess it Depends alot on the masters you will go up against, so which masters are you willing to pay OOK tax to get condition removal in Your crew (like nurse OOK, 7SS)? Instead of hiring a model at same cost who is more suited for the schemes and strats. Cheers in advance!
  9. Hi! Does Marcus have to have a attached mutation upgrade at the start of his activation to trigger this ability? Or can he attach a mutation upgrade if he didn't discard (like at the start of the game).
  10. Paid - Paal Heierstad, Norway.
  11. Resurrecting this thread. I have pondered a lot about how to make Seamus work, not wanting to give him up. Following Fetid's tips about terrifying and focus on Seamus, I plan to muster the following crew in my next games; Seaums w/ The Whisper CCK Yin w/ Grave Spirits Touch Carrion Emissary Archie Gravedigger Zombie ( or Bete Noir if scheme marker removal is vital) Insert a 5-6 ss model if not Bete is in the crew. I felt that I lacked both speed and resilience with the redchapel crew, this crew on the other hand has plenty of both. Gravedigger and Yin gives Seamus Focus +2, Emissary can create blocking terrain and a corpse as a jump point for Seamus (and to remove restrictions on his gun). The crew is pretty self sufficient, and can do schemes and strats when Seamus prey on the weak. Comments and critique are welcome, what do you see as this crew main weaknesses or strenghts? Suggestions for other models? Cheers!
  12. I must admit I had to read Your comment multiple times, to realise you actually answered the question. My confusion was thinking that LOS was drawn from the pyre marker. Cheers for taking Your time to answer.
  13. Quick question, how can Vincent Draw LOS through a Pyre Marker (Carry the flame trigger on the crossbow)? I can't see any ability that allows him to do this (that doesn't say its not written on the card as my eyesight is getting poor….).
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