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  1. Fair... but I figured there's no harm in putting it out there. I agree... very odd indeed. I'm pretty sure his damage is 2/3/4... unless I just have an old card... if it were 3/4/5 that would go a really, really long way. His blood + card cycling is really nice too. but there's just something missing about his aura... not sure what though
  2. I'm really liking a lot of the different tricks that the Nephilim can pull. They feel fast, killy. They have lots of black blood shenanigans that are more interesting than any in the past. And they use corpse markers, which is a resource Neverborn tend to ignore. So all great. BUT... Lelu and Young Nephlim seem to need a little work - the former more than the latter. Not much, just a little. The Young are awesome. But I can't help shake the feeling they should be 6 Stones. They're clearly worth 7 at their current state, but I think the target cost should be 6ss. Which means they'd have to lose something. The only three options seem to be... 1. Meat for the Young. It's nice, but is a little "leadery" for a mid level minion. It's also not really going to weaken them any. 2. Fly with Me. Again, not really going to lower their effectiveness, but maybe just give them less options. 3. Lower Mid Damage to 3. This would hit them where they're most effective, but it would easily justify dropping them a stone. It would also play into my issues with Lelu. Personally, I would drop Meat for the Young and Mid Damage to 3. I like the flexibility of Fly with Me, even if I'm rarely going to use it with the Young. Lelu is definitely missing something to make him a slightly different and/or better choice than a Young, and to put him in line with Lilitu for usefulness. Again, I'm not exactly certain what that would be, but here are a few ideas... 1. Masochist Thoughts. Is a cool idea, but just... meh. As an Action I'm not going to use it versus just attacking someone. I know the idea is for Nephilim to always have the option of bleed on models near by at the end of their Activation to chip something to death and possibly summon a Terror Tot. But it taking up one of his actions means that I'm trading off damage and healing (for him and Lilitu) or poison for the possibility of less effective damage later. Maybe if... a. Make it an ability. I'm not sure if there's room on the front of his card, but this alone would make him worth the 7 stones, feel in-line with theme, and make him a beater/leader combo model. b. Make it a bonus action. This would give him 3 bonus actions, which would be weird. It would also be competing with two great bonus actions, so I'm not sure if that would fix my "problem" with it c. Combine with Blood for Blood (somehow). I love Blood for Blood and have used it pretty much ever activation either before charging or to knock off that Hard to Kill health. If you balanced the card cycling, self damage, and aura I think it could work 2. Sharp Claws. It's pretty meh. The range and +6 are nice, but the damage spread is mediocre and poison is underwhelming since he's the only poison damage in the Nephilim theme. a. Make Drink Blood built in. This would make the damage spread far more enticing since he would healing himself (and Lilitu) with almost every hit. But if it was built in I would NEVER declare the infect trigger if I wasn't already at full health - which would be very rare. b. Increase the spread to 2/4/5. Yes, that's a really nice spread, and it could easily heal him (and Lilitu) back to full in one activation. But that's the damage spread of a Young Nephilim and the sole reason I would take a Young over Lelu (every time). Additionally, in the three games I've played with Nephilim so far they've generally gone from full (or near full) to dead when my opponent focused on them. Additionally, I'd be using a ram and a mid/high card resource to heal anything above average. Still very strong though, admittedly. c. Mask trigger for a free Masochist Thoughts. Strange, I know, but it could make him more effective at doing the two things he seems to want to do, hit things and sort of buff. d. +Flip when he's below half health. I think he had something similar in the past. It would be the inverse of Lilitu, and help keep him up. Obviously, I don't think either model should get all of my suggestions. They're meant to be possible options to tweak them and get them to where I personally think they should be. Thoughts??
  3. That one was certainly ridiculous
  4. His sculpt really extends beyond a 30mm, but Wyrd is unlikely to change it because the model has been out and they don't want make players rebase models they've already built and painted. That was an issue from 1e to 2e as well... but I don't remember which model it was
  5. The Execute on such a cheap model is what's supposed to make them dangerous... but I'm not sure it's enough.
  6. Tangential Question: Can models still relent to friendly Attacks? If so, is the friendly Attacker allowed to declare triggers? I haven't found a place in the rules where it says yes/no specifically... but I've also not combed over them more than once.
  7. I forgot about the Will-o-wisp. So, yes, that would be very good... thank you for that as I'm doing another test game tonight (LOL). Summoning the doll does take a card, but it's a discard so it can be a Black Jocker... so it's not that much of a cost. Especially compared to the two actions from before. I also forgot about it being able to work on Masters, based on assumption left over from M2E. So I guess my biggest feeling of loss is the ability to use Burning/Poison effectively. Obviously I don't want it to be as effective as McMourning or Kaeris, but still worth the AP. And that the damage transfer is a little too weak, even considering wanting to reign in damage.
  8. Voodoo Curse feels a little too weak currently. Since damage on Conditions has already been reigned in considerably, condition stacking has been made more difficult, and the Voodoo Doll's health has been lowered to 3 it seems like all of the "problems" with 2nd Hemmed In have been removed. Add to that the Voodoo Doll removing conditions from itself at the beginning of its Activation, it's extremely difficult to double down on Poison/Burning damage. So if Voodoo Curse now only does 1 damage and a 1 condition rating then it doesn't seem worth spending any AP - even from a 4 stone model - to gain any benefit from it. In it's current state Distracted or Injured are probably the only things worth shooting for, as it seems very difficult to give your own models Slow or Stunned. Even if damage transferred at a 1-to-1 basis the enemy model would still only be taking 3 damage in one "hit" before the Doll died. Which is more worth the cost of a card and AP because that's a solid Weak damage swing. It's "guaranteed" damage at the cost of more setup time. And if the conditions transferred at a 1-to-1 basis it would be a similar situation. It takes +4 for Burning or Poison to do 2 damage, that's going to be a lot of work for a non-specialized crew. And there are few other places that Neverborn capitalize on a target having either condition (Adze being the only one I can think of off hand). I can, however, see how crippling it would be to stack up a high number of Distracted or Injured on a target making them all but unable to do anything for the remainder of the turn/game. I can also see some potential in AP efficiency of killing a Voodoo Doll in one swing, doing 3 damage to it's Cursed target, and getting a scrap marker for McTavish to eat, Vasilisa or Widow Weaver to summon off of, or what-have-you. Well, anyway, here's Wonderwall
  9. Hopefully they'll add the word "piece" to the attack description. I agree that it makes things clearer.
  10. So far my only critique is that I'd like Penetrating Stench to be "cleaner" rules wise and possibly a little stronger. For example, making it an Aura 1" or 2" would save the headache of distinguishing between Engaging and Engaged by. And as it is written they only gain Stunned for their current activation. It would be nice if they didn't remove Stunned at the end of their Activation while under the effect as well. Just ideas.
  11. Tier One: Collodi, Lilith They don't have any really bad Strat/Scheme match ups. They don't really have any "hard counter" match ups with other masters. And you can get an insane amount of work out of their AP. Tier Two: Dreamer, Lucius, Pandora, Titania All of these have some pretty bad match-ups by either Strats/Schemes or opponent Masters. They all three get a lot of work out of the AP, so when they're not having to run uphill they can be incredible. Tier Three: Lynch, Zoraida I love both of these masters, but they're just not as effective as their compatriots. Lynch just isn't flexible enough (in Neverborn) for me to take in a tournament. And Zoraida doesn't get enough work out of her AP. She's got a lot of stuff on her card and upgrades that rarely, if ever, comes into play.
  12. Tournament - Gaining Grounds 2017 July 29th, 2017 Dragon's Lair - Austin, TX Standard Gaining Grounds 2017 Tournament SCHEDULE 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Check-in & Registration 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM Round One 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Lunch 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM Round Two 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM Round Three 7:00 PM - 7:30 PM Awards and Gloating ENTRY FEE - $10 USD CHECK IN Please pay your entry fee at the front register and then provide Robert (the TO, me) with your receipt. If you’re wanting to have a model(s) judged for the Sexy Beast Award, please present the model when you check in. PAINTING REQUIREMENTS All Masters played in the event must be based and painted as per GG2017 requirements (pg. 3). Additionally, at least HALF of your crew must also be based and painted as per GG2017 requirements. CONVERSIONS AND PROXIES All conversions and proxies are expected to follow the GG2017 requirements (pg. 3). Official Proxies won’t be challenged. If you have any models that you think might come into question please see Robert (the TO) before the tournament begins. STRATEGIES Round One - Turf War, Standard Deployment Round Two - Headhunter, Flank Deployment Round Three - Interference, Close Deployment Schemes will be announced at the beginning of the tournament PRIZE SUPPORT Mystery Boxes, LE Models, LE Cards, Store Credit, and more First, Second, Third Place awards Killer Smile - Player voted the most positive playing experience Sexy Beast Award - Best paint job on a table-ready model. The model must be played in the tournament. Please submit the model upon check-in. Stiff Upper Lip Award - Lowest ranking participant who completed all rounds.
  13. Gaining Grounds Tournament Dragon's Lair - Austin, TX Saturday - May 20th, 2017 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM 50 Soulstone Fixed Faction $10 Entry Fee Schedule 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM (noon) - Check In 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM - Round One 2:30 PM to 3:00 PM - Lunch 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM - Round Two 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM - Round Three Check In Please pay your entry fee at the front register and then provide Robert (the TO, that's me) with you receipt. Painting Requirements All Masters played in the event must be based and painted as per GG2017 requirements (pg. 3). All other models are expected to be properly based, but are not required to be painted. Conversions and Proxies All conversions and proxies are expected to follow the GG2017 requirements (pg. 3). Official Proxies won't be challenged. If you have any models that you think might come into question please see Robert (the TO) before the tournament begins. Strategies Round One - Extraction, Standard Deployment Round Two - Guard the Stash, Flank Deployment Round Three - Reconnoiter, Close Deployment Schemes will be announced at the beginning of the tournament Prize Support Mystery Boxes, Store Credit, LE Models, guilders, raffle prizes, and more
  14. She does not look happy to be in that dress. I love it.
  15. A Stitch in Time (Act II) Part 2 Through the Breach Global Campaign Event Dragon's Lair - Austin Saturday April 22nd, 2017 2:00 PM to 8:00 PM We weren't quite able to complete Act II, so we'll be picking up where we left off. If you weren't able to make last session don't worry. With a little bit of hand waving we can work in any additional PCs that are interested. There will be 8 pre-made characters for players to choose from. So all you need to bring is a deck of cards (preferably with Malifaux suits), a few minis to represent any characters your interested in (and their subordinates), pencil and paper, a wicked imagination, and anything else that you think might help.
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