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  1. Thank you all for the suggestions! I'll try out some of the swaps and let you guys know how they work out.
  2. The subject sort of says it all. I've been MIA for a host of reasons for about 18 months, and I'm looking to get playing again ... but, man, things look different than the last time I checked in. There's all this talk of alpha lists and scoring 3+ VP turn one, and, if I'm being frank, it's a little much. I just want to flip some cards, man, and maybe devour a few interlopers. Maybe draw some lines in the sand, if that's still a thing. I own most Neverborn models, but I'm not in a position to pick up many new kits right now. That puts Cyclops and Spawnmother/Gupps out in the cold, as well as most Wave 5 models. I've committed to buying Adze, so he's the sole exception. I've got a decent smattering of popular mercenaries. This is the 50-ss generalist list I'd planned on playing a few games with while re-acquainting myself with Bad Things (tm): Lilith (Living Blade; The Land Consumes; Wicked Mistress) Primordial Magic Nekima (Malifaux Provides) Widow Weaver Adze Lilitu Terror Tot Terror Tot My primary opponent will usually play Zipp, Mei Feng, Marcus, or Rasputina (Raspy being his roll-up-my-sleeves-for-serious-work master). Any suggestions?
  3. Mewens

    Looking for Lilith tips

    After a few busy months with very few games, I'm finally settling back into a routine that'll let me play some more. Seemed like a decent time to pick up a new master, and I've been meaning to play Lilith for a while. Thing is, my Google-fu didn't find a lot of concrete tips for her. She looks like a tricky, tricky master, so I'm turning to you guys for some direction. My concerns up front: 1. Lilith feels like she needs a bodyguard. Barbaros fits the bill nicely, between Challenge and his built-in pushes (to trigger Living Blade). Still, all the decent bodyguards are expensive, with most of them clocking in at 10+ points. How badly does she actually need a minder? 2. And she's in a weird place when it comes to lures. Lilith looks like she excels when she can pick single mano-a-nephilim fights, but her built-in lure options need a mess of soulstones. The true lures on Beckoners and Lilitu don't trigger Living Blade. Is that a problem, or just a stumbling block? (Speaking of Living Blade ...) 3. I have no clue how to evaluate Living Blade or Wicked Mistress. They're powerful effects, but they come with a commensurate price tag. Living Blade in particular has a "build-around-me" vibe, since it requires pushes to trigger its pseudo-Pounce. Have you guys found these upgrades to be too cute? Or do they live up to their promise? Does Wicked Mistress hold up if you're not using Living Blade?
  4. Mewens

    question about waldgeists and tree markers

    It makes sense if you're a completionist. (I made 6 markers.) But I've never felt compelled to spend 18 points on 'geists. But if you're a 'geist fanatic who's running three on the regular, consider that Germinate needs a 7: Outside of cheating, you're just not that likely to need all 6 markers at any given time.
  5. Mewens

    how are you basing jack daw

    When I saw the crew, the first thing I thought of was the ghost effects from the Ghostbusters films – the translucent, somewhat hokey "floating" look. I'd probably pin them so they're floating at cocked angles over Lineoleum tile (yes, I know, anachronistic).
  6. Mewens

    Dear Wyrd

    And I'm guessing no vineyard, either?
  7. Mewens

    Dear Wyrd

    I'm amazed you were able to assemble these without instructions, ha ha ha. I had to pore over the online instructions for a while and tinker with the pieces; I still have a leftover tentacle that may or may not be an optional blob. (It doesn't seem like it goes any place in specific, at least.) I'm happy with the kit, though. The cursing was worth it: They look much, much nicer than any comparable formless chaos creature that I'm aware of. (I've got some GW metal Flamers of Tzeentch, Beasts of Nurgle and assorted other daemony Chaos bits lying about, and I just don't think they're in the same league.) But as for OP: I don't think anyone would judge you if you got one of the local blokes at the FLGS (assuming you've got one) to put these together for you. Also, remember that standard Wyrd modeling rules apply: All the bits in one part of the sprue go to one Insidious Madness. Only one of the IMs seems to have an optional swap-out (it's the one with the vomit hand on its right, if I remember correctly), so you'll use all the bits in two of the figs. One final tip: For the IM holding open its mouth with three hands, the torso can be confusing; it looks like it's upside-down, and the main body doesn't have a strong sense of "up". Once you've conquered that part of the fig, the only really confusing parts are which tentacles go where. (Test all the connections; they're all slightly different. I don't think anyone's going to throw a riot if one of the tentacles is in the wrong place; they're all pretty similar, and That's What Green Stuff is For (tm).)
  8. Mewens

    Just because ... 2/3/16

    I didn't come up with it, but I'd probly buy a shirt showing a really, really excited Gremlin with the slogan "Macha Roja Fan, Club." I'm trying to formulate something with the Brewmaster, since he's my current obsession. Him proffering a bottle above the words "Goes Down Easy" is in the right vein, but I'll circle back around on that one.
  9. Mewens

    That one Master

    My haaaaatred is saved up for Wong. I rarely beat Leve or the Viks, but I still learn something every time I play against them. I haven't given up the ghost on them yet. But Wong? I hate him. Having the extra attacks on his casting attack's trigger, plus the pulses, plus the incredible interact efficiency ... It's just misery to play against. Our regular Gremlin player has also recently discovered Sammy Lacroix, who casually neuters a whole slew of my favorite models (leave my defensive triggers alone, you stinking swamprat!). Toss in the reckless Lightning Bugs and their free interacts via Tinkering With the Unknown ... and Trixie cheating initiative while sporting Ooooh Glowy to smother armor at range with her infamous gun ... it's all just super-frustrating. Every time I've faced him, I've just felt completely outclassed on every front.
  10. Hey Nathan – just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I got those new print-on-demand cards. They followed up w/ me quickly and got the cards out in the same timely manner as my first shipments.

    Thanks for the attention to detail. I wasn't trying to fish for new product – the issues were fairly minor – but it really heartens me that you guys moved, and moved so swiftly, when you saw something wasn't perfect.

    1. Nathan Caroland

      Nathan Caroland

      Appreciate the support and if we jack something up, we should most certainly try and make it right. 


  11. Mewens


    Upgrades are generally game-long affairs. The ones that aren't – such as Recalled Training or the various Stones – will specifically say that they're one-time effects. Some upgrades provide both an ongoing bonus and a second ability that requires you to discard them. (The Stones do this, as does the Neverborn upgrade Retribution's Eye. There's a few others.) Once these upgrades are discarded, they're totally gone – you'll lose the entire upgrade, and won't benefit from it for the rest of the game.
  12. Mewens

    brewmaster tips for 10t

    I just picked up Brewie, and I plan to run him in 10T. (Gremlins are cute and all, but, you know. Dragons > Pigs.) I haven't had a chance to play him yet – got to custom base 'em first – but I've been considering what my core crew will be. Without Trixie, I think it's going to be critical to use some AP control. Yin looks like she'll do a lot of amazing things for Brewie – she can almost ensure that you'll lock down that important piece with Brewie, she screens him nicely, she's hard to kill and she adds another layer of disengaging shenanigans to his bubble – but she also gives tomes to Komainu. That means they'll be auto-spotting Slow triggers; with their (0) teleport and Ml 6 vs. Wp, they should be able to chew through quite a bit of enemy AP. While I'm hesitant to list-build more than that – I'm already some 28ish points in after accounting for cache and upgrades – I'll likely need some Df-targeting damage output. (I don't like to skew too hard.) The Illuminated feel like a natural fit – fast, self-sufficient and killy – and Katanaka Snipers seem strong, too, and can help hand out Slow in a pinch. Oh, yeah, and Yu, I guess. (Is there any 10T list he doesn't fit in?) For a different take, Chiaki also looks promising, but she brings a different set of demands to the table. I'd probably still take a single Komainu with her, but I'd look around for a diff't bodyguard than Yin; I'd want someone that could screen Brewie and Chiaki both. (Sidir seems like a decent choice. It's where my impulses lead, anyway, and he brings a strong Df-targeting attack – and likes to fire into Slow models.)
  13. Mewens

    Izamu or Dawn Serpent?

    In my meta, I'd strongly consider Dawn Serpent against Gremlins; the blast damage is clutch when you're staring down a half-dozen mooks with 2 wounds left. Being able to nail soft support pieces – Slop Hauler, anyone? – is also invaluable. While I haven't had a chance to test the match-up yet, Dawn Serpent also seems promising against my local Outcasts (melting Waifs while blasting anchors and ignoring Vik's Df 6 are both tempting). In Strats, Reconnoiter favors DS. I'd also hesitate to bring Izamu vs. Cursed Object and Distract; once he gets stuck in, he's probably not going to see a turn outside of combat.
  14. Mewens

    Print on Demand Stat Cards

    Haven't tried. I always sleeve all my cards, since even dry-erase markers will eventually stain surfaces.
  15. Can Blessings of the Blood ("Friendly models ... may discard two cards at the start of their Activation to end all Conditions on them") affect Slow, Fast or Paralyze? FAQ didn't say anything; my reading strongly suggests Slow and Fast will alter the affected model's AP even if dispelled with this ability, while Paralyze is up in the air (but I'd want it to act the same way).